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Dean took the off ramp into town and was soon cruising down a street full of shops.

"Small towns." Dean said. Dean didn't have to travel very far to find a hotel and when he did he pulled into the parking lot. Dean opened his door and closed it. As Sam waited for Dean to return from checking them in he realized he felt ill at ease. Sam looked around the parking lot and found no one looking at him but that didn't stop the feeling the feeling of dread that seemed to permeate his being. Sam looked around the parking lot again, he was looking through the passenger's side window when Dean's door opened Sam jumped and turned around. Dean was looking at him concerned.

"You okay?" Sam nodded his head, there was nothing around, it was just a weird feeling. Dean got into the car and moved them over a bit then re-parked the car. Dean handed him a key and got out of the car. Sam realized the feeling hadn't gone away at all, he looked around again and still there was no one out there but him and Dean. Sam shook his head and got out of the car as well, grabbed his bag from the still open back and shut the trunk. They were going to have to get a new car after this job. He quickened his pace to make sure he was right behind Dean and caught the door before it closed. He put his stuff down on the bed closest to the bathroom and took out his laptop and got down to researching.

There seemed to be no link to any of the people except that they had all died on Maple Street. However Maple street was much longer then he thought it was at first, it was nearly 5 miles long and it was the longest and busiest street in the middle. The outside fringe was where Frank Johnson farm happened to be when he was killed. They were going to have to talk to family of the deceased to find out more information. He open his mouth to tell Dean when he caught movement out of the corner of his head. He whipped his head only to see nothing. The hotel only had him and Dean, the feeling of dread increased. He shook his head, there was nothing there, Dean was looking perfectly as peace it was just something weird going on with him. He looked around again just for good measure then turned his attention back to Dean.

"We're going to have to interview the family." Dean grimaced.

"Monkey suits?" Sam nodded even though Dean wasn't really asking. They got changed into their FBI suits and Sam slicked his hair back using the mirror on the outside of the bathroom, the fear started creeping in again. He looked around, he didn't even see Lucifer, hadn't seen him in a few hours that was a little weird. If it weren't for this huge feeling of terror he'd be grateful.

"You done primping Sam?" Dean asked. Sam rolled his eyes but followed his brother back to the car. Some time later they pulled up to the house, opened the door to the car, walked up the walkway to the house and rang the doorbell. It took a few moments before someone opened the door. It was a middle age woman with a very sad look in her red rimmed eyes. He put his best sympathetic getting-answers-out-of-grieving-people-face on.

"Mrs. Johnson?" Sam asked.

"Yes." she said weakly while nodding slightly. "I'm agent Smith and this my partner Agent Smith. We're with the FBI."

"The police already questioned me."

"I'm sorry but we need to do our own investigation." she stared at them for a long moment then nodded slowly. She gestured that they could come in, Sam and Dean stepped over the threshold and into the living room. It had 2 tan couches and a red love seat set in a circle. There was a light wooded coffee table in the middle of the 3 pieces of furniture. Around the outside of the furniture were cases full of elephants and doilies. All in all it was nice, a few too many doilies and elephant figurines for his taste but other than that nice. He still had the same feeling that something was wrong here. He scanned the room again for anything out-of-place, and came up empty. She gestured that they could sit on the couch which they did. Sam made himself look more relaxed and got into his FBI question asking persona.

"I'm just gonna need to ask you a few questions." he said sympathetically, she nodded sadly.

"Could you tell us what happened?"

"He called me he said his car wouldn't start.. he was only 5 minutes away from home." her voice cracked and tears started flowing down her face. "I went to go get him, I waited for him to come into the car but he didn't so I got out and saw that his window was broken and...I found him." she trailed off into sobs after a few moments she managed to stop. She grabbed for the box of Kleenex on her table and wiped at her eyes with it.

"Do you have any idea of who could have done this to him?" Sam asked, her face crumpled again but this time she managed to hold back the tears.

"No everybody loved him."

"Did Fred mention anything usual to you in the days before his death?" she looked confused.


"Strange, weird noises, sounds like rats, weird smells." she looked a little angry.

"No nothing like that." she said shaking her head. Sam put on his reassuring smile like everything was okay and she lost the angry look and went back to crying. He felt like someone was watching him he quickly turned his head. Only to find an elephant figurine looking at him. He looked at Dean who gave him a look that said. What? He shook his head as much Sam's for his benefit as it had been for Dean's. There was nothing there, there was nothing wrong. He smiled like there was nothing wrong at the woman who was now looking at him strangely. He nodded at Dean and Dean picked up the questioning. He did his best to pay attention but he couldn't seem to shake the feeling like something was watching him.

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