"Okay, why have you two been acting like idiots?" Blues asked his brother and sister in their weird piecemeal bodies the three had Awoken in after they'd crashed the previous Loop as the result of an incident involving Ra Moon and a pie fight.

"It's in our contract," Roll nodded sagely as Rock produced a document from a suspiciously convenient drawer and handed it to him, pointing at a few lines of fine print.

"All visitors to the Satellite of Love, regardless of origin, are compelled to take part in the events that occur therein, make inane witty commentary about said events, and generally partake in ludicrous tomfoolery," he read blankly. "What."

"Hey," Rock shrugged. "It makes the most sense out of anything in this Loop."

Blues found he had no argument for that.


"Hey, Roll?"

"Yeah, Rock?"

"Any idea why we're human this Loop?"

"None whatsoever."

"Had to ask. How about why we're taking martial arts class?"

"According to Loop memories, dad signed us up for them."


Rock blinked as he Awoke holding a broom.

Correction: She Awoke holding a broom.

The sound of metal on metal racing down the hallway heralded the arrival of another and Rock, yep that was apparently still her name, looked up to see what looked like his usual body. Only blonde.

"Rock?" the voice that sounded exactly like his, her, dangit this was going to get confusing, normal one asked in surprise.

"Yes Roll?" she asked, in Roll's normal voice, what was obviously her brother this Loop.

"You Awake?"

"Yes again," Rock sighed and finished reviewing her Loop memories. "Looks like one of those Loops."

"Yeah," Roll calmed down. "Being each other is going to be so weird, but at least we're not going through it alone. I guess it won't be so bad, really."

"Check your memories," Rock told her brother. "Wily's female this time."

Roll blinked.

"And I think she has an unrequited crush on dad."

Roll turned to the nearest wall and started banging his head against it.


Blues carefully examined 'her' memories for the Loop. Apparently instead of being male 'she' was instead known as Carla 'Blues' Franklin, the only daughter of the convicted mad scientist Dr. Franklin who'd been arrested for his illegal actions pursuing a vendetta against a man named Dr. Rudy Wells, his rival in the field of robotic and cybernetic technology. Dr. Wells had received the grant for his CYBORG project and Dr. Franklin had later been terminated from the firm employing both of them for taking his rivalry too far. Several years later, he was captured, tried, and convicted of multiple crimes, including crimes against nature.

The Loop memories told Blues that 'she' was seeking to achieve vengeance against those who had captured her father. They also told Blues that 'she' was human.

The fact that 'she' could perform a systems check only available to a mechanical being revealed otherwise. It seemed that Blues was, in fact a...

'Fembot?' Blues arched an eyebrow at the designation 'her' in-Loop father had chosen for his project. 'Really?'

At least Dr. Light had gone for something with less implied degradation. Yeah, no way was 'she' playing along with this...


Roll breathed heavily to cool her internal systems as she copied her opponent's weapon. Despite her ridiculous design (seriously, who put projectile energy weapons on a female model's chest?), Toaster Woman had been fairly intense. But the Toast Buster (oh, someone made a punny... Memo to self: Punch said person in the face) was now hers.

With the Freezer Burn from Refrigerator Man (how the heck did an ice weapon manage to look like a flame weapon when fired?), the Hot Air from Dryer Man (surprisingly effective), the Flame Burst from Oven Woman (the semi-obligatory fire weapon), the Ironing Board from Iron Woman (don't laugh, that thing hurt), the Microwave Ray from Microwave Man (that did nasty things to electronics), and the Throwing Plates from Dish Woman (the shrapnel from when they broke on impact was arguably worse than the initial weapon) she was almost done.

Honestly, she'd just wanted to do the freaking laundry.

"Bwahahahaha!" her next opponent revealed herself. "You may have beaten the others, but I, Washer Woman, will defeat you Mega Woman! Kiss your pristine household goodbye! Soap Flood!"

The deluge of sudsy water roared from the last of the Appliance Masters and engulfed Roll where she stood. The torrent knocked her off her feet and sent her tumbling back out of control. And before she managed to regain her bearings, there was a sharp impact and...

...Roll shot up straight in her bed. What had just happened? Was she Awake in a new Loop, or had that been some weird dream from downloading unverified media from the internet before bed again? After the stuff Wily pulled, the average computer virus wasn't really a threat, but having her antivirus programs run during a rest cycle in response always gave her weird dreams.

