Obviously, there's something very, very wrong with my brain. I guess I tried to make the backstory convincing, wicked, and, you know, SUPERNATURAL *rimshot*. You guys finally figure out why I call the story LANDEY MANOR! YAY! Now, looking at the beginning of the story, I DID INDEED place the date on march 21st, which makes everything run very smoothly. For those of you that remember that, good for you. For those of you that read this authors note and know whats going on, even better for you. So...ENJOY!

Five minutes later found them all back int he eagle's nest, Tucker downloading files from his PDA to the younger Winchester's laptop computer. The house had no wifi. That fact should be obvious, seeing that it was old, decrepit, and abandoned, but Tucker had saved all the files to this personal PDA, because he'd had a sneaking suspicion that they'd need them. Now he was glad that Danny's ghost files were on the other PDA, because he didn't want the file marked Danny Ghost Files to show up on Sam's download queue at all.

Finally, the download was complete, and Sam pulled the files up effortlessly from where he had told them to save during the import. Tucker unplugged his PDA, dusted it off, and hit a few buttons, pulling the files up for himself. Meanwhile, everybody else gathered around Sam to read off his computer screen. The female Sam leaned over Tucker's shoulder to squint at the tiny PDA screen.

"Landey Manor," Sam read aloud finally. "Nearly forty years ago, a couple and their four children lived here. Marcus and Margaret Landey, with their children Ricahrd, Frank, Marie, and Cora Landey. Cora was the youngest, at five years old, then seven-year-old Marie, Frank was eleven, and Richard was the oldest child, at fifteen."

The two remaining teenagers in the room shared a glance, wondering if their age had anything to do with Danny's apparent disappearance. They knew that if anybody could handle themselves against a ghost, Danny could, but still.

"What happened to make a ghost remain here?" wondered Maggie, prompting Sam to continue reading.

"It says here that Margaret found out that her husband was having an affair with a young Penelope Uptall. The implications apparently drove her crazy, so on June 21st, the summer solstice, she crept into her youngest child's room and murdered Cora in cold blood. The family found the girl the morning afterward, hanging from the rafters. They passed it off as suicide, even though she was only five, and definitely not able to kill herself, or at least not in that manner.

"Marcus was suspicious of his wife for Cora's murder, but said nothing. It says she acted completely sane and controlled around him after that, and he decided that he had no real proof to say that his normally kind, sweet, caring wife had ever raised a finger to Cora, much less killed her. After a while, his suspicions ebbed. He continued his affair with Penelope, sure that his wife was blissfully unaware of it."

Sam took a deep breath to continue, but Tucker jumped in, startling all of them. The dark-skinned teenager began to read off the tiny PDA screen. "On the morning of September 22nd, the day after the fall equinox, the family was woken up by a scream. Frank Landey had found his litter sister Marie, hanging by her neck, exactly how Cora had been three months previous. Marcus' suspicion was once again on his wife, and this time, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't shake the suspicion off.

"His new, cautious manner about his wife was not unnoticed by his eldest son, Richard. Richard began to see the hints and clues that lead to his beloved mother having killed both his sisters. Eventually, his curiosity and suspicion got the better of him, and when his mother and father were out with Frank at his school, Richard searched through his mothers things. He found nothing suspicious except a blood-dotted scrap of cloth that looked like it had been torn from Marie's dress. Richard's fears and suspicions grew, but he opted against sharing them with his father, who had cut off his affair with Penelope, but seemed to be reverting back to his old ways as time stretched on.

"On the evening of the winter solstice, Richard woke in the middle of the night. He crept stealthily down to his brother's room, his fears wild, and saw his mother smothering Frank with his own bedding. When Frank's thrashing ceased as he fell unconscious, Margaret stood tall. Richard watched in horror as his own mother looped a rope around his brother's neck and hung him from the rafters. He was so frozen in fear that he couldn't do anything to stop her until his mother had already gotten too far in the terrible deed. All he could do was watch as his only remaining sibling was strung up like a prize goose on Christmas Day.

"Frozen with terror, in fear for his life, Richard watched from the shadows as his mother cleaned up the evidence of her terrible deed, a lunatic smile on her face all the while. He shivered in the darkne-"

An abrupt end came to the accumulating story as the goth girl socked Tucker on the arm with a closed fist, making him yelp and scoot away from her. "Knock it off, Tucker. Here, give me that." She snatched the PDA out of his hands.

"So Richard saw his mother kill Frank, and he knew that he was the only one left. He knew that if he and his father didn't do something, come the spring equinox he would die at the hands of Margaret Landey. So he went to his father and tried to persuade him to turn Margaret into the police for the murder of his three siblings. Marcus Landey was convinced that Margaret was crazy too, and that it would be either himself, of Richard to die on the spring equinox. So he pretended to agree with Richard, but the night afterward, he snuck of with his mistress and they disappeared from the town, fleeing Margaret and leaving Richard alone with his insane mother.

