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*knock knock*

Someone was knocking at their door, and they had no idea who it was. Jakus ran to the door, wanting to know who the visitor was. When he opened the door, a tall man stood before him.

"I have a letter for Shinko Romi from Riften." he said as he grabbed the letter from his knapsack at his side. He pulled out the dirty piece of paper and showed it to Shinko, now standing behind Jakus.

"Hmmm..." he said as he started to read the letter. A sudden look of sadness overcame his face. "Jakus... Pack your bags." he said, patting him on the head.

"Where we going?" Jakid asked.

"I'm sorry to bring such horrible news." said the courier, understanding Shinko's grief.

"It's fine... Thank you." Shinko said as he handed the man a few coins. He then shut the door, showing that the conversation was over.

"What's wrong?" Jakus asked, feeling that Shinko was overwhelmed with sadness.

"My mother is dying." he answered. "I'm going to have you stay at a friend of mine. She'll watch over you as I go visit her."

Jakus felt bad for Shinko, he knew the pain of losing those he loved. Jakus grabbed Shinko's leg, hugging it, trying to make him feel better. It worked, but only slightly. "Thanks." he said as he wiped away some tears.

Shinko had left Jakus with a woman named Lydia. She was a tough lass who knew her way around a blade, she was also very beautiful. When he dropped Jakus off, she promised to teach him how to fight.

"You don't have to, but you can try." he told her as he left for Riften. Jakus was only eight, and he doubted that he'd pay attention.

After Shinko left, the two headed toward the woodlands to train. Although she was tough, she couldn't help but be infatuated by Jakus.

As they walked to the woods, Jakus couldn't help but chase the small creatures. "Stop chasing those butterflies and get over here." she told him as she pulled out a dagger from he pocket.

"Okay..." he sighed. He didn't really care to learn about fighting, all he cared about was having fun.

"So, do you know any special fighting skills?" Lydia asked as she handed him the tiny blade.

"My friend Toma once taught me how to use magic." he answered.

"What kind of magic?" she asked as she pondered his magical abilities.

"I learned how to heal myself." he said. "I'm not very good at it though. He also taught me how to make fire in my hands."

"Those are both very good skills. If we can get you to master them, you'll truly be able to handle yourself in battle." Lydia said as she put the dagger she was holding back into her pocket. She knew that she wouldn't need it to train him, as he would most likely become a mage.

"He also taught me to use 4 daggers at once!" Jakus said.

This put a look of wonder on Lydia's face. She had never heard such a thing before. 'Four daggers at once?' she thought, that sounds very different. "How?" she asked.

"Well, I use my tail to hold one, and put another in my mouth. I put the other two in my hands." he answered.

"Demonstrate." she told him, wanting to see it for herself.

Jakus looked around and grabbed 3 sticks. He then placed the dagger in his mouth, wrapped his tail around one stick, and held the other two in his hands. He then took a fighters stance.

"Hmm... I like that you take advantage of having a tail." Lydia stated. "Now, if we can get you to hone your skills, nobody would think to mess with you."

All day they trained, from the time Shinko left, until time for dinner. Jakus may have been a child, but he knew quite a bit about fighting. Lydia was so impressed with his skills, she cooked him three fish for supper.

After dinner, they went to bed. Lydia had been told of Jakus' fear of the dark, so she let him sleep in her bed. He was out within minutes, and so was Lydia. 'Today was was long, but worth it.' Lydia thought to herself as she fell to sleep. 'But tomorrow will be longer.'