A quick check of her memory didn't prove all that helpful. If that had been a dream, she shouldn't still have the weapons. But if it had been a previous Loop, then it had terminated before she'd copied Washer Woman's weapon. And yet there the Soap Flood was in her archived memory banks along with the other seven.

Seriously, what the heck had just happened?

In Hephaestus's office, Morpheus sighed as his fellow Olympian gestured at something on his terminal. "It looks fine to me, Hephaestus. What exactly is the problem?"

"I was hoping you could tell me since you're the expert on dreams," the forge god replied. "Is this a Loop iteration or a mortal dream?"

Morpheus rolled his eyes and looked back at the screen. "Obviously it's..."

He blinked and took a closer look at the display.

"I..." the god of dreams uttered in surprise. "I can't tell..."

"I was afraid of that," Hephaestus moaned. "Yet one more glitchy piece of weirdness I need to sort out."


Rock considered the invitation he held in his hands. The Battle & Chase circuit didn't show up every Loop, and he usually considered it a relatively pleasant break from the usual stuff he had to deal with. Not quite as fun as the Loops where the robot masters wanted to play soccer (or football depending on what country he was in at the time), but still pretty enjoyable overall.

It was just... Dr. Wily always found a way to disrupt it. He'd steal the prize money, enter a bunch of his robots to take out competitors, booby trap the tracks, secretly be the organizer, or all of the above and then some. And don't get him started on the times that Wily's schemes and someone else's ran into each other.

Of course he'd heard that Wily was actually invited to compete as a result of how viewer interest had spiked after his actions during the last race in this Loop, which could potentially mean he was less or more dangerous depending on things. And then there was the race track.

Historic Route 66. Start in Chicago, finish in Los Angelos.

Which meant plenty of room for things to go south.

Sighing, Rock got up to go see Auto about getting Rush's racecar mode upgraded. Auto might be nuts, but so was the Battle & Chase circuit.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Plum announced to the cheering crowd gathered in the streets. "Welcome to the first ever cross-country Battle & Chase spectacular, following historic Route 66!"

The gathered crowd cheered ferociously as the racers approached their starting lines and either entered their vehicles or (in a select few cases) transformed into them.

"Just a reminder to our fans and viewers across the country, all proceeds from this race go to the full restoration and preservation of this 2,451 mile historic landmark! So do make sure to pick up some souvenirs at some point! And don't worry about property damage from the racers folks! We've got the best cutting edge containment barriers in place preventing the usual Battle & Chase chaos from spilling off the track, so our racers are free to go nuts!"

Blues took a moment to glance at the other racers from his machine, the Beat Striker. There was Rock in the Rush Roadstar, Roll in the Tango Turbo, Bass in the Treble Darkstar, Dr. Wily (or at least one of his robot doubles, it was hard to tell sometimes) in his modified Wily Machine XX, Quick Man in the Sonic Formula shooting a thumbs up to both Turbo Man and Nitro Man in their vehicle forms, the entire Black Troupe (Black Joe, Black Yellow Devil, and Black 4 Roader), plus a number of other robot masters both from familiar creators (such as Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, and Dr. Cossack) and unknown makers.

"Gentlemen! Start your engines!"

The roar of engine ignition battled with the cheers of the crowd as the racers prepared themselves.

Red light.

Red light.

Red light.

Yellow light.

Green light.

And with a wave of the starting flag, they were all tearing down the highway towards the coast, doing their level best to beat the scrap out of their competitors while they had a free shot. By the time the Chicago city limits were reached, half of the racers had been knocked out of the running.

Roll was a bit tense as she entered Los Angelos. The race had gone as well as could be expected when all the drivers had weaponized vehicles, which meant that something big was probably about to happen.

Almost as if it had been waiting for that cue, the street under her and Tango began to rumble and then lift out of the ground.

"Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!" the voice of Dr. Wily cackled over the publicized broadcast as Route 66 ripped itself out of the ground and into the air. "Behold my ultimate plan! I have co-opted the systems keeping Route 66 contained for this race and turned it into my greatest weapon ever!"

Off in the distance, about where the finish line should have been, Roll saw a massive steel and concrete skull rise into the sky. A steel and concrete skull connected to the road that was even now trying to throw her and the other racers off of it.

"Behold!" Dr. Wily crowed even as Roll saw his racer transform into an aerial mode and leave the bucking pavement. "My creation! 2,451 miles of mechanical fury! Wily Road 66!"

Roll flipped a switch Auto had installed in the Tango Turbo adaptor and deployed the road gripping device he'd installed. There, now she wasn't in danger of being thrown off.

