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"What do you mean you wont tell me?!" John practically whined while looking into the amused eyes of his technically kidnapped ward.

"Simple Johnny, I mean that I wont tell you." Hamish replied evenly before his eyes widened suddenly causing John to stiffen and move towards the seven-year old.

"Hamish buddy what's wrong?" He asked crouching down to be at eye level with Hamish, his body tense. He never liked it when Hamish was upset, something bad always followed.

As rare as it was, sometimes John had the feeling that something about Hamish just wasn't as happy-go-lucky as he seemed to be. There were times when his smiles turned bittersweet when looking at something as simple as a type of food or even a colour. Hamish seemed to both love and hate the colours red and gold. The same could be said about blue, green and yellow, preferring black over everything. When he asked about his dismal colour choice the answer was always the same. It's safe. He never understood what he meant but John didn't question further when he noticed the forced smile plastered on the young face.

At other times Hamish didn't seem to know enough about anything, despite his intellect, it was if he had been living under a rock his entire life and it was up to John to teach him how to use a mobile phone, which Hamish had been wary of first but three days later he had shown up with a model he ad never seen be used before.

John was knocked out his thoughts when a loud laugh burst from Hamish's lips and he doubled over, clutching as his stomach still laughing. The sound caused John to relax even if he didn't see what was so funny.

"S-sorry John. Its just-" Hamish took a deep breath in trying to calm himself before continuing, "I just realised something. You and him. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson, I should have seen it earlier! I mean, 221B Baker street! Merlin, silly Hamish. Isn't fate a terribly amusing thing?"

John stared confused. "I'm sorry, I'm not quite following..."

A small smile stretched on Hamish's lips before he spoke. "Oh, but you are, you just don't realise it. Sometimes a persons fate is another's bedtime story."

John held a frown on his face. What was Hamish talking about?

Seeing this Hamish just smiled once more. "Don't worry John, it'll be fun. I promise."

John sighed, "I was afraid you would say that." He was answered with another laugh.

"Really John?" Harry stared up at the sheepish looking mortal with fond exasperation.

From his place on the desk John ducked his head slightly before going back to what he was doing before. Internet stalking one Sherlock Holmes.

"When you told me about strange people on the internet, I honestly didn't think you'd be one of them." Harry continued baiting him.

From behind John he could see pink rising up steadily on his neck and ears. He inwardly snickered imagining that John's face somewhat resembled a strawberry, too bad he had his back to him.

John still didn't say anything while Harry shook his head fondly. Mortals. Was he honestly like this once?

Harry stared up at the door of the infamous 221B Baker street with faint interest. Living as long as he did, you got used to seeing things that belonged in story books. Literally.

"Do you like it?" John asked curiously from beside him while they waited for the consulting detective.

His response was immediate. "Love it." He could almost feel his doubt but he didn't blame him. His voice had come out a little monotonous.

"Really John! It's got a homey feel to it." John shot him a look, probably because they hadn't seen the inside yet.

The screeching of tires had us both looking at the cab pulling up and just as quickly leave, one Holmes making his way over to John to accept a handshake.

"Mister Holmes." John greeted.

Sherlock gave a polite smile. "Sherlock, please."

He quickly walked towards the entrance pausing to look up at the building, once again ignoring Harry. Harry rolled his eyes at the display of attitude. Either he was childish and disliked Harry for not being able to get anything on him or he just didn't like children. Likely, it was a combination of both.

John not one for awkward silences gestured to Harry. "Hamish, say hello to Sherlock."

Harry gave a lazy albeit slightly uninterested wave. "What up, Sherly." Ah, slang is most amazing. Don't need to speak as much.

Apparently this got his attention because he swung around to stare at him. They continued the stare down for another minute before Sherlock spoke.

"My name is not Sherly. It is Sherlock or is your feeble mind unable to comprehend that." Ohhh, touchy. Must have hit a nerve. Probably because his name is... not for his particular gender. So to speak.

"You're not Serius." Harry couldn't help it, really, he couldn't.

"I am." Sherlock replied evenly. Did he just...stick his nose in the air? Arrogant ass.

