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Reid walked through the door of his home and turned on a light. It was the middle of the night but the journey back to Quantico had been a short one. He had signed out AMA, he only had mild concussion, a few bruises to his face and a small cut to his neck and didn't want to stay in hospital. He had made the others promise not to call Morgan. He turned off the light and made his way upstairs after locking the front door again. He put down his bag and went into Adelaide's nursery. He walked over to her crib and stroked the chocolate-brown hair she had. Leaning down, he kissed her forehead and left the nursery, he made his way into Bailey's room. A night-light filled the room with stars, he went over to the bed and kissed his son's forehead. He made sure his son was warm enough and left the room again. Reid picked up his bag and walked into the bedroom he shared with his husband. He walked in to find Morgan asleep with a book on his chest. Reid tried to creep quietly to the bed but a creak stirred Morgan from his sleep.

"It's just me, Derek," Reid whispered.

Morgan leaned over and turned the lamp on next to his bed, he turned back and took in the bruises and bandages. He rushed out of bed and saw the bandage on Reid's neck. "Baby, what happened?"

"The unsub got the drop on me. He smashed a pole into my head and then held a knife to my throat, I talked him down and he's now in custody. I have a mild concussion but I'm fine, I promise you that I'm fine."

"Why didn't you call me?"

"I didn't want to worry you and I'm explaining myself now. I signed out AMA because I just wanted to come home and see my children and my husband. I realize that you and the kids came close to losing me tonight. I love you and I just want to be with you now."

Morgan brought Reid into his arms and kissed his forehead. "I'm just glad you're back here, safe and alive."

"So am I," Reid smiled before settling against Morgan's chest.

Reid tossed and turned in the bed, he clenched the bed sheets and whimpered as his nightmare continued.

"Martin, please don't hurt me," he whimpered as his boyfriend laid him down on the bed. Three days had passed since he'd been raped in the back of Martin's car. He cried as Martin ripped away his trousers and pinned him down. "M-Martin, no, it hurts. P-Please, I can't."

A small scream escaped his lips as Martin began to assault him again, a large hand came over his mouth and muffled his scream. His body rocked up and down as Martin continued.

"You're nothing but a whore, Spencer. You're my little whore," Martin laughed before becoming more aggressive. Reid screamed and cried, begging for it to stop but his pleas only entered into silence. It took ten minutes before Martin finished. He slapped Reid as he got off and went into the bathroom.

"I just wanted someone to love me," Reid cried into the pillow. He looked up, startled to find an older and healthier version of himself looking down at him.

"Don't worry, someone does love you and always will. You'll survive this."

He bolted up from the bed to find Morgan's arms already around him. "Shhh, Spencer. I got you. It was only a nightmare. God, you haven't had one like that in a long time."

"It was so strange," Reid said before running his hand through his hair. "Martin was raping me and he was hurting me so much, he left and then there was another me, standing above the crying version of myself. He said someone does love you and always will. You'll survive this."

"You did survive Martin," Morgan said as he came away from holding Reid. "You made it through so much and now look what you have, a wonderful husband and two beautiful children. He can't ever hurt you again, he's dead and he's just a ghost from your past."

"I know he is but it's hard to forget how much of my life he brutalized. I know I survived him but not without scars to remind me," Reid said before stroking his hand over a scar of his arm. Morgan leaned forward and kissed the scar, he kissed a small scar on Reid's neck and continued to kiss more scars causing Reid to giggle.

"I love you, Spencer. Scars and all," Morgan said before kissing his forehead. "I know the biggest scar he ever left you with is the memories but you've overcome them. Just focus on the future and getting our kids into college."

"I want them to go to Cal Tech," Reid smiled before bringing Morgan close and kissing him. Morgan brought Reid close and laid him down on the bed. They had just begun to get into it when a small cry came from the baby monitor. Reid and Morgan laughed before getting to their feet and making their way to the nursery. Reid picked up Adelaide and began to rock her gently. "Hey, I know, shhh. Derek, I think she wants a bottle."