"But I'm a fair man!" Wily continued. "The race is still on! Whoever gets to the control room at the finish line will gain control of Wily Road 66! Catch me if you can!"

"I got him," the voice of Blues came in over the intercom as Roll saw him fly past in the Beat Striker. Right, Beat's vehicle mode was flight capable. "See if you can keep the rest of the racers off of me."

"Roger that," Rock's voice replied before she could, and Roll sent her own reply as she nodded to her brother in his Rush Roadstar, currently using the same road gripping device Auto developed.

And then she noticed something odd... One of the racers had suddenly changed teams. One of Wily's racers had just re-registered as driving for the U.S. military.

Roll looked over to the side and saw the racer in question, Black Joe of the Black Troupe, flash her a thumbs up before speeding off down the bucking and twisting weaponized road without any trouble.

"How many does this make, Roll?" Rock asked his sister.

"Not many, but enough to be a pattern," Roll responded. Black Joe had managed to win the race and instead of securing the weaponized roadway for Dr. Wily, he'd made it return itself to its original position and shut down before destroying the control panel.

Either there was a Joe unit looping, or variants where a random Joe unit turned on Dr. Wily were becoming a thing. Maybe if they could talk to one of these rogue Joe units for longer than a sentence they could figure out which it was.


"Lily Aensland!"

As Rock sat in his chair next to Roll observing the first of several individuals to walk across the stage, he reflected on the events of the current Loop. Here, he and his siblings weren't robots. Nor were they exactly human either. Instead they were a revolutionary development in advanced cybernetics. A perfect melding of biology and technology at the genetic level. Somehow both fully biological and fully mechanical at the same time.

"Mithra Asura!"

It wasn't something you could just become either. The process needed time to reach final equilibrium of the body. Like a human, most of it was functionally online by the time thirteen years had passed but full calibration was projected to take up to twenty years. It wasn't a quick or easy process and introducing it into established biological or mechanical systems was a recipe for disaster. The only thing that seemed to work was integration at the time of fetus formation, regardless if that fetus grew in a womb or a test tube. You literally had to be conceived that way. On the other hand, it had led to quite the test run, culminating in something neither he nor his sister had ever done before.

"Graduating Cum Laude, Chelsea Bonne!"

That being graduation from high school, Rock noted as he cheered his sort-of girlfriend as she accepted her diploma. Past attempts at putting him and Roll in school, including a Loop where he and Roll had been human, had either terminated early or switched to home schooling as Wily's takeover attempts disrupted all attempts to maintain a schedule. But not this time.

"Alan Caskett!"

Waving to his friend, Rock slipped back into his musings. Even with Dr. Wily going rogue and trying to take over the world, he and Dr. Light had still invented what might very well be the next stage of human and robot evolution. It was supposedly inheritable, but obviously that particular test would have been a ways off even if loopers could have children. Regardless, it was an invention that the government required proof was stable enough to allow among the population.

"Ceil Charité!"

And so he and Roll were required to demonstrate that they could be integrated among the population by surviving the biggest social acid test ever conceived. Also known as high school. A trial made much harder by their double life as Mega Man and Mega Woman. Of course, they'd made some good friends on both sides of that equation.

"Graduating Summa Cum Laude, Kalinka Cossack!"

The gathering of Dr. Cossack and his robot masters went absolutely nuts when that was announced, drowning out everything including the cheers of himself and his sister and even thought. It was well deserved, too. Summa Cum Laude was essentially a perfect grade point average. Even the next few names were barely audible as the group carried on.

"Vanessa Dark!"

That name reminded him that it hadn't all been roses. Reverend Dark had been the world's leading cybernetic cultist for a long time, culminating with his transformation into Dark Man, and his attempt to forcibly recruit his daughter still gave the girl nightmares. Which reminded him that the first attempt at making a cybernetic lifeform, Blues, had run away from home and never really returned.

"Phoebe Deneb!"

Instead, Blues Light hung around with another guy with a love for scarves named Strider and the two formed some sort of 'good samaritan gang' that went around and helped people who needed it. Remembering that led Rock's thoughts to the heritage of the Light siblings.

"Girouette Express!"

As it turned out, the three of them weren't cybernetic clones of Dr. Light. They actually had a mother, whose death from a car crash shortly after the two had married had prompted their father to delve into research with the intention of creating the children the two had been cheated out of by circumstance. Research Dr. Wily had secretly used for his own purposes long before he stole the industrial robot masters.

