Chapter 1- Waking up

Summary: For Lydia Noonan Singh, that fact that she is not her father, Khan, raises the age-old question among Starfleet that just because a child carries the blood of her father doesn't make her her father. Follows the story from "Star Trek: Heart of Darkness."

Lydia Noonan Singh found herself waking up. She sat up slowly as the tingles started in her legs and arms. Her memory came back as she remembered her father, Khan Noonan Singh put her in the freezing tube. She wondered how long she had been asleep. Her father, before putting her under, had told her that she would sleep for hundreds, maybe thousands of years before someone woke her, him, and the rest of her father's crew.

Lydia looked around. A woman with short, chin-length blonde hair was standing by the controls of her freezing tube. "Easy. You've been asleep for hundreds of years," a man on the other side of the tube said.

"Where am I?" Lydia asked, her voice a croak as she hadn't used her voice in hundreds of years.

"You're on Earth, Miss Singh," the woman said.

"What? If I'm on Earth, then where's my father? His name is Khan. Where is he?" Lydia asked as she stood shakily to her feet. Thanks to the blood in her body she, like her father, recovered at an extraordinary rate.

"We don't know. Someone named Admiral Marcus woke him up and he's left this solar system," the man said.

"That is not possible. My father told me...he said if he was to wake up before me, he would wake me himself. He promised," Lydia said, her eyes filling with tears.

"My father lied to your father. He made him think you were dead. I woke you so I can take you to your father. He'll see that my father lied," the woman explained.

"All right. Where is Father?" Lydia asked.

"In a basic no-man's land. Klingon space. Me, you, and Michael can sneak onboard a ship called the Enterprise captained by James Tiberius Kirk as science officers. No one would question it," the woman said.

"All right. I'm ready," Lydia said.

Khan Noonan Singh stood on the Klingon world and watched the sky. He didn't doubt that Marcus would send someone to deal with him. Since he had woken up and found out his crew and only daughter was dead, Khan had tried not to feel any pain or remorse over the lives he took. Lydia was worth thousands of lives. Of course that didn't stop him from feeling guilt at putting her to a frozen, dreamless sleep.

Khan remembered the day he had done it. Khan sat beside Lydia's tube as she strapped in. He gently laid her back and stroked her hair gently. "Close your eyes, Lydia," Khan ordered gently, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"Father, will you be here when I wake up?" Lydia asked as he touched her face gently with the palm of his hand.

"I promise. I love you, my Lydia," Khan said, blinking back a tear as she closed her blue eyes and the glass slid over her and frosted over putting her in perfect frozen sleep.

Khan blinked again as the memories assailed his mind. As much as Marcus had told him that his daughter was dead, something in Khan wasn't quite ready to believe it. Fatherhood couldn't be over for him. Lydia's features, like her mother's, were fixed on his mind. He remembered every time she went to bed and he'd come in. He remembered every kiss and the first time he held her. From the time she was born he had raised her to be a warrior. Before she went to sleep she had been as formidable as he when it came to knowledge and weapons.

Khan looked back at the sky, wondering again how long until he saw the results of what he wanted.