Bright warm light, loud music, plentiful food and drink, and friendly faces all around. Overall the party might have been very enjoyable for someone who wasn't Nathan. As it was, he was standing in the darkest corner he could find with his arms crossed looking out over the large number of people, feeling very uncomfortable every time he spied someone's eyes lingering just a few seconds too long on him. Each time this happened he felt himself press a little harder into the wall behind him. He could have been down in the crowd, mingling and meeting some of the men that he had fought alongside against Gothel's people, but that wasn't a prospect that really interested him. Most of them had at very least seen him when he had… to say "flipped out" would be an understatement after Gothel died. He figured that most of them would be hesitant to talk to him, a first impression of being the most dangerous person on the battlefield wasn't the greatest to draw in new friends

A familiar sound made its way to Nathan's ears, and he shifted his gaze to follow it to its source. Elsa was laughing heartily, several men in royal guard uniform standing around her and laughing with her. Their behavior would have been highly unprofessional had they been on duty, but the entire party was to celebrate their "courage and loyalty in the face of overwhelming opposition" as well as to "commemorate the losses that were suffered at the hands of the enemies of Arendelle" as Elsa had so eloquently put it. Most of the people in the large room were royal guards, most of which were still wearing their uniforms despite being told that civilian clothing was fine.

There were a few individuals who stuck out in the crowd, wearing far more fine and ornate things than the guards, and Nathan presumed them to be various nobles. None of them had the build of a guardsman, all being either too fat or too lanky to hold a spot in the ranks. In spite of their differences, the nobles and the guards seemed to be getting along as well as could be expected.

Nathan's attention was grabbed away from Elsa when he saw a group of four men approaching him. It occurred to him briefly that he would be able to fit himself entirely behind the throne on which he was leaning if he were to make himself as flat as possible. He immediately dismissed this course of action as childish and foolish, wondering why it had even crossed him mind to begin with. He pushed himself off the side of the throne and stood facing the men, mentally reprimanding himself for the apparent lapse of logic.

When they reached him, the man leading the group held out a mug and said "Would you join us for a drink?" Nathan looked at the mug briefly, noting that it was beer instead of wine, being a fairly good indicator that the men were soldiers, as none of them were in uniform. Nathan shook his head and said "Sorry, I don't drink."

The man shifted on his feet awkwardly, then said "Uh, well… I was wondering if you could maybe talk for a while. We were kind of hoping that you could tell us a little about the battle. We were all stationed in the town when it went down, and we heard that you were pretty deep in the front. Nobody that we talked to really wanted to talk about what happened up there. We thought that maybe… maybe you would be a little more willing."

Nathan sighed, than looked past them at Elsa again. She was looking up at up, having seen the men approach him, and gave him an encouraging look. He looked back to the man and said "Alright, I suppose it couldn't hurt to give you a few details."

Elsa smiled as the men led Nathan off to one of their tables and started asking him questions interestedly. It was good to see him interacting with someone other than her or Anna. It didn't seem to be something that he liked doing.

It had been three weeks since the warning about the possible fall of Arendelle, and since then she felt that she had calmed down considerably. She had been anxious and jumpy for a while, but with time that had subsided. Nathan, Anna and Kristoff had all tried their best to set her at ease, and it had worked for the most part. The one who did the most good had to have been Nathan. The two had shared a few more intimate moments, but much to her dismay Nathan didn't seem to have adjusted well to showing his feelings to anyone but her. It was slightly aggravating, but she was more sorry for him than angry with him. Every time that he tried to say or do something in front of someone else it just tapered off into nothing.

In spite of his obvious difficulties adjusting to their relationship, Elsa loved him. She could feel that he loved her back, even if he had difficulty showing it in front of others. She was somewhat surprised by the different feeling in the love that she had for Nathan and the kind she felt for Anna. With Anna she felt a kind of familiarity, she knew her like the back of her hand. There was hardly anything that she didn't know about her, and she was always glad to have her around. With Nathan however, she felt like she had so much to learn about him even though he had shared so much of his story with her. She didn't just find comfort in Nathan's presence, she wanted him to be around her. When he was absent it felt like something was missing.

Interrupting her thoughts, a large burst of emotion flowed through her mental link with Anna. The feeling was hard to mistake, it was very similar to the one that she had just been feeling. She looked around the room and saw Anna in the middle of the floor, dancing clumsily with Kristoff. From what she could see it wasn't Anna that was the cause the difficulties. She couldn't help but give a little giggle, prompting one of the men to turn and follow her gaze. When he saw the dancing pair he laughed and nudged one of his friends, pointing to the pair. Elsa didn't interrupt their fun. If she were to be honest, she found the sight of Anna flailing with Kristoff quite humorous as well.

Elsa focused on her link with her sister and, with some difficulty, sent the words "Please be more careful with what you let through" referring to the emotions that she let through. Anna had something of a habit of letting raw emotions through the link when she felt intense emotions. It had been annoying at times, but nothing more. Thinking about the link got Elsa considering how Anna had adjusted to using her powers.

She had gotten better at pulling the power that she needed through the link, she could now do it completely on her own, without Elsa helping. With that ability mastered, her new issue was restraint. She had trouble telling how much power she would need for a certain effect and often ended up overestimating the amount by a large margin. The excess energy that she pulled was usually let off from the spell in an unintended effect, what she had called power "seeping out". On the rare occasion that she pulled the exact amount of power that she needed for a spell there was no such seeping. Elsa was proud of her sister. She had come a long way in the past few weeks and still tried very hard, and yet somehow was able to maintain her (sometimes irritating) immature, childish outlook on things. And Elsa wouldn't have it any other way.

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