Neal felt as if he were in a tunnel, his hearing muffled. He could see Jones speaking to him but could not comprehend the words. Vision foggy he quickly made his way to the elevator.

Jones watched the usually suave Neal Caffery looking shell shock as he stumbled toward the elevator's. "Caffery, you ok? NEAL!" He received no response as he watched the Con's expensive Italian shoes vanish as the doors closed behind the CI turned friend.

"I know why you did it" Neal shook his head trying to block out the words that played over and over in his mind. But he couldn't stop the invading thoughts "Because you're a criminal." In that moment Peter had literally took his breath away. The look he would never forget, Peter had never looked at him at way before.

Stepping from the Elevator Neal put his mask back in place and leaving the FBI building behind he began to walk with no destination in mind. Peter
the man he would do anything for, blamed Neal for his freedom. Their relationship had been built on lies, the FBI Agent had always told him that he was
more than his past. All that confidence that maybe Peter was right and he had changed faded away with each step he took.

He didn't understand what Neal had gone through seeing the man whose opinion mattered to him the most sitting behind bars. He had done what El
asked and at considerable risk to his own freedom, that he hadn't even gave a fleeting thought. Yes Peter had put himself on the line for him many times,
just as the man had yelled at him the night before. But hadn't Neal helped Peter, they had the highest closure rate of any Agent CI team and peter had
never had a problem with it before.

Realizing he had reached June's mansion he went to his apartment, opened a bottle of his favorite wine and sat on the balcony texting Mozzie.
Things were gonna change just as his one time friend Peter said. The wine dulled the pain but did nothing to mend the wounds inflicted by those
words "Because you're a criminal, I shouldn't have expected you to change."