This is my second fanfiction story after the last one completely failed.. Wanted to try something a little different and I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Isabella Marie Swan was born and raised to Renee and Charlie Swan who loved her with all their heart. Isabella who was always nicknamed Bella went on with her childhood as happy as could be and even though her parents weren't rich. She had everything she needed. It wasn't until Renee decided that she hated being stuck in the small town of Forks and left Bella's father, filing a divorce did Bella realise how being in love isn't all it is cracked up to be.

Before the divorce all she would ever see in her parent's eyes were the love they had for each other even though the circumstances behind their marriage weren't the best. They did everything together from going to the Zoo, to eating at the Diner for dinner. But like always, not everybody gets there happy ending.

Soon after leaving Charlie, Renee took Bella and moved to Florida as she was adamant that every child should stay with their mother. As much as Charlie didn't agree on this, he couldn't help but think that maybe it would be better for Bella if she were to live with her mother and visit him on the holidays as he wouldn't have been able to provide her with all attention she needed due to being the Chief of Police. At such a young age, it was hard for a 7 year old Bella to understand what was going on yet she knew when Renee claimed to have hated living in Forks, things were about to change.

After living with her mother and visiting her dad's on the holidays, Bella decided when she turned 17 that she would once again return to Forks, because as much as she loved the heat in Phoenix. Nothing could compare to the love which her father showed her whenever she would visit. This decision came to be when Bella turned 10 and Renee met Phil. At 10 years old Bella started knowing some differences in her mother's personality. For example, at school one day, Bella began being picked on by the popular group because she liked to read in the library and because she wasn't wearing the latest fashion trend. Once Bella finally told her mother about being picked on, she thought her mother would give her loving advice of what to do and given her sympathy. Instead, Renee's response was that maybe Bella should stop being such a book nerd and try making an effort in clothing. She then classed Bella as a disgrace and a mistake.

That day changed everything for Bella. At the start of her mother's change, she thought that maybe Renee could be PMSing. But as always, that wasn't the case. Bella noticed that once Renee met Phil, she wasn't in the picture anymore. Phil started saying snide remarks to Bella when he thought Renee wasn't listening but that changed when he realised Renee didn't care about Bella's well being anymore. After that Phil's remark's got more vulgar and abusive and with Renee's help in the matter, Bella became partially mute. She would not speak to anyone unless she physically had to, other than that, she would give a nod or a shake of the head.

The only person Bella would speak to was her father. Although she didn't tell him what was going on in Phoenix as Renee said he would never believe her, she stuck to visiting her father for the holidays religiously.

By 17 years old, Bella was still the mute girl. Everyone knew of her yet ignored her, leaving her to be invisible which in a way was a blessing for her. Her mother and Phil were still verbally abusive towards her, not that it would have changed of course. She decided it was time for her to finally accept her decision and move back to Forks to live with her dad for the remainder of school. As much as Renee was no longer motherly towards Bella, she couldn't deny that it would be best for Bella to live with Charlie so that she could travel with Phil, something that she had always wanted to do but because she had Bella, Bella was a burden to her.

After moving in with Charlie, Bella began opening up and speaking more often. Many times Charlie would question Bella and ask her why she became so quiet and Bella would always respond to him that she liked to keep to herself. Bella even started making friends in Forks that although she wasn't majorly close with them; she was still able to call them friends. She was introduced to Jacob Black also known as Jake, Charlie's best friend Billy's son to which he had a little crush on and he was 2 years older than her. Months went past and Bella had never been happier in life. She had a dad who loved her and showered her with affection, she had friends at school that never made fun of her because of how quiet and nerdy that she could be. She also had a good friend in Jake, even though Bella had a small crush on Jake, once she heard of his playboy reputation the crush she once had immediately flew out the window. She would only see Jake as a very good friend and started to feel grossed out by his forwardness.

It wasn't until Bella 19, that eventually Charlie managed to get it out of her why she rarely spoke when she first moved back to Forks. Once finding out that his daughter was verbally abused and treated like dirt, words couldn't even describe the rage that Charlie had towards Renee and the hatred he had at Phil. What didn't help at that moment was that he received a phone call about a robbery at a bank about 4 miles away outside of Forks to which he had to attend and help out due to it still being part of the Forks jurisdiction. That was the day Charlie's anger got the best of him and tragically got shot in the line of duty and never came home.

After Charlie's death, Bella began sinking inside of herself again, only talking to people when she had to. Even though his death meant that he'd left her the house, a college trust fund and enough money to last her until she found herself a job. Nothing could compare to the heartache and loss that she felt. Worse of all, Renee didn't even attend the funeral and the last Bella heard of her from happened to be when Renee had ran out of money and demanded Bella give her some which she received from the will that Charlie had left her. That phone call made Bella's blood boil and gave her the confidence to finally put Renee in her place. It was the motivation Bella needed to think about what was important in life and what she needed to do with her life.

Now at 23, Bella had sold her father's house due to not being able to keep up with the bills. She was living in a standard apartment still in Forks that wasn't too big but it wasn't too small. Bella had attended college and got her English Literature Degree. As much as it wasn't necessarily a useful degree, she had enjoyed the classes and even got to do a little course in business which surprisingly she actually enjoyed allowing her to be more that qualified for her current job as the Forks High School librarian. The last time Bella had physically heard from Renee and Phil happened to be the abusive phone call at the time of Charlie's death 4 years ago. Since that day the only other news she'd heard about them was they were supposed to have been on board an aircraft which had crashed due to the fog. Due to the damage, there were no confirmations whose the remains were inside, the only information that the authorities could go on were the boarding passes, two of which turned out to be Renee and Phil's.

Bella still kept in touch with her friends from school and was able to get closer to one of them called Angela Webber. Angela was an individual that turned out to be exactly like Bella in her quietness and her love for reading. She was and would always be Bella's best friend. Jacob Black however, definitely a different story. After Charlie's death, Jake avoided her at all costs. Bella not knowing what the problem was would still call Jake and always ended up talking to the voicemail instead. It wasn't until she turned up at Billy's house did Jake snap at her claiming it's her fault Charlie's dead and that whatever "friendship" they had was fake, she would never be anything but dirt on his shoe. All of this being the reason Bella turned very shy.

Bella continued to work at the school as a librarian and truly loved doing her job. It wasn't until the start of the new school year that Bella's life as she knew it was about to change.