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"I see that you are here to discuss something with me Naruto. May I ask as to what you wish to speak about?" said Sarutobi as he looked at his most precious and strongest ANBU member standing in front of him.

The boy only at the age of twelve nodded his head removing his fox mask to reveal blonde hair and blue eyes. On his face were three whisker marks on both cheeks. The boy's name was Naruto Uzumaki. "I wish to withdraw from the ninja corp. gramps."

The Third Hokage looked at Naruto before pulling his pipe out and turning to look out of the windows behind him. "Naruto I have watched you become a strong shinobi within the years that you have grown. You managed to rise in ranks and place yourself within the greatest of ninja known to Konoha. Are you sure you want to just end it here?"

Naruto smiled nodding his head. "I'm taking my leave on this world of ninja and taking up something else."

The Third Hokage turned back around with a serious expression on his face. "May I ask why you wish to abandon all of your hard work?" True the Third had wanted to leave his title to the said boy so he could follow in his father's footsteps, but now Naruto seemed to want to leave.

Naruto shook his head before making his way to the door and placing his mask back on. "One day I will be able to tell you old man, but for now I can't. After today I will no longer be considered a ninja of Konoha, but just plain old Naruto Uzumaki."

The Third watched as Naruto left the room with the door closing with a slow click. "I don't know what happened to you Naruto, but eventually you will discuss it with me one day."

One Year Later

Kakashi had left from the Hokage's Office after discussing getting a C rank mission for his new genin team. He had let little trio leave after turning in a cat that seemed to always run away from its owner and needing to be captured.

Kakashi laughed at how his team had originally acted. He had managed to get three prospecting rookies under his belt that seemed to be full of surprises. He had managed to get Sasuke Uchiha who was the last Uchiha bent on revenge. Sakura Haruno who was a simple fan girl born by normal civilians. Then there was the bug user Shino Aburame.

Kakashi had begun to laugh to himself as he remembered how Sasuke's plan of brute strength had failed at capturing the cat. Shino was too worried that the cat would kill his insects, which left only Sakura to dive in and get cut up from the said cat.

Pulling out his favorite orange book, Kakashi read as he walked to his next destination after a finished mission. Kakashi seemed to curve through people without looking up from his book as he made his way down the road.

He could tell he was getting close as the crowds of people began to dwindle slowly till there was barely anyone on the street period. Anyone that was on the street was either a small time criminal or a ninja. Kakashi stopped walking as he stopped in front of a small decent building.

Kakashi walked inside noticing the normal amount of shinobi inside having their normal meals and drinks. Kakashi smiled before walking up to a booth and taking a seat. The building was a bar created for shinobi to come and relax whenever they wanted to.

"Well I see you've come back after another D rank mission. How'd your first passing team do Kakashi?"

Kakashi smiled as his blonde protégé stood in front of him pulling out a bottle of sake and a saucer. "They did surprisingly well Naruto. I couldn't have done it any better myself."

"Kakashi's first genin team succeeded in a mission, that's rare." Coming from someone at a different table who had overheard the conversation.

"Yeah right, Kakashi hasn't passed a genin team ever." Said another customer who was laughing at hearing Kakashi having a genin team.

Naruto laughed before looking back at Kakashi. "So what job did your unlucky team have to do?"

"Capture the one tailed demon cat of the village." Said Kakashi as he placed the empty bottle down and placing an order in for a bowl of ramen.

"Did anyone see Kakashi take a drink?" came from another table as Naruto replaced the bottle while having a clone prepare the meal.

"I see people are still betting on what my face looks like. How's that going by the way?"

"Right now there are two bets going on. The first is if you have a mouth period, and the second is if anyone could catch a glimpse of it with you drinking. The ratio is 3 to 1 with that one."

Kakashi glanced behind him with his open eye. "So which did you bet on?"

Naruto laughed before sticking his hand out and catching a bag of coins and placing it under the bar. "A wise man only gambles on bets he knows he's going to win."

Kakashi chuckled seeing the bowl of food placed in front of him. "Well then I guess I'm glad that I was able to help you make some small change on the side."

Naruto nodded before heading down his bar and taking out two more bottles to two new customers. "Yeah, business is actually going well today. I've just got in a new shipment from Kiri. There sake has a nice little peppermint kick as it goes down."

Kakashi nodded before placing his chopsticks in his bowl and pulling out his novel. "Now that I know how the business life is going, how is the none-ninja life coming along?"

Naruto hopped across his bar taking a seat next to his old partner. "I've brought in a nice profit for the past year to afford both places. Since this is considered the un-ruled section of Konoha, I don't have to worry about serving alcohol to anyone so long as they're a ninja."

"I see you still try to help us ninjas even if you did quit on us."

Naruto said nothing as both men watched people having fun with each other as the grasped a small taste of a normal life. "You should start bringing your genin next time. Every other Jōnin has been doing it since the three man team started." said Naruto as he watched his clones taking out orders and working hard.

