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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Safe and Sound?

[Earth, Cheyenne Mountain, STARGATE COMMAND]

In his office, General Hammond received word of his VIP's arrival at the outside gates of the mountain fortress. He immediately went up to Level Ten to the motor garage to greet their newest visitor.

Upon entering the motor garage, a young enlisted personal at a sentry post got off the phone and turned to Hammond.

They have been cleared through the gates and have just entered the service tunnel into the mountain, sir.

Thank you Corporal.

An unmarked black sedan with its special passenger soon emerged from the long service tunnel and wheeled up, stopping directly before General Hammond in the motor garage. An Air Force Airman stepped out from the passenger door saluting the General before moving to open the rear side door.

A civilian dressed in a light summer jacket and blue jeans stepped out looking more than a little perplexed. He was an older gentleman with steadily graying hair. Finally, he turned his attention to the approaching Air Force General in full dress uniform.

The Air Force General stopped within feet of him before extending his hand. Jack Crichton, welcome to Cheyenne Mountain. I'm General Hammond.

General. It's a pleasure to meet you, Jack Crichton shook his hand. It's not everyday a retired Air Force Colonel and ex-astronaut has two Air Force officers coming up to their door early in the morning to be flown to a high security base and not being told why.

I apologize for the inconvenience you might have suffered but I promise to explain everything to you momentarily. Hammond gestured to a huge opened vault like door. If you will please follow me.

Jack Crichton followed General Hammond inside the huge complex until they reached an elevator, which they took down to Sub-Level Nine. They exited it and had to check through another security point before stepping onto a second elevator and, much to Crichton's surprise, descended even further down. When they passed Sub-Level fifteen he turned to Hammond inquiring curiously.

Just how deep does this base run?

It extends thirty levels down, Hammond replied.

What do you keep here?"

Have you ever heard of the Stargate?

Jack Crichton nodded. I still keep in contact with some of my old Air Force buddies. It's supposed to be some sort of deep space radar?

That's just the cover story.

Why am I not surprised, Crichton smiled at Hammond. So, what is the real story?

You have just been granted high level security clearance as to what I am about to tell you, Hammond informed him matter-of-factly. The Stargate is an alien device that allows off world travel to other planets and for the last five years we have been exploring the galaxy.

Jack Crichton waited for the punch line but Hammond stared at him with the utmost serious expression. You are not kidding?

No, I am not.

You have been actually sending people to other planets?

That's correct. Hammond didn't even blink an eye.

And again, exactly why are you telling a retired Air Force Colonel all of this?

Just follow me, Hammond said, and welcome to Stargate Command.

The elevator stopped and its doors parted open on Sub-Level Twenty-six. General Hammond stepped off and Jack Crichton followed him through a maze of corridors with several Air Force personnel coming and going about their daily routines.

Hammond continued on until he reached a door that was labeled Main Conference Room'. He turned and faced Jack Crichton, saying with a slight smile,

The only reason you are here is because of what I am about to show you. One of my teams found him on their last mission or I should say, he and his friends found them.

At that, Hammond opened the door and Jack Crichton looked into the room beyond. Inside was a blond female Air Force Major in blue dress uniform sitting at a long meeting table facing his direction and across the table from her was a man sitting with his back towards the open door. Jack Crichton turned to Hammond in confusion as to what he was trying to show him. He looked back and saw the blond woman whispering to the man sitting across from her.

Jack could faintly hear her saying. He's here

Slowly, the man rose from the table and turned to face him. Jack Crichton thought he was going to die from a heart attack at the sheer shock that hit him all at once. It was almost impossible to believe.

Good, God! John??

Standing right there, just twenty feet away, alive and in the flesh, John Crichton smiled to his father. Hi, dad.

Simply stunned, Jack Crichton took a few tentative steps inside the room still in utter disbelief, but he could clearly see it was John, his son. With tears of joy, Jack Crichton took the last few remaining steps and the two men, father and son, soon embraced. After a few moments, Jack pulled away to look at him again, still finding it hard to believe. How is this possible?

During my flight in Farscape One, a wormhole opened up and I got shot through it, a teary eyed John explained rather calmly. I was deposited way out into deep space.

It was an incredible and nearly impossible story to believe. How did you survive all that time? Jack asked.

John smiled ruefully. One step at a time dad, and I made some friends while I was out there of the E.T. variety.

E.T.? You mean aliens? The more Jack listened, the more unbelievable his son's tale became.

