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This is Kiha717 and this is something I wanted to work on for a long time. This is based on a very very special RP to me and me and my partner just haven't touched ti before because we both feared messing up each others characters in doing so and this is me caving in with his permission. Of course this might be important to not that this is from the pov of a character who wasn't mine, which makes this even more out of the box for me.

But I'm super excited to try this and I hope it takes off! Feel free to review saying anything you want and I hope you enjoy it! If this does well enough, I'd lvoe to keep it going as a series! Enjoy!


"You give that Pokemon back right now!"

It was supposed to be a routine robbery…but it didn't turn out that way.

Just my luck.

I'm Travis Locke, sixteen years of age and a criminal. If Team Rocket has fucked you up, I doubt you're going to like this kind of a story much because it's possible I was the guy who did that. I've been in this kind of business since I was a little kid, practically bred for it with three older brothers who engineered me to be this kind of a guy.

And right now I was fleeing a home with a woman screaming at me to return her stuff.

Probably not the best place to begin a story, but this is where mine begins. I just finished robbing a house in Cerulean City and was in the process of my escape. I hadn't really stolen much, just a Pokeball with some kind of 'mon in it, a few TMs to pawn off and something for lunch. But I had managed to get away with it which was always the goal when you're working like this.

I eventually reached a clearing, panting for a moment before removing the Pokeball from my bag. Dear Arceus, I don't ask for much in this world but please let this be something kickass. I'd kill for something like a Nidoking or Gyrados and if you think the word kill is a joke, you'd be mistaken.

I tossed the ball into the air, releasing the monster that was inside with my heart slightly pounding with excitement. If this was badass enough I wouldn't have to use that fucking Drowzee Joey leant me anymore, something I'd look forward to.


Arceus damn it.

I found myself staring into the giant eyes of a Sandshrew that seemed absolutely terrified of me, which was an indicator of an untrained house pet instead of something meant to battle. Ugh, I should have known better when I robbed the house of the only woman who was most obviously single and lonely.

I ran a hand through my messy black hair with an aggravated grunt before tapping the ground type with my shoe. "So, the hell can you do?" The creature flinching with fear when I touched it, which made me want to actually kick it just to get an idea of what I could really do if it didn't start doing as I said really quick. If I ever looted a house with a Pokedex, life could just become so much easier in a heartbeat.

"Hey you!"

I was taken from my thoughts by the sound of a female voice getting closer. I immediately jerked, turning to see the police that had surely come after me. I couldn't go to jail, I wasn't ready to end up as some prison bitch.

But what was running towards me was…two teenage trainers maybe younger than me. One boy and one girl.

The boy seemed a bit nervous about rushing towards a Rocket member like me, his green eyes holding a lot of uncertainty. He had short and scruffy brown hair and wearing a pretty dorky outfit of a blue shirt and black vest with brown pants and black sneakers. Obviously this wasn't something he did for shits and giggles.

The girl however seemed a little more serious about this, blue eyes narrowed with both nervousness and determination. She had long blond hair in pigtails with a pink bandanna on her head that matched her pink tank top along with a white skirt and white flip flops. In her arms she seemed to be cradling an Eevee, a tiny one but an Eevee all the less.

"Fuck off!" I shouted as I released that Drowzee. It glared tiredly at me as if to remind me for the umpteenth time that I wasn't its true Master but to be honest, I had no time to deal with its refusal to accept me. "Use Confusion!"

A psychic attack was sent at the teenagers trying to be heroes, but the girl didn't seem fazed as she released a Butterfree. "Liberty, Silver Wind!"

I growled with annoyance when the little bug managed not only to take the Confusion head on but destroy my pathetic defense with a single move. I returned the Drowzee and grabbed the Sandshrew before beginning to run for my life.

"You give that Pokemon back right now!" The girl shouted, obviously not being able to give up. Seriously, the hell was her problem when this Sandshrew clearly didn't belong to her either.

"Liberty! Use String Shot!"

Oh no, oh no!

I was bolting for it, but obviously the small little bug with wings was much faster than I as it had no problem catching up to me. I tried to make a break into the trees or really anywhere but before I could, I found myself being bound by thousands of little webs, the Sandshrew wriggling out of my arms before I was completely restricted and falling to the ground.

"That's what y-you get." The girl panted as she got closer to me, looking to the shaking Sandshrew that sat before me and smiling gently. "Here, come with us, we'll take you home."

The little rat seemed pretty fucking happy with this plan as it practically clung to her leg, the girl giving an almost cute smile as she patted its head gently. "Don't worry, you're safe now. The big bad Rocket can't hurt you anymore."

