Elrond's POV

Elrond barged unannounced into the room. He was Lord; he did not need to knock, especially under the circumstances.

The council member was hunched over his clothing chest, throwing the articles of wear haphazardly onto the bed when the door opened with a bang. He froze guiltily and glanced up at the Lord trying for ignorance.

"My Lord. Is there anything in which I can assist you with?" Elrond stayed silent, choosing instead to stare at the elf who squirmed under his intense gaze. Realization struck Lord Katar, and with it, came action.

He leapt towards the window, intent on escaping punishment and ending his life, but Elrond was quick. In the blink of an eye, he shot between Katar and the glass.

The elf's beady eyes shot around wildly, searching desperately for an escape. His attempt to flee through the now empty doorway proved futile as guards came running and blocked the exit.

"Lord Katar, you are hereby charged with the torture and harm of the Prince of Imladris' property-" Lord Katar backed away from the advancing Elrond slowly, sweat beading his brow and rolling down his face.

He shook his head side to side muttering protests that were drowned out by Elrond's booming voice as he continued.

"You shall be tried and sentenced according to the laws of our people and how I deem fit for the crimes in which you have committed. Do you deny these accusations, and add to the penalty, or will you submit to the evidence in which we have gathered?"

Katar immediately began screaming objections.

"That slave lies! I did not touch a hair on his head nor do I wish to expose myself to such a filthy animal!"

Elrond sighed. Stupid elf.

"Very well. Your account to the story will be heard before the council and taken into consideration. For now, you will be escorted to the throne room where the trial is to take place."

He nodded to the guards who strode forward and dragged a still protesting Lord Katar from his chambers.

Lord Elrond sighed wearily, gathering himself and heading towards the healing room. He needed Legolas. Without him, there was no way he would justify the punishment or Lord Katar without sending his people into an uproar.

He eased the door open slowly. To his surprise, Legolas was awake, blinking owlishly at Aragorn, who bustled about over him like a mother hen.

"Legolas?" Glazed eyes swung to meet his question. "We have apprehended Lord Katar-" Elrond did not miss how the elf flinched at the name- "and he is to be tried for his crimes. You are needed during the sentence as evidence. Can you walk?"

Legolas' eyes flashed in determination. He nodded.

"Alright, Legolas. Nice and slowly," Aragorn muttered, hands fluttering around his injured friend as he tried to place his hands somewhere that would not bring the elf greater pain. With half a dozen fails, Legolas was finally standing, supported by his good arm by the Prince.

The trip from the healing room to the throne room took an eternity. Legolas kept stumbling over his own feet and was breathing harshly. Exhaustion shone already through his blue eyes.

"Not much further Legolas. You can rest in a chair when we get there." The elf gave no indication that he heard Elrond, but managed to make it the whole way to the room before collapsing in the offered padded chair.

He leaned his head back wearily, but kept his eyes cautiously on his torturer.

A murmur went through the room as soon as Legolas arrived and the council members got an unobstructed view of the extent of his injuries.

Lord Katar was glaring carelessly at his victim, vile filth spilling from his mouth about the former Prince.

With a wave of Elrond's hand, the room settled into silence. He gave a long glance towards Legolas before turning back and addressed the room.

"We shall hear the accounts from Legolas and Lord Katar before deliberating our verdict. Legolas, you may go first."

Legolas' POV

Legolas grew flustered as all the eyes turned to him expectantly. His own darted between all of the other people and Lord Katar, who was still staring at him in rage.

If the council member was found innocent, he would surely kill him the moment he was set loose.

And who would believe him, a slave, over a council member that has sat with the Lord of Imladris for many a century?

A hand settled on his shoulder, startling him out of his worried thoughts. Aragorn smiled down at him reassuringly and gave his shoulder a squeeze.

"Go ahead mellon-nin. No harm shall befall you. I will not let it." Legolas relaxed visibly, a small smile tickling his lips. Aragorn had called him a friend. He squared his shoulders and spoke clearly, years of being the crown prince of Mirkwood making addressing the crowd second nature.

And so he told them, he told them all, beginning when Aragorn was tortured and not ending until he told them everything.

Legolas slumped back in the chair, exhausted. All of his energy was drained away.

The room was deathly silent as Elrond let the words sink in.

Suddenly, Lord Katar lunged forward and dislodged the guards that had been holding him. He pulled a dagger from his boot and aimed towards Legolas.

"I shall rule Mirkwood!" With that, he brought his arm forward to hurl the dagger.

An arm shot out and grabbed his before the dagger left his hand, halting the deadly throw before it began.

"You will not harm my son anymore, Nadorhuan." King Thranduil tightened his grip on his son's torturer mercilessly; the dagger clattered to the stone floor.

The room erupted into action. The guards rushed forward and grabbed the struggling elf, shackling his wrists in chains behind his back.

Elrond jumped from his throne and stared menacingly down at the council member- former council member.

"Katar, you have been stripped of rank and are hereby sentenced to exile, by order of the Lord of Imladris. You will be relieved of all your weapons and released into the Dark Forest. No elf is to aid you in any way or so much as speak to you. Take him away." Katar was screaming violently, spittle flying from his mouth like a rabid warg.

Thranduil rushed over to his pale son instantly, cupping his face and tilting it towards him.

"Ion-nin. Are you alright?" Legolas looked up at his father warily. Their last encounter was less than respectful. Thranduil sighed.

"Seas, forgive me Legolas; I was not myself." Legolas instantly threw his good arm around his Adar and hugged him tightly.

The King hugged back gently, running his fingers through Legolas' hair soothingly like he did when Legolas was just a mere elfling.

"Shh. It is over now Legolas. He will harm you no longer." Legolas' reply was muffled somewhat by Thranduil's robes.

"Why? Why did he do it?" Thranduil leaned back so he could see Legolas' face.

"Katar came from an ancient bloodline. Our family has, for many millennia, ruled over Mirkwood, but there was a time where we did not. Mirkwood was ruled by a corrupt family that nearly drove the kingdom to ruin before they were overthrown by our ancestor. Katar believed the crown should still belonged to him. He figured drugging me to get his way and disposing of the crown prince was his way back to power.

"By tormenting you further by making you a slave was just a bonus to him. When he knew the plan was beginning to backfire, he tried to kill you in the most painful way possible. That left just me to deal with. He did not figure in the effects of the drug losing their potency so soon. As soon as I learnt his plans, I came here."

Legolas looked down sadly.

"But I can never go home. I am a slave to the Prince of Imladris." Thranduil frowned unhappily. As much as he wanted to take his son home, away from the horrors of this place, he had given Legolas away and could not take back what he had done no matter how much his heart pained him.

"Worry not ion-nin. I will visit as much as I can spare." Legolas shook his head sadly.

"Legolas?" Legolas looked up upon hearing his name.

"I release you." He could hardly believe his ears. Aragorn was setting him free? He must be delirious.

"W-what?" he managed to ask shakily.

"It would be wrong to keep you furthermore. You were sold unjustly and put through horrors that no elf should ever have to bear. I will not keep your innocent soul trapped any longer. You are free, mellon-nin." Aragorn smiled broadly at the shock on Legolas' face.

A smile like one that had not been since Legolas became a slave graced his lips.

He was free.


Mellon-nin: My friend

Nadorhuan: Cowardly dog

Ion-nin: My son

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