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Despite the numerous funerals that he's been to this year alone, Peter still found himself reluctant to attend such an occasion. He could never deny the deceased his final respects...but attending a funeral for someone he admired was another painful reminder that he failed to save that very same person.

Of course, there wasn't much Peter could do when Professor Xavier died at the hands of the Phoenix Force empowered Cyclops.

All of the Avengers and most of the X-Men were in attendance at the Professor's memorial service. Xavier was a man Peter respected so it was only right for him to be here as well. Unfortunately, the memorial had been arranged to take place not long after he got back from China and while most of the guests were wearing proper formal wear, Peter was still clad in his Spider-Man costume.

His costume had seen better days though...Peter's mask was tattered to the point where the top right half of his head could be seen and one of the lenses had shattered. The rest of his costume from the torso to the legs was littered with rips and tears.

Peter felt a stab of pain shoot through his being and he instinctively grimaced. His face was still heavily bruised from that punch Colossus landed when he managed to take down both him and his sister Illyana in their Phoenix Force empowered state. Much of his wounds were visible from the tears in his costume and with the memorial being held in an outside open area, the breath of air gently flowing into his injuries wasn't helping much to alleviate the pain.

"You alright, Spidey?" A soft voice from behind inquired.

Peter turned around to see his pupil, Hope Summers along with the X-Man, Dazzler, looking at him with some concern. He wasn't exactly in the best presentable manner right now so their worry was understandable.

"I will be. It's just another painful day in my superhero life...although a bit more so than usual." He quipped as though nothing was wrong.

Hope was a little skeptical about that considering how her teacher looked like he was having trouble just standing up. His visible left hazel eye and presumably, his right one as well, was fighting hard to keep from closing for some much needed sleep.

"You've been working nonstop since you defeated Colossus and his sister. The fact that you're still standing is a miracle itself." Dazzler pointed out, concern still present in her voice.

Peter shrugged. "All part of my duties as Spider-Man...I don't stop until the bad guy's beaten."

She didn't openly express it but Hope found herself silently impressed by her mentor's words just now. Though she never admitted it before, Hope liked having Spider-Man as her teacher. Cable and Cyclops were alright but she had to be honest...their training regime was much too strict for her most of the time. Spider-Man's method was more patient and he never pushed her too hard to the point where she'd collapse out of exhaustion like she did with Cyclops.

Whereas the feeling Hope felt from training with Cyclops and Cable was always tense and foreboding, the feeling she got training with Spider-Man was more calmer and peaceful.

And while some of Spider-Man's jokes were kind of confusing, Hope did find most of them genuinely funny. They helped to calm her down whenever that brief moment of stress was about to get to her.

Dazzler was just glad that there were no hard feelings between Spider-Man and herself after the whole X-Men fighting the Avengers catastrophe. She considered Spider-Man one of her few closest non-mutant friends and so she was very appreciative of his forgiving and forgetting the fact that she shot at him a couple of times during the conflict.

Peter looked away briefly and saw that many people were now talking amongst themselves in little groups composing of both Avengers and X-Men. There was much to do if they wanted to repair the damage done to both sides...it made sense the best place to start was with each other and go back to building an amicable relationship between the two superhero teams.

A small smirk formed behind his mask when he saw his fellow Avengers and the X-Men quickly getting along as though nothing had ever happened.

It was when his eyes caught sight of the clock that Peter remembered he had a promise to uphold...a promise to return to a certain lady's side. He was a little worried about how she might react to how he looked at the moment but Peter had no intention of breaking his word now or ever.

"Will you guys be alright?" Peter suddenly asked the two mutant ladies, "...with professor Xavier gone?"

Hope and Dazzler were caught off guard by Spider-Man's inquiry. They honestly had not thought about that too much...Cyclops was in S.H.I.E.L.D custody and the other four X-Men which the Phoenix Force once fragmented into are currently in hiding. Who would lead them now was hard to say but they knew it'd be a while before they found someone to fill that role again.

"Not right now...but we'll find a way to keep going, Spidey." Hope finally replied with a small grin.

Peter smiled underneath his mask at that and rested a hand on his student's shoulder. "I know you will...there's a place I have to be right now, so make your old sensei proud, eh?"

Hope hugged her favourite teacher. "I promise, Spidey. Just don't forget to come see us, I'm still your pupil after all."

"Of course." Peter ruffled her red hair before turning to the other X-Man. "I'm glad we didn't beat each other up too badly, Dazzler."

The mutant songstress shook her head in good humour as she quickly embraced him as well. "Likewise, Webslinger."

Peter waved a quick goodbye to the both of them before he made his way towards Jessica, who was currently having a conversation with Carol and Bobbi as they sat next to each other on a ledge.

Bobbi or Mockingbird as she was more famously known, noticed Peter walking their way and waved to him.

"You're not looking so hot, Spidey. You sure you're ok?" The blonde heroine asked, her eyes focusing on the multiple injuries that were visible on Peter's body. Bobbi wasn't alone as Jessica and Carol looked at Peter with concern evident in their eyes as well.