John grinned before turning to the blond Air Force Major who was standing quietly off to one side of the room. Dad, I want you to meet a friend of mine. This is Major Samantha Carter.

Jack smiled warmly as the woman approached and he extended his hand to her. Pleased to meet you. Are you one of the people who rescued him?

Actually, he rescued me, Major Carter answered with a polite smile while shaking his hand. Your son is a remarkable man.

That he is, Jack replied with a touch of pride and all while, he kept one hand on John's arm, making sure that this was not just another hopeful dream that he would soon rudely awake from.

Now, dad, about those aliens, John started to say, still gesturing to the blond Major next to him. Don't be alarmed but I'm going to introduce you to another good friend. Her name is Jolinar and she has a bit of a crush on me.

Suddenly right before Jack's eyes, Major Carter's own eyes flashed and her voice err changed drastically. It had a strong but elegant resonating quality to it that couldn't be made by anything human. She looked over to his son.

"You make it sound like I'm an infatuated high school girl."

I was thinking more like an astronaut groupie, John smirked.

Jolinar chuckled. "Don't you mean astronut'?"

Dumbfounded, Jack Crichton stared at Jolinar with his jaw hung wide open, as his son playfully bickered with an alien? John was acting as if she was nothing special, just another person for him to tease and joke around with.

Barely above a whisper, he asked his son. What is she?

She's a Tok'ra, dad, John explained. Major Carter has a symbiont living in her head. Basically we are talking about two minds and only one body to share between them. Not even Felix Unger and Oscar Madison had it this bad.

Jack just stared at her in awe for a moment before finding his voice. Pleased to meet you. He then turned to General Hammond who was now by his side. Is all of this for real?

Hammond smiled to Jack Crichton. It is, Colonel, and to be honest you have barely scratched the surface as to what goes on around here on a daily basis'.

Yeah, dad. Wait until you get a load of Teal'c and his little buddy Junior and last and most certainly not least, all the way from the Uncharted Territories, Chiana.


Down in the Gate Control Room, the on duty Technician was at the main keyboard terminal performing a routine check on the system software when he sensed someone was leaning to look over his shoulder. He turned his head to find the strange gray alien woman that SG-1 brought back with them, watching his every move. What was her name? China, wasn't it?

She smiled, speaking in rough English.

He politely replied. Is there something that you need?

I was just looking at your computer and I was wondering if you could play games on it like Hailey can on hers?

I could but I don't.

Chiana asked.

The tech answered in a dry humorless voice. Because it would be very bad if we should have an unauthorized off world activation and I was in the middle of playing Duke Nukem.

From the opposite corner of the room, O'Neill spotted that Chiana had wandered off from the group again! He moved in to reel her back, and taking her by the arm, he whispered quietly to the Nebari, Hey, Zat girl, leave Chevron man alone. He's a very busy fellow.

Frowning, Chiana let herself be lead back to the others as they all waited for John Crichton to come down from the upstairs Main Conference Room, where the reunion with his father was taking place.

I know why your General had to be up there but why can Carter be up there and not the rest of us? Chiana asked aloud.

Lt. Hailey and Daniel were in the middle of an excited discussion about the arrival of the Colonial delegation tomorrow via the Stargate when they stopped talking to turn to answer Chiana's question.

However, it was Teal'c who answered Chiana first. It was because John Crichton requested for Major Carter's presence.

O'Neill raised his eyebrows in surprise. He asked her to be up there with him? He never heard that part of it.

Smiling, Daniel looked at him, sensing the Colonel's growing jealously. Jack, all he wanted was some morale support when meeting his father after nearly four years.

I'm not complaining, O'Neill replied defensively. I just find it ah, what's the word I'm looking for?

Makes you so damn jealous, doesn't it? Chiana teased.

O'Neill glared at her. That's seven words and no, I'm not jealous.

Chiana grinned back at O'Neill. Maybe just a little green-eyed?

O'Neill frowned darkly.

Chiana continued to smile at him.

There's no reason to get your fretniks' into a knot.

Giving a suffering sigh, O'Neill looked past Chiana to Daniel with a fixed stare. Danny, your girlfriend is talking to me in alien again. Make her stop.

It was then they saw General Hammond descending the stairs, with John and Jack Crichton and Major Carter following closely behind.

And this is the Control Room for the Stargate, General Hammond said to Jack Crichton.

Wide eyed, Jack Crichton surveyed the entire room and every piece of equipment that lined the walls. It looked like a miniature IASA mission control station.

