Capitolrebel13: I must give thanks to Truly Sherlockian, for they were the one who got me out of my slump. And to let people know, I've been working the "Date" between John and Sherlock.

Did you make me?– JM

What? What did I just send? That doesn't even make sense. I start to retype my message when I get a text from the Virgin.

What?– SH

Oh, not a virgin anymore is he? New nickname? Pretty Boy? Sure, let's go with that for right now. I hit the send button.

Did you mash me?– JM

I let out a loud growl and everyone around jumps and stares.

"Autocorrect." I say to the onlookers. They laugh or completely ignore me. So what if my face just played on every screen in England, no one seems to recognize me. Normally I would take a picture of whoever didn't respond to me and have someone kill them later but right now Sherlock is my main concern.

Who is this?– SH

Really? Not that great at deductions as he claims to be if he can't tell it's me. Seriously, I know that the texts were wrong but did he not hear me say "did you miss me" over and over and over again?

Did you kiss me?– JM

I grind my teeth and squeeze the phone.

MISS! Did you miss me?– JM

That took way too long. I'm getting a new phone soon, obviously this one isn't working right.

Oh you… not really. Miss you that is. I don't remember ever kissing you– SH

No, we've never kissed though I do wish I had taken the chance of the roof three years ago.

Heard that our Johnny Boy stole your vigilante– JM

I bet John made him so submissive. Sherlock needs to be submissive. Maybe I should pay him a visit and make sure he knows that in case John didn't dominate him...

My what?– SH

Your virginity– JM

Not that hard to figure out. Sherlock no longer holds himself together like a virgin. He's much more flirtatious with everyone, rather he realizes it or not too.

Yeah, I gave it to John…– SH

Just handing yourself out to anybody now? Whore. Ah that's your new nickname since I can no longer call you the Virgin. Maybe I should stop by and feel you out– JM

Ummmmm, no– SH