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Late. She was late, and it wasn't the first time. But of course, she couldn't be just late. No, that wouldn't be fun at all. She was also lost. Lost in the building she had been studying since she finished high school, which means she had been studying there for two years. Her teacher would kill her. Actually, Ms. Williams didn't mind anymore. She was hopeless Anna would show up in class in time, as the ginger girl's other teachers. But for Anna, it was important to get at class in time, even knowing she rarely could make it. Every time she did, she'd feel more responsible. And every time she didn't, she'd get angry with herself.

She had her books stacked clumsily on her arms, along with a cup of coffee from Starbucks, where she made a quick stop earlier in the morning. Her bag was almost falling from her arm, and the bonnet she stole from her best friend a few mornings ago was way too big in her head, almost covering her eyes. She basically was a disaster. She couldn't get any worse. But of course, she shouldn't have thought about it with such enthusiasm, because a second after she felt her body colliding with someone else's, spilling coffee everywhere, including her and her material.

"Hey, watch your step!" Anna snapped angrily, rubbing her arm.

"I would, if I could." A female voice answered calmly, and slowly, Anna looked up, finding a blonde girl on the floor. Her big icy-blue eyes were staring at a corner on the floor, and Anna gulped as she noticed the cane on her right hand.

"Oh, shit! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. It's just that I'm late for class, and my day has been basically shit, 'cause it's freezing outside and I forgot my fucking coat at home, and I'm late for class again, so I bet Ms. Williams will be so mad at me, I can't even – hey, aren't you cold? In case you didn't notice, it's freezing! Why aren't you wearing a coat? You forgot yours at home? Man, your ears will get freeze if you don't put something in your head. Hey, do you want a bonnet? I can hand you mine, you seem to need it more than I do! And – fuck, you have coffee all over your shirt! Damn, my fault. Sorry. You are really pretty. Wait, what?" Anna left out a frustrated moan and buried her face into her hands. "I-I'm sorry. I m-must have freaked you out. S-sorry."

"It's fine, really." The blonde girl smiled at her. "I'm not cold, but I brought a coat, it's inside my classroom." She brushed coffee away from her cheeks. "And thank you. You're… interesting, to say the least." Anna blushed, smiling shyly. "Do you have a name, potty mouth?"

"It's Anna. Anna Collins." The redheaded answered. "And you are…?"

"I'm Elsa Thomas." She answered. "Nice too meet you. Do you mind handing my glasses? I'm not really comfortable without them." Anna nodded, not realizing for a second that the girl couldn't see her.

"Oh! Sorry, yeah, I can. Here." She handed Elsa a pair of sunglasses, and the girl putted them on quickly. "Your eyes are pretty." She said, before she could stop herself. "Okay, I think I can die over embarrassment now." Anna grumbled, but Elsa giggled. "Seriously, I must be scaring you. I talk too much. Please, don't tell your friends I'm creepy. I swear I normally don't attack blind girls like that."

"I don't have many friends, so you don't have much to worry about." She giggled. "You're fun."

"Well, I try my best." Anna joked, grabbing her books from the floor and helping Elsa to get up. "I'm really sorry. I'm such a klutz."

"No, I mean it. I'm fine." Elsa assured her. "But if it makes you feel better, you can walk me to my room now."

"Sure!" Anna squealed. "I-I mean, y-yeah, I c-can do it." She smiled embarrassed. "I already lost my first class anyway. So, where is your room?"

"I'm having piano practice now, you know where the music room take place?" Anna mumbled a 'yes'. "Oh, better. Because I'm sort of lost in here." Anna laughed, placing Elsa's hand in her arm. "So, what are you studying?"

"Biology." Anna answered happily. "I assume you're studying Music, am I right?" Elsa smiled and then nodded.

"Mhm. I'm on my senior year." She answered. "You mind if I ask you something?"

"Go ahead." Anna said.

"You really think I'm pretty?"

Anna felt heat all over her neck and cheeks. She was glad Elsa couldn't see it; would've been embarrassing. "Y-yes, I do. Why you ask?" Elsa shrugged, hands tightening around her cane.

"No one ever told me that. Besides my parents, of course." She mumbled. "People are not really keen to make a compliment at an antisocial blind girl."

"You don't seem antisocial." Anna said. "You were pretty nice with me." Elsa giggled. "I mean it! It's not the first time I spill coffee at someone else's clothes, I'm really clumsy by the way, but what was I saying? Oh yeah, the coffee thing, anyway, once I spilled it all on a girl's coat and she almost dragged me to hell, but that time wasn't all my fault, since my friend Kristoff was the one who gave me his books to carry since he was late to a meeting with his parents. Have you met Kristoff? You should, I'm sure you'd like him! His parents are really nice, and they're sort of my family, since I don't have a family. I mean, I did, but my parents died a few years ago, so now I live alone, but Kristoff's family is so huge that they decided they could hand another relative, and I'm sort of glad, 'cause if they didn't I'd be completely lonely, and I really should stop talking." Her face went red again, but judging by Elsa's sweet giggle, she didn't mind at all. "Seriously, how come you still haven't run away from me? I'm creepy."

"I'm not exactly a normal person, in case you still couldn't tell." Elsa shot back, holding a chuckle. "And besides that, I like you."

"Y-you do?" Anna stuttered. "Really? Oh, I wasn't expecting for that."

"Why? Were you trying to freak me out?" She asked playfully. "You're a nice girl. And besides, you don't treat me as a child. I appreciate that."

"But why in hell would I treat you like a kid? I mean, how old are you? I bet I'm younger." Elsa laughed, squeezing Anna's arm slightly.

"I'm 23." Elsa said. "And how old are you, stutters?"

"I'm 20." She answered. "See? I told you I was younger!" Elsa giggled again, feeling Anna's body stopping slowly. "We've reached your destination, Ms. Thomas." Anna said playfully.

"Thank you, Anna." The blind girl said, leaning to press a clumsy kiss on Anna's cheek, but it ended up being almost on her forehead. "Well, you know where to find me now."

"I do." Anna agreed. "B-but can I have your number? I'm a bit of a mess when it's about to finding places or people."

"Sure you can." Elsa smiled and took a phone from her purse. "You mind saving yours on mine? I'm not that good at finding people as well."

Anna smiled and took the phone from Elsa's hand, saving her number. Then, she recorded the blonde girl's number on her own, saving it quickly.

"So, I'll see you around?" Anna asked, and the blonde smiled.

"Sure. You can call me whenever you want now. Bye, Anna."

"Wait!" The redheaded took the bonnet from her head, putting it on Elsa's. "I'm not convinced the cold doesn't bother you. I'm just making sure." She adjusted it to Elsa's head and smiled. It seemed so perfect on hers, different from what it looked like on Anna's head.

"Thank you. You're really sweet." Elsa squeezed her hand one more time before entering in her classroom. Anna stood there, staring at the girl with a goofy smile on her lips.