It was then he noticed the group of people standing politely at an attention, waiting for them, three men and two women What the? He took a second look at the group. One of women had a whitish gray complexion and one of the men; a tall bald African American had had a gold symbol stamped on his forehead.

General Hammond stopped before the group and introduced them all to a slightly overwhelmed Jack Crichton. This is Colonel Jack O'Neill, commanding officer to SG-1. Doctor Daniel Jackson, our leading anthropologist and linguist. Next to him are Teal'c, a Jaffa warrior from the planet Chulak, and Lt. Jennifer Hailey, from SG-4.

The gray alien standing next to O'Neill held up her hand, clearing her throat.

Hammond gave a small but detectable smile. And our most newest resident to the SGC, Chiana from Nebari Prime.

I heard that I have all of you to thank for returning my son to me, Jack Crichton said with heartfelt gratitude, still staring at the odd looking group of people. I can never repay you enough for what you did here.

Smiling, O'Neill nodded his head. There is no need, it is part of the job.

John moved next to his father, pointing towards a large bulletproof window, and the room beyond it. Hey, dad. There's the Stargate that they used to bring me back.

Still spellbound at all that was happening, Jack Crichton moved forward, studying the Stargate from the control room. How many worlds do you say have a Stargate of its own?

It's hard to say precisely, perhaps over a million and a half, Lt. Hailey replied.

With his dad now distracted by asking a multitude of questions to the people about him, John stepped back and took Major Carter by the arm, leading her away for a second.

How am I doing? he whispered to her.

You are doing just fine, Carter reassured him.

That lone answer still wasn't quite good enough to suit him. Do you mind if I get a second opinion? John asked.

Carter smiled just before her eyes flashed and Jolinar spoke. I concur with Major Carter. You are handling yourself well.

John hesitated for a moment and added slowly. Thanks to both of you for letting yourselves be my security blanket. Ever since I came back I felt like a fish out of water. Never thought I would feel like an alien on my own planet. It is strange that you, Pip and Teal'c are the only ones I feel a connection with. Even with my dad it no longer feels the same.

Give it time. You just came back two days ago. You need to allow yourself time to adjust.

John nodded. You might be right.

Jolinar smiled. Good, you should know better than to question my wisdom.

Nor challenging you to an arm wrestling match, John added. He gave her a thoughtful look. Thanks, Jolly Sam. You are the perfect example of why two minds are better than one.


Later that day

One of the things that Daniel Jackson adored about Chiana was her wide-eyed puppy view of the world about her. Unfortunately, like a newborn puppy she wanted to get into everything. He gave her the grand tour of the non-security areas of SGC, showing her a few of the various labs and science departments, including his and Carter's personal work areas, then later, the more fun locations like the rec. rooms and the gym.

Daniel quickly found that Chiana really liked television and music. The young Nebari heard a lot about Earth from John Crichton but hearing and seeing were two completely different things. Daniel could have sworn that Chiana's mind almost went into sensory overload as she surfed through hundreds of TV channels and listened to every radio station she could possibly tune in on his room stereo. Not surprisingly, Chiana loved rock music. She told him that of all the planets she had ever visited, none came close to matching Earth's level of entertainment as Humans could only provide.

Then there was the food. Chiana quickly developed taste for Earth cuisine. When she went to eat, she'd always try something different. Today in the mess hall it was spaghetti but it was the dessert that came with it that had her full attention.

What is this? Chiana said in English, awed as she held a small bowl containing several green squares. Watching in close fascination, she noticed that after every time she shook the bowl, the little squares quivered.

It's called Jell-O, Daniel answered as he sat across from her at their table. The mess hall at this hour was nearly emptied except for a few base personnel and Chiana was still getting a lot of curious but thankfully, polite stares. Daniel watched, enjoying seeing the excitement in Chiana's eyes as she learned more about Earth. There wasn't a thing that got by her and he gladly took the time to answer every question she had.

Chiana snorted, putting her dessert down. It trembles like a certain green Hynerian Dominar I know after I caught him snooping in my room on Moya.

The Nebari looked over her plate of spaghetti and meatballs, inquisitively sniffing the spicy dish. When she reached for a spoon, Daniel quietly recommended.

Chiana, you might find a fork a little more beneficial.

Smiling ruefully, Chiana picked up the fork and prodded the plate of spaghetti but looked confused at the long sauce covered stringing noodles hanging from the fork when she lifted it out, wondering how she was going to eat it without getting it all over herself.

Some people twirl their forks to wind the noodles around it, Daniel suggested to her again.

