Author's Notes: Well, here's Part 2 to our story. Make sure your had read the first part to Farscape: The Lost Warrior or you might have a hard time in figuring out what is going on.

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Summary: (Farscape/Battlestar Galactica/Stargate: SG-1 - Crossover Story) Scorpius has captured a Stargate and a member of SG-1. Can John Crichton stop him, even with the help from the Galactica and the SGC?

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Farscape: Lost Warrior: Part Two

Chapter One: The Dragon's Tail…

[Earth, Stargate Command]

SG-1 made their report to General Hammond in the conference room, after their return from planet P8J 898.

"It was a massacre, General." O'Neill said grimly, recalling what he and his team found. "This Scorpius rounded up every villager within ten square miles and had them executed when they couldn't answer his questions about the stargate."

Hammond looked sick and angry. "Who is this Scorpius? Another Goa'uld?"

"From the weaponry they used and the description that Nolanada was able to give us, probably not." Carter answered. "Clearly since he was seeking information about the Stargate, we might be dealing with someone entirely new."

"Some other civilization, like us who discovered the stargates?" General Hammond asked.

Major Carter nodded. "It appears so, sir."

"What is this Scorpius looking for exactly?" General Hammond said.

Daniel Jackson slowly tapped his pen against the briefing table, his disgust at what happened on P8J 898 was clearly evident. "Everything and anything concerning the stargate. Who built it, how it works, and where it can take him. General, this Scorpius could very well be the worst thing we've encountered since the Goa'uld. He slaughtered five hundred villagers, including children, just because they knew nothing about stargate, which they considered little more than an ancient structure of worship before we showed up a week ago. He's probably doing the same thing on other worlds, even as we speak."

General Hammond looked down the table toward the Jaffa. "Teal'c, have you ever heard of beings like this?"

"I have not. Beings other than the Goa'uld using the stargates are rare, and the System Lords are very quick to put a stop to such use when it is discovered. I feel this Scorpius must have just recently come into the knowledge of how to use the stargates."

"General, it might be wise for us to dial up our allies and warn them about this," O'Neill suggested. "Also, we should call up the Tok'ra and see if they have any intelligence about old Scorpy. If he's bumped heads with the Goa'uld, they'd probably know about it."

"Done. Major Carter, will you please make contact with the Tok'ra. The rest of you, alert our allies of the threat that's now lurking out there. Unfortunately, until we learn more about this Scorpius, that's all we can do for now."


[Somewhere in the Uncharted Territories]

In the command area of Moya; Sheba, Aeryn and Crichton remained gathered about the clamshell, with the projected image of Crais.

"So, I assume that you've never heard of a stargate?"

Crichton stared with disinterest. "Okay Crais, so old Scorpy has something called a stargate. Please tell me why should I care?"

"Because this device apparently permits travel between worlds instantaneously, and because Scorpius always has an agenda of his own, regardless who he serves. I still have a few allies within the Peacekeeper command, and they too recognize the facts about Scorpius' shady loyalty. They would love to see him fail or be eliminated altogether."

"And they leaked this information to you? And you believe it?"

"I have no reason to doubt them." Crais said. "They've provided technical data on the stargate, and it's unlike anything I had ever seen. I can transfer that information to you now."

Always interested in studying new technologies, Sheba slowly stepped away and headed to the strategy table. "I'm going to take a look at it."

Crichton nodded to Sheba before focusing on Crais again. "So, what do you want us to do about it?"

"Scorpius cannot be allowed to have access such a device. I intend to stop him and I need your help."

Crichton kept a straight face. "Ah... No."

Crais stared at Crichton in disbelief. "Do I have to tell you again of the incredible destruction that Scorpius could inflict on numerous worlds. He has half the Peacekeeper command bewitched at his promises of conquest. This... stargate just might allow him to do it."

Crichton shook his head, taking a few steps towards the clamshell. "I'm glad that you're gun-ho to go charging after Scorpius and I wish you lots and LOTS of luck, but forget it. For the first time, I don't have Scorpy chasing after me and now you are here suggesting that I suddenly do a 180 and walk into the lair of the dragon?! What part of *I'm not stupid* don't you understand?"

"Crichton, I can't do this alone."

"I'll help," said a familiar voice.

Everyone turned their attention, with more than a little amazement, to Sheba who stood beside the strategy table with a large three dimensional image of the stargate. The colonial warrior was grinning ear to ear.

