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The Welcome Back

Over half the city had gathered beside the port and were watching with anticipation as the smallish ship slid into view and docked at one of the nearer places at the water edge. There was barely a scrap of green grass visible at all through the heaving mass of people that had turned up to see THE girl. That's how they spoke of her. Not many people actually remembered her name.

Kagome could already hear the crowds outside and suddenly felt very weak at the knees. It was difficult to adjust so fast. She'd just spent three lovely months on the coast at the other end of the country, away from all these people and staying with her humble mother. And now she was back in the thick of things... and not a single familiar face was travelling with her... and they barely wore a smile.

"Miss Higurashi, it's time to go now." Her bodyguard gestured for her to follow him. He was new and she didn't really know him very well. In fact, not many of her bodyguards seemed to last at all long.

But she followed him anyway through the doorway and onto the deck of the ship. A dizzying amount of noise suddenly thundered through the air from the crowds, making her want to stuff her fingers into her ears and run back inside. She only had a brief glance at the sea of heads out there before a tomato thumped against her cheek, making her stagger. But it hurt even deeper than it seemed.

Her bodyguard finally took the initiative and stood in front of her as he led her down the steps to the tarmac walkway and began heading for the corridor that had been forged through the crowds. Countless numbers of police officers stood, pushing the crowds back with the help of several barricades and fences... but it was still a hard job. And here, closer to the crowds, Kagome found it even harder to dodge whatever was thrown at her.

Sometimes roses were thrown at her... sometimes it was rotten fruit. They loved and hated her in equal amounts, and she kept telling herself that it didn't matter what they thought... she didn't have to care. But to her, all she could feel were the blows of soggy fruits and even pebbles and stones.

It was only half a mile from the port to the road where her ride would be waiting to whisk her away. Not too far... but when your way was blocked with so many people it was a had task. Five rather tall men in suits walked around in a circle with her, almost hiding her from view and making her feel like she was in a tighter spot than she really was. They just weren't helping.

Another airborne rose scratched a welt across her upper arm and another tomato slipped between her human shields and exploded above her ear, showering her with disgusting juice and seeds. Why did they all seem to hate her? She'd done nothing to them.

After what seemed like an eternity she finally spotted her awaiting car up ahead on the road curb. Across the street there were more barricades and offers. She was nearly there... then she'd be safe...

One woman suddenly managed to haul herself over the barricades and past the officers who were too busy holding back the rest of the crowd to go after her. She ran full tilt at Kagome who stopped suddenly, looking like a doe caught in headlights.

"You murdering, bitch!" she woman screamed, about to crash into her. If it wasn't for the thirty or so bodyguards at Kagome's defence then she would have done just that. Instead she was caught and dragged away roughly by two burly men. "You'll rot in hell, bitch! You'll get what you always had coming!"

Kagome watched her be dragged away with harder eyes then before. Only when the men around her started to tug at her elbows to get her moving, did she realise she had been stationary. And she followed them quickly, learning to block out the sounds of screaming and cheering around her. She occasionally caught the odd 'Do us proud, girl!' but somehow her ears were more likely to pick up 'Die, bitch!' instead.

As she neared the limo ahead her personal bodyguard left her side and jogged ahead to open the side door and got inside. She saw him mouth the words, 'start the engine'.

And so the driver did.

A light seemed to engulf the area, making Kagome throw her hands up to shield herself, shortly before an amazing amount of heat and flame engulfed the car before her. The force of the explosion was enough the knock half the crowd down like dominoes and to throw Kagome and the other men down as well.

Kagome curled herself on the ground, her heart beating a mile a minute. She peeked up again as the roar of flames died to a lower level and saw that very little remained of the car... or her bodyguard and driver...

An eerie silence that belied the thousands of people along the coast swept around. No one spoke. Until a few moments later when a great roar broke out, even louder than the explosion. Kagome sat on the floor, staring with disbelief at her former ride...

At least the police officers remembered to keep their posts as the crowd surged even harder against the barricades. Everything was rattling and shouting or in flames... and it was all at her. She was just one girl. How come they had wanted her dead so badly. That car bomb had been meant for her... there was no doubt about that. Whoever had set it had anticipated that she'd be inside the car before the engine started.

Her bodyguards left her alone momentarily to run to the wreckage... and Kagome had never felt so vulnerable and small in her entire life.

Then she noticed a little dot of red zip on her thigh before jerking to her chest and then was gone... presumably between her eyes. Kagome screamed shortly as she dived at once as a sharp crack split the air. A bullet ricocheted off the gravel behind her. "There's a sniper!" she yelled at the bodyguards who looked back at her at once. She pointed to deserted building opposite the car where the shot seemed to have come from. "THERE!"

Five men shot off while the rest stayed behind and called for a back-up car. It had arrived within thirty seconds and she was loaded into the back before setting off a white knuckled speed through the street. God help anyone who broke through those barricades to get onto the road at that moment.


Inuyasha cursed as the girl below pointed to the building he was sitting on. Fortunately they thought he was inside and had broken down the door quickly while the girl had been whisked away before he could do much else. He almost made off at a lazy pace, jogging across the roof to leap across the gap between that roof and the next building. He covered the entire block before finally sliding down a drainpipe and dumping the sniper weapon in a trashcan. The garbage men would be around the next day and the gun would be crushed and deported elsewhere. He was about to turn and make a casual getaway when he bumped into something hard... namely his brother.

"Oh look... you failed." Sesshomaru sighed, but he didn't seem to upset. "As if I should have offered much faith in the first place."

Kouga materialised at Inuyasha's elbow, while Kagura arrived on his other side.

"You were too early detonating the bomb." Kouga commented.

"It was supposed to go off when the car started."

