A/N: This is going to be a little collection of Citrus short stories - all of the stories are going to be random and show up as I think of them. I hope everyone enjoys them!

I don't own the characters :(

The sun slowly crept through the cracks in the window blinds, a small beam falling directly into Yuzu's eyes, waking her from her slumber. She groaned as she tried to get away from the light. It was the weekend! She wasn't supposed to be awake this early.

She rolled onto her right side so that the sun was hitting her back and immediately widened her eyes in surprise. Mei was still sound asleep beside her!

This was new. Mei normally woke up early to finish student council work in the morning, even on the weekends. Because of this, Yuzu had gotten quite used to waking up to an cold, empty bed.

The plan had been to go back to sleep, but now Yuzu's heart was beating a little too quickly for her to contemplate that idea any longer.

Yuzu slowly slid herself across the small distance that was separating her from the sleeping girl, trying desperately to avoid waking Mei up. While she didn't think she was making much noise, it was difficult to tell over the drumming of her heartbeat in her ears. Once she was close enough to feel Mei's warmth, she carefully laid her left arm across Mei's waist and pulled herself the last few inches that were separating their bodies. As the two girls melded together, Yuzu hid her face in the nape of Mei's neck and sighed in absolute contentment. This was shaping up to be the best morning ever.

Feeling the movement behind her, Mei finally began waking up. She looked down, finding Yuzu's arm firmly wrapped around her waist, and smiled.

"Good morning," Yuzu whispered, as Mei covered Yuzu's hand with her own.

"Good morning, Yuzu," she replied in a husky voice that sent chills down Yuzu's spine. Yuzu loosened her grip slightly as Mei spun around to face her. "What would you like to do today?"

"Are you an option?" Yuzu replied without a moment's hesitation. She immediately felt her face heat up as Mei's eyes widened. Quickly averting her gaze, she said, "Sorry...wrong answer?"

Her flush deepened as she heard Mei start laughing. She frowned as she mumbled, "No need to laugh..."

Mei quickly stopped laughing and gently lifted Yuzu's chin until the pouting girl was forced to make eye contact with her again. She smiled genuinely as she said, "Yuzu, that was the only right answer to that question."

Hearing those words, Yuzu's face lit up in bright smile as Mei wrapped her arms around Yuzu's neck, pulling her into the first of many kisses that morning.