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The sun had already sunk well below the horizon by the time she walked away from the school grounds - another day of grueling Student Council work having succeeded in keeping her there long after hours.

The last few days had been more taxing than usual, but had been just plain frustrating.

Who knew that there could be so many little problems that needed to be fixed...and that apparently she was the only one capable of fixing them?

Or, if there wasn't a problem, there was something to be complained about. Or more money being requested for frivolous matters. Or some special exception that needed to be granted.

Gritting her teeth as irritation returned full force, she spurred her legs to move faster as she made her way to the train station - wanting nothing more than to make it home, change out of her school uniform, and take a nice long, hot bath to relieve some of the tension.

Then she could wake up tomorrow and do this all over again.

Slipping onto the next train right as the doors were about to close, she took the empty seat nearest the exit for the short ride to her stop.

One of the nice things about going home this late was that there were very few passengers to contend with, and many more open spaces for her to sit.

Silver linings, as Yuzu would call them.

The blonde's name brought an image of the girl to the forefront of her mind, causing her heart to stutter step in the most embarrassing manner.

Yuzu should also be home by now...unless the girl had decided to spend the night at Harumin's again. Hopefully, that wasn't the case - because if Yuzu was at home, Mei would modify her plans for the evening and the blonde could help her...blow off some steam.

That actually sounded like the best possible way to end this day.

Seeing her stop race into view, she stood before the train had even begun to slow down, waiting impatiently for the doors to open and release her onto the quiet neighborhood streets where she lived.

When the doors finally opened, she was the first one off the train, readjusting her bag strap on her shoulder while hastening down the sidewalk towards the modest apartment she now called home.

A few short blocks later and she was rushing up the front steps - the key in her hand opening the front door and allowing her to walk into the slightly too warm interior. After closing the door and making certain to relock it, she removed her shoes and walked further into the home.

From the hour, she knew that she'd already missed dinner. Passing through the empty kitchen, it smelled like Yuzu had made fried rice - one of her favorites.

Poking her head into the living room, she found her step-mother sitting on the sofa with the television blaring loudly towards them - some drama show the woman never missed.

"I'm home," she said, the woman turning around with a bright smile that only further reminded her of the girl she was hoping would be waiting for her in their room.

"Another late night! They sure keep you working hard...there's leftovers in the fridge, if you're hungry."

"Thank you, I'll come down and eat later," she replied cordially, turning away from the living room and making her way towards her bedroom.

Her shared bedroom.

The door was closed, which gave her hope that maybe Yuzu was there - just inside the door, lounging on the bed while reading anything but schoolwork.

There would be no better way to blow off some of this irritation than by spending a little...quality time...with the blonde.

Her heart was already racing from the prospect of it.

Pushing the door open, she swiftly closed it as soon as she'd stepped inside, one hand deftly locking the door knob without even turning around. Her eyes quickly scanned the room, heart sinking when she found it to be completely empty.

That's when the bathroom door opened, sending relief coursing through her veins - knowing that she was seconds away from working out some of the agitation the day had left her with.

Yuzu walked out of the bathroom running a towel through damp hair, dressed in the soft, loosely fitted pajamas that secretly drove Mei crazy.

"Mei!" Yuzu exclaimed happily, green eyes and bright smile finding her in a heartbeat. "You're home la-"

She cut off the blonde's words with a forceful kiss, hands grabbing Yuzu's slender wrists before pushing the girl back onto the bed - making sure to gently climb on top of the blonde so as not to hurt her, but also maintaining a firm grip on arms that might try to break away from her grasp.

Before Yuzu's back even hit their soft covers, she'd deepened the kiss, pressing her tongue into the girl's mouth to taste the minty flavor of whatever toothpaste the blonde had just used.

Only when she was positive that Yuzu wasn't going to wriggle away did she release the girl's arms - wishing to free her own hands so they could travel along smooth skin she'd memorized long ago. They ran hungrily along the body she knew exactly what to expect from - one that wouldn't frustrate or agitate her, but would soothe her with the way it responded to her every touch, no matter how light or fleeting.

A few more furious kisses and she released Yuzu's lips, trailing kisses down the girl's neck, sucking and biting at the tender skin there - resisting the urge to leave a trail of red marks marking her territory.


