Inspired by 'Please Don't Go - Barcelona'. Please listen to it whilst reading.

"Kojou! Watch out!" Yukina screams as Kojou unknowingly steps in the path of Schneewalzer Wolfin flying towards the enemy. Time seemed to slow as Kojou turned towards the deadly spear aimed for his heart, his eyes grow wide in surprise and fear takes a hold of his heart sending icy waves throughout his body, he's paralysed.

"Aaagh!" Kojou's agonised scream fills the air as the spear pierces his heart. Blood pours from his chest and makes its way up his throat, choking him and spilling from his mouth as he drops to his knees, weakly clutching Schneewalzer Wolfin in his hands. Yukina freezes in place, her eyes are wide in horror, her hand covers her mouth holding in her scream. Their forgotten enemy makes their escape.

"Kojou." She whispers, tears fill her eyes as she runs to him, drops to her knees before him and holds him steady.

Kojou violently hacks up copious amounts of blood onto Yukina as she sits in front of him rapidly entering hysterics.

"KOJOU! KOJOU! I'M SORRY, T-TAKE MY BLOOD, PLEASE DON'T DIE!" She screams shaking him back and forth as she feels the tension in his body lessen, he's losing consciousness. "KOJOU~! PLEASE."

Kojou lifts his head and smiles at Yukina, he knows he's going to die.

"Yukina, thank you. You were a great observer."

Yukina sobs loudly and clutches his jacket tightly as she buries her face in his shoulder. Kojou wraps his arms around her and pulls her close so his mouth is right next to her ear.

"But.." He pauses to cough up more of his blood and it seeps over her shoulder, Yukina shakes uncontrollably in his grip.

"You were an even better friend." He whispers in her ear. His eye lids slide close, his arms fall from Yukina's body as he slumps forward, all signs of life gone. Yukina starts to shake him, denial rises in her stifling heart.

"Kojou… Kojou wake up… open your eyes… please, please, please, please, please, Kojou… wake up." She cries laying his body down in front of her and pulling Schneewalzer Wolfin from his body. He doesn't respond and Yukina crumples onto him, almost hugging him as she lays over his bloody chest and wails.

"I'm sorry, Kojou, I'm sorry."

Yukina reaches for Schneewalzer Wolfin with shaky, blood covered hands. She smiles down at him and takes his hand in one of hers as she turns Schneewalzer Wolfin's blade on herself, holding it to her neck she squeezes his hand one last time before she runs herself through, sending Schneewalzer Wolfin's blade right through her throat.

When they are found, it's by Natsuki and Sayaka.

Sayaka falls to her knees in despair as her tears race to the ground below her. Natsuki looks on the scene with a sorrowful glint in her eyes. Yukina and Kojou are holding hands, sweet smiles adorn their faces, blood is all around them, all over them… but they look happy. Kojou because he got to die in the arms of someone he loved, Yukina because she followed the one she loved.

Even within their tragic departing they were happy. Because they were with each other.

A/N There seems to be some kind of misconception about Kojou's powers. He is an immortal vampire and thus, is very hard to kill. But Schneewalzer Wolfin was made to kill vampires. That's why Yukina was given the spear when she was assigned to watch him and determine whether or not he was a threat. If she decided he was too dangerous, she was allowed to kill him. If vampires just couldn't die then Kojou wouldn't have become the fourth progenitor in the first place because the previous one wouldn't have died.