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Bella is the Queen of Darkness and is married to Caius Volturi. She is not the sweet innocent little girl anymore. She kills humans. What happens when the Cullen's pay Volterra a visit…


Bella IS the Queen of Darkness. She married to Caius in 2010 and now it was 2310. Over 300 years after the Cullen's left her. Instead of wallowing in misery she became dark and dangerous and she buried her grief away deep within her turning it into hate

Bella is called the Queen of Darkness because she lost her heart long ago. She was as evil as Caius is. She drunk human blood without feeling guilty. She tortured vampires that crossed her. Caius always said she was his dark lover and dark wife.

She was lost until Caius found her and she found her true self. Her true calling. She got to be the boss bossing everyone around. The Guard quickly learnt to respect her. They called her the Queen of Darkness…

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