"No, i happen to know Serius. You are not Serius."

Sherlock scoffed lightly. "I think I know what my own name is."

Harry plastered a worried expression on his face while inwardly cackling. You walked right into this one. "You think you know! What kind of idiot thinks they know their name..." He trailed off before continuing in an innocent tone. "Do you...need a doctor? I heard stupidity is contagious. Quite frankly John can't afford anymore right now."

"Hey!" John protested, though it was obvious he was amused. Harry didn't blame him. His maybe flat-share partner was arguing with a child. Not many people do that these days.

Before Sherly could say anything the door swung open and a very small old woman smiled at them. At suddenly Harry was hit with a wave of nostalgia. For some odd reason this woman reminded him of a certain redheaded mother from his past. All warm and cozy, like family. When was the last time he had family?

"Sherlock." She greeted moving in to hug him.

Sherly accepted the greeting, placing a small kiss on her cheek. "Mrs Hudson is the landlady. She's given me a special deal, she owes me a favour. A few years back her husband got himself sentenced to death in Florida. I was able to help out."

John looked astonished while Harry felt a smile slither across his face, it wasnt a particularly innocent one.

"S-sorry, did you stop her husband from being executed?" John spluttered causing Mrs Hudson to laugh.

"Oh no, dear. Certainly not."

"Oh. Sorry it just sounded-"

"He ensured it." Mrs Hudson continued with a smile, cutting John off.

Sherly cleared his throat. "Yes."

His honest and care free confession had John's mouth hanging open while Harry's body trembled from trying to keep his laughter in, trying to be polite. Mrs Hudson must have seen and mistaken it for shivers from the cold because she was soon beckoning them in.

Sherly spoke from behind her as she led them upstairs. "Mrs Hudson, this is Doctor John Watson and Hamish..." He trailed off clearly asking for a last name.

Harry noticing this spoke up. "Hamish. Just Hamish."

Sherly looked uninterested but it was likely because of his 'heritage as an orphan' before John came along. It was true some orphans didn't have a last name but Harry had to admit Sherly was being careless in assuming that was the reason he had none. While he had told John he didn't have parents he never said he didn't have blood relatives and therefore must have a last name but then again, Sherly didn't know that the name Hamish was given to him by John only a month and a bit ago. If he did know, which he probably would in time, he would figure this out. Not that it mattered since nothing would be found out about him, considering he doesn't exist here. Though that could cause problems in the future.

Sherly opened the door as John hobbled in, Harry and Sherlock following.

"Yes, this could be very nice. Very nice indeed." John said looking around.

"Yes, my thoughts precisely." Sherly said also looking around.

"Which is why i went and moved in." "As soon as we get this rubbish cleaned." The two said at the same time making Harry cough to hide his snickers. Awkward.


"Oh." Sherlock said repeating John before speaking quickly. "Well obviously i can straighten things out." He said moving a pillow thirt centimetres to the left not really helping the situation at all.

"I like it John!" Harry spoke up looking at the mess and he really did. It reminded him of the burrow.

"Yeah?" John smiled.

"Yup!" Harry said popping the 'p' before beaming right back at his mortal.

Looking to the left of Sherly Harry saw a skull. "Ohhhh~"

"That's a skull." John stated pointing his crutch up to point at it causing Harry to raise his eyebrows. At least it's not a human skull. Poor kitty.

"Yeah a friend of mine." Sherlock replied distracted. "When I say friend..." Clearly you don't have many.

"There's another room upstairs, will you be needing two bedrooms? One for Hamish?" Mrs Hudson asked entering the room.

"Of course we'll need two bedrooms. Hamish will be sharing a room with me. Why wouldn't we need two bedrooms?" John asked.

"Oh don't worry there's all sorts around here. Mrs Turners got married ones next door." Mrs Hudson whispered the last part.

"Yeah John! You and Sherly aren't married but you do have a kid. So you don't have to worry." Harry squealed, cheeks pink. Completely true and oh so easily misinterpreted.

