Welcome to my high school!AU of Teen Titans! Here is where I take out my guilty pleasure for cheesy high school clichés on my favourite characters to ever exist. I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me and I make a promise (that I will hopefully keep) and update every week.

Grade 12s (Seniors) - Victor Stone (Cyborg), Karen Beecher (Bumblebee), Koma Anders (Blackfire), Leonid Kovar (Red Star), John Gnaark (Gnaark), Malcom Duncan (Herald), Ryuku Orsono (Bushido), Baran Flinders (Mammoth), Rosabelle Melendez (Pantha)

Grade 11s (Juniors)- Dick Grayson (Robin), Kory Anders (Starfire), Rachel Roth (Raven), Roy Harper (Speedy), Wally West (Kid Flash), Jason Todd (Red X), Garth Curry (Aqualad), Jeni Luck (Jinx), Isaiah Crockett (Hot Spot), Donna Troy (Wonder Girl), Katherine Van Cleer (Kitten), Seymour Richardson (See-More)

Grade 10s (Sophomores)- Garfield Logan (Beast Boy) Tara Markov (Terra), Kole Weathers (Kole), Toni Monetti (Argent), Joseph Wilson (Jericho)

First Period
English 11

"Good morning, Jump City High! I'm your senior president, Karen Beecher and today is Monday, October 28th, Day 2." Karen's face popped on the TV screen in the corner of a junior English class. "Before starting off today's announcements, congratulations to our very own Jade Nguyen for coming in first in the Martial Arts Provincials and Dick Grayson for coming in second! We wish both of you luck in Nationals!"

"Beaten by Jade Nguyen," Jason Todd sniggered. "Good job, Dick."

"Shut up, Jason. We weren't versing against each other."

"Moving straight to announcements, seniors, your grad transitions are to be completed and handed in to Ms. Mae-Eye's room by Friday at the latest. Remember that these are mandatory. Newspaper Club has a meeting today at lunch in Ms. Zhang's room. Arts Council is holding a meeting today as well in Ms. Mathers' room until 3:30." Karen smiled at the camera, causing a few of the boys upfront to sigh.

"Student Council has a meeting tomorrow afterschool starting at 4:00 until 7:00, posters are being put up around school for Club Day."

Rachel Roth sighed. She didn't need reminding that you needed eighty service hours to graduate.

"And finally, don't forget we're having out first ever dance of the year this Thursday on Halloween night! Remember to wear a costume. It will be held in the large gym and tickets are being sold in the atrium this lunch! They're only $7.00."

Jason snorted.

"You won't be seeing me at that lame ass dance," he muttered to Dick.

Karen looked at the paper in the hands and coughed, containing a laugh.

"Uhm, Principal Wilson would just like me to remind the students to wear appropriate attire for the dance. That means you, freshmen," Karen grinned. "And that's all the announcements for today. Have a nice day!" With a blip, her face disappeared into a screen of black.

"Okay, class," Mr. Williams began in his painstakingly monotone voice. "Following our completion of Animal Farm, we'll be beginning a brand new novel today, 1984 by George Orwell. Has anyone heard of this modern classic before?"

Rachel put her hand up, grinning slightly. Finally, an interesting novel.

"Rachel. Not a surprise. Do you mind giving a brief description of the novel?" Mr. Williams asked her, his empty eyes meeting hers.

Public speaking. Great.

"Well, it takes place in a dystopian future where the country is at war-"

Roy Harper loudly snored behind her. The class laughed.

"Mr. Harper. Principal Wilson's office. Now." Mr. Williams retorted. "Maybe if we're lucky, he'll suspend you from Archery club and you can spend more time in your classes. Actually learning, this time around."

Roy shot Mr. Williams a glare and left the classroom whistling to himself, not failing to flip him the finger when the door closed.

"Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Rita. Continue."

"Mr. Williams, you've had me since freshman year, my name's Rac-"

There was a sudden knock on the door.

"Roy Harper, if you think you can waltz right in here all over again, you have another thing coming!"

The door opened to reveal a much older boy around twenty-something, with blonde hair that was nearly white. He wore a suit that looked like it was ironed on him. He had a laptop bag around his shoulder and a Starbucks coffee in the other hand.

"I'm so sorry I'm late! Traffic was hell. I'm Rory, I'm here for the T.A. job."

"Of course, of course!" Mr. Williams leapt up from the projector that he was leaning on. "Class, this is your new teacher's assistant, Rory Nol from Gotham University. He'll be here to assist, well obviously, me and you as well. Please welcome him graciously in our wonderful space of knowledge."

Jason gagged. Mr. Williams shot him a look.

Rory gave a subtle wave and grinned. His eyes met Rachel's, causing an unfamiliar piercing feeling in her stomach. She looked down at her copy of 1984 and smiled to herself. Maybe English class wouldn't be so bad.

Early Morning
Varsity track team try-outs

Deep breaths. Counts of seven.

Tara Markov tightens the laces on her red Nike runners. She finds her mark, takes a swig of Gatorade and places it on the charcoal track. She ties her golden hair in a ponytail, stretching her calfs while she's at it.

"Yeah, Tara!" she hears screams from the stands, only to find Kole Weathers, Toni Monetti, and Joseph Wilson clapping wildly. She waves at them and blows an over-dramatic kiss.

"Nice fangirls," Wally West commented, coming out of nowhere and giving her crooked smirk.

"They're my friends," Tara replied shortly. "I don't see any of yours cheering you on."

"That's because I actually have cheerleaders," he waves at a group of freshmen on the sidelines, who start screaming shrilly.


"Yeah, I guess you could say he's cheering for me too."

