"Dancing through life, skimming the surface!"

With gleeful yips and calls, Jack Frost's lanky silhouette spiralled across the moon, climbing and falling as he waltzed with the summers breeze. Normally, the winter spirit would be far gone from this corner of the world by spring, but he always felt a pull this time of year to return to the place where he had 'began'.

After a while of blissful flying, Jack's bare feet touched down on the lush green grass, and with a dull thump, he dropped down onto his butt. Sprawling back into his soft surroundings, Jack realised that he found himself in a wide meadow, and felt a icy flare shoot down his spine. He recognised the place, but then, he's seen so many beautiful places, they'd all starting becoming one in his mind.

Staring up at the wise moon, Jack's eye lids slipped closed, embraces the moment to listen to everything around him. After a while Jack became abruptly aware of the heavy flurry of snow that was falling fast and hard above him. Confused, Jack shook himself off and raised his staff, rising into the wind.

"Let the storm rage on! The cold never bothered me anyway..."

Ears pricked like a dog, Jack flew towards the voice, cutting through the forest faster then any bird, until finally the forest ended and opened to reveal a steep mountain at it's mouth. Up, high upon the mountain, a beautiful palace with tall spires and arched windows was sat. Jack's sapphire eyes locked onto the ice monument clutched to the mountain side, mouth agape, he began to ascend the snowy incline

Dropping down onto the impossibly perfect carved balcony, Jack gazed dumbstruck by the wonder around him.

Stumbling through the open gleaming doors, Jack stared in amazement as a beautiful women danced around the cavernous space, her curve hugging dress moving with seemingly a life of it's own. As Jack approached he noticed that blue sparks were emitting from her finger tips, creating ice that warped into elegant sculptures.


The women suddenly stood still as her works of art. Whipping around her eyes became the size of saucers, her pale blue irises locking on Jack's shocked figure.

"You... You can see me? Oh my, you can see me! Ha!"

Jack grinned rambling to himself in excitement, the fair women however stumbled away from her new found company, looking for all the world like she'd seen a ghost.

"Jack... "

"How do you know my name? Of course you know my name, you believe in me! I gotta tell you lady, this is the happiest I've been in a long time!"

"You can't be real, you're not here... They said you weren't here anymore, so you can't be here. I've gone stark raving mad havn't I?"

Mumbling to herself hysterically, the girl turned away. Confused, Jack came closer, reaching out his hand to touch her shoulder, but hesitating, before lowering it again.

"What do you mean 'anymore'? Listen Snowflake, I've never seen you, nor have you seen me, before in my life!"

The girl's delicate features turn hesitantly towards Jack. With a mixture of hurt and sadness, her lip quivered as she finally spoke.

"...You don't remember me? But... Jack, it's me, Elsa..."

For a brief second, recognition sparked within the boy's deep blue eyes, but as soon as it appeared, it was gone again. With a mournful expression, Jack shook his head.

"I... I'm sorry, Elsa, but I don't understand how you can be so adamant I'm not supposed to be here."

With a soft sob, Elsa swiped at her eyes to banish the tears there. Then with one final nibble of her lips, she gazed up into the face of the boy she thought she lost forever.

"Jack... You died 6 years ago, I was 12 and you were 18, don't you remember?"