Looking into Starfire's eyes Beast Bot felt a himself absently being attracted to her as well 'What am I doing this is Robin's girl so why am I leaning towards her like this' now their faces were just inches

Now centimeters

Then finally Beast Boy…

To say Beast Boy was shocked that he accepted the kiss was an understatement. Even though he was shocked he did not let it show in the kiss he was sharing with the golden goddess. The world around them was no longer there, it was as if universe just circled around the Buoyant Couple.

Oh yay, oxygen could be a cold mistress for a couple sharing their first kiss. "Wow, Star. What was that for?"

She simply looked down into his green orbs as she answered. "Truth be told friend Beast Boy I have harbored feeling for you for a short time now."

"What are you talking about Star? Aren't you dating Robin?" The changeling asked in bewilderment.

Starfire proceeded to tell Beast Boy about her failing relationship with the Boy Wonder and new feelings for the green changeling.

"Wow. That's heavy. One question though. Why me of all people?"

"Because friend, you are the one that has helped me most next to Robin. You have made me feel not so out of place on you world."

"Oh" was all that Beast Boy could say taking in all this new information.

"Starfire BB common it's time to get back to the tower." Both titans could suddenly hear Cyborg calling for them.

The drive back to the tower was a silent one apparently Cyborg did not have enough money to buy what he and Beast Boy needed to get rid of their stress. Actually it wasn't all that quite Beast Boy told Cyborg what had happened between him and Starfire, Cyborg had to keep himself from roaring with laughter at what he was told.

Meanwhile at the Tower

Raven was sitting in her room contemplating on all the fun Beast Boy must be having with Starfire. Raven knew that Robin had been ogling at her lately since his emotion of lust would sky rocket whenever the young empath entered the same room, she also knew that Starfire was losing interest in the Titan leader. This was a little unsettling for her as noticed how her Beast Boy was starting to spend more time with the flamed hair titan

'What if she tries to take Beast Boy away from us' asked timid not liking the idea of BB dating another.

"I doubt Starfire would have any interest in Gar in that way." Raven only uses his first name when talking to her emotions she felt that it was more intimate.

'I wouldn't be so sure of that' now it was knowledge's turn to speak up 'you've noticed lately how they have been spending their time together and the fact she has tried his tofu shows that she probably interested in him'

The braniacs right' said brave 'we have to fight for our man!'

'Brave stop shouting your giving me a head ache" raven said exasperated by how all her emotions were acting.

After all the emoticlones calmed down one other spoke up 'How about you let me take over when Beast Boy returns and I shall tame the beast' said ravens lust clad in a whine red cloak

"No. I couldn't do that, at least not right now anyways. Any other ideas?"

Knowledge spoke again "How about we do like Starfire and do what he does here me out fist notice how he and Cyborg would spend hours on the roof and when they come back down they act loopy.'

"Yea what's your point?"

My point is we should go to the roof with them next time since we all know what he's doing

"Robin would be mad at us if he ever found out"

SO WHAT IF THE BOY BLUNDER FINDS OUT. WE ARE NOT TRYING TO IMPRESS HIM BUT OUR MATE' rage roared while the rest her emotions agreed with the red cloaked one.

"Alright fine we'll do knowledge's plan since I only have a month before he leaves and won't see him for Azar knows when."

Cyborg was the first to enter the common room looking a bit upset and quickly headed to the crescent shaped couch and started up his fighting game to let off some steam. Robin witnessed Cyborg enter the room from the kitchen counter.

"Hey, Cyborg, How was the mall?" asked the Boy Wonder.

"It was okay in a manner of speaking just ask Starfire." Cyborg had a smirk on his lips but his attention never left the game in front of him.

"Okay?" Robin said a bit confused at his friends behavior, Then the automatic doors opened again and in walked Beast Boy and Starfire hand in hand. Robin stared wide eyed at the interlaced fingers. Coming back to his senses Robin marched over to the new couple and pulled their hands apart then looked towards Beast Boy.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU DOING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND BEAST BOY!?" Robin yelled at the top of his lungs as his face became as red as his shirt.

Beast Boy looked at Robin as if he had a third eye in the middle of his forehead. The changeling tilted his head to the side as one ear fell and the other stayed in place. "Umm, Dude Starfire doesn't want to be your girlfriend anymore she wants to be mine."

"What are you talking about!? There is no way that is possible!" Robin said through clenched teeth. Starfire placed a hand on Robin's shoulder.

"Friend Robin, Boyfriend Beast Boy is correct I do not wish to be your girlfriend anymore. For someone else seems to have 'caught your eye' as you earthlings say."

Robin was in such a state of shock that he all around everything went black.

To be continued.

Idea for a cross over if anyone wants it DBZ x Teen Titans.

BB winds up in the DBZ universe because of a wish from Piccolo wanting an apprentice that could surpass any Sayin Super or other wise. If you want it PM me I might have more detail that should be in it.