She looked to the boy panting next to her, smiling gently. "Alright, ready to bring him back?" The boy breathlessly nodding to her as she giggled. "Then let's hurry."

Were they going to abandon me in the middle of the road!? "H-Hey!" I shouted, struggling in my binds with aggravation. "What about me!?"

The girl turned to look at me with a look of what I figured was pity. "You? Well, you're going to wait until an Officer Jenny comes by to take you to the prison."

I just couldn't believe this, struggling in the binds with aggravation. It was humiliating enough to have been tied up by a fucking Butterfree, but now they were just going to abandon me in the middle of the fucking road to be discovered by Arceus knows who and have them do Arceus knows what to me!? "You're kidding right!? You can't just leave me!"

The boy shook his head. "You shouldn't have been stealing Pokemon from others."

I just couldn't believe this. "Come on dude! It's my job and I was just doing it!" I looked to the girl once again, eyeing the Eevee in her arms for a moment. "Come on, you know you can't just leave me here for anybody to discover."

She rolled her eyes, refusing to have her dark blue eyes look into mine. "Give me one reason why I should help you."

I wasn't sure if she and the boy were a couple or not, but she was kind of cute and if I played this right, I might get myself out of here. "Because, I know you dig bad boys." I smirked.

She actually seemed to blush a bit, looking away. "I also have a thing for guys with light blue eyes and blond hair, but that doesn't mean I go out and try to get with every guy who happens to have those features."

I smirked, knowing I had chipped away at her and if I could keep it up, I'd be out of here. "Well, if I died my hair blond, would you let me go?" I was sure to blink my blue eyes innocently.

Her Eevee whimpered as she blushed a little harder, unable to look at me anymore. "You were stealing…you're a Rocket…how could I ever trust you?" She seemed to be debating my freedom with herself quite a bit.

"Because~" I gave her the most innocent smile I could possibly fake. "I pinkie promise?"

She didn't buy that, the boy she was with in shock that I pulled this card only for the girl to whisper something to the normal type she was cuddling with. She then smiled to me as she slowly crept closer and bent down so we could look at each other face to face.

"Alright~" She purred. "If I let you go you are going to do three things for me. One, I am going to ask to have your full name and all of your information. Two, you are going to travel with Jan and I so we can keep an eye on you. And number three, you will dye your hair blond."

You have got to be kidding me!

"W-Wait, what!?" I was in shock, squirming for a moment only to see her move to get up. No, I couldn't be left behind for whatever happened to come along next. "Ugh…fine. And what was that about dying my hair!? You can't be serious!"

"But, I was." She smirked, pursing her lips playfully. "Because if you did that, you'd be cute in my books!"

I growled, wanting to just scream or punch something or maybe somebody. "Yeah, whatever. I agree to your terms and conditions, just untie me!"

"Arceus, somebody is impatient." She teased which only made me want to punch her as she motioned to her Butterfree. "Alright, Liberty, use Silver Wind to unbind him."

The bug was cautious enough, slicing through the ropes with a few powerful gusts from her wings as I impatiently stood up, dusting myself off. "Thanks." I ungratefully muttered.

The girl returned her Butterfree, smiling gently. "So, Mister, what's your name?"

"Travis. Travis Locke"

"And that Drowzee of yours, was that stolen too?" She asked.

I smugly nodded. "Not directly by me, but it was stolen." I removed it from my belt and handed it over to her, not all too upset to be getting rid of the damn thing. "Feel free to own it."

The boy raised an eyebrow. "Do you even have any Pokemon?"


The girl smiled brightly to me. "We could help you get one!"

The both of us turned to see the blond who continued to smile brightly, her Eevee purring quietly in her arms as I smirked. "Seriously!"

Her friend nervously smiled, not liking this idea or my presence. "Seriously, Nia?"

"Yeah…why not?" She smiled, a bit more nervously now. Honestly, I was beginning to wonder if she was some form of the dumb blond. If so, getting my way and out of this wouldn't be too hard. "He'll need at least one Pokemon to defend himself."

"Sweet." I smirked. "So, when do we start journeying and where are we going?"

"Sorry, Travis," The girl smiled playfully. "But the first thing we're doing is apologizing to the woman you robbed and returning what you stole."

I was in shock. Did they really expect me to turn face just like this? I was a fucking Rocket member, not some kind of do gooder hiding behind a shell. I groaned as she started walking forward with the Sandshrew still clinging to one of the skinny legs of hers.

"And that reminds me." She turned around to give me a gentle smile. "I'm Nia Evans and my friend is Jan Cazzola. Welcome to the group."

I bit my lip, unable to even fake an ounce of enthusiasm. "Yeah yeah, I can't wait."

And this was how my new life began.