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"Kristoff, make yourself useful and help me here!" Anna groaned, as her friend got up from the couch and ran into the bedroom. "I'm freaking out."

"I noticed." He grumbled. "Look, the worst that could happen is if she says no."

"Oh, how helpful you are." She mocked. "I've underestimated you."

"Fuck you." He mumbled, and Anna threw an empty bottle on him. "What in hell happened in this bedroom?"

"I don't know what I should wear! I want her to remember this forever!" Anna threw herself in her bed, on top of an amount of clothes. "Help me."

"Anna, sometimes I think you're retarded." He said, sitting by her friend's side. "Do I have to remind you that your future fiancé is blind?"

"Oh, true." She laughed. "My mistake. Totally forgot." She happily got out of bed. "Now, where did I put that ring…?"

"Pocket." Kristoff told her, and she smiled, feeling a small box on her coat. "It was time already. How long have you two been dating? Five years? It's time to change that ring."

"Five years and six months." Anna informed him. "I want to surprise her! I practically had to drag her to Belle's house today, and by the way, she will be here at any s –"

"Hey baby!" Elsa called from the kitchen. "Are you home? Hey, Belle got me this new book, it's super awesome, and she wants me to read this to – who else is here?" She stopped by the door, holding her cane close to her chest. "Anna?"

"Hey love!" She cheered, placing a kiss on Elsa's lips. "Did you have fun today?"

"Who is here?" She asked once again.

"Uh, me. Hi." Kristoff said. "But I'm leaving now, so… bye girls."

"Bye Kris!" Anna yelled, wrapping her arms around Elsa. "So, did you have fun today?"

"Yeah, Rapunzel was there too. She's a bit crazy, isn't she?" Anna giggled, placing another kiss on Elsa's lips. "But I missed you. A lot."

"I missed you too." Anna said with a smile.

"So, what did you two did today?" Elsa asked curiously, making her way to the bed, but Anna grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room. "Why can't I sit in the bed?"

"Why? Uh, nothing! Why couldn't you? That's insane! Why wouldn't I let you go there? Of course you can go; it's your room as well! We can sit wherever we want, even at the sink! I mean, it's our house, so we do whatever we want to, am I wrong? No, of course I'm not! But the couch is way more comfy, and I just want my baby to feel comfy all the time, because I'm a great girlfriend, and you're awesome, and –"

"Anna, what are you hiding from me?" Elsa said, cutting her off. "What's on that bed?"

"Nothing." She lied, avoiding Elsa's eyes.

"Once, you told me that we could only make things work if we were completely honest with each other. But you're lying to me now. What is on our room?" She asked once again, clearly looking upset. Anna didn't answer, so she sighed heavily and stood up. "Fine. I'm going back to Belle's."

"No, wait!" Anna grabbed her wrists, pulling her closer. "Don't walk away."

"Then don't fucking lie to me." Elsa cried. "I feel vulnerable because I can't see, and knowing you're telling me a lie is making me feel stupid." Anna felt her heart break when a single tear ran on Elsa's cheek. "Just tell me what is in there. Please."

"Baby, I'm not lying to you." Anna said, pressing kisses on her cheeks. "I-I mean, I just didn't know what to wear now." She took Elsa's hands and took her back into the bedroom, showing the mess she made on their bed. "I just didn't want you to see – I mean, feel this mess."

"What happened here?" Elsa asked, no more crying.

"I wanted to make a surprise." Anna said, kneeling down and holding Elsa's hands. "I-I wanted this to be perfect, and I didn't know what I should wear, but then Kris reminded me you couldn't see it, so wasn't a big deal." She offered the blonde a small chuckle. "What I've been trying to say is, I really love you, and I want you to be mine forever. I want to change this ring on your finger for this one." She took the box of her pocket, placing a ring into Elsa's hand. "Will you marry me?"

Anna fell on the floor, feeling Elsa's lips pressing against hers. She smiled, feeling hot tears of the blonde dropping on her face while she mumbled 'yes'. Anna cupped Elsa's cheeks, bringing her face closer into a deep and passionate kiss.

"I love you so much, stutters." Elsa mumbled, smiling against Anna's lips.

"I love you too, grumpy."