She ignored the blonde's whisper, deciding that she would leave a few marks - Yuzu would just have to wear a high collar to school tomorrow.

Or not. She'd be lying if she said it wasn't a little arousing to catch a glimpse of those bruises - marks she'd left behind - whenever the blonde tilted her head the perfect way during class.

The thought made her bite down a little too hard, causing the girl beneath her to let out a small gasp that sounded like a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"M-Mei - what's gotten into you?" Yuzu asked again, squirming far too much for her taste.

"I had - a rough day -" she murmured before crashing their lips back together, savoring the scent of strawberries drifting from the girl's still damp hair as she slipped one hand underneath Yuzu's shirt, sliding one palm across a soft, flat stomach.

Suddenly, she found herself pushed up and away from Yuzu's lips as a force was applied to her shoulders.

Now separated from her muse, she glanced down to find Yuzu's hands pressed against her, creating an artificial amount of space in between them. The sight filled her with confusion - unsure as to why her surefire method of stress relief had unexpectedly been taken away from her.

"Yuzu -?"

"Tell me about it."

The words made her blink in surprise.


"Tell me about it -" Yuzu repeated, a small grin lighting up her face. "Your day - tell me why it was rough."


That was one question she'd never been asked before - she didn't even know how to answer it if she had wanted to.

Which she didn't. She didn't want to talk. She wanted to -

God, things were so damn difficult with Yuzu sometimes.

"Yuzu -" she began sternly, attempting to lean back for another kiss only to be held at bay.

"Why was it a bad day?"

Scowling at the repeated question, she lifted off of Yuzu's palms, swung her legs to the floor and stood up - having every intent to walk into the bathroom and leave the blonde behind.

She didn't need Yuzu's kisses - she wanted them. But if the girl was unwilling, she was more than capable of taking care of this problem herself in a nice warm bath.

"Wait - Mei!"

The hand that appeared on her wrist forced her to stop - holding her in place merely a foot from the edge of the bed.

Turning back to the blonde, she found Yuzu sitting cross legged on top of the slightly mangled covers and giving her the most pitiful, pleading yet hopeful expression.

"Come on, Mei - please?" the girl asked, sticking her lower lip out in a pout at the same moment. "How about we make a game of it? You tell me one thing that bothered you today, and I'll give you a kiss in return!"

"This game is bothering me," she answered dryly, very much un-amused by the little trick the blonde was trying to use to get her to talk.

But then she was startled by Yuzu standing and placing a kiss to her lips - one which the blonde tried to end quickly, had Mei not wrapped a hand firmly behind the girl's neck and held her in place - extending the kiss two more seconds...three...four…

"Mmm-k!" Yuzu said with a small gasp for more air, again pressing against her shoulders to break the kiss. "So you get the rules."

Frowning at the loss of contact, she took a step forward - forcing Yuzu to sit back down on the bed in order to move away from her.

"Why don't I just take these kisses instead?" she asked, leaning forward to place both hands on either side of Yuzu, grinning when the girl had to lean backward and scoot away from her.

An idle threat...and Yuzu knew that.

Or, she hoped Yuzu knew that.

While the blonde may no longer be completely innocent, she was still overwhelmingly...pure. It was that purity that Mei shied away from, but also protected above all else.

She hadn't done a very good job of that when they'd first met - unknowingly stealing the girl's first kiss as some nasty prank to fluster the new girl. But after she'd figured out that the flirty persona Yuzu put up was nothing more than a mirage to mask inexperience, she'd immediately put a stop to those 'jokes.'

Even so, it was still something for which she was silently trying to atone for - which she did by making sure nothing was done without Yuzu's verbal or, in most cases, nonverbal consent.

As frustrating as that may sometimes be - right now being the perfect example.

"C-come on, Mei," the blonde replied, already beginning to lose much of whatever confidence the girl had mustered. "Just humor me, for once?"

"I'm always humoring you…" she muttered.

But she could feel her resolve waning. Whether that was due to the blonde's pleading or her general lack of energy after the events of the day, she couldn't tell. All she knew was that it didn't seem so horrible to allow Yuzu to play this little 'game' for a little while.

She did still want a kiss or two...her skin tingling with unquenched desire - and there was the risk that if she refused, the girl would freeze her out for the rest of the night.

