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Hinata placed the last sealing scroll into her backpack and stood up. Looking back at the group, she noticed the three Uzumakis were waiting with backpacks on their backs.

"Did you get everything, Hinata?", asked Karin with much sarcasm.

Naruto gave her a stern look and pointed to the door as Hinata only giggled. The medic Uzumaki got to the doorway and ran into a miniature version of Hinata.

"oof, Oh excuse me", said the new person as she stood aside for the redhead.

"No problem, maybe next time knock ne?", responded Karin with a smile.

Karin left the room, allowing the young girl to enter. Almost immediately the girl tackled Hinata with small sobs. Naruto motioned for the door before speaking to Ren.

"Come on Ren-chan, let's allow Hinata and her sister some privacy.", he said while walking toward the door.

Once they were outside, Hinata allowed her own tears to escape while holding her sister tightly. She never thought the day would come that she would have to leave her home and sister. After all the years as being her father's punching bag, she didn't mind leaving her home. The only thing she fears now is her sister's safety.

"Nee-san, please be safe...I know you will be happy, after all, you will be with Naruto-san", the little girl said.

"Hanabi, I might be happy with him but I will still worry over you. The clan itself has gone downhill, Neji nii-san is proof of that."

At the doorway Naruto was listening to their conversation. He felt bad that Hanabi was going to receive the beating her father wants to give him. Still listening to the sad words, Naruto pulled out the 'Uzumaki Pact' that Sarutobi used to allow his marriage with Hinata. The young clan leader didn't have to look long before he discovered something that could help Hanabi. Without waiting, he walked to the two sisters with the scroll in his hand.

"Hinata-chan? Hanabi-chan?", he said trying to get their attention.

Both sisters stopped crying and wiped their faces before looking at the boy. Once both were calmed down enough, he handed the scroll to Hinata before starting.

"Hinata-chan, please read article two subsection four."

She did as told and after reading it, she was sporting a big smile. Hanabi was confused and wanted to know what it said. Hinata looked at her sister but before she could say anything, Naruto started talking again.

"It says that anyone married into the Uzumaki Clan has the right to bring any family member with them if they feel that said member was not safe or taken care of. In other words Hanabi, you may come with us and join a clan that will treat you like family."

Tears started to pour down the young girl's face as a small smile formed. She looked at her sister, who was crying tears of joy as well, and received a nod. All of a sudden, the little girl clung to the boy like a lifeline. She was begging to go with them, Hanabi put so much emotion into her words that her throat was getting dry. Naruto hugged the abused girl before backing her away some. He looked into her eyes before talking.

"Hanabi, go pack your things, Ren-chan and Hinata-chan will help you. Karin and I will go speak to the Hokage and tell him what we plan to do."

The girl nodded before leading Hinata by the hand toward the door. Shortly after, Ren was seen in tow. Afterward he walked outside the room and found Karin waiting for orders, motioning for her to follow, they made their way toward the Hokage's Tower.


Sarutobi sat behind his desk, looking at the newly constructed wall. The old man let a sigh out as he relight his pipe.

Minato, I don't know if taking after you or your wife is worse. The boy has a strong spirit and is willing to kill to protect those he loves. Unfortunately for me, it's costing a fortune!, thought the tired Hokage.

The next thing he heard was a knock on the door. Letting out another sigh, he told whoever it was to enter. A few seconds later, two Uzumakis entered through the new door. The sight made the old man feel happy, he got to see his surrogate grandson again.

"Naruto-kun, what brings you by? Hopefully you won't destroy anything else today.", he said with a small chuckle.

The flame-haired boy sheepishly scratched the back of his head before responding.

"Jiji, I'm sorry about that...really I am. I couldn't allow him to brand Hinata-chan, but I have a favor to ask. I know that I am not in a position to ask but I must call for another person via the Uzumaki Pact."

Sarutobi looked at the Uzumaki with a questioning look. He then asked the boy about the other person, he wished to take with him.

"Hyuuga Hanabi. If I leave her behind, the Hyuuga will punish her and possibly kill her because of my actions toward their leader. Article two subsection four states "that anyone married into the Uzumaki Clan has the right to bring any family member with them if they feel that said member was not safe or taken care of." I will not leave her in a clan that will kill an innocent girl."

The Hokage let out a sigh, knowing that the Hyuuga will be mad about this. They will lose both heirs in the same day because of Hiashi's and Danzo's brash actions. He pulled out a few forms and motioned for the two to sit down. After thirty minutes, all the forms were filed and copied for Naruto. Both Uzumakis stood and looked at the aged Hokage before Naruto spoke.

"Jiji, we will be leaving in a little bit...I hope to see you under happier circumstances during the Chunin Exams."

A slight chuckle was heard from the old man. That brought a smile to both young people in front of him. With a slight wave, Naruto and Karin walked out of the office and headed back to the Hyuuga compound.


"Is that the demon child?", whispered a woman to her friend.

"I think so...not good...he armed himself", responded the second woman.

Tired of the whispering middle-aged housewives, Naruto walked over in a calm/ nonthreatening way.

"Excuse me Miss, you should not worry about me being here much longer. I am a clan leader of the Uzumaki Clan, not some demon child for your abuse. If I was a demon in any way, would I not attack and kill anyone who has done me harm? If I was a demon, would I allow people to break in my old apartment and steal my things?"

He turned his Rinnegan on and looked each woman in the eyes.

