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Angela, Jane, Victoria and Maggie were all shocked at first when I told them who I was going with to the dance with but when they learned of Caius's reaction, they agreed that I was better off without him.

Victoria had hired people to do our hair and makeup, her bedroom was busy with activity. Jane and Maggie were getting their hair done, Victoria and Angela were getting their makeup done and I was just slipping on my dress. We were all talking and the stylists were talking away also, it was madness in there.

It took us almost two hours to get ready but when we were, we looked amazing. When we got downstairs, Victoria's mom wanted to get some pictures take of us. After posing for the fifth photo, the doorbell rang and it was our dates; it seemed that they had all went into getting a limo together. Emmett, who was Victoria's date was first through the door, next came Dimitri, Victoria's date, then Liam, Angela's date, Ben who was Maggie's date and finally Garrett walked through the door and damn, did he ever clean up nicely. He was wearing a black suit, white button up and a skinny black tie, he really was handsome. He also had forgone his glasses for contact lens and had scruff as well. I was in awe at how handsome he was and wondered if he had always been handsome and I just didn't notice.

Victoria's mom wanted to get some pictures of us with our dates and finally we headed out to the limo and went to venue where the ball was being held. When we walked in, I was amazed at how wonderfully they had decorated the gym. There were hearts hanging down from the ceiling as well as snowflakes mixed it. They had gone for a fire and ice theme of the dance. There was a photo booth set up and there was a long line of people waiting for their turn in it. The dance floor was packed; the DJ was spinning some really great tunes.

Garrett led me out onto the dance floor where we spent a majority of the night, he was a really good dancer and I was so glad that I had come with him because I had a feeling that I wouldn't have been having as much fun with Caius as I was with Garrett. This was a perfect night; one that I hope would get repeated again.

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