"Atlas Foster!"

This meant that it wasn't only the Light children who had this wondrous technology. Tech that allowed them to fight against Wily on the same level they were used to, even while it was disrupting school. Bass truly was Wily's son in every way this Loop.

"Graduating Magna Cum Laude, Amy Guile!"

Of course, Dr. Wily hadn't been the only disruption to school life this Loop. There was the long-established criminal organization of Shadaloo that several parents of students had dealt with before and wasn't above holding an entire school for ransom. Rock thanked whatever mental block prevented people from connecting him and his sister with their 'superhero' identities.

"Ran Hibiki!"

Or whatever it was that prompted those who had connected the dots to not make a big deal out of it (after all, it wasn't like they put a lot of effort into keeping their identities secret). He and Roll probably wouldn't be able to go anywhere otherwise.

"Batsu Ichimonji!"

And don't get him started about the whole "Project Justice" incident. That had been a real mess. Of course, he'd had no clue just how many of his classmates were capable of unarmed combat before then, so...

"Sakura Kasugano!"

Speaking of students capable of unarmed combat... As the martial arts fanatic waved back to those cheering for her, Rock allowed himself to be suitably impressed that she'd managed to actually get the grades necessary to graduate in between looking for fights.

"Graduating Cum Laude, Ibuki Kunai!"

The professor at the end of the row he was seated in stood as the line approaching the stage got short enough to accommodate their row. Rock and Roll stood along with the other students and followed him towards the line approaching the stage. The others in their class had joked about how their row was starting with three sets of twins. The female Lei-Lin twins Mei-Ling and Hsien-Ko, followed by the male Li twins Yun and Yang, and then the two of them followed by the remaining twenty-eight students on their row out of the graduating class of 403.

"Graduating Magna Cum Laude, Tempo LaLinde!"

Rock joined the cheers and applause as one of the sole robots in the school; the others being Ripot Battle, Plum Chase, and Chest Strategy; walked across the stage. Even with Dr. Light's revolutionary cybernetics robotic AIs were advancing by leaps and bounds. A few more students walked across the stage while Rock followed behind Yun Li as he ascended the stairs to the stage and waited for his name to be called.

"Graduating Magna Cum Laude, Rock Light!"

The area where his father was seated exploded with cheers and fireworks (dang it, he'd told Auto not to set those off inside) as the Light numbers celebrated loudly.

"Graduating Magna Cum Laude, Roll Light!"

If anything, the raucous Light party got even louder while a space cleared around them as the families of other graduates sought to put distance between themselves and Auto's pyrotechnics. As he accepted his diploma and shook hands with Principal Commando (formerly a captain in the army), Rock supposed that he and Roll should be really proud of graduating Magna Cum Laude, even after the hits their grades took between trying to save the world and get their homework in on time.

"Glyde Loath!"

Rock got his photo taken and walked back to his seat to wait out the rest of the ceremony. He cheered for his friends; like Mel Masters, Dex Oyama, and that Peter guy who took off at the oddest moments; and politely refrained from not deriding those he was... less than friendly with. Like Theo Payne or his girlfriend Simone Miller. He'd done the same when the chronic bullies, the Boltz brothers, had walked across the stage. He still wasn't completely sure the three had graduated from finally making the grade (none of the students really knew how often the three had been held back) rather than the faculty having had enough of their disruptive, and at times destructive, antics.

He managed no negative expression all the way up through the Weil twins, but had to wince as Frank West walked across the stage. It would be a long time before anyone at their school could forget the 'zombie invasion' that guy had the misfortune to be at the center of. Thankfully there had been no deaths. Plenty of injuries and medical treatment needed, but no deaths. Thankfully 'zombie-itis' wasn't contagious (this Loop), no matter what the movies said.

And now came the one person he'd been dreading to walk across the stage. His sister's sort-of-maybe are-they-flirting-or-trying-to-beat-each-other-up? boyfriend. That he managed a perfect grade point without disruption while he and Roll had to divide their time between school and saving the world grated on his nerves just a bit.

"Graduating Summa Cum Laude, Bass Wily!"

The entire back of the rented stadium erupted with noise as the entirety of Wily's original robot masters and Dr. Wily himself (all very poorly disguised) proceeded to top all of the previous obscenely loud cheering. Combined.