"Margaret went even more insane from the complete loss of Marcus, and began acting it every day and night. She would sharpen knives in the kitchen in full view of Richard, staring at him hungrily, and murmur to herself about the twenty-first of March. Richard grew more and more nervous, and more and more desperate. He went to the police, but they turned him away, because he was not yet sixteen and therefore not credible yet. One officer took up the case for charity and boredom, but while he was in the house, Mrs. Landey acted completely sane and kind.

"Richard grew increasingly more desperate, fearing for his life. He tried to run away several times, but was always caught and brought back. His mother's behavior became more murderous with every passing day. Richard knew that come the night of March twenty-first that he would die at his mother's hands, so he slowly set up precautions. He carved a hole in the wall of his mother's favorite room in the house, and slowly brought in no less than a dozen, if not more, various mice and rats, which nested in the walls of that room after he forced them through his makeshift mousehole. He stole one of the kitchen knives from a drawer and told his mother that he had no idea what had happened to it. He took food from the cupboards slowly, storing it in a makeshift pack.

"Finally, the night of the spring equinox came, and Richard packed his bed full of pillows to make it seem like a sleeping boy's body was curled up there. He grabbed his pack with all his provisions and snuck off to his mothers favorite room, putting a bit of cheese at the carved mouse hole. He carefully got his stolen knife out, just in case, and made his way carefully to one of the windows."

Tucker picked up there before Sam the Goth could continue. She didn't even protest as he pried his PDA out of her hands.

"Before Richard could escape through the window and into the night, and past that, into the freedom from fear because of his mother, he heard the stomp of feet on the floor. He felt his entire being tense up with terror, and he scarcely dared to breathe as his mother shuffled her way into his room. Richard saw a long length of rope clutched in her shadow's hands as she shuffled past the hallway he crouched in, on the way to his bedroom.

"When she finally passed the hallway, Richard wasted no time in soundlessly sliding the window up, clambering out of it, and then closing the pane of glass once again. He dropped to the dying grass outside of his house and ran off into the night, to find his own life."

Tucker stopped the story momentarily to let the dramatic implements of that sink in. Sam rolled her eyes and snatched the PDA.

"We don't have time for this," she told him. "Margaret Landey went into her son's bedroom, but when she found he wasn't there, she got really angry, and basically shrieked a lot while scouring the house to find him. She searched every room, screeching like a banshee, until she came across the room in which Richard had made sure all the mice had housed themselves in the walls. They'd been not very well fed, and the smell of the potent cheese Richard had left stirred them up, so they crept through the walls. Margaret, who, let's keep in mind, was mad, was convinced her son was hiding in the walls. She tore at the walls, ripping the wallpaper and making various holes until she was sure she'd found where he was hiding. With her bare hands she punched a hole through the plaster and reached through, but Richard wasn't in the walls, so she found nothing. However, when Margaret turned around and saw-TUCKER!" Goth-Sam scowled suddenly, glowering at the PDA.

"What?" Tucker wondered, edging back.

"It says here that she died of fright!" Goth-Sam scoffed. "Please."

"That's why Richard stored mice in the walls. His mother was deathly afraid of rodents, so he stored them until he needed them and hoped that he'd scare her off his trail. She died of a fright-induced heart-attack. It's a plausible story."

"Okay, whatever," Goth-Sam dismissed with a wave of her hand. "We'll go by that. But why does any of this make her take Danny?"

Tucker shrugged. "I dunno."

"Wait," the younger Winchester brother said, holding a finger up. "What did Richard look like? Give me a second…" he trailed off, and a few clicks of his computer mouse later, he swiveled his laptop. A bad-quality photo of six people filled the screen. A tall man with a mustache, a petite brunette woman, and four children, two girls and two boys. The younger Winchester pointed to the tallest child. "That's Richard Landey. Does he look like Danny at all?"

"No," Goth-Sam scoffed, rolling her eyes. Tucker tilted his head to the side for a moment, considering, before shaking his head.

"No. Danny has black hair, while he has light brown hair. Danny's eyes are blue, not brown. But Danny is fifteen, the same age as Richard, and if you look at it, Danny looks more similar to Richard than either Sa-Chaos or I do."

"Is it possible that the ghost of Margaret Landey is still trying to kill Richard, and since it is the spring equinox, and since Danny looked almost similar to Richard, maybe she's trying to kill him?"

Not totally likely, but plausible. I mean the dying of fright thing. This might be a little absurd, but it's what I'm rolling with. Next chapter is Danny's point of view. Hehehehe.