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3rd Person POV

Max felt numb as she strode away from Fang, lying there limp on the ground. She knew as soon as the doc said that Omega was on his way that they both wouldn't walk out of there together.

She knew Omega, how he thought and his games. She knew he would try to make a deal with her, and she knew she had to take it.

She has known Omega ever since she could remember, ever since she could cause problems for her captors and ever since her first punishment. She had tried to fight him a couple times, even when they weren't for tests; she's tried to escape a couple times but every instance, it ended up with her on the floor too weak to get up. It always ended up with her blood staining the white tile red, though sometimes she did get in a few good hits.

Omega was the scientists' most successful experiment, strong, almost unstoppable, and most importantly, on their side. And for as long as Max can remember, he was a boy of eighteen. He doesn't grow old or age.

Max grimaces at a spike of pain in her wrist. It has a constant throbbing feel to it. Her body is weak, having grown soft and used to years of no torture done, so this is about as painful as it would be for a regular person.

She cups it in her palm, catching the crimson liquid before it could hit the ground, and slips into the closest door.

There is a single doctor in the room and quickly slashes his throat as he opens his mouth in surprise. The girl quickly rummages around the room, finding crisp white bandages in a cabinet.

Her lab coat comes off, the sleeve stained in rivets of red, and then rolls up her long sleeved shirt to reveal the gash in her arm.

She quickly makes work of wrapping her wrist, grimacing at the smell of antiseptics and bleach. With the wound she had sustained, it was gushing blood profusely and she knows that she would bleed out in minutes if not stopped.

She doesn't have time to treat it right though; she has only about five minutes until the whole building is made aware of her intruding, which would result in a lockdown that even she wouldn't be able to escape from.

She has to work fast, so she can't be concerned about her injury or Fang who is laying at the lowest level of the building in a pool of blood, probably having thought that she had betrayed him with his last thought before blacking out.

No, she can't think about him right now; she has things that she has to do, and she has to do them quickly. No one can know what she's doing or everything will go to hell.

She has to hurry, only four more minutes...

She quickly strips the dead doctor of his white coat, shrugging it on without an ounce of remorse; hers was ruined.

She didn't feel bad for killing the doctor, she's killed before and to her, she was just putting down a rabid dog. It was necessary.

They would all die soon, she would make sure of it. She knows the good, the ones who have mercy. She knows the spies and the ones who do everything they can to help the caged children.

They get to live; they get to go home to their families. The others... well by the month's end, no kid will ever be experimented on like a rat again.

She slips out of the room, an invisible stopwatch in her mind, counting down her minutes before she is made known to the other white coats strolling right past her without a care in their sick twisted minds.

But then again, hers was a little twisted too. After all, they raised her.


Fang's POV

My eyes flicker open as if in a dream. There is something wet and sticky under my face and upon focusing my eyes, see red.

I push myself up, weary of any pain but there is nothing. There is a hole in my shirt, but my skin is not pierced. My shirt is sticky with blood, but I can see now that the blood does not belong to me, there is no puncture wound in my chest, and I feel no pain other than a slight headache from this complex situation.

I shuffle over to the black duffle bag that was still beside me and, remembering Max writing something on the papers, fumble with the zipper.

The white sheets are the only things in it and Max's handwriting is in an obvious blue scrawl. Names of ingredients are listed, translated from the numbers and letter soup.

I nod to myself, understanding what Max was wanting me to do, and scramble to my feet. My shoes slide in the slick substance on the floor, and I can only hope that the blood is fake.

I go to the second door in the hall, shoving through and looking at all the stacks of shelves of different colored liquids. The room is large, tables full of test tubes and beakers and a bunch of other science-y stuff. There is a distinct smell of antiseptic.

I look back down at the list. Written at the bottom in all caps in the word "HURRY" and I quickly start fumbling with the glass containers, grabbing the ones that are named and carefully stacking them in the bag.

The clock on the wall ticks slowly, yet the minutes seem to fly by and the more time that passes, the more I'm set on edge. There is total silence in the room aside from the noise I cause and the twitch of the clock.

Running feet cause my head to lift and I freeze when the door flies open.

Max looks around wildly until her eyes land on me. They still have that blank, cold, look in them that make me shudder. I swallow as she steps into the cold room.

"Did you get the supplies?" She asks appearing at my side. I involuntarily take a step away and she goes ridged. She slowly turns her head to me and I can see hurt in her eyes. "I'm..." She swallows. "I'm sorry that I had to do that; he was going to kill you."

"You... you stabbed me?" It came out as more of a question. After all, I don't seem hurt. But I was so sure... The whole situation was confusing and I haven't yet taken the time to think it through step from step.

"It did look like that didn't it?" She sighs. Her hand shoves up her white sleeve and presents her arm to me, covered in soiled bandages that are soaked through with blood. "I had to make it look like I killed you or we would never make it out of here, not with Omega in our way. I never could beat him in a fight."

I run my finger over her wrist and watch as she winces.

"So you didn't betray me?"

She looks at me sharply. "Of course not Fang, I would never do that. You're my best friend and I don't feel like losing any other people that I care about. Now did you get the supplies or not? We have to go, like, now."

Right on cue, an alarm blares loudly making me want to cover my ears and curl into a ball. A red light starts flashing in the room.

"I couldn't find this one!" I shout to her, pointing to the bottom word, a word I have never heard of before.

She goes straight to the far wall and pulls open the refrigerator. Just inside the door are about a dozen tiny vials filled with an orange liquid. She puts a cork on it and gently sets it in the bag before handing it to me.

"Let's go!" She shouts loud enough for me to hear. We turn to the door right as it swings open. The scientist we were first caught by stands there, a red and blue lump in the middle of his forehead, and he squints at us as if having problems seeing.

Max immediately grabs a graduated cylinder and throws the liquid into his face. The man screams and falls to the ground clutching his face.

The poor dude.

Max grabs my hand and steps over the fallen white coat and starts running down the red flashing hallway. She slams through the door to the stair shaft and we make a mad dash up the steps. Through each door we pass, shouts are barely heard, but up and up we go. It seems like even more steps than when we were going down and by the time we get to the top floor, I'm a panting sweating mess and the duffle bag on my back feels fifty pounds heavier.

Stupid Max, why can't she hold it?

I find out why a second later when she throws the door open and a white coat comes barreling towards us. I quickly notice that she's not killing the scientists, just hitting them with the butt of her knife to knock them out.

This is purely for escape, not yet revenge.

The security guard at the front is no longer in the chair, looking for the intruder I suppose, and Max barrels through the doors.

The alarms go silent as the doors close behind us and Max shoves me toward the doors of the car we came in. Looking back, the building just seems like any ordinary place. But I had seen behind the windows and locked doors and I know that whatever Max plans to do to the place, I'll help.

Gunshots ring out, pinging off the back of the car as Max slams on the gas peddle, carrying us further and further away.

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