Rock rubbed the bridge of his nose as the one calling the names of graduates tried to make himself heard over the din. They'd hashed out an agreement with Dr. Wily that he could attend unmolested and take a few pictures before the police (already armed and waiting outside) tried to arrest him. It was really for the best as the mad scientist would have tried to crash regardless and this way they could possibly mitigate property damage since surely an escape while already outside would be less damaging than trying to force their way inside.

6.8 (Valentine Meikin)

"What are you building?" Rock asked Dr. Light, as he noticed his father constructing something under a cloth sheet.

"A robot I WANT Doctor Wily to steal." Dr. Light admitted with a smirk.

"So, Let's turn it on..." Bass declared, "Let's see what Dr. Light's latest project is..."

As the robot turned on, it took out a clipboard from a compartment inside it, and adjusted a pair of small glasses on it's nose.

"So, you are ze doctor known as Albert Wily, yes?" The robot asked.

"Yes..." Dr. Wily declared to the human-looking robot.

"My name is Psychiatric Man. Let us talk about your reasons for attempting to destroy everything..." The robot began.

The following morning, Bass delivered the remains of Psychiatric Man to Dr. Light's house.

"...Between you and me, I'd rebuild him," Bass deadpanned, "He was only destroyed when the bad doctor took offense..."

He also handed them a clipboard. They treated it with all the respect it deserved.

Roll eventually sealed in it in her subspace pocket after her brothers finished commenting on Wily's various mental issues.

6.9 (OathToOblivion)

Rock stared. He had opened the door only to see the broken form of Rush was lying not two feet away from him, battered and bent. His IC chip was shattered into pieces, then set on fire. He clenched his eyes shut as coolant started leaking from his eyes.



Blues looked around at sights that were becoming much less familiar to him than they should have been. It was so rare he was home these days and it didn't seem likely to change anytime soon.

'Ah, well,' he thought as he pulled a spare set of shades out of his subspace pocket to wear since the current variant hadn't seen fit to start him with one, 'at least I don't have to suffer through Rock and Roll asking when I'm finally coming home every Lo–where are my shades?'

Indeed, the shades he was certain he'd pulled out of his subspace pocket weren't in his hand. 'I know I pulled them out...' he pondered and looked around to see if he'd dropped them by accident. 'It's not like I haven't done it countless times without a problem be–'


The cracking sound was very faint, but distinct. Blues lifted the foot that corresponded to the audio source and saw a pair of broken shades. Sized for an action figure.

'What?' he thought in confusion and decided to try pulling one of his spare shields out. And there it was. Right in his hand and the proper size for an action figure. 'Wonderful...' he griped mentally. 'This better be a problem with the Loop rather than my pocket...'

6.11 (Kevin Convoy)

"I must say Roll, how I do wish things would be different sometimes, if only we could change things." Doctor Light comments. "Never did I enjoy using the term Robot Masters, which was Albert's call. I wanted something smooth and colorful, but he wouldn't settle for anything that didn't have master somewhere in the title. If only he would put that mind of his to some good…"

"Are you okay father?" Roll replies, shaking her head. This non-looping version of her father was just so…odd and sad at times.

"Its fine Roll, an old man's mind just wanders at times…."

"Oh, okay then," Roll relented. "Have you taken your heart medication yet father? You know how I worry."

"Hmm, is it time already? the man called Thomas Light checked on his always reliable silver pocket watch. "Yup, time for this silly old man to take care of his ticker," the Doctor mused as he wandered off, adjusting his very very cool bow-tie.


"No," Roll glared at her grinning brother.

Rock continued to grin right back at her.

"I am not doing it!" Roll insisted.

The grin didn't dissipate.

"I don't care how funny it would be!" she stomped her foot with finality.

Rock didn't lose any of his good humor as he finally replied. "But if we do this, then there's a good chance she won't show up for real. And besides, you should really put that weapon data to use at some point anyway."

Roll glared, fumed for several seconds, and then sighed in defeat. "All right, but you owe me for this."

"We built the robot masters to set the new standard," Dr. Light lamented to his robotic children as he wept into his hands. "There is literally nothing that can stand up to them! Nobody can stop them now!"

"We can," a new voice that sounded much like his son came from the doorway.

Dr. Light, along with Rock and Roll, looked up at the newcomer. In the doorway was a green and lime armored robot with a yellow 'V' crest on his helmet, a blue shaded visor, and what looked like a large red jackhammer slung over his back. Next to him was a female model clad in black and tan armor that was formed like a dress, with fingers clearly modified to each be an individual energy blaster and a neon pink 'L' in the center of her helmet.

