Letting It All Go

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Tooth starred in horror at the hills of snow that covered the area. Mostly, she watched the paramedics carry away six small bodies in a small black bag, and placing them gently in the ambulance car. She then turned to a frightened Jack. "Jack... How could you?" she whispered. Jack pulled at his hair. "I-I don't know! I-I just lose control sometimes an-and, I... I don't mean for this to happen!" he stammered. Suddenly, Bunny was in front of him, boring his eyes into the teen's.

"We should've neva trusted you!"

Jack flinched. Dejavu. Bunny tried to keep his cool, but it all hurt so bad. "Six... Six innocent children... Lost their lives, because ya couldn't control yer anga. Yer... Nothing but a monsta." His words cut Jack like a thousand knives. Knowing it was no use, he turned to the disappointed North, hoping he wouldn't turn way as well. He did. "Vunny eel bright, Jack" the Guardian of Wonder mummer.

Tears pricked jack eyes as he felt like he had lost his own father. A man who he trusted more than he trust himself... But the more he thought of it, rage mixed with pain. "Pitch was right about you...," he whispered. North's and Tooth's eyes widened. "All of you!," Jack cried. The teen then darted away, tears tracking down his face.


The Guardians watched as one of their own, flew away in the grey skies.

(South Pole)

Jack stumbled through the deep snow, already through with the crying, and had made it to the large ice sculpture him and Pitch had made may years ago. He walked to the peak of the cliff that met with the ice ocean and gazed down, wondering that if he fell and hit the water again, will he die and never rise up again to the life? This nightmare? The pained boy gazed up at the moon with hurt eyes.

"You know what? Everything they told me- the ones you said that would be there for me, were nothing but liars! Tell me... Why did you take me away from my family?! My sister? MY LIFE?! I didn't ask for this!"


Jack frowned. "Yeah. This is not the first quiet i have received," he growled. Gazing down at his staff that glowed in furry, he shook his head and dropped it. An echo seemed to be heard as the stick made impact with the snow. Jack then looked at the moon with a dark glare. "I'm not what you want me to be anymore," he growled, raising a hand up. Magically, he commanded the clouds to cover the moon completely, trapping it's light in darkness.

A chain that Jack had held for hundreds of years, seemed to fall off. Sucking in a breath, he turned away. But... The words and events of today, seemed to pile a sadness in his stomach. Alone in the world once again

The snow glows white on this mountain tonight,

not a sign of me to be seen...

those years of the moon's silence,

and the days I spent unseen...

Jack hugged himself, thinking of what he had done. Those poor kids... Six innocent children died because of that special thing inside of him. Winter was meant to be beautiful... But truly, it was deadly. I tried to hold it in... I tried...

The wind is howling like my screams from inside...

Couldn't hold it in,

but no one knows I tried...

Jack suddenly realized something. Something that he never thought before. He was Jack Frost for Christ sakes! He was not a bird to be kept in some cage! He was who he was! He always had to be someone that everyone wanted him to be. He never agreed to be a Guardian! The more he thought about this, the more firmer his steps came to be in the deep snow.

Don't let it out,

don't even scream,

keep in that darker side hidden in me,

keep the storm inside,

just close my eyes...

Jack came to a stop and glared down at his hands with determination. They began to spark a blue and this time, t made him smirk. "No..." Swishing to the ball that could be barely seen underneath the clouds, Jack gave the moon a fierce look. Not anymore...

Well that's not my life~!

With a flick of his right wrist, Jack formed a white snow owl that swept through the sky with a screech.

Let it go!

With the other hand, he formed a white snow fox, and placed it on the ground, watching it scurry away.

Let it go!

Won't hold it in one more day!

Jack threw frost and ice in the air, allowing it to rain down on him.

Let it go!

Let it go!

I don't care what they'll say!

With a wave of his arms, the teen shot bolts of frost on each end, creating beautiful swirls and designs.

No matter what they say!

This is what I make,

you can close your doors

Jack pulled off his hood that North had given him years back and tossed it in the air, leaving him with his colonial white longs sleeve. The wind carried it slightly away, but he didn't care. He wants nothing to do with neither of North or the Guardians.

Alone doesn't bother me anymore...

Feeling bright and free, Jack looked around the snow and mountains in awe. He took a fresh smell of the air around him. I can breath out here!

It's funny how some day's tense,

can cause a wild storm...

Gazing back, he could see images of the Guardians in the blizzard's fog but shrugged. They never even knew him.

And yet you thought you knew me,

well guess again once more~

Excited, he turned and darted away to a deep ravine. On the other side was another snow plat form that seemed impossible to cross. Jack grinned. No problem.

It's time to show what I'm made of,

To show what Jack Frost really does

With a push of both hands, Jack shot ice out to form a rigged stair case. Running up to it, he slowly placed bare foot on the surface, smoothing it out.

No rules,

no responsibilities~

That's me!

He then darted up the stairs, rubbing his hands on the rails, forming a much more designed structure. His smile on his face on his face only became brighter.

Let it go!

Let it go!

I control the wind and fly!

let t go!

Let it go!

Jack looked forward to see a fog image of Bunny, giving him a glare. He only smiled. Not this time, Kangaroo. With a wave of his hand, he ordered the wind to sweep it away.

You'll never see me cry!

Here I'm at!

Running to the center of the snowy base, Jack stomped his foot on the snow, forming an icy platform with a snowflake design.

never gong back,

no more rights or wrongs...

Slowly and overpowering, he raised both hands up to build tall structures and walls around him. From a view, you can see that he was forming an ice castle for himself. He twirled and danced around, at the same time, creating ice under his feet and shot them on the walls.

My storm is swirling in the air and all around!

My sould is mending in frozen fractal bounds!

A beautiful chandelier, pointed in designs, formed down from the ceiling, sparkling with glow.

And they thought it shoots a deadly blast!

Jack pulled out the Russian doll of him from his sleeve and stared at it with hatred. He never knew me, he told himself. Memories of him and the Guardians flashed through his mind, but he shook it out.

I'm never going back,

the past is in the past~!

He threw the object down, hearing the thuds and clink noises disappear. He dd not care where it landed, as long as it was where he could never see it again. Jack grinned and with force, ripped off his sleeves of his shirt, throwing them to the ground.

Let 'em go!

Let 'em go!

And I'll rise like the break of dawn!

Frost curled around his legs and his body, forming frost designed pants and a solid blue torso shirt. His brown cape, formed into a blue cape/hood. He as well, lfted both arms, allowing frost to crl around his skin, forming frost designs.

Let t go!

Let it go!

That lonely feeling's gone!

Walking towards the balcony, Jack swayed in a motion to prove his point. Finally, an ice band like a crown formed on his head so that he looked like an artficial prince. Jack Frost s who I really am... Jackson Overland Frost died in that lake...

Here I stand!

This is who I am!...

You can close your DOOOOOOORS!

The longest and most graceful note Jack has ever sang, echoed around the whole area. This is where he was meant to be. No one was here to tell him other wise. Jack Frost is who he is and nobody will ever again tell him who to be anymore. Jack gave a dark grin at the moon, who was recovering from the clouds. Oh, no you don't, he thought.

Alone doesn't bother me anymore.

He waved a hand, covering the moon's glow once more with clouds. Satisfied, Jack swished around and slammed his ice doors shut.

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