Chiana gave it a try and it worked, the noodles were neatly twisted about the end of her fork. She then raised the fork to her waiting mouth and took in her first mouth full of spaghetti. She chewed slowly at first, then with increased relish. Swallowing she nodded her head approvingly to Daniel. It's really good!

Now, Chiana turned her attention to her drink. It was a small red and white metal container with funny looking Earth words on it Coca-Cola'? Chiana was thankful that she was quickly catching on to speaking and even reading English with Daniel's help.

She held the drinking container, studying the strange white stick poking out of the opening through the metal lid. Chiana looked to Daniel, baffled as to how to take a drink.

Daniel smiled. Just suck on it.

The Nebari's eyes widened.

The white thing. I mean, the straw! He said hastily, regretting not carefully explaining his instructions more clearly.

You're kidding?

No, I'm not Uh, just trust me.

Chiana stared suspiciously at him as she brought the straw to her lips, wondering if this was another prank he was trying to pull. As she took a sip on the straw, Daniel watched as her dark eyes nearly bugged out of her head as she swallowed her drink through the straw.

Chiana gasped in amazement, examining the thin plastic straw. Who came up with this idea of a drinking tube? Also, this liquid has a curious taste. It's nothing like your coffee or tea.

Giggling, Chiana put the straw back to her lips and took another but much bigger gulp.

Well, I'm not sure about who invented the straw but what you are drinking is a popular

Daniel never had a chance to finish what he was saying. As he was speaking to her, he watched Chiana's cheeks balloon out like a chipmunk and her eyes nearly went crossed. Chiana violently coughed and with Daniel sitting across from her, he was in the line of fire.

Daniel was drenched.

Oh, dren! Horrified, the Nebari started grabbing for napkins and stood up to reach over and try to dry Daniel's face off. I didn't mean to ugh! I feel like I'm cursed!

Daniel's face straight down to the front of his shirt were soaked. The few people who were in the mess hall were now looking over to the unexpected disturbance' but Daniel started to laugh.

He took one of the napkins from Chiana and removed his glasses to dry them off. Maybe it might be safer if I sit next to you.

I swear that it felt like that drink was burning the inside of my mouth. Chiana pleaded.

Daniel took hold of one of her hands, saying softly. It's okay, stop apologizing.

When Chiana sat back down, Daniel saw how embarrassed she looked and decided to try and cheer her up. Well, I was planning to save this for later but now is a perfect time as any. I had General Hammond and Major Carter arrange to have some clothing delivered here just for you.

Chiana suddenly perked up. Clothing? As in dresses and outfits?

Daniel nodded. Yes, a few dresses, shirts, jeans, and some foot wear. I hope you like them.

I can't believe this. Chiana laughed. I spit up on you and you got me some new clothes. You are going to spoil me rotten Don't you dare change!

She stood up reaching across the table again and kissed him.


I can't believe it, Jack said in awe. This place is the size of a small city.

I know how you feel, Lt. Hailey smiled as she walked alongside of him, giving John's father a tour of the SGC. When I first came here, I was more than slightly overwhelmed myself.

Does anything happen much around here? Jack inquired.

John followed close to his dad and Hailey as they strolled down one of the many winding corridors in the SGC. He smiled. From what Carter told me, the occasional alien incursion and the odd black hole trying to suck it all up.

Jack laughed but he quickly noticed no one else was laughing with him. You're kidding, son, right?

It's very true. Hailey grinned. I wasn't there for the black hole incident but I heard it was a real experience in dealing with the time dilatation.

Time dilatation? Jack asked.

John was glancing left and right at the open doorways. Ya, dad, you heard about the theory that the closer you get to a black hole time is supposed to slow down. Then John's voice drifted off. Well, that theory is very correc

Jack and Hailey turned to see John stopped in front of Daniel Jackson's lab.

His father stared at him curiously. John, what is it?

Without saying a word, John walked into Daniel's work place. Puzzled, Jack and Hailey followed him. They found John staring at a pinned up sheet of paper on the far wall amongst several star charts and diagrams of ancient structures and even some stargate symbols.

Jack called to him. He threw a concerned glance towards Hailey.

I know these symbols. They look familiar, John whispered. Where did you get this?

Hailey stepped closer and she recognized the piece of paper that was so captivating to John Crichton. Those are illustrations of some carvings we found on P3R-272. It was some sort of alien repository of knowledge and it was also the place where O'Neill had all the information of the Ancients accidentally downloaded into his mind.