"She wasn't in it though." Kouga smirked.

"I noticed that." Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at Kouga before looking back at his brother. "I think I did pretty good with that thing considering you only have me one stick of dynamite, a computer chip, a piece of string, a pencil and a bit of gum."

Kagura snorted and folded her arms. "You still missed a perfectly good shot of her."

"She moved and pointed me out. What was I supposed to do?"

"Shoot at her again?" Kouga replied smarmily.

Sesshomaru drew himself up, chin high. "You know that you will never prove yourself worthy of the likes of our kind when you disgrace yourself as you have done today."

"At least it'll get us noticed."

"We're already noticeable, Inuyasha." Sesshomaru told him shortly.

"Do I still get in?" Inuyasha asked quickly, with a hopeful note.

"We'll see." Sesshomaru turned and stalked away, followed by Kouga.

Kagura only hesitated a moment. "You did good, halfling."

He curled his lip at her as she smirked and stalked away in her usual tomboy fashion.


Mr Higurashi looked up as his daughter entered after her numerous guards. She stood stiffly and proudly before him, even though she was dripping with tomato juice, her hair was wet and there were several cuts and bruises on her exposed skin. It pulled at his heartstrings.

"Honey," he got up from his desk at once to pull her into a bear hug. She returned it briefly but pulled back. She obviously had something to say and she didn't want distractions.

"Dad, I want to go back to the country with Mom." She said carefully, waiting for his reaction with resolute eyes.

"You can't do that, Honey..." he frowned. "You know that your time is coming very soon."

Kagome's determined pose faltered a little.

"I'm sorry... about your new bodyguard as well." He sighed gravely. "And... I think it's time that we employed someone who knows what they've doing."

Kagome sighed. "Not another guy from the agency... they just get bumped off weekly. No one wants to take the job anymore."

"I'm not talking about those fuddy-duddies - they have no skill whatsoever."

He said this in a room full of ten such men who exchanged annoyed glances.

"Who else is better trained than they are?" Kagome asked, feeling apprehensive.

"You know my business partner... Mr Kosaka?"

"Yes..." she answered slowly.

"Well he has this son..."

"Oh no..." Kagome pulled away from him and started to pace slightly. "This isn't going to happen!"

"But he's superb! He's a better candidate than anyone else."

"Dad - I think all this money and power and destiny crap is clouding your judgement-"

"Language, young lady." He said firmly.

"He's my age! He can't do it!" Kagome protested.

"So - you'll have a built in companion. You don't have any friends, do you?"

Kagome winced. That remark was like a punch in the gut. She'd never had many friends... mainly because she'd been set on this pedestal away from every other child her age. She was sixteen now and she was still lonely. She glanced at the bodyguards, wanting to tell them to leave - since this was a private conversation. But that was no use. She'd tried that before and it hadn't worked.

"I have Sango." She said at last.

"The military General's daughter?" her father raised an eyebrow and scoffed.

Kagome resented that. So, Sango may have been a little unfeminine when it came to attitude and career goals... but she was the nicest girl Kagome had ever met - and she didn't dress like a boy either. Why did her father insist that she was a tomboy?

"You need someone who can protect you." Her father repeated.

"I have these guys." Kagome gestured around at the neutrally expressional men.

"But Mr Kosaka's son has strength that can equal fifteen of these guys! With him around you won't have to worry about snipers or car bombs - he'll detect them straight away."

"Dad..." Kagome couldn't understand why her father could be so trusting. "He's a HALF demon!"

"So? All the more stronger!" her father folded his arms over his silk tie.

"So?!" Kagome gasped at him. "Who do you think I've been running from the past life time?!"

"You're forgetting - he's also half HUMAN." Her father corrected her. "Demons killed his father and mother - of course he's on our side. He'll protect you from the likes of other demons."

Kagome's hands fidgeted. "But not all humans like me either dad - he's not a good candidate."

"Kagome... I don't want to see you hurt as a result of this prophecy." He moved forward to tuck a wet bang behind her ear. "You are the one who will deliver your people from the demons and clean the earth's surface of that nasty race. It's you're duty to protect everyone... and it's someone else's duty to protect you."

"Dad..." Kagome whined.

"So some people don't like he fact that you'll kill demons. They call it 'genocide'!" he rolled his eyes. "They don't understand what will happen if you don't."

Kagome felt uncomfortable. Her father believed heart and soul in this so- called prophecy. Kagome couldn't care a flying fig about prophecies. She was no murderer - and she certainly had no intention of killing a whole race of beings... even if they were demons. But it was no point arguing with her father about this.

"So it's settled, I'll call Kosaka right away." He had bustled off before Kagome could protest.

She slumped down on the hotel room bed and eyed her bodyguards. "So... you guys got any change for a can of coke?"

They said nothing.

Kagome paused briefly before sighing and flopping onto her back with her arms over her eyes. When she looked up again they were still there. "I need to shower - beat it!"

"We'll check the shower first."


And only half an hour later did she finally manage to get that shower she wanted. After the men had combed every tile in the bathroom for some sort of weapon or bug.


"Fucking bastard brother..." Inuyasha thumped his closet door angrily. "No fucking thanks for anything...!"

He kicked it again, and winced as the wood crunched and a gaping hole appeared... "Shit..."

"Inuyasha?" a voice called outside. "Can I come in?"

He quickly kicked a footstool in front of the holy door and sat down quickly on top of it. "Yep."

His father's secretary came in looking chipper and chirpy. "Good news. I just got off the phone with your father's business associate - Mr Higurashi."

Inuyasha's blood ran cold. The girl's father... did they know it was him?

"They want to offer you a job, a good paying one at that."

"Oh..." Well, that was better than he had expected.

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