Which would not be enjoyable.

Letting out a long sigh of exasperation, Yuzu immediately grinned - knowing that the sound meant Mei had acquiesced to the request. Moving quickly up to their pillows, Yuzu patted the space directly in front of her, clearly signaling for Mei to lay down facing the blonde.

Another sigh escaped her as she did as instructed, lying down on her left side right beside Yuzu. From this distance, no more than a foot apart, she could see every fleck and speckle in the girl's emerald eyes. She could smell the strawberry shampoo emitting from long blonde curls. And she could feel warmth emanating from the girl's skin - traveling the short distance between them to raise goosebumps along her own arms.

Honestly, she couldn't remember if they'd ever laid like this before - gazing into each other's eyes, sharing a connection that seemed to transcend merely physical.

Or, if they were ever like this, the moment was instantly swallowed up in the passion fueled lust they seemed to share.

"So," she began, not knowing what was expected of her next.

"Sooo…" Yuzu repeated, wiggling ever so slightly amongst the covers to get even more comfortable. "Why was your day hard?"

A thousand different reasons rushed forward all at once, linked to the various forms and paperwork that had been stacked upon her desk after school.

"I'm President of the Student Council," she answered sarcastically, knowing that the catchall answer was hardly what the blonde was searching for.


Sighing, she rolled her eyes and began with the first thing that popped into her head.

"The kendo team broke another light in the ceiling of their practice room."

Yuzu's eyes widened at the words, before the girl dissolved into giggles - the sound bringing the faintest of tugs at the corners of her lips.

"The ceiling? How did they break something in the ceiling?"

"You're asking the wrong person," she answered, shrugging one shoulder awkwardly with her other still pressed into the bed.

How those idiots had accomplished that feat for the second time in two weeks, she had no idea. But she was pretty close to making them practice outside.

Chuckling for another few seconds, Yuzu murmured a soft, "Well, they sound stupid," before leaning forward and capturing her lips in a soft and tender kiss - delivering the reward as promised.

As the blonde resumed her previous position with a satisfied grin, Mei decided that maybe this wouldn't be so bad, after all. Although, at this rate it would be years before she felt satisfied.

"Anything else?" Yuzu asked her, shining eyes suggesting that the girl sincerely hoped Mei had more to offer than that.

Which, of course, she did.

"The drama club needs more money to build sets for the winter play."

Yuzu scoffed at that.

"If they were better at acting, they wouldn't need such good sets," the blonde replied with a roll of green eyes.

The response nearly pulled a laugh out of her, knowing exactly how infamous the drama students were for being brilliant at set design and horrible at...anything else related to acting.

Her eyes were already fluttering shut as Yuzu moved towards her - the blonde placing another maddeningly chaste kiss to her lips before pulling away.

"Is there a more mature version of this game?" she grumbled, looking anywhere but at the satisfied grin she knew Yuzu was giving her.

But, despite herself, she was actually feeling better - the pent up frustration from the day seeming to melt away as they laid there together.

It was hard to hold onto her agitation when the blonde was giving her that loving smile which seemed to have no end - the one she spent nearly every waking second trying to earn.

"What else, Mei," Yuzu asked softly, the request nothing more than a bygone formality at this point.

"Someone wrote 'girls suck' in spray paint in the locker room," she said, scowling as she thought of the horribly scrawled red paint dripping down the normally well polished walls.

Vandalism was a very serious offense, which Yuzu seemed to recognize with eyes widened in shock.

"But...who would do that? We go to an all girls school."

"Someone who hates girls?" she offered, having heard those very same words thrown about the hallways at one point or another.

"Or someone exceptionally fond of girls," Yuzu replied cheekily, waggling her eyebrows at the suggestive comment.

"Are you confessing to your crimes, then?"

Yuzu burst out laughing at the dry joke, shaking her head at the same moment - golden curls falling across the girl's face.

And she was...beautiful - sometimes Yuzu was just so...painfully beautiful - the kind that seemed to shine from within. The blinding kind of beauty that sometimes Mei had to look away from, but sometimes couldn't look away from.

Suddenly, the blonde was pressing closer to her, snaking one hand into her hair and pulling her gently forward for another kiss - this one lasting a little longer, the pressure a little greater, than the last one.