The Ancients

John Crichton just stared at the alien text on the piece of computer printout and suddenly, somewhere in a dark corner of his mind, something buried deep clicked and the proverbial floodgates flew opened.


Carter was in her own lab, wandering about it aimlessly. Everything looked foreign to her. She was trying hard to remember where everything was but couldn't for some reason. Moving over to her desk, she checked that bottom left hand drawer and found that damn romance novel. Carter just laughed before she pitched it in the waste paper basket.

Going to the next drawer above it, she fished out the phone book directory and started to leaf through it, searching.

How are you doing?

Carter glanced over her shoulder and spotted O'Neill entering her lab. He smiled warmly to her.

Actually, I should say how both of you are doing? He corrected.

Jolinar and myself are doing fine, Carter answered softly.

Planning to call someone? He gestured to the open phone book in her hands.

I'm planning to order a pizza, Carter grinned. Want some?

O'Neill frown for a second. Will there be any beer?

I don't think alcohol is allowed on base, sir.

I could always sneak some in if you like, Carter.

Carter slowly put the phone book down on her desk before looking at him again. Please, call me Sam.

For a moment, O'Neill looked uncomfortable with the simple request but he nodded. Sam, I just came by to see if you needed anything.

She tilted her head for a second before counting off on her fingers. I had a nice warm shower, ate like a horse, Doc. Frasier examined me from head to toe and to top it all off, she even scheduled me for a psyche examination.

It won't be that bad. You're stronger than you know, O'Neill assured her. Besides, all you might get out of it is some time off. Take advantage of it, be with your dad.

Can I be with you too?

O'Neill was taken back by Carter's sudden and and even friendlier request. Sure, we can see a movie, maybe get that pizza you wanted, just please, no onions on mine.

Carter shook her head, and opened the top center drawer to her desk and fished out a CD. Removing the disc from the plastic container, she walked over to a small stereo resting on a shelf along the wall in the corner of the lab. She opened the CD player and dropped the disc in. One moment later, soft dance music gently hummed from its tiny speakers.

Carter turned and walked half way to a very baffled O'Neill as she held her hands out saying. Dance with me.

O'Neill looked over his shoulder, wondering if Carter was asking someone else but he was alone with her, in her lab. Yeah, she was talking to him alright. He stepped towards her, wondering if this was the right thing to do. What if someone should walk in on them, like General Hammond? Also, he hated dancing. However, that concern soon disappeared with the pleading look that Carter was giving him. She needed to be with someone, to hold someone. Most of all, she needed it to be him. How could he say no to that?

He walked up and stared at her and politely asked, May I have the honor of this next dance?

For a moment, O'Neill thought that Carter was going to burst into tears when she choked out,

She quickly wrapped her arms about him, resting her head on his shoulder. O'Neill put his arms about her in a tender embrace but wasn't sure what to do next. So, he just gently rocked from side to side in a slow circle on one spot. O'Neill felt the tension in Carter's body soon easing as she seemed to melt in his arms. They danced through three tunes and for O'Neill it was nice and he thought that Carter was bound to drift off to sleep, as she seemed so relaxed.

Feel better? O'Neill asked softly.

A little, She whispered lifting her head, then hesitated. I was thinking

Thinking about what?

About what we have been avoiding over the last few years and I don't want to fight it any longer.

O'Neill looked at her strangely. Avoiding want?

Carter smiled. She wasn't sure if he was deliberately playing dumb but she was determined to force the issue and reached up and kissed him. Surprised, O'Neill initially responded but the old soldier in him quickly took command and with great effort, he stopped himself, pulling his head back.

This is wrong, Sam. He burbled out and instantly regretted it the moment he said it. Carter looked more than a little hurt that he rejected her advances.

Why! Because you're a Colonel and I'm a Major?

Yes! O'Neill stammered, very uncomfortable now. He didn't come down here to start an argument.

I don't care, I want to be with you!

And I want nothing more than to be with you but we can't. Not while we're serving together. If you need me, I'll be there for you as your friend but that's all I can be.

O'Neill's words seem to reach her as she stepped back and paced about the room. Carter realized she had acted impulsively again, a slight side effect from enduring Scorpius numerous mental interrogations. She held her hands to her mouth before laughing.

I just made a idiot of myself.

O'Neill shook his head. No, you didn't.

Yes I did, Carter insisted angrily. I should have known better, but I spent so many days trapped on that planet hoping to be rescued and you all came for me. Now, the only thing I am missing is the they all lived happily ever after' part. Stupid, huh?