And her face was identical to that of his robot daughter that had been comforting him as he broke down over events.

"Who...?" Rock asked in confusion.

"We're you, technically," the female robot that had Roll's face replied.

"From a future where Dr. Wily has spent years wreaking havoc with stolen inventions and his own mad creations," the one with Rock's voice continued. "We've come back in time to try and prevent the worst of the devastation before it even begins. You can call me Quint."

"And I'm Waltz," the apparently future-Roll introduced herself. "We're here to save the world."

6. Frogs

"Gods of the theater, smile on us," the first actor sang.

"You who sit up there stern in judgment,
Smile on us,"
the second actor addressed the audience directly.

"You who look down on actors..."

"And who doesn't?" the two actors both interrupted their singing to speak the self-deprecatory line together before resuming the melody.

"Bless this yearly festival and smile on us."

"We offer you song and dance."

"We offer you rites and revels."

"We offer you grace and beauty.
Smile on us for this while."

It would surprise many that the two robots known to most of the world as Mega Man and Mega Woman were out in the audience in their civilian identities of Rock and Roll, enjoying a night at the theater with their father. But then, who could begrudge the Light family a night of culture, taking in a musical based on an ancient Greek comedy?

Especially when they left afterwards with grins that some would claim needed mechanical adjustment to remove.


"Well we're all in the mood for a melody.
And you've got us feeling alright!"

Blues ran his fingers across the keys as the entire room sang along to the final lines of the song and smiled. This hadn't been a bad Loop so far. He might not be able to partake of the spirits that Eden Hall served, but playing the bar's piano wasn't that bad a way to spend his time. Besides, the patrons all seemed to like his music and Ryo Sasakura, the local Anchor and owner, was a pretty decent guy to work for.


Dr. Light blinked at the robot dressed in a formal suit that had been waiting outside his door. He didn't recognize the model at all...

"Greetings, sir," the robot bowed politely. "I am Tie Man, designed and programmed by Rock and Roll Light to aid the discerning gentleman in dressing both impeccably and comfortably for all occasions. I am to understand that you have quite the full day ahead of you with your children, so we have not a moment to waste!"

Dr. Light choked back a chuckle as he let the robot work. His two children had really outdone themselves with this, so it would be quite rude to turn their project away.

Blues looked down from his perch on the roof as his siblings and father left for their Father's Day plans, trying to convince himself that the sight didn't make his heart ache.

He'd not returned the Awake signal this Loop, again, telling himself that he wanted to see what his siblings got up to when they thought he wouldn't remember past the Loop. Learning of their little Father's Day project...

He wanted to go down there and join them. But he just–

"The real problem lies in your programming."

–he just couldn't bring himself to actually do it.

6.1 - Shenanigans as required by contract.
6.2 - Okay, who left the gag running?
6.3 - Rule 63 is out in force this time it seems.
6.4 - Really out in force.
6.5 - I'd ask when the electric sheep show up, but that's already baseline for this place. (Sheep Man: DWN-077)
6.6 - Route 66: A road that winds from Chicago to L.A. Rule 66: If it exists, Spacebattles(*) will weaponize it.
6.7 - Congratulations to everyone who graduated recently!
6.8 - Psychiatric Man, Psychiatric Man, does whatever a psychiatric can... In all seriousness though, they aren't poking fun at Dr. Wily (much). They're mostly trying to see if there's anything which could help their reformation efforts on the man.
6.9 - "KHHHHHAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!" (Tagline by OathToOblivion as well. You know this had to be done at least once.)
6.10 - Oh, look, giant robots.
6.11 - And apparently Dr. Light is the eleventh Doctor this time. Now we just have to hope that Dr. Wily doesn't remember being the Master or he might do something like travel to the future and come back with a robot built from advanced technology to send against... Oh, wait, he already does that in the baseline. Nevermind then.
6.12 - Ah, the first mini-me Loop for the Megaverse.
6. Frogs - Youtube search for: The Frogs by Aristophones. It's a pretty funny musical.
6.14 - Blues is the Piano Man. :P
6.15 - I hope you all remember to wish your dad a happy Father's Day!
* - Spacebattles is where I post my snippets before compiling them as well as where I take submissions.

Bonus: The full graduating class of Rock and Roll Light. Only about a hundred names on here were randomly generated in full. The single break indicates separation by aisle in the seating.