When Yuzu finally pulled away, the loss of contact left her with a burning desire in her chest - the feeling only amplified by the fact that the blonde remained pressed against her, the space between them dwindling to nothing more than the clothes they were wearing.

"Anything else?" the girl whispered to her softly, fingers fiddling with the tie still wrapped around her neck - loosening the knot before pulling the item off completely.

"The...choir wants permission to practice in the cafeteria - during lunch hour," she replied, temporarily losing focus as the blonde discarded her tie onto the floor and began working on the buttons on her blazer.

"God, they're such attention whores," Yuzu sighed, clearly distracted by what her fingers were struggling to accomplish. "I can't stand some of those girls."

"Me neither."

The reply temporarily halted the blonde's movements, drawing curious green eyes upward before a soft giggle slipped past tempting lips.

"Are you even allowed to say you don't like other students?" Yuzu asked, eyes shimmering with joy at Mei's accidental admission.

"Of course I can. I just choose not to so no one can claim I play favorites," she answered easily, even though internally she was willing the girl to resume her prior movements - to free her from what still lay between them.

Instead, Yuzu gave her another kiss - this one long and openly caring, overflowing with adoration.

It was the kind of kiss that made her wish she were a lot better with feelings, so that she could explain to Yuzu exactly how it made her feel - how it melted her heart like a stick of butter on a hot day, how it clouded her mind and ruined her judgement in an instant.

"I'm pretty sure you play favorites with me," the blonde added after pulling away, a sly grin saying that that little fact made Yuzu feel incredibly special.

She felt a retort appear on her tongue, instinct nearly taking away the unintended information she'd divulged to Yuzu, but she managed to hold it back.

There would be no harm in Yuzu believing Mei favored her.

Besides, she did favor the blonde. Tremendously.

"The museum trip for one of the upper classes has to be canceled because replacement chaperones couldn't be found in time," she offered unprompted in an attempt to steer the conversation away from that particular topic.

There was no need to have another one of those 'how much do you like me' conversations tonight...

"Huh? Oh - well, museums are boring anyway. No one will care about that," Yuzu replied, the girl seeming to have temporarily forgotten the game they were playing as her hands resumed fumbling with the buttons on Mei's blazer.

As the last button came undone, the girl pulled her forward by both breasts of the blazer, planting another kiss on her lips - this one much more heated than before.

She smirked when she felt a warm tongue slide across her lips before Yuzu hastily backed away.

At least now she knew that the girl wouldn't be able to hold out on her much longer. The blonde might have the best intentions, but Yuzu was just as susceptible Mei was - if not more so.

The faint blush on Yuzu's cheeks was becoming more visible by the second as the girl let out a soft cough in embarrassment for the momentary loss of willpower.

"Sorry, um...anything else?" the blonde asked, although it felt like the game was continuing only for appearances now - nothing more than a shell that was threatening to crack at any moment.

This time, she needed to pause to think for a moment as her brain began to grow much more focused upon the only thing that seemed to matter at this second - the beautiful girl pressed against her, shallow breaths causing Yuzu's chest to rise and fall against her own.

While trying to come up with something that could continue the game, she also tried to figure out how to appropriately end it without hurting the girl's feelings.

"Some teachers are still saying they think someone is sneaking into the staff lounge and stealing food," she finally said - the very last item that had been presented to her as she'd been on her way out the door.

"Jeez…" Yuzu replied, gently picking up a small lock of Mei's hair and running it absentmindedly through her fingers. "She's still doing that? You'd think she'd have gotten bored by now…"

The words immediately derailed the mental undressing she'd been doing of the girl.

" know who it is?"

Green eyes shot open at the question, Yuzu only then realizing what she'd said.

"Uh, n-no! Of course not!" the blonde stammered before leaning forward and giving her a hasty kiss that she didn't even have time to return. "So, what else happened today?"

"Yuzu…" she replied in her best 'I'm not letting this go until you tell me' voice - which always worked.

"Fineee...but don't tell anyone it was me who told you!" the girl whined, hands thankfully threading through her hair once more. "It's that girl with the glasses and short brown hair, a grade below us - you know, the one who's always staring at you in the cafeteria?"