"This device has the same symbols that represent the location of Earth. It could be the way to Earth!"

Crichton didn't know what to feel. Excited that Sheba has found the way to Earth or terrified that Scorpius has the way to Earth too.

"Are you sure, Sheba?"

"Yes, of course." The colonial warrior pointed excitedly at the image of the stargate. "The six symbols are all right on it. They match what we deciphered from the records on that derelict ship that we found. Every warrior has them memorized!"

When Crichton looked back at Aeryn, she knew his intentions before he spoke.

"I think it might be time to rally the troops," he said.

All Aeryn could do was to nod her head. Her only desire was nothing more than to have a long moment of peace with John, but now that seemed impossible. She feared for his safety in going up against Scorpius again. From their experience, she knew that no one confronts Scorpius and walks away unscathed.

John Crichton was living proof of that. So was she.


[Somewhere Else in the Uncharted Territories]

Planet Tobin had been a major Goa'uld fortress and an outpost in launching assaults into the uncharted territories. That changed when the Peacekeepers suddenly overran the Goa'uld defenses months ago. Now, it served for a Peacekeeper platform for strikes launched into Goa'uld space.

Try as they might, the System Lords had failed to retake this world despite four daring assaults. The Peacekeepers were dug in and their positions were heavily fortified. They were here to stay.

On the barren rocky world, the Peacekeepers were occupying the former Goa'uld base as their own. When they first took the planet, their commandoes hit the Goa'uld base so fast that they managed to capture much of their equipment and technology intact before the resident Lord and his Jaffa could destroy any of it.

Deep within the giant pyramid shaped base was the grand prize that had attracted the attention perhaps the most sinister agent for the Peacekepers.


By appearance, it was just a giant ring with curious symbols, but Scorpius was drawn to it like a long lost lover. He had read the reports from interrogated prisoners, and it seemed too good to be true. Traveling between planets without ships.

He rarely left the stargate chamber now, spending his every waking moment with the ancient and wondrous device. Studying and analyzing every piece of information, he could glean from it. He almost wished that it could talk. The secrets it must hold, the god-like knowledge that had to be built into such a device. The power its creators must have commanded!

The only time he ever left it was to travel through the gate itself with a squad of Peacekeeper commandoes in an attempt to gather more information about the gate and its builders on the numerous worlds the stargate led to. Much to his dismay and incredible disappointment, he found nothing but primitive and ignorant Humans that knew nothing. He couldn't believe the number of planets that Crichton's species had infested.

The Peacekeepers did capture several Goa'ulds but the symbiont nature of their species made them impossible to interrogate, even with the aurora chair. Even when facing certain death, the Goa'ulds refused to cooperate. Their Jaffa warriors were fanatically driven as well as loyal to the death, and their Human slaves were deliberately kept ignorant of Goa'uld technology by their masters.

What he discovered on his own was that the within the normal galaxy a stargate could take anyone anywhere, just as long the destination had a gate of its own. Distance was no barrier. Best of all, it used a wormhole to do it.

Impressive as it was, the stargate was very limited in the amount of matter and size of the objects that it could transport, which was determined by what could fit through the gate opening. If Scorpius could unlock the secret of how this stargate was able to generate a stable wormhole, then he could perhaps use it to move entire fleets of ships. Then there wouldn't be a distant corner of the universe that wasn't beyond within his reach.

"Scorpius?" An uneasy voice called out from behind him.

The Scarren hybrid barely glanced in the direction of the voice. "Yes, Commander Arin? Unless you are here to warn me that the base is about to come under attack, you are wasting my time."

"I have to report that technical data about the stargate has been stolen."

This finally caused Scorpius to turn about and face the more than slightly intimidated Peacekeeper officer. It was well known among the ranks that breaking bad news to Scorpius could prove fatal for the messenger.

"Just how much damage has this thief caused?"

"No damage Scorpius," Commander Arin said quickly, his nervous voice betraying a slight quaver. "Whoever did it, only made a copy of the data. Nothing was taken."

"Someone copying information to steal IS taking and it IS damage, Commander Arin." Scorpius said darkly. "Find the thief or I will hold you personally responsible."

"Yes, Scorpius." Commander Arin nodded and quickly turned to leave.

"Oh, and Commander Arin?"

"Yes, Scorpius."

"Prepare another squad of your best men. I'm going through the stargate again. And you had better hope that this time, my attempts prove more fruitful."