[Row 1]

Lily Aensland
Sam Alexander
Elizabeth "Liz" Allan
Sheva Alomar
Lance Alvers
Reika Amamiya
Amara Juliana Olivia Aquilla
Anetta Astil
Mithra Asura
Sally Avril
Ava Ayala
Yai Ayano
Natsu Ayuhara
Anita Baine
Rebecca Baker
Joan Ball
Frances Barnwa

Ripot Battle
Signas Belgrade
Christine Bell
Fiona Belli
Tami Bennett
Jim Osh Bensley
Bud Bison
Joe Black
Juanita Blair
Silvia Blue
Dix Boltz
Dag Boltz
Dez Boltz
Chelsea Bonne
Ed Boone
Courtney Bowen
Max Bright

[Row 2]

Edward "Eddie" Brock
Phillip Brooks
Hobie Brown
Barrett Bullet
Erika Butler
Menart Byrd
Milan Byrd
Luke Cage
Nathaniel Cain
Shu Calbania
Neige Caravan
Harvey Carr
Shawn Carter
Alan Caskett
Darrell Castro
Rebecca Chambers
Ceil Charité

Plum Chase
Kei Chitose
Jasmine Choina
Yuika Circus
Kyle Class
Gerardo Cohen
Julia Collins
Cassie St. Commons
Maria Cook
Carlie Cooper
Jack Corvus
Kalinka Cossack
Ray Crisp
Alouette Croire
Ginger Cruz
Wade Cruz
Jeanne d'Arc

[Row 3]

Roberto Da Costa
David "Speedy" Daisuke
Brandy Daniel
Evan Daniels
Vanessa Dark
Doris Davidson
Christopher Davis
Mary Deacon
Delbert Delgado
Phoebe Deneb
Datta Dhalsim
Mawell Dillon
Roxanne Dixon
Kanesha Dolan
Joe Doppler
Barry Doyle
Robert "Bobby" Drake

Ramiro Drake
Earl Duke
Fred Dukes
Teal Eagle
Elpizo Epsilon
Trish Eva
Girouette Express
Heel Face
Pat Fahran
Edward Falcon
Eguchi Famous
Kay Faraday
Robert Farrell
Double Felton
Ramon Ferrer
Maya Fey
Heather Fitzpatrick

[Row 4]

Sophia Flowers
Fan Fortune
Atlas Foster
Allan Freeman
Jaune French
Tory Froid
Taryn Fujioka
John Gallo
Jorge Garcia
Alia Gate
Cinnamon Gaudile
Amy Gelande
Joseph Gibson
Cynthia Gilbert
Richard Gilmore
Ashe Gleason
Elvis Gold

Vin Gonzales
Arthur Goodall
Ashley Graham
Glory Grant
Ashley Gray
Doreen Green
Henry Green
Jean Grey
Annie Griffin
Shawna Griffith
Kidd Gruff
Prairie Guardian
Amy Guile
Sam Guthrie
Jessica Haggar
Fulin Hakan
Dominick Hale

[Row 5]

Juri Han
Gene Hand
Felicia Hardy
Sharon Harris
Charles Harvey
Shuuichi Hat
Michelle Heart
Ruby Heart
Harry Henderson
Nelly Hendrick
Fred Hernandez
Alan Hero
Ran Hibiki
Janet Hill
Aoi Himezaki
Lucille Hines
Pic Holie

Lilly Hollister
Lumine Holt
Atsuki Homura
Bonnie Hood
Craig Howard
Jerome Hubbard
Aeolus Hudson
Helen Hughes
Zain Hunter
Batsu Ichimonji
Lilly Igarashi
Jason Ionello
Satoru "Prosecutor" Ito
Randy James
Dingo Jawaii
Annie Jet
Gregory Johnson

[Row 6]

Terry Jomon
Jessica Jones
Angela Jones
Angelica Jones
Effie June
Kyosuke Kagami
Missy Kallenback
Hayato Kanzaki
Karin Kanzuki
Sakura Kasugano
Akira Kazama
Jennifer Kelly
Charlie Kelman
Leon Scott Kennedy
Elena Kenya
Ribbita Kero
Isabela Keyes

Shuko Kido
Tora King
Laura Kinney
Calvin Klein
Rosalyn Krantz
Ibuki Kunai
Miyuki Kuroi
Linn Kurosawa
Hoshida Kyuuta
Saffron Lagrano
Cumin Lagrano
Jasmine Lagrano
Tempo LaLinde
Zachary Larson
Norma Lawrence
Sarah Lee
Jubilation Lee