She rolled her eyes. It was honestly just a try-out for a place on the Varsity track team. She knew she had reserved herself a spot last year when Coach Oatway was so impressed with her that she allowed freshmen like Más and Menos to try out as well.

"Well, Tara, let the best man win," said Wally. "Me, Más, or Menos. But realistically, me."

She ignored him. Tara hears nothing except Coach Oatway blowing her whistle, causing the crowd to erupt in cheer. And then she feels the weight coming back just behind her knees, then down to her feet, and then into the earth and she is off and weightless again, flying past the other runners, her arms pumping up and down and the whole world is quiet except for the crunch as she zooms over the gravel in the track.

She glances to her left and there is no one. To her right, a blurred Wally, who's got his chin jutting out as if it would win the race all by itself. She sees a dark-haired boy leaning next to a fence with a wide toothy grin, staring at her as she runs. But the white ribbon is bouncing towards her and she tears past it, racing into the distance till her feet with a mind of their own begin digging up footfalls of dirt and brake her short.

Then all her friends are standing on the side pile with her, banging her on the back and slapping her head with their papers, for she has won again and all the sophomores can stand a little taller for another year.

She comes up to Wally, hand out in handshake. "The best man wins, right?"

He returns the grin. "Nice job, Tara. I'll be seeing you at Track then."

She waves goodbye, returns Kole's hug and laughs at Toni's photos of Tara running with the wind pulling her mouth back and showing her teeth.

"Real attractive, Tara, truly."

She can't help but look for the boy sitting next to the fence, and she sees him. And she smiles. Because he knows that she knows she's good, no doubt about it. He nods to congratulate her and then he smiles. They stand there with this big smile of respect between them. And it's real.


Victor Stone doesn't enjoy U.S. History. Every time Ms. Hawley talks about black slavery, she looks at Victor with a guilty expression.

When the bell rings he rushes out of the room, not bothering to look back at anyone; he shoves past the swarm of students piling out of class and is pulled into the tide of teenagers rushing off to the cafeteria and class.

Victor meets up with Garfield Logan at the cafeteria's entrance and snorts at the sight of his friend picking his nose. Grinning, Victor musses Gar's hair, smug over the many inches of height he has over him, then rushes inside the cafeteria before Gar can kill him.

The table they usually sit at is empty except for Karen. She's slathering ketchup over her hot dog when he takes a seat in front of her, and she looks up with a smile, eyes bright.

"Hey, Victor!" She finishes pouring the ketchup on her hot dog before taking a bite. "Did you have a nice weekend? I didn't see you at Koma's party."

Victor smiles sheepishly, pulling his lunch bag out of his bag and setting on the table. "I didn't go. I had a Metalworking project due last period so I spent all weekend working on it."

"Like a loser," says Roy, coming out of nowhere and sliding into the seat next to Karen. He slings his arm on the back of her chair and smirks at Victor. "It was a great party, robot boy. And you missed it for a pile of blueprints."

"I think it's good that Victor is focused on his studies," Karen says, turning to Roy with a frown. "And didn't I hear you spent half the night puking in the bathroom?"

Roy turns to Karen, grin tight. "I thought we agreed not to talk about that."

"Oh." Karen blinks. "No, we agreed to not talk about you kissing Jade Nguyen."


Victor sets down the sandwich he had been about to bite. Jade's the last person Roy would hook up with; Roy and her always bicker and taunt each other. They hardly agree on anything and the nicest thing he's heard Roy call her is "psychopathic bitch with a knife problem."

"You hooked up with Jade?"

Roy shushes him, glances around the cafeteria. Once he's sure no one's heard anything, he turns to look back at Karen, Victor and Gar. "By all means, Victor, yell it to the entire student body. We only made out for like an hour. It hardly even counted, besides, it was a drunken mistake. We all know I have those every once in a while."

Karen snorts. "That's an understatement."

"Shut up." Roy throws a balled paper napkin at her, hitting her straight in her chest, causing Karen to throw a chunk of her hot dog and hit Roy straight in the eye who made a disgusted sound and went to the washroom to clean up.

There's a few minutes of silence between them while they eat. At one point Gar pulls out his bio notebook and starts to go over his notes despite the fact he knows he's going to pass the exam.

"So..." Gar looks up at his friends, gnawing on his lip with sharp teeth. "Did you two see Tara today?"

"She sits next to me in Calculus," Karen takes a swig from her water bottle.

"She's beautiful," Gar mumbles, causing his friends' heads to rise immediately. "I saw her beat Wally at the track race. She's pretty incredible."

"She's new," says Karen. "She was in Murakami, the private school, but transferred here after her mom died."

"Should've stayed there if you ask me," Roy cuts in, coming back from the washroom, his eye slightly red. "Total nut-job."

Karen glares at Roy. "She called you ugly in your second period, Roy. That is not a sign of insanity."

Roy scowls. "That is a sign of insanity."

"I think she was right." Victor smirks when Roy turns to him, a vein visibly twitching above his eyebrow. He almost laughs, but then his gaze flickers to the seat next to him, and his smile drops. "Hey, Karen, where's Garth?"

"He told me he had to speak to someone in his bio class about something." She frowns down at her half-eaten hot dog.

"So, are you guys going to the Halloween dance?" Victor asked. "It seems kind of freshman, but hey."

Roy snorted. "No, everyone in junior year is going to Wally's for an actual party."

"Ugh, I have to go," Karen groaned. "Represent student council and all that jazz."

"You're the one that wanted to be president," Victor replied.

"And you guys are the ones that voted for me," Karen snapped, taking a bite of her hot dog.

"Only because if we didn't, you said you'd put beehives in our lockers."

Karen laughs at the looks on Roy's face, ignores the glare sent her way, and grins at her boys.

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