"Oh my. Wait until i tell Mrs Turner about this." Mrs Hudson whispered to herself while moving to leave the room and enter the kitchen while John simply gaped before giving up to sit on a cozy chair. Seeing this Harry quickly ran up with agility only a child could have leapt on to his lap.

"Sherlock, the mess you've made."Mrs Hudson tsked disapprovingly.

"Johnny boy stalked you on the internet last night Mister Holmes." Harry said playing with a loose thread on Johns jumper.

"Anything interesting?" Sherlock asked. "And just Sherlock...Hamish."

Harry mentally fist pumped in victory at Sherly's reluctant use of his 'name' but only let a small smile appear in acknowledgment keeping his head low to focus on the annoying piece of string. Besides, he liked the name Sherly.

"You said you could identify a soft wear designer by his tie and an air line pilot by his left thumb." John said.

"Yes and i can read your military career in your face and your brothers drinking habit from your mobile phone." This had Harry smiling again. Wait until he finds out about Johns 'brother.' Damn this string!

"How?" John asked.

Sherly didn't answer which didn't bother Harry since he already knew how but he could feel Johns curiosity. John loved it when Harry reluctantly explained each detailed thought and observation that lead to a discovery, he probably would act the same way with Sherlock. All amazed and speechless before a spillage of praises that had Harry wanting to transfigure him into a kitten so that he could keep him for all eternity.

"What about these suicides then Sherlock? I thought they'd be right up your alley. Three exactly the same." Mrs Hudson asked holding up the paper.

Harry tilted his head to the side, the tips of his hair brushing John's jumper. He certainly knew nothing about these suicides, but then again television was never his thing. Nor reading, or socialising, or mundane life. Wow, would you look at that.

Sherlock stared out the window. "Four." The sound of a vehicle pulling up had Harry turning his eyes towards the window too.

"There's been a fourth and there's something different this time."

"A fourth?" Mrs Hudson asked in bewilderment.

He never answered as he pivoted on his heel to face the man who had just entered the room. Harry let his eyes rake over their latest guest. No ring but an obvious tan line. Married for 10+ years with a now estranged wife. No immediate family to speak of. Familiar with Sherly for more than four years, at least. Despite their long aqaintance they are not particularly close. Though, he does seem to hold no light amount of respect for Sherly dearest. Nicotine patches can be seen peeking out of sleeve, so, non smoker or he's trying to quit. All in all a nice guy with a good sense of justice. Detective Inspector.

"I like you!" Harry called out to him from his place curled in a ball on top of John's lap.

The man did a double take seeing him and paused a moment to bustle up some reply. "Ah-oh- thankyou. Uh-"

"Where?" Sherlock cut him off obviously sick of his suddenly broken english.

The man sighed in relief before answering quickly, back into his element.

"What's new about this one? You wouldn't come and get me unless there was something different." Sherlock fired off quickly.

"You know how they leave notes. Yeah, well this one did." The D.I said with a frustrated sigh. "Will you come?"

"Who's on forensics?" Sherlock answered with a question.

"Anderson." Apparently that wasnt a good thing if Sherly's expression was anything to go by.

"Anderson wont work with me." Well, you do come off as a cow sometimes Sherly. A cow with curly hair. Curly cow. Sherly curly. Sherly the curly cow~~ Sheeeerlll-

"Well he wont be your assistant." The D.I growled exasperated.

"I need an assistant!" Sherlock growled right back.

"Will you come?"

Sherlock took a second to answer. "Not in a police car. I'll be right behind."

Another sigh in relief along with a half bow. "Thankyou."

"Bye Detective Inspector!" Harry yelled with a wave.

The man shot him a confused look but waved anyway before moving out. Probably because he never said anything in relation to his position.

The moment he left Sherlock jumped in the air performing the perfect double fist pump. You truly are skilled Sherly. Sherlock whooped with joy causing John to look confused while Harry laughed at his enthusiasm. His excitement at Sherlock's good mood earned him an eye twinkling smile from said man.

"Brilliant!" Que a half spin.

"Yes!" More jumping and fist pumping.

"Four serial suicides and then a note. It's christmas!" Passing them Sherlock ruffled Harry's hair before moving on to pick up his scarf.