No, its not, O'Neill disagreed. You deserve to have a happy ending.

But not while we're serving together Carter whispered sadly. I don't suppose you would consider retiring tomorrow?

Highly unlikely. But it was a tempting idea for O'Neill, just to be with her but not now. Not at such a critical point with their new found allies.

What if I quit? Carter suddenly volunteered.

O'Neill stepped towards her, realizing that she was serious. You wouldn't want that. You love your job and you worked too hard building your career just to throw all that away for me.

I can't go back to the status quo. Working beside you day after day and pretend that nothing exists between us, Carter said softly. Can you?

O'Neill knew that she was right. Damn it! Why does she always have to be right all the time. He knew this day was coming from the moment he started to view Carter more than his 2IC.

I'll request for a transfer tomorrow Carter started to say.

O'Neill said aloud, cutting her off. You are not requesting a transfer. I'll go. You love working here and pound for pound, the SGC needs you more than me.

Carter was growing frustrated with O'Neill trying to be the hero all the time. Will you please stop trying to protect me!

Who's protecting? O'Neill protested. It's the truth that the SGC needs you more. I don't know how many times the Earth would have been destroyed if it wasn't for your brainpower.

And where would we be if it wasn't for your stubborn leadership? Carter countered.

O'Neill cocked his head back in surprise. Who's stubborn? He demanded innocently.

The blond Major smiled, realizing she was not going to win this one. I don't want to argue with you.

Me either.

The two stared at each other for a moment, wondering what to say next when the phone on Carter's desk rang. The blond Major sighed before moving to answer it.

Yes? This is Major Carter.

O'Neill watched as Carter's face filled with worry. We'll be right there.

After she hung up, O'Neill asked. What happened?

Carter was already moving to the door before saying, It's John Crichton. Something is wrong with him.

O'Neill was immediately hot on Carter heels, following her. Is he okay?

Crichton suddenly grabbed a bunch of markers and is writing what Hailey thinks is some sort of alien equations all over the walls and floor of Daniel's lab area and he won't stop. Carter replied as she and O'Neill hurried down the corridors of the SGC. Does that sound he's okay to you?


Off in deep space, a Goa'uld mothership was travelling through hyperspace for a destination unknown.

Onboard, Osiris strolled confidently towards the main throne chamber to report to her master. She passed by the two heavily armed and vigilant Jaffa warriors situated on either side of the door before entering the spacious chamber beyond.

Inside, she walked to the far side of the richly decorated room and finally stopped before a dark cloaked figure presiding over a tall golden throne.

Osiris kneeled down before her lord.

Rise and report, Anubis commanded.

Osiris stood, announcing, The Peacekeepers' victory over the last of the remaining System Lords is nearly complete.

We have made contact with several surviving Jaffa commanders and their forces who are willing to join under our banner. So far, we have at least a dozen more motherships and twenty thousand soldiers coming to our side.

Anubis boomed. Thanks to this war between my enemies and the Peacekeepers I have nearly doubled my forces without even revealing myself. You are serving me faithfully as you always have Osiris.

There is one more thing, my Lord. My spies have been hearing reports of the Cylons in the Uncharted Territories, near Scarran space as you had predicted.

Anubis chuckled darkly. Everything is coming together. Soon, the Cylons will either weaken or destroy the major powers in this corner of the galaxy, the Scarrans, Peacekeepers and the Nebari. Then, Osiris, we will move forth and lay our rightful claim to this region of space over the ashes of our foes.

Osiris believed in her Lord's plans but she still had some concerns. What about the Cylons? We will still have to deal with them.

I know all I need to handle them, Anubis explained. I understand the Cylons quite well from my current host experiences.

Osiris frowned in puzzlement. But your host is Human? I thought that Cylons exterminated Humans on sight.

Yes, you are correct my love but my host had a special relationship with the Cylons and through him I know how crudely they think and operate.

Who was he to them? Osiris wondered.

Anubis reached up and pulled down his hood revealing his face. My Jaffa patrols found him marooned on a planet two years ago. He was interrogated and the information he held in his mind made him quite valuable so I selected him to be my new host. He was a man of once great importance and very treacherous with cunning that nearly equals my own. He even sold out his very own people to the Cylons to gain yet even more power.

And what is this human's name? Osiris asked with growing interest.

His name was Baltar and he will help me to cut a deal with the Cylon Empire. I will start by making a peace offering in giving the location of the planet Earth

To Be Continued in Part 3