Charlie had made it. She managed to get back to the rendezvous point without any trouble. She sat and waited…and waited…and waited. It had been over an hour. The group had agreed that if they hadn't all met back within 2 hours, something definitely went wrong. She waited a while longer. At the 2 hour mark, they still hadn't returned. Charlie knew something was wrong. She knew that heading back into town was a risk, but it was a risk she was willing to take. Her family couldn't win against the patriots without some extra men, and as much as she hated to admit it, they certainly couldn't win without Monroe.

She began the trek back to town, trying to formulate a plan while she traveled. She didn't have time to go get Miles & Rachel. She needed to act fast. She had no idea what had happened, and she didn't think she'd be able to get close enough to the town (since they all saw her run off with the diamonds) to do recon and rescue them on her own. The only person she knew within a 50 mile radius was Duncan. As much as she resented the though, she was going to have to ask her for help. The woman really rubbed Charlie the wrong way. Perhaps it was because Duncan insinuated there might be a relationship between Monroe and Charlie. She knew that was only going to make it more difficult to convince Duncan to help her, especially if she previously had a relationship with Monroe. What could she say to win her over?

She thought about telling her about what the Patriots had done so far, try to get her to sympathize with the innocent people being killed, but that wouldn't work. Duncan doesn't want to fight. She was going to make Monroe buy her men. She wasn't feeling empathetic. Charlie thought about threatening her, but that had worked out so well the first time. Plus, she had back up then. Threatening a warlord when you have no one watching your back…not her best option. She could of course try to play into the woman's obvious feelings towards Monroe. Duncan's anger towards him when they showed up made it clear to Charlie and everyone else in the room that Duncan still had some feelings for the man, even if they might be resentful. She was willing to at least meet with him, so there must be some feelings other than resentment. This was her best option.

Charlie knew that tricking Duncan into wanting to help Monroe was going to be difficult. She knew that Duncan was about as headstrong as she was, and that convincing her of anything would not be easy. Charlie approached the Duncan's headquarters. Duncan spotted Charlie at the entrance and signaled her men to allow Charlie in. "That was too easy," Charlie thought. Something bad must've happened. She sat across a table from Duncan.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up."

"Is it that bad," Charlie asked.

"Sebastian and that other guy were caught outside the fight tent. They didn't make it 50 feet. Gould grabbed them both."

Charlie sighed, but suddenly it dawned on her. Duncan didn't know who Connor was. Bingo! "So, is he going to kill them?"

"Gould's making them fight each other….to the death. That kid doesn't stand a chance. Monroe will win. Gould owes me, so I can get Monroe out of there after, but then y'all have to leave. No men. That's the offer. Take it or leave it."

"Monroe won't win," Charlie said blatantly.

Duncan began laughing wildly. "Oh, I thought he was picking them young, but I didn't know they were also so naive. Dear, you mustn't know your lover as well as you think."

Charlie smiled inside, but made sure to keep a straight face. Duncan was going to play this right into her hands. Although she hated the idea of anyone thinking of her & Monroe as a "thing", but she knew she could use it to her advantage in this situation. "Well, dear, clearly, you don't know him as well as you think."

Leaning forward in her chair, attempting to taunt Charlie, "Oh she bites!" Duncan thought it was hilarious that Charlie thought that she could be jealous.

"Monroe won't kill the kid. Connor is his son."

Duncan leaned back in her chair, arms crossed. Her smile quickly disappeared, and she was clearly upset because she knew that Charlie just threw that taunting back in her face. Duncan was unwilling to give up quite yet. "How do you know he won't kill his own kid?"

"He risked his life to save the kid once already. He was willing to die to protect him. If he went through that once, I know there's not a doubt in his mind that he wouldn't do it again."

Duncan was taken aback by Charlie's stern attitude. She had lost this tete-a-tete. "What are you offering?"

Charlie was hoping she'd just offer to help, but clearly that wasn't going to happen. She hadn't planned for this. "Well, I don't have any money, so what do you want?"

Duncan thought a minute. She had to get this girl back for speaking so boldly. Duncan would never admit this, but the thought of another girl wanting to protect Monroe made her just want him more.

"I only want one thing, and as a matter of fact, you won't even need to give it to me until after we rescue them."

"Name it," Charlie said with a smirk.