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Chapter 3

Groaning at the noise, Bella swiftly used her hand to smash the top of the alarm clock. "Someone up there seriously hates me. I bet it's you dad. After all, if it wasn't for me. You'd still be here". Sighing, Bella sat up in the sheets of her bed and looked over at the time. "6.30. Great. I guess I shouldn't have taken the time off in the holidays to my advantage then." She said whilst brushing a hand through her tangled hair. Bella knew she wasn't a morning person and would do anything to stay in bed, with that thought in mind she knew it was time to start her weekday morning routine.

After 15 minutes, Bella managed to pull herself out of bed and made her way into the bathroom so that she could have a relaxing shower. "After all, I could work in the shower if I had plastic paper." She giggled softly remembering the quote from Umberto Eco. After waking herself up fully in the shower and cleaning herself up, Bella returned to her bedroom so that she could find herself an outfit good enough to wear to work. If Bella had her way, she would be in a simple pair of skinny jeans, a tee shirt and maybe a hoody depending on the weather. But no, Bella's job required her to wear smart business clothing so that she made a positive impression on the students and looked professional. After finally finding an outfit that would be suitable for work, Bella got changed into a black pencil skirt and peach blouse whilst pulling her hair up into a lose bun so that her bangs would stay out of her face. "Looks like it's back to the hell hole today. Maybe if I had tried harder, I may have a better life than I do now." She put the fake smile that she usually wore on her face and made her way into the kitchen. Being at home happened to be the only time that Bella felt able to show her feelings and emotions, others didn't understand her. Not that she cared, but it was infuriating when people would try and get her to talk all the time. She didn't mind talking to the students when she had to in the library and possibly Angela every now and then, but to just do a simple task like talking all the time was difficult for her. She became partially mute for a reason.

After eating a quick pop tart and drinking her coffee, Bella decided that at 7.30am it was finally time to make her way to Forks High. Walking outside and getting into her old rusty beat up chevvy truck, Bella thought about how she would deal with a brand new year at Forks High. The school itself was a lot more up to date now than what it was then and as much as Bella enjoyed the updates systems within the school. She preferred how it used to be, when you would have to go to the library clerk and have a book stamped to show that you were taking it, when there wasn't a computer system used to find a book in the library and you would have to go and look for it yourself. Bella just loved the simplicity of it all.

Arriving at Forks High, Bella couldn't stop the disdain from showing on her face when she saw Principal Newton make his way into the building. That's right; you heard it, Principal Newton. Michael Newton also known as Mike was the bane of Bella's existence from the word go. When she first moved to Forks, he was one amongst her group of friends that would follow her round like a little puppy and never understood the word no. Often she would tell him that she wasn't interested in him yet he continued to be persistent. It wasn't until Bella went to college that she thought maybe she had finally gotten rid of Mike for good but know, nothing ever goes Bella's way. When she came back to Forks after college she had no idea that Mike was the principal at Forks High, so when she applied and got the job it was a huge shock to see that the reason she was chosen was because of Mike Newton. Even though she cursed the day Mike gave her the job as a Librarian, she couldn't help but thank him for the opportunity due to her being unemployed.

Deciding it was time to finally get out of her truck, Bella pushed open the heavy door almost fell out of her truck into a puddle. "Great, just great. What else could possibly go wrong today?" she muttered whilst trying to wipe the dirt off her skirt. As Bella walked into the school, she tried not to get pushed or barged by any of the students on their way to class. Bella, not being the most stable person saw this as a daily challenge and struggled to get through the obstacle course of students. Finally getting passed the morning hassle, she made her way towards the library so that she could prepare for the day.

On her way to the cafeteria for lunch, Bella thought about her morning and how fortunately quiet it was. She only had 3 students come into the library throughout the entire morning which pleased her in some way as she didn't really have to speak much to anyone. Bella was however delighted to have seen Hannah Jones, a girl who Bella called her star student. Bella was able to see a lot of herself in Hannah and appreciated Hannah's love for books, Hannah was one of the only people Bella willingly chose to speak to as she enjoyed her company. Often Bella would see Hannah get picked on by the popular kids and would get Hannah out of the situation as no one likes to be picked on and called a nerd for their likes and dislikes. Bella couldn't stand bullying and it wasn't long before her line of thought was broken by a certain Newton.

"Hello Bella, enjoying your first day back I see?" Principal Newton said with what could be seen as a flirtatious smile but instead made Bella want to vomit. Bella knew that she had to try and get away from Mike as soon as possible otherwise it would end badly with him asking her out for the countless amounts of time. Letting out a small huff, Bella decided to just satisfy Mike's curiosity of how her day was doing. "I guess it's been ok Mike. A little quiet but I suppose on the first day, you can't really expect a stampede in the Library." She knew Mike wouldn't just accept her answer then and leave her alone. It was bound to be followed by more questions. "That's good to hear, but what I really came over to ask you was if you had any plans tonight?" And there it was, Bella knew the inevitable was bound to happen and Mike didn't disappoint her on that, she knew she would have to let him down again. "Sorry Mike, but I'm actually meeting Angela tonight and having dinner at hers. I know Jessica probably isn't busy, maybe you should ask her?" Lying wasn't a very good trait, but she had no choice to lie to him about Angela, however the little information about Jessica wasn't a lie so maybe that would clear Bella's conscience.

The rest of the day went quickly for Bella and yet she still couldn't wait to get back into her truck and get home. After the final bell went for the day, Bella all but ran to her truck and started the engine. She didn't look back before she took off her to her apartment. All she could think about was Newton's persistence throughout the day and it made Bella feel as frustrated as ever. Another two times he asked her out today and still she told him she wasn't available. Bella knew that the remainder of the school year would be the same and tried to stay positive about it, but it was hard when you have a puppy following you almost every day of the week and all you want to do is shove a ball in their mouth to shut them up. All these angry thoughts of Principal Newton stopped Bella from concentrating. The next thing knew, a car pulling out of the side road and then everything went black.