Truthfully, she'd gotten used to blocking out the stares she received years ago. Although, for whatever reason, she always felt Yuzu's eyes whenever they fell upon her during the lunch hour...

But, with the rest of the description, she was pretty sure she knew exactly who Yuzu was talking about. Undoubtedly someone else trying to get her attention by misbehaving - which was really the very worst way to get her attention.

"Thank you," she murmured softly, leaning forward herself this time to give the girl a kiss of appreciation. "You just solved one of my problems."

Yuzu gave her a huge smile in return, the blonde clearly ecstatic to have been able to help - even if that meant unintentionally tattling on a fellow student. But Mei would make sure to be very delicate when handling the matter, and Yuzu's name would never be remotely attached to the scolding.

Lying here right now, she didn't know why she'd never talked with Yuzu about Student Council work before. She'd always figured the girl wouldn't understand, or just wouldn't be interested, but the opposite really seemed to be true.

And, for her part, hearing Yuzu speak the words she would love to say, but found too immature to vocalize, did wonders for the overwhelming annoyance she'd held just moments prior.

"Any other problems I can help with?" Yuzu asked hopefully.

As usual, the blonde delivered the perfect opening on a silver platter - without even realizing it.

"Actually, there is one more problem you could help me with...but it has nothing to do with school..." she replied quietly, moving her lips to Yuzu's ear and taking a quick nip, feeling a shudder run through the girl's body when she exhaled.

"I'll...I'll still help - if I can."

In their time together, she'd discovered many versions of Yuzu that she...enjoyed rather dearly.

But this - this was one of her absolute favorites.

Words disjointed, breaths short and shallow, pupils blown out of proportion, lips slightly parted as if just waiting for Mei to move a millimeter closer.

No one else got to see Yuzu like this. And, if she somehow managed to maintain the blonde's affections, no one else ever would.

Which meant she would likely be playing more of these silly games Yuzu cooked up, but, honestly, this actually hadn't been all that bad. And it hadn't been too difficult, either.

For that, maybe Yuzu deserved a reward.

Weaving one hand into locks of blonde, she pulled Yuzu forward, crashing their lips together in a passionate kiss - one that had been delayed far too long. Rolling the girl onto the bed, she was back on top, knees straddling the girl's waist while her hands began running wild.

But unlike when she'd stormed into the room tonight, it wasn't angry or forceful. It was greedy...ravenous...insatiable.

After not too long, she broke away - staring down at the breathless girl pinned beneath her, golden hair splayed in all directions upon the pillow.

Of all the people...this was the girl she'd allowed into her heart.

Most days, it made absolutely no sense to her. But there were rare this one right now...where she realized just how amazing Yuzu was. And how incredibly fortunate she was that the girl had seen something in her that she'd never seen herself.

Making a snap decision, she abruptly pushed herself off of the girl, jumping down to the floor and walking purposefully towards their bathroom.

"I'm going to take a bath," she called back to the blonde.

"O-oh, ok…"

Stopping on her heel and spinning back to the girl sitting up on the bed, she relished the look of disappointment etched upon Yuzu's face.

It was an expression that said Yuzu wanted her - just as much as she wanted Yuzu.

"And you're coming with me," she added, watching the disappointment morph into temporary confusion.

"But I already - ohhhh…"

She rolled her eyes as she stepped into the bathroom, trying to feign agitation that was now nowhere to be found - thanks to Yuzu's clever little game.

Moving over to the tub, she turned the hot water on as high as it would go - the thunderous sound of water rushing into the basin filling the small room. Straightening up, she pulled off her already unbuttoned blazer before quickly setting in on the buttons lining her white collared shirt, knowing that Yuzu's pajamas would take much less time to be removed.

She didn't turn around when she heard the bathroom door close and the lock slide into place - instead aiming a smirk towards the bathroom wall as she removed her shirt in one fluid motion.

Mood-wise, she was in a much better place than she had been when she'd left school grounds today.

And that was a very good thing. That meant that she would be able to thoroughly enjoy what was going to happen next.

Maybe it wasn't so bad to talk things out - to let Yuzu know what was bothering her instead of just ravaging the girl with little to no explanation.

Although...that method definitely had its merits, too…

...maybe next time.

She did have an awful lot of frustrating work to do as Student Council President, after all.