Peter nodded tiredly. "I'm good...nothing a month's worth of sleep won't fix. I just wanted to know if there was anything you guys needed from me before I take off."

Jessica and Bobbi were about to answer that when Carol suddenly grasped Peter's left hand, surprising him...but then he remembered what he promised Carol just before the mission briefing began.

"Don't worry, Carol...I haven't forgotten." Peter reassured, gently squeezing her hand.

Carol appreciatively smiled but while there was nothing more she wanted than to confess her feelings for Peter, she knew that he was not in the best of shape right now.

"I'm glad to hear it but we can do that another time, Peter. You should focus on getting better first." She said. Both Bobbi and Jessica nodded in agreement...Peter looked as though he was going to collapse any moment.

"You sure?" Although if he was being honest, he was pretty thankful for her understanding his present state.

Carol nodded. "I think it's best we have our private talk when you don't have a chance of falling unconscious half way through."

Peter couldn't help but agree with that. "Fair point...thanks, Carol. I'll be back soon."

Carol smiled again as she hugged Peter before stepping back to let Jessica through.

"We'll be fine here, Peter. Just make sure you get enough rest, ok?" His female counterpart whispered, quickly embracing him as well.

"As long as you and Bobbi do the same for me." He said, nodding towards the neck brace that Mockingbird still wore.

Bobbi just grinned, appreciative of the fact that Peter was still mindful of her wellbeing despite his own injuries.

Peter released Jessica and gave the three ladies a friendly salute before he leapt away into the distance. His webshooters were not in the best state but they were still working albeit barely. Time ran differently in the mystical city of K'un Lun so Peter didn't have any clue as to how long he had been away from New York and by the same token, the amount of time Sable's been waiting for his return.

There was only one thing he could be certain of...she was definitely going to scold him when she sees the multiple visible injuries on his war torn body.

Back at the memorial site, Jessica and Carol watched Peter as he disappeared web-swinging into the large city of New York.

Bobbi looked over and smirked when she saw the small shades of pink on Carol's face.

"I can see why you're in love with Peter...He's quite the guy." She complimented.

Carol didn't say anything at first but her cheeks blushed a darker shade of red as did Jessica's.

"...Yeah," She quietly whispered with a smile. "Peter's amazing."


It was a quiet atmosphere in the Symkarian embassy as Aurelie served some tea for her Queen, who was currently reading an old favourite book. Her mind was barely focused on the book itself though...for much of her thought was preoccupied with the overwhelming concern for her lover, Peter Parker. It's been weeks since she last saw him and while Sable knew Peter would keep his promise of returning to her side, the fact that there's been no news about him at all has been a real test of her patience.

Sofia and Aurelie missed him as well but it was understandable that their Queen would be the one who yearned for Peter the most...although she hid it well behind an emotionless facade to everbody else who saw her. Having worked for her for many years, Aurelie has long since learned when to pick up the slightest falter in her Queen's cold mask and a small but noticeable sign of worry in her eyes was easily noticed by the blonde maid just now.

"I'm sure Peter's alright, Ms. Sablinova." Aurelie suddenly offered.

Sable looked up, a bit confused at her words but then realized she must've let her emotionless mask slip for a moment. She knew her trusted employee was only looking out for her though.

"I know..." Sable replied with a small smile, "I just wish Peter was here with me right now. It's been almost a month since I've last seen him."

Aurelie nodded, remembering the Queen having tried to pass the time faster by working on the multiple official papers she had to sign and if not that, then she spent many hours in her personal gym exercising with Aurelie or Sofia...all in an attempt to help distract herself from worrying too much.

But Sable's mind and heart never stopped thinking about Peter Parker and it was getting more difficult to resist that temptation to go and search for him herself.

It was a good thing her patience would soon pay off for her beloved would finally arrive outside, landing in the grand garden of the embassy...which was currently being tended to by a certain brunette maid.


Sofia had been tasked by her Queen to take care of the garden in the backyard of the embassy. She always liked to garden and as such, the brunette maid devoted her whole attention into making sure every flower and plant was properly cared for.

So when a bloodied-up looking Peter Parker landed so suddenly on one knee right in front of Sofia, it took a moment for her mind to catch up with what just happened.

"H-hey, Sofia." He greeted tiredly with a wave.

Her mind caught up just in time for her to drop the potted flower in her hands and she immediately rushed to his side.

"Peter! My god, are you alright?"

He rested his arm around her shoulders as she helped him stand. "Heh...I'm just really tired. Never thought webslinging would wear me out so much."

Peter had felt his body getting more weary and tired with every webline he swung from until he finally arrived. It was taking all his will-power to remain conscious right now...the need for sleep was getting more difficult to resist.

Sofia quickened her pace a little. "Just really tired?...Peter, you look like you went through hell!"

Her eyes could see the grievous wounds littering throughout Peter's body from his torn up costume and she couldn't help but feel some panic surge through her heart from the sight.

