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"This will sting."

"I'll be okay. Go for it."

Sable nodded before her hands gently wiped the bloody cut on Peter's chest with some disinfectant. He winced a bit from the burning sensation but otherwise stayed calm as his girlfriend cleaned up the last of the dried blood.

"You alright?" He asked.

"I'm fine." Sable reassured, holding both of Peter's hands. "I was just worried when I saw you return with all these injuries."

He understood what she meant. Just an hour ago, he came back to the Embassy after a fierce battle against the human oven mitt and senile old turkey...aka Shocker and Vulture.

There weren't any difficulties when he fought them but in the midst of him kicking the turkey's jaw apart, the oven mitt spotted a group of civilians down below on the streets and intentionally fired a shock blast their way.

Not willing to allow any harm to come to them, Peter quickly leapt in front of the civilians and took the brunt of the attack with his own body. It didn't hurt him much thanks to his superhuman durability but the blast was enough to inflict some deep yet non-lethal wounds.

His body had suffered much worse injuries before in the past so it wasn't too hard for him to ignore it as he crushed Shocker's sternum with a hard driven punch. Peter assumed the broken super villains were already on their way to jail again...he had left them all webbed up for the police to take away.

That was an hour ago and when he returned, Sable immediately checked the seriousness of his wounds before she yelled for Sofia to fetch some medical supplies.

"Sorry. I don't mean to make you worry."

She shook her head. "You don't have to apologize. Doing what you do has certain risks and I understand that. Despite knowing the dangers, you still go out there to save lives at the risk of your own...you're a true hero."

He shrugged. "I'm only doing what's right...nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't make me anyone special."

"Always the humble man." Sable praised before her face turned serious for a moment. "May I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"...What if you could get it back? A chance to live a normal life again, with none of the pain that comes with being a superhero...would you take it?"

Peter's eyes rose as he took a moment to think about that. Truth be told, it wasn't the first time the question had been brought up and there were a few moments in the past when the idea sounded tempting enough for him to consider it.

"I've thought about it before." He slowly began. "I mean who wouldn't want a normal life if they could have it?"

Peter paused to think of the right way to say his words before he continued.

"But I've realized a long time ago that giving up on these powers would be the most irresponsible thing I could do. I have no clue as to why I got these powers...but what I do know is that they're a gift which can be used to help others."

Things were silent for a moment as she gazed into his eyes. Others would've interpreted his reply as a very predictable answer but the resolve and honesty within the words left her in awe and the Queen couldn't help but smile in pride at her beloved.

"...I don't think anyone would've blamed you if you didn't make the choice to be a superhero. Yet you still chose the more difficult path of making a difference for the better. Such a choice takes a level of courage that very few possess." She praised.

His lips quirked into a shy smirk. "With great power comes great responsibility. My uncle's words...sometimes I wonder what Ben would think of me now if he was here."

Sable wrapped her arms around his neck and gave Peter a loving kiss. "...He'd be very proud of the man that you grew up to be. I'm certain of it."


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