"The answer is no, I would've killed anyone that hurt me or stole from me. If I was said monster, I would've ended this village long ago. My father trusted people like you to respect his decision, to CONTAIN the demon in his only child. Instead you hurt said child in many ways, stole what little he had and refused him service."

Naruto deactivated his Rinnegan before finishing.

"I hold no grudge against you or the people here because I know that everyone here is too damn ignorant to see underneath the underneath. OH...that's right, you are not ninja. Just a bunch of ignorant civilians who are too stupid to understand the difference between a demon and a child, WHO is preventing the demon from escaping and killing everyone."

Both women were insulted but were too scared to do anything.

"My new home knows my secret. They treat me like a hero, like you people should have have treated me."

He looked at the woman, who first spoke.

"You can keep trying to get in Sas-GAY's pants via your daughter, but I can tell you one thing, it won't work. He is too focused on killing his brother, at least that's what the reports say."

Naruto noticed their shocked expressions.

"That's right, my village gets reports from yours about your ninjas and stuff. Don't worry, it's legal."

He smiled at the women.

"Have a nice day."

After that, Naruto and Karin walked away leaving two women stunned. Once they walked through the Hyuuga gate, Karin asked him a question.

"Did you really have to scare them like that?"

He turned to her with a huge smile.

"You bet, sometimes the blind need to be kicked to gain their attention. I don't know why my father and mother protected them but that is the past. All that matters is Whirlpool and her rise to power."

Karin gave him a big smile before nodding.


Naruto and Karin entered the youngest Hyuuga's room to discover Ren holding four backpacks in her arms with a smiling Hanabi in front of her. Sighing, the Uzumaki leader gathered two the the bags from the poor girl. He then motioned Ren and Karin to follow him, giving the two sisters some alone time.

This will probably be the last time, either will set foot in this room...let alone this house, Naruto thought while looking at the two siblings.

They waited outside the room for about five minutes before the two sisters joined them. Both girls appeared to have been crying but the smiles they shared showed the tears were of joy, not sorrow. A small part of the boy wanted to know how they felt but he knew he should ask later. Shortly after the group reformed, they made their way to Konoha's gate.


After thirty minutes of walking, they arrived at the front gate. The gates were open and on the other side was a giant pelican waiting for their return. Naruto wasted no time handing the two guards at the gate their papers for Hinata's and Hanabi's permanent departure of the Leaf. Both guards were ninjas that Naruto saw before but after some time of reading the papers, they both nodded.

"Alright Uzumaki, you may now leave. Please try not to destroy our gate with your bird friend...when you depart, thanks.", said a blue haired woman while she returned the papers.

"Have a pleasant trip Lady Hyu-...I mean, Lady Uzumaki", said the other woman with a smile.

Hinata bowed to both guards, giving her thanks before grabbing Naruto's hand. Once in his grip, the flame haired boy led the four women to the bird. No words were said once they were on the pelican, no words were needed. Chou, the pelican boss, had a feeling there was something between Naruto and HInata but it was not her place to question it. If the information became public, then she will question the story..after all, the pelicans are guardians of the Uzumaki Clan, just like the OTHER summon.

About an hour outside Konoha, Chou knew the trip would be longer. She was in fact, a large bird, but she hasn't eaten in a day plus the winds were against her. After calculating the wind speeds and the weight on her backs, she concluded they would arrive around noon the next day.

"Hold on Uzumakis, the winds are high and rough. If all goes well, we should be home tomorrow, early afternoon.", Chou said.

Hinata leaned against her husband with a bright blush across her face. Naruto wrapped his arm around her. Karin and Ren were busy looking at their practice weapons. Finally Hanabi was wrapped around her sister's waist, afraid to look down. The boy looked around and smiled.

'Who would've thought, I would be so lucky'


The three guards on patrol did not expect a building-sized bird to suddenly land on the beach. Landing suddenly caused a huge sand storm that pushed the guards at the gate and on the wall over on their backsides. The sandstorm didn't stop there, it entered to the village and into the market district. Once the mini storm subsided, all the guards in the area and most the citizens rushed toward the beach. After seeing it was not an invasion but the all mighty Chou, boss of the pelicans, they relaxed.

A crowd started to form around the young Uzumaki team, getting the attention of a certain redhead Uzukage. He rushed downstairs and to the beach. Once there, he was surprised to see a smaller version of HInata with them.

Hideo cleared his throat and began his questioning.

"Naruto welcome home, but who is it that hiding behind you?"

The boy looked at his uncle then at the two ex-Hyuuga, then back to his uncle.

"You know Hinata-chan, she is my new wife", he said with much pride before continuing, "and this is Hanabi, she is Hinata's sister. If I left her behind, she would've been beaten by an outraged Hiashi."

Hideo's face showed concern, but he smiled after thinking for a bit.

"I guess a celebration is in order!"

The Uzukage turned to the gathered crowd.


Cheers erupted from the crowd, even from people in other clans. The Uzumaki Clan founded Whirlpool, not only that but Uzumakis go out of their way to help people. Everyone in the village loved the clan and once it was announced that Naruto was married, a lot of the young girls were moaning in defeat. Hinata smiled slightly at the noise because it meant that he only belonged to her and no one will try to separate the Uzumaki couple.

Hideo turned to the Uzumaki team before talking.

"We will worry about the paperwork tomorrow, for tonight...WE PARTY!"