Ruffled...he...Sherlock bloody Holmes just ruffled my hair! Harry jumped up surprising John. He raised his hands in the air squealing and confusing John.

"Four serial suicides! Four serial suicides!" Harry chimed as he danced his way behind Sherlock.

Sherlock spun around and gripped Harry by the shoulders giving a light shake a boyish smile on his face. "Four suicide notes AND a note Hamish! A note!"

He spun around once more to grab his gloves from the table before moving about.

"And a note! And a note!" Harry chimed waving his hands in the air.

"Mrs Hudson, I'll be late. Might need some food." Sherlock stated more than asked as he passed through the kitchen area.

"I'm your landlady dear not your house keeper." She said already moving to make something to eat.

"Something cold will do. John have a cup of tea, make yourself at home. Hamish, don't touch any of the liquids. Chances are they're poisoned. Don't wait up." He called walking out the door.

"I just decided, i like it when he's excited." Harry said jumping on the arm of John's chair.

Mrs Hudson sighed. "Look at him dashing about! My husband was just the same. But, you're more the sitting down type, i can tell." Oh, he's really not.

"Well I'll make that tea. You rest your leg." She said pivoting to leave.

Uh-oh. "Damn my leg! Sorry. I'm so sorry." John apologised.

"It's all right dear. I understand, ive got a hip." She said placing a hand on her hip.

"A cup of tea would be lovely, thankyou." John picked up the paper.

"Just this once dear. I'm not your house keeper."

He opened up the paper to the first page. "A couple of biscuits if you've got them."

"Cake too!" Harry pitched in, once more playing with the loose string on Johns jumper.

"Not your housekeeper." She called over her shoulder.

The door swung open once more as Sherlock walked in. "You're a doctor. In fact, you're an army doctor." He said looking at John.

John placed the paper down. "Yes."

"Any good?"

Harry twirled towards John's side. "Psh! Sherly, Johnny boy was, is! The god damned best! You should have seen him on the battlefield."

John gave Harry a disapproving look. "Language Hamish."

Sherlock raised a brow. "And you have?"

"Seen him on the battlefield? Yup!" Harry said with a nod. It was not as if he was trying to keep it a secret.

"And what were you doing on a battlefield?" Sherlock drawled dubiously. Harry didn't blame him, he showed no after effects of warfare. Especially since he was physically seven or so.

"No idea!" Harry chirped happily, apparently knowing but not giving a shit.

"I see." He turned his attention to John once more. "Seen a lot of injuries then? Violent deaths?"

John shook his head. "Yes."

"Bit of trouble too I bet."

"Of course. Enough for a lifetime." John answered in affirmative.

Sherlock nodded solemnly before looking up. "Want to see some more?"

"Oh god yes." John said almost reverently before looking at Hamish. "But I cant, Hamish-"

"Can come with us. Children like dead bodies. Hamish want to see a dead person?" Sherlock asked.

Harry shrugged. He'd seen a lot of those, it came with the territory. "I've got nothing better to do. Can we get cake later?"

"Of course. Come along John the kid wants to come." Sherlock said leaving with Harry bouncing behind him.

John sputter words unable to flow smoothly from his tongue. "Wait a minute!"

"C'mon on Johnny we're leaving slow poke!" Yelled Harry from downstairs.

"Wait I said!" John hobbled after them, almost looking like a rabbit as he went down the stair case.

"Sorry Mrs Hudson. John and I are going to have to skip the tea and cake! We're going to see a dead body!" Harry said as he passed the landlady.

"All of you?" Mrs Hudson asked astonished.

"Possible suicides? Four of them? I wont waste time sitting at home when there's finally something fun going on!" Sherlock said with excitement as he kissed her cheek with a half hug.

"Fun! Fun! Fun!" Harry chimed, hands waving about.

"Look at you lot, all happy. It's not decent." She said with a smile.

"Who cares about decent! The game Mrs Hudson is on!"

"Cake! Cake! Cake!" Harry sung as John struggled to twirl him.

Harry beamed up at the two mortals as they left. "Cake and dead people. How fun!"

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