"Hey, hey, calm down." Peter instantly saw Sofia beginning to panic and gripped her shoulder gently. "I'll be fine. Believe it or not, I've been through worse than this before. All I need is a soft bed...and a week's worth of sleep."

The brunette maid blushed in embarassment as she took a quick deep breath.

"I'm sorry, Peter...I'm just not used to seeing a friend so badly hurt. I never liked it the few times that it's happened before."

"...Nobody does, Sofia." He replied, having understood what she was saying. "But this is something I risk going through everytime I put on my costume and I'm more than willing to put my body on the line if it means having the chance to save a friend."

She looked up to see what appeared to be Peter smiling at her from behind his half ripped mask.

"But that doesn't mean I won't be careful and I really do appreciate your concern about me. You're a genuine kind person, Sofia...a rarity in the world these days."

Sofia could've sworn the temperature got a lot hotter but that wasn't the case at all...she was simply blushing madly at the compliment Peter just gave her. The fact that she could feel and see the steellike firmness of Peter's muscular body didn't do much to help lessen her blush.

"Uh, Sofia?" He called out, noticing that they had stopped moving and her staring at him blankly.

She quickly snapped out of her stupour. "Huh? Oh sorry."

"No worries." Peter reassured, "Do you think you could take me to Sable? I've been wanting to see her for a long time."

A small smile graced her cute face. "Of course...Ms. Sablinova has been wanting to see you for quite some time as well."

Sofia led him inside the building, taking care of the fact that Peter was injured so she did her best to match his pace. As they made their way through the embassy, he felt his eyes getting heavier with each step that he took. The temptation for sleep was getting harder to resist.

'Not yet...hold out until you see her.' Peter told himself.

It seemed like a never ending walk for him until Sofia finally stopped at her Queen's study. She noticed that the very person she was bringing Peter to see was conversing with her fellow employee and best friend, Aurelie.

Sofia gently knocked the door, alerting them of her presence. "Ms. Sablinova?"


Aurelie turned around first, who silently gasped when she saw a battered Peter Parker who simply waved at her before quickly gesturing for her to remain silent.

Peter took a deep breath before he finally spoke.

"...Sable? I'm here."

Aurelie and Sofia smiled as their Queen's eyes widened before she quickly rose from her seat and turned around.

Standing at the doorway to her study was her beloved Peter Parker, who just pulled off his torn up mask.

Sable slowly began to walk towards him as she took in the sight of Peter's fatigued face...there were dark bags underneath his hazel eyes, obviously indicating the fact that he has not slept much since the mission began. A small beard had grown on the lower half of his jaw. His right cheek possessed a large bleeding scratch on it and the centre of his head still held some serious bruising.

But despite all that, none of his injuries took away Peter's handsome features that Sable loved and it was more so when Peter smiled at her even in his current wounded state.

"Oh man..." A lone visible tear flowed down Peter's scratched up cheek as he took in the lovely image of Sable for the first time in a long month. "You're a beautiful sight for my sore eyes."

That did it for her as Sable finally closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around Peter's waist. Sable took care in making sure she didn't hurt him but nevertheless held onto Peter as though she would never let him go.

The two maids who were on the verge of breaking down in tears of happiness themselves from the scene decided it was best to give them some privacy and they quietly left the room.

Sable slowly looked up into Peter's eyes as she caressed the side of his wounded face.

"What's with the beard?"

Peter tiredly shrugged. "Not my choice but with the world in danger, there was no time to deal with it...Sorry I came back looking so beat up."

She shook her head with a small chuckle before looking up again into his hazel eyes.

"We can talk about your inability to be careful later. For now...I'm just glad you're alright." Sable lovingly said, wrapping her arms around Peter's neck.

Peter grinned as he leaned in closer. "I really missed you, Sable."

"Not as much as I missed you..." and with that, she finally kissed Peter for the first time in many weeks. Peter affectionately kissed Sable back with all the love in his heart, savouring every second that their lips remained locked together.

Sable mentally smiled at the feeling of Peter's lips pressed against hers again. After nearly a month of missing his touch, Peter was finally back at her side just like he promised. His kisses were ones that always made her feel as though she was in heaven and Sable made sure to kiss Peter back everytime with just as much affection.

The need to breathe soon caught up to the both of them and they reluctantly parted their lips.

Peter's face heavily blushed as he found himself fighting from being overtaken by the need for sleep, something that Sable easily caught on to from the way he stumbled.

"Let's tend to your wounds, Peter, so you can get some rest." She wisely ordered.

He wasn't going to argue with that. "Sounds good to me. Lead the way."

Sable grabbed Peter's hand as she led him out of her study for the first aid room. She knew it was going to take some time to treat his wounds seeing as there were many all over his body. Noticing Sofia and Aurelie standing by in the hall, Sable motioned for them to follow her. It wouldn't hurt to have an extra pair of hands tending to his injuries...after all, she could tell that they wanted to help him as well.

Despite his exhausted state, Peter still managed to gently squeeze her hand, making Sable grin at the comforting gesture. She was finally reunited with the man she loved and this time around, Sable wasn't going to let Peter go at all.

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