Hello, people!

So, you guys probably noticed I haven't updated in a while. And I really am sorry, that it might be some while before I can continue.

But I just want to lay down some base expectations, both to motivate myself and clarify some problems.

One, I do not plan to abandon this fiction. In fact, my expectations as I wrote down some ideas, only grew. As I am a novice writer, however, I plan to slowly expand my ideas. Unfortunately, this will take some time, as I am not the most fast or efficient of writers but I really believe in some quality over quantity.

In fact, I am splitting it up into three major Arcs, each more cosmic than the last.

So far, I am working on the first Arc, tentatively titled as "Retrieval". It will involve the birth of a new faith, a shattered land and the artifact known as the World Breaker's Hand.

After reading and tweaking the universe of "I, Jaune," I decided one man's perspective was far too limited for the story I wanted to tell. So, in effect, this is my plan: for the first Arc (as opposed to lower case arc), I am planning on eight major works of fiction, each detailing each of the eight major characters I have and how they arrived at Beacon. This I will finish first, as a major source of background material. However, at this point, I am unsure whether I will publish it first as a starting point, or begin directly at each character's arrival at Beacon and slowly filter scenes in as flashback or as some kind of "prequel."

Anyways, after I've finished this, I plan to condensed the eight works into two works, each focusing on one four person team (RWBY, etc). This will probably the the shortest segment, and will mainly involve school politics turned deadly and the schemes of the Investor-Mage, Ozpin, the Wizard of Credit. This is because I find most stories have a lack of focus on that most exciting and voracious of occupations...banking.


Then, the story will split into four two person arcs, interwoven with each other, until the very end, when it all comes together into a grand climax, which will lead into Arc 2, which at this point is tentatively either titled "Empire" or "Ascension".

Hopefully, this next Arc will involve the Election of Life/Death and the destruction of One Thousand Kingdoms in the Ultimate Void. Something like that.

Get ready for some very interesting campaign promises.

However, this will probably take much time, and I ask for your patience, even though I know I am in no position to demand any, as bad as my track record is.

However, just as a mild taste on what the plot will become:


I, Jaune will mainly focus on (surprise!) Jaune, as he attempts to deal with inner demons and external foes. It will primarily be more of a political, backstabbing cloak-and-shadows game, at least until he reaches Beacon. At least, that's the plan. It may later have a spin-off focusing on the Kingdom of Darius-Upesh-Na-Ark.

The Eight Main Characters (why bother trying to hide it?) will be Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Jaune, Pyrrha, and surprise, surprise,

Cardin Winchester and Velvet Scarletina. I have some very interesting backgrounds and perspectives I plan for the last two.

I've changed massive amounts of the backgrounds. Jaune is still a member of the First Family, specifically, the clan of Arkeniensis, the House of Umbriansis, though expelled by his Father, the Dom Primus, for his role in the Tarpein Tribulations that broke the clan's power.

After escaping by the skin of her teeth from the domination of her gods, the Tír Tírgonaich, Ruby discovers secrets that even angels may fear to know.

Weiss's heart will be broken and reforged. Perhaps not in that order, and many times over.

Pyrrha will begin and end a cataclysm.

Cults are very dangerous, Blake. And playing with demons from beyond creation is very, very bad.

Cardin will finally be clean.

ANNND, somewhat sadly, Yang and Velvet are still undergoing some planning, though will be back.

However, all of this is still subject to change. I sincerely apologize, and I hope you leave your thoughts.


Currently, I've been reading a book called "90 Days to Your Novel" which has been very helpful. The author gives a lot of good advice, such as focusing on the characters. Before, I focused on the background so much I had to shoehorn my people into it, but now, after filling out a personality chart and background for my people, I can much more easily adjust the story to my people, and not the other way around. I recommend aspiring writers to check it out.

Another of her recommendations was to write your characters in mundane situations to get a grip on them. None of them, even the most heroic, will be dodging bullets 24/7. So, I've been doing some of those exercises and will probably upload a couple of them as teasers when I sufficiently polish them. They will not be counted as a part of the main canon proper.

As you probably noticed, I love infodumping, and I have been very reliably informed this can be really annoying, so it's not going to appear in the actual storyline. So, the most awesome thing with the short drabbles will be that I can show off all the political and linguistic acrobatics I have been doing (most of the languages in this story are based on real ones, but I've made up individual grammar rules that are hopefully internally consistent. I don't want to learn seven languages for a single story). Though, don't expect anything like Tolkien, I've just spend a minute or two thinking about them. Also, all the views of politics and philosophy are strictly my own. It isn't meant as a personal attack or anything, and again, if you have any comments, please leave them in the review section! I love reading them!

So, onto the first Chapter,

Erratio, a poem by Jaune!