[Row 7]

Mei-Ling Lei-Lin
Hsien-Ko Lei-Lin
Yang Li
Yun Li
Rock Light
Roll Light
Janice Lincoln
Ernest Lindsey
Fong Ling
Glyde Loath
Thetis Lopez
Tiffany Lords
Spider Love
Tami Lucas
Jason Philip Macendale, Jr.
Jamie Madrox
Keiji Maeda

Coil Magnes
Anna Maria Marconi
Anna "Rogue" Marie
Denise Marmalade
Marth Mars
Lady Mary
Robyn Mason
Mel Masters
Sean Matsuda
Duncan Matthews
Grogz Maverick
Dynamo Max
Arthur Maximo
Pietro Maximoff
Jeanette May
Asakura Mayu
Jenny McCarthy

[Row 8]

Janet McCloud
Ruth McDonald
Edward McDonough
Kenny "King" McFarlan
Bruce McGivern
Tina McIntyre
Tiny McKeever
Chad Miles
Simone Miller
June Lin Milliam
Gorou Misaki
Alan Mitchell
Danielle Moonstar
Paula Moore
Miles Morales
Louise Morgan
Don Morgan

Chris Morris
Bruce Morris
Dylan Morton
Ilia Necro
George Nelson
Rokushakudama Nenji
Sherrice Net
Theresa Newton
Sha Shan Nguyen
Rocinolle Nightingale
Hirondelle Nouvelle
Alex O'Hirn
Seymour O'Reilly
Sean Obihiro
Oichi Oda
Oyu Odani
Ammy Okami

[Row 9]

Harry Osborne
Oliver Osnick
Aero Otoranger
Dex Oyama
Roberta Palmer
Peter Parker
Jean Patterson
Theo Payne
Siarnaq Peterson
Doris Petto
Claud Pincer
Grill Pitmaster
Luna Platz
Johnathan Porter
Geoffrey Pratt
Princess Penelope Pride
Cerveau Progress

Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde
Irene Psyche
Speed Racer
Regina Raid
Sharo Raika
Danny Rand
Evelyn Ray
Faucon Recrue
Axl Red
Claire Redfield
Michael Redips
Iris Regal
Baryl Regal
Ben Reilly
Colbor Rescue
Allan Richards
Randy Robertson

[Row 10]

Andou Romeda
Hope Romero
Brandon Russell
Rei Saiko
Jin Saotome
Sal Saroma
Sasuke Sarutobi
Nana Savage
Shoma Sawamura
Vanessa Z. Schneider
Rosalie Schneider
Tina Scott
Dark Scythe
Amanda Sefton
Sera Servitor
Gatz Servitor
Troy Shaw

Earnest Sherman
Middy Sigma
Techno Sigma
Olivia Silver
Emily Simmons
Palette Sims
Rahne Sinclair
Dande Six
Paul Smith
John Smith
Tabitha Smith
Dante Sparda
Nathan "Rad" Spencer
Geneva Spencer
Patrick Sprigs
Gwen Stacy
Ele Star

[Row 11]

Charlie Stephens
Ariel Stevens
Ayame Stone
Johnny Storm
Chest Strategy
Andres Strickland
Scott Summers
Ken Suther
Vent Taborsky
Katherine Taylor
Layer Taylor-Perry
Zack Temple
Makoto Tendo
Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Gloria Thompson
Keith Tirado
Luke Todd

Junpei Todoroki
Kai Todoroki
Ieyasu Tokugawa
Todd Tolanski
Bobby Tomlinson
Sandra Torres
Mary Towa
Cody Travers
Beverly Turner
Mamoru Urakawa
Jill Valentine
Grey Van Speybroeck
Rouge Variable
Orihime Vega
Lauren Viper
Solo Von Bluecher
Kurt Wagner

[Row 12]

Hinata Wakaba
Mable Walsh
Sheri Walton
Theresa Ward
Lawrence Washington
Spencer Waters
Mary Jane Watson
Joshua Webster
Charlie Weiderman
Prometheus Weil
Pandora Weil
Frank West
Connie Whaley
Julia Whitepearl
Debra Whitman
Risty Wilde
Kevin Williams

Cody Willis
Bass Wily
Clark Wizard
Leonard Wood
Warren Worthington III
Trucy Wright
Shomei Wu
Son Wukong III
Ling Xiaoyu
Akane Yagyu
Daichi Yumeno
Sora Yumeno