Hanging by his wrists from rusty manacles, half naked, and cold to the bone, Sherlock Holmes, scientist and opponent of the feudal system that had taken hold of the country after Moriarty's failed attempt to take control, waited to learn his fate.

A hundred 'leaders' sprung up across Greater London, carving the map according to postal districts. Each leader was hungry for power and willing to do whatever it took to take another's territory, another's men.

Sherlock had been relatively safe, left in peace by local gang leader Sholto.

John Barrymore had overthrown Sholto, and added the NW1 district to his growing powerbase. A man with knowledge of politics and power, he made it his business to find out who, of note, lived on his 'patch'.

Sherlock Holmes was immediately identified as a potential threat, and as such was drugged and kidnapped, waking up some time later to be interrogated by a lackey. He held his nerve, and his tormentor brought him here and chained him up.

Now listening to the silence Sherlock heard a soft scuffling outside, and the door eased open.

A blond man slipped in, moving unerringly to his side, a finger to his lips to indicate silence, and as he stepped into a thin shaft of light Sherlock realised with a shock that the man was blind.