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Dean's breath caught in his throat, at the sight of his baby brother lying their In a pool of his own blood. He rushed over, taking in Sam's pale face.

"C'mon Sam, talk to me, open your eyes!" Dean begged, hurriedly sitting Sam up. Sam groaned, but immediately relaxed under Dean's touch.

"D'n?" Sam mumbled.

"Yeah, kiddo. Open your eyes for me now." Dean said, grabbing the medical bag. Sam opened his eyes slowly, as if they were heavy bricks.

"D'n!" Sam said, a smile tugging at his lips. Dean cleaned the blood up on Sam's head. Although it looked bad, it was really only a scratch. What Dean was worried about was Sam's arm. It was covered in bruises and blood and twisted at a weird angle. He gently straightened it, Sam wincing. No broken bones, but thats gonna hurt like hell, Dean thought. After Dean had patched up all the other injuries, he supported Sam and tucked him in bed. He wanted answers. And he wanted them now. Sam felt a lot better now, but the worry that his father was coming was to great to ignore.

"Sam. What the hell happened to you while I was out? And where is dad?" Dean said, not bothering to hide his annoyance in his voice. Sam trembled like a leaf. Dean grabbed his hand in a protective way, squeezing it affectionately.

"Calm down Sammy. Deep breaths, in and out, in and out." Dean said softly. Sam calmed down after a while, his head bobbing up and down in the effort to stay awake. Dean had checked for concussions, and there seemed to be nothing. There was a deafening silence in the bedroom.

"It was... Dad." Sam choked out suddenly, swallowing back his tears. Dean's head snapped up, instantly moving closer to Sam. Sam could literally feel the heat radiating of his brother.

"What?" Dean demanded, his voice like nails.

"H-He went out... And he came back. D-D-Drunk. A-And... He hit me." Sam stuttered tearfully. Dean sprang up like he had been electrocuted. He looked so angry, Sam swore he could see smoke pouring out of his ears.

"The bastard!" Dean yelled, punching the wall beside him in his anger. Sam sobbed, he shouldn't have told him. Dean, looking at his brother, turned from sour to sweet and was instantly by his side.

"It's okay Sammy, I won't let him hurt you anymore." Dean said, hugging his brother close. Sam snuggled into his brother, while Dean pushed them both in bed, pulling the cover over him.

"Go to sleep baby." Dean crooned, stroking his brother shake comfortingly. Sam shuddered, his rapid breathing slowing into soft snores. His head was buried in Dean's chest, body pressed into his brothers. Dean felt so angry right now he could have killed somebody.

"When that idiot comes home..." Dean cursed under his breath.

Twenty minutes after Sam fell asleep, Dean crept out to get some water. He nearly dropped the glass when he heard Sam screaming. Dean grabbed the gun on the side, racing up the stairs.

"Sam!" Dean shouted, flinging the door open and pointing the gun at nothing in particular. Sam was writhing about in his bed, sweating and shivering at the same time. Dean lowered the gun, then dropped it, kicking it under the bed. He slowly approached Sam, shaking him awake.

"Sammy, it's just a nightmare. Wake up." Dean coaxed. Suddenly, Sam sat up in his bed, panting hard. He fell into Dean's arms, weeping and shaking.

"It was just a dream Sammy. I'll always be here." Dean said quietly, prying Sam's hands off his waist. The brothers stayed like that for a few minutes, Sam's sobs slowly quieting down to quiet crying and them nothing.

"Dean?" Sam spoke up.

"Yes Sammy?" Dean said.

"Why does dad hate me?" Sam asked, his voice trembling. Dean took a Sharp intake of breath.

"H-He doesn't HATE you Sam. He was just... Drunk." Dean said, his voice wavering.

"He does. When you were drunk Dean, you know, when you went to a friends, you didn't come back and hit me." Sam said softly, tightening his grip on Dean's hand. Dean had no answer to that, just started to rock Sam quietly in his lap. Until they heard their dad stumbling into the motel. Then everything went downhill.