Kakashi flipped through his book with thought. "I suppose that won't be such a bad idea. I guess I'll bring them after training tomorrow to cool off for a little."

"Basically you're bringing them over here so you won't have to do any real training tomorrow. That's pretty low of a teacher Kakashi."

"I agree one hundred percent with you Naruto. Kakashi is dwindling his team's flames of youth, which is unforgivable." Guy posing as his smile blinded Naruto while Kakashi held up his book to cover his eye.

"I agree with Guy sensei Naruto. One's flames of youth are the most precious things a ninja can have. They most keep a steady flame in order to become great ninjas." Said Lee who looked like a mini Might Guy with his green spandex outfit on.

"That's right Lee, never forget about your flames of youth and let them shine bright."

"Yes Guy Sensei!"


"Guy Sensei!"

"Quick I think Lee needs to do a thousand laps around the village. I heard something about how his flames were smothering out recently." Naruto quickly threw the idea out to stop what was about to happen.

Guy took the bait instantly looking down at his counterpart. "Lee we can't allow your flames to go out like that. Quick we will do ten thousand laps around the village on our hands."

"Yes Guy Sensei. If I fail, then I shall do twenty thousand pushups with a boulder on my back." Lee and Guy quickly burst through the doors of the bar knocking some people out of the way.

Naruto chuckled at how the two could be talked out of one of their moments with talk of someone's flame being low. "Now that was something impressive as all ways Naruto-kun."

Naruto looked to his side to see his favorite brunette taking a seat next to him as a bowl of ramen and a bottle of sake was laid in front of her. "I'm glad you think so Tenten, but I don't need Guy and Lee's moments driving away customers."

Tenten laughed before breaking her chopsticks with an "Arigato." Tenten began to start eating while taking a small pause to poor herself a drink. "So what are you doing after closing?"

Naruto looked out in the crowd with thought. "Guess I'll just close up shop and leave the normal amount of security. What do you have in mind for tonight?"

Tenten placed her chopsticks down and taking another sip of her drink. "We can chill for the night then. I haven't had any fun with Guy and Lee talking about doing nothing but constant training."

"Seems like little Naruto has taken an interest in the world of love with not being a ninja anymore." Said Kakashi at perking up from hearing a female ask Naruto to accompany them.

"Tenten and I have been friends for the longest time Kakashi. We hang out all the time when she has her off time."

"Even a greater reason for you to be taking a step into love. Tell me, have the perverseness in you awaken yet?"

Naruto frowned at Kakashi before jumping back across his bar and grabbing a few more bottles for himself and Tenten. "I'm not a pervert unlike you and Ero-Sennin."

Kakashi chuckled reaching for a bottle only to have his hand smacked away by Tenten. "Sorry Kakashi-sensei, but these bottles are for me and Naruto only. You'll have to go sit with Anko over there if you want a drink."

Kakashi looked across the bar to see Anko laughing out loud as she downed another bottle with several others around her. "I think I'll be alright over here."

Kakashi was about to turn around before hearing a loud yell. "Kakashi how come you won't come have a drink your old buddy Anko?" Anko had spotted Kakashi and had begun to yell across from the building.

Kakashi sulked to himself as Naruto and Tenten laughed at him while taking a shot of their own. "Well looks like you better get over there before she comes grab you up." Tenten only laughed harder at Naruto's statement alcohol taking a little effect now.

"Yeah Kakashi-sensei, lady's don't like it when a man makes them wait." Tenten quickly finished off her third bottle and began to work on her fourth.

"I shall get my revenge on you two, but for now I'll keep my friend some company till she passes out." Kakashi got up from his seat and moved to sit with Anko who instantly poured him a shot while drinking her own.

Naruto chuckled to himself before continuing his round of the bar to make sure everyone was satisfied which he was greeted with applause at having the best bar in Konoha. After a while though, the bar began to die down with only Tenten staying behind has she had decided to wait for him since she was too drunk to move without help.

Naruto laughed at his friend placing one of her arms around his shoulder and grabbing her waist and lifting her up to help her walk. "I see you managed to get yourself drunk even though we were supposed to be hanging out."

Tenten smirked at Naruto as he helped escort her back to his home which wasn't too far from the bar. "I'm not that drunk Naruto-kun. We're still going to hang out, just not here. The real fun will begin once we get back to your place."

Naruto chuckled to himself as he continued to carry his friend. "You always say that just about every night, but end up passing out and going to sleep next to me."

Tenten laughed before sticking out her tongue at her friend as they continued walking down the road slowly. "Just be happy that you get to have the company of a lady every night."

"The presence of a drunken woman is really inviting. Thank you Tenten, I didn't know you were doing me such a favor." Naruto laughed to himself as they neared his new home away from the concepts of the people who considered themselves 'good'.

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