"I'll go warm it up," Morgan smiled before kissing Reid and then kissing Adelaide's forehead.

Adelaide cooed as Reid got her dressed in a onesie, he picked her up and kissed her cheeks causing her to let out a small baby smile. "There is my baby girl."

He got up from the floor and made his way over to the small rocker, he placed her in it and set it to rock gently. "Are you excited to see Grandma Fran and your aunts today?"

He put away the last few items and looked at the door as three knocks came from it. He walked over and opened the door. Fran came forward and brought him into a hug before coming away and kissing his cheeks. "It's been too long, Spencer. Where is Adelaide? I've seen pictures but now I want to hold her. I can't believe you've made me wait this long to see my granddaughter."

"We want to see our niece too," Sarah and Désirée smiled as they came in behind Fran and closed the door.

"I'm sorry about not being able to do this sooner, things have been a little hectic. Follow me," Spencer said. He went over to the rocker and unbuckled Adelaide from it, he brought her against his chest. "This is Adelaide."

"She's so beautiful," Fran said with delight before reaching out, Reid passed his daughter to her and loved watching Fran interact with his daughter. The baby cooed and moved around happily. Adelaide loved being the centre of attention. Sarah and Désirée tickled the baby and couldn't take their eyes off of her.

"Spencer, she looks just like you and look at all that hair on her head," Fran grinned. "Hi, I'm your Grams. You're just the most beautiful girl in the world."

"That she is," Reid sighed with a grin.

"Bailey, I don't know how you get so dirty," Morgan shook his head as he wiped the dirt from his son's face. "Go on, you're good to go. Go and play with Henry."

Morgan smiled as he watched his son go over to the older boys, Henry and Jack loved taking care and playing with Bailey. Garcia came and put her arm around Morgan. "Hey, hot stuff."

"Hey, hot momma," Morgan smirked at her. "How are you doing?"

"I'm doing great," she nodded. "Melody keeps me up sometimes at night but I love being a mother."

"Where is Melody?" Morgan asked.

Garcia pointed over to the porch swing where Reid had Melody sleeping in one arm and Adelaide sleeping in the other. "She's with the baby whisperer."

Morgan burst out laughing before taking a sip of his drink. "I'm going to have to use that, Garcia."

"He is though," Garcia laughed. "Those girls are sound out and Reid just seems to calm them down no matter what. How are you two doing?"

"We're doing great. He had a nightmare a week ago though. It was about Martin, the bastard was violating him. God, I hate it when he has those nightmares. When they happen, all I think about is the night I found him in his own blood. I remember pleading and begging for him to hold on in the car. I think about what my life would have been like if I had never gone to check on him that night. I wouldn't have him, all I'd have is an empty hole in my heart. I wouldn't have Bailey or Adelaide either."

"Don't think about what could have happened. Think about the here and now. You two make the most wonderful couple in the world and your children are going to grow up and be amazing. He's safe, Morgan. You're not going to lose him to a ghost."

Morgan looked at Reid and knew Garcia's words were true.

"Come and get your burgers everyone," Rossi called as he flipped the meat.

One year later

"Da-da," Adelaide pointed as she walked towards Reid, she wobbled but made it over and giggled when he swooped her into his arms. He sat her on his knee and kissed the top of her head. She picked up a small bear from next to him and played with it. Reid looked over and smiled as he watched Bailey kick around a soccer ball with Morgan. Bailey love sports and kicked very well for a three and a half-year old. It was a beautiful day and the sun shined down on them at the park. Reid thought about all the pain he had gone through with Martin but found he was able to lock it away as he focused on his children and husband.

He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have what he had.

Once upon a time, he was scared and abused by a madman. Now, he was living happily ever after with the man he loved and his two children, who would only ever know joy in their lives, never pain.

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