"Uncle Sherlock, Uncle Sherlock!" Lily Anne Watson skid into the living room of 221B and crashed into the couch. "Uncle Sherlock you promised me you'd play with me today!" She tugged on her uncle's dressing gown.

Sherlock sighed heavily and slammed the front doors of the Mind Palace aggressively. "Lily Anne, I'm busy. What's Mrs Hudson doing?"

"But Uncle Sherlock, I've spent all day every day with Mrs Hudson since I've been here! Mum and Dad are coming home tomorrow and you promised that you'd play with me today!"

Sherlock sat up on the couch and frowned at his best friend's daughter. "I'm not getting out of this, am I?"

"Nope." She gave him the same look John always does.

Sherlock sighed again and ruffled his hair before standing up. "Fine. What do you want to play?"

"Let's play princesses!"

"Not happening."

"Tea party!"

"I've never made my own tea a day in my life, I'm not starting now."

"Can I braid your hair?"


"Can you teach me to solve crimes?"

"I promised your dad I wouldn't."

"You're no fun."

"So I've been informed." Sherlock sat back down on the couch and pulled his goddaughter up next to him. "How about I tell you a story about an attempted murder instead?"

Lily's eyes lit up. "Yay!"

Mary and John were all smiles as they returned to their hotel room the last night of their short holiday. "Remind me to listen to Sherlock more when he recommends restaurants," Mary said as she began to take her earrings off. "That was the most excellent steak I've ever had!"

"Speaking of Sherlock, I hope he's doing alright. We've never left him alone with Lily this long." John kicked off his shoes and flopped back on the bed.

"Well, we haven't received a call from Greg that one or both has died, so I'm sure it went just fine. Lily loves her Uncle, and Sherlock isn't as bad with kids as he likes to think he is." Mary's phone began ringing on the nightstand. Checking the caller-ID, she said, "It's Mrs Hudson's landline. Huh."

She picked it up and gave a cheery 'hello'. On the other line, Lily was sobbing hysterically and showing no signs of calming down. "Lily? Honey what's wrong?"

Her daughter sniffled a few times before taking a deep breath and managing to choke out, "Mum, did you- did you shoot Uncle Sherlock?" Lily resumed sobbing.

Mary tossed the phone to her husband, snapping angrily, "Talk to your daughter while I kill your best friend. For real this time."