Gar wouldn't call himself invisible per say, but more as if he can't keep up with his older friends.

Victor is his best friend, his entrance to the life of juniors and seniors and everything that they do. If it wasn't for Victor, he'd be stuffed into lockers for his remarks, lose fights due to his scrawny shape, and spend lunch alone.

It's not that he doesn't like his grade, he does. He knows Joseph, Kole and Toni fairly well, but they have their own circle and he doesn't want to impose on that.

When he entered Biology AP, he was welcomed for his knowledge in animal species, and he was partnered with Garth Curry, who was very friendly and whom he recognized as a member of the swim team.

Then he met everyone else. And they welcomed him with open arms. He gets invited to parties (usually Wally's) but Victor and Karen say that he's still pretty young to go there, and to not mess around with the stuff that the seniors do.

"I haven't done anything myself," Karen tells him. "But Mal does. And from what I hear, it can screw you over if you don't do it in moderation."

"Do what in moderation?" Gar always asks her.

"Don't worry about it." Karen and Victor say in unison.

And he drops it.

Third Period
Physical Education 10

He goes to the gym after lunch and his stomach drops when he sees Madame Rouge is back from her vacation in Normandy. (She insists they call her Madame, and not Mrs., or Ms., like all the other teachers) Repressing a groan, he knows what their next unit will be before she tells them.

"Gymnastics," she starts, in her thick French accent. "'Ees zee sport of stretching and strength. How 'zoo Olympic gymnasts hold 'zose poses for so long? With 'zere muscles. Strong! Tough!"

"I bet that's why gymnasts are so good in bed." Toni muttered, causing Kole to laugh out loud.

"Miss Weathers," Madame Rouge says. "If you'd pleeze come up here on the balance beam and show us a seemple cartwheel."

Kole turns red, but gets up. Gar recognizes her from the skating rink at the community centre next to their school. She's a figure skating medallist, everyone knows it. She excels at spins and jumps and flips. It should be fine.

Climbing up on the brown beam, Kole spread her arms and took a deep breath. And then she throws herself down on the beam, her legs perfectly straight but apart and lands on the end of the beam, arms wide and magenta bangs covering her blue eyes. And she smiles. She jumps off the beam and sits back down next to Toni, who pats her on the shoulder.

"Oui, well done. 'Zat is what I expect all of you to know how to do by 'zee end of 'zis unit. And you 'veel present your routines in front of 'zee class not 'zis Friday, but 'zee next. Off you go!"

Gar turned towards Joseph to ask him to be his check, but he was already partnered with Kole. Gar smiled sheepishly at Toni, who was sitting on the bench.

"Hey, Toni, partner?"

She shook her head. "I have a written excuse. No way will you be seeing me doing this."

He nodded and looked around his class. Everyone had a partner, and he was not about to ask Madame Rouge. And then he spotted a curtain of blonde hair walk into class. Tara gave Madame Rouge a crumpled note.

"Sorry I'm late, I was talking to my counselor." she murmured quietly.

Madame Rouge nodded. "Very vell, our new unit 'ees Gymnastics, so go find yourself a par-"

"Tara! What's crack-a-lackin'? Will you be my check?" Gar pulled her aside, grinning at her widely.

"Um, sure," she cracked a smile. "What are we supposed to be doing?"

"Basically just making sure the other one doesn't fall off the beam," he explained. " you mind going first?"

Tara looked at him blankly. "No, I guess."

She put down her red bag on the dusty mat and took off her track hoodie and shoes. Tying her golden hair into a messy ponytail, she climbed the beam steps with shaky knees.

"I'm really clumsy," she warned him. "If I fall, you don't have to catch me."

"That's not gonna happen."

She took a deep breath and first walked to the end of the beam, shakily, with arms extended.

"Don't look down at your feet," he told her. "Focus on something ahead of you."

Sapphire eyes met emerald.

She stopped on the opposite side of the beam, placing her hands on her hips. "What do I do now?"

He shrugged and grinned at her. "Anything you want."

She returned his smile and jumped off the beam, landing with a soft thud. "Very well then, you give it a try. And I'll watch you," She zipped up her track hoodie (much to Gar's dismay) and crossed her arms.

He looked at her for a while and shrugged. "Fine, but prepare to be stunned by these Olympic-worthy skills."

She scoffed. He climbed on the beam, confident in his skills enough to try a cartwheel on it.

Bad idea.

He lost his footing on the middle of the beam and slipped off the wood, falling, falling, falling as two arms snuck underneath his armpits and caught him on the way down. His heels landed on the soft mat. He looked up to see sapphire eyes flitting with concern and laughter.

"Are you okay?" Tara asked him, the left corner of her mouth twisting into a smile.

"Pfft, yeah," He removed himself from his grasp and ruffled his hair. "Thanks."

She shrugged and sat down on the mat. "Might as well practice floor routines."

And they lay there for the last seventy minutes of class, practicing cartwheels, somersaults and flips until the familiar school bell rang, signalling the end of class. Just as it rang, Principal Wilson entered the large gym, his threatening figure amplified by his dark suit.

Tara's eyes widened. She grabbed her gym bag, stuffing her water bottle and text books in it.

"Woah," Gar exclaimed. "What's the rush? I'm always a good two minutes late for class."

Tara turned, tightening her ponytail. "I have a Geometry test." She speed-walked over to the double-doors that were blocked by Principal Wilson and Madame Rouge. She looked at both of them helplessly, and pushed past Mr. Wilson.

He looked at Madame Rouge and showed his teeth (what he did couldn't possibly be described as smiling). He muttered something to her, causing the gymnast to laugh out loud, covering her mouth with a red-manicured hand.

There was definitely something going on there.

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