Edge of the World

The Walking Dead | Harry Potter AU

Character Introduction


Danielle "Dany" Potter


'God is my judge', 'One who makes earthen vessels'


July 31st, 1975 (Age 35, looks to be in her late 20's)


Captain of the Royal Marine Corp (Former/Retired)

Nomad, Gypsy

Survivor of the Outbreak


Lily Potter nee Evans (Mother, Deceased)

James Potter (Father, Deceased)

Petunia Dursley nee Evans (Aunt, Incarcerated, Unknown)

Vernon Dursley (Uncle, Incarcerated, Unknown)

Dudley Dursley (Cousin, Unknown)


London, United Kingdom (Former)

Boston, Massachusetts, United States (Former)

Georgia, United States


Black Hair, Messy, Wavy

Asymmetrical Bob, chin length in the back, chest length in the front

Emerald Green Eyes

Height of 5'10

Scar on the right side of her face, starting from forehead through her eyebrow and ends on top of her cheek.

Several other scars she got from her time in the military, from her stay with her relatives - the Dursley's.

Athletic body that she got from her time in the military and from working out after her tour was done with.