Life 0

"Master, please wake up. If not, then I will punish you. Master-"

One Hyoudou Issei woke up from his sleep. He rubbed his eyes, and move towards bathroom. This was a morning routine of Hyoudou Issei. Wake up, go to the bathroom, make breakfast, and then go to school.

Spending ten minutes showering, Issei turned off the shower. After he dressed himself, he checked his fridge.

"Great, last night I forgot to buy food for today's breakfast. Well, I think I'll managed one or two hours without food."

With that, Hyoudou Issei went to his school.

KuohAcademy was a private school. It was formerly an all-girl school, but a few years ago, it had become co-ed. Suffice to say, the girls to boys ratio was not balanced. For the second years, it was 7:3 while it was 8:2 for the third years.

Hyoudou Issei could be seen walking towards the front gate of KuohAcademy. It was the place where he was attending school right now. Despite the cheerful chirping of the birds that he could easily hear, Hyoudou Issei sighed.

The routine of going to school every day did not amuse him at all. In fact, he had become tired of going to school. But for the sake of appearances, he endured it. After all, he had already completed his education manyyears ago. In fact, he had forgotten the exact time.

No. He must endure it for the sake of one girl. If searching for her meant that he must disguise himself as a schoolboy, then he would accept it.

Shaking his head from such a depressing thought, Issei continue walking towards his school.

He arrived just in time at school.

"Ise! How was the DVD that I lent you?! It was great wasn't it? Wasn't it?"

"Fu, no matter what anyone says, we'll definitely corrupt you Ise!"

When Issei had just sat at his desk, two students approached him and greeted him. The first was a bald-headed man with an athletic body, and his name was Matsuda. The second was a glasses-wearing man, and his name was Motohama.

From what they said to Issei, it was clear that they were perverts.

How did Issei become friends with a pervert anyway? Was he a pervert too?

No. he definitely was not a pervert. He would rather die and be revived again than be called pervert. He himself didn't know how and when those two had become his friends. But Issei did not care. Friendship, no matter who you are, is important in a highschool boys life. In his former school, he had always avoided making friends for several reasons. Mainly because no one would approach him, and he was never very sociable.

Thus, when Motohama and Matsuda approached him; he also already forgot when it happened and all he remembered was what happened, he just let them enter his life. After all, friendship is a treasure one must guard with his entire life. At least that was the definition of friendship that he had.

"No, I never brought it outside my bag. And no, you won't succeed at corrupting me."

"Aw man, people seem to believe that you are also a pervert, why won't you become one?" Motohama said to him with a pleading expression. "Please Ise, you were always accompanying us when we were peeping."

"That's what other people believe. I could care less about what they say about me."

"Oh yeah, I found a new peeping hole! Wanna come?" Suddenly, Matsuda changed the topic.

"Definitely! I won't miss a chance to view heaven on earth!"

"More like a disguised hell. The beating they gave really hurt you know?" Isse said.

"Don't be like that Issei, you were our friend, so it was for the best."

Issei snorted. "I'm not stupid; I know you were using me as a scapegoat."

"Damn! Motohama, let's find a new scapegoat for-

"But, even if you were using me, I know that our friendship is real. So, yeah, I know it was for the best. If it was not me, who knows what would have happened to your body?"

Yes, it was probably for the best if he was the one who took the beatings. After all, from his observation, no human body would survive if they were being beaten by angry female students in KuohAcademy.

Luckily, his body was not that of a human, nor was he.



Both Motohama and Matsuda suddenly, with great coordination but without communication, kneeled before him.


After hearing that, Hyoudou Issei smiled an angelic smile.

"Don't worry guys. I forgave you a long time ago."

""HUWAAAAAAAAAAA! ~~~~~~~~""

The truth was, he didn't want the angry female student to be charged for murder.

Meanwhile, a different kind of scream could be heard.


"Did you see that smile?"

"I never knew Hyoudou-kun was so handsome."

"But he's still hanging out with those perverts."

"But from what those pervert said, Hyoudou-kun was not a pervert."

The girl in his class squealed like a schoolgirl when they saw Ise's angelic smile. Well, they ARE schoolgirls.

The rest of the day, the name Hyoudou Issei became an interesting topic. Apparently, some rather imaginative students had started a rumor that he was a prince that associates himself with peasants.

He couldn't help but laugh when Motohama and Matsuda cursed him.

On the way home, he was greeted by a cute girl.

"Um, excuse me. Are you perhaps Hyoudou Issei?"

Issei nodded at her question. He wondered what a cute girl like her wanted with him.

Suddenly, the girl bowed. "Please go out with me!"

To say he was surprised would be an understatement. If some cute girl suddenly called you out and then say 'Please go out with me', ignorant people would say yes excitedly in a second. Calculating people would think for a long times before deciding yes or no.

But for a determined-but-tired-and-bored man in a young mans body like him, he knew what would he say in a millisecond.

"Sorry, I'm flattered but–

He stopped himself from completing what he would say.

He had made a mistake that all men in the world have made when they wanted to reject a girl who confessed to them.

He saw her face, a face of mixed emotions.

Embarrassment, because she had asked him out in public. Hope, because she hopes he would say yes. Tense, because she wondered what he would answer.

And those eyes, those cursed eyes of doom. In all his life, he had never been able to resist them.

For a countless number of times in his life, he cursed such dangerous existence.

Why must God create the puppy-dog eyes? It was not fair how the female would get anything with just throwing the puppy dog-eyes when the male cannot.

"–but yes."

In an instant, her face of mixed emotions morphed into one of happiness. Combined by the light of sunset, it was a sight to behold.

Hyoudou Issei couldn't help but smile. If by accepting this girl as his girlfriend made her smile in happiness like this, then he wouldn't mind.

He never realized this, but he was a kind man. A trait that had positive and negative points.

Hyoudou Issei spent the rest of the week with his new girlfriend.

Her name was Amano Yuuma. She had a silky long black hair and a slender body that could make any other girl jealous, yet she never flaunted it in front of him. He also liked her warm and down-to-earth personality.

All in all, he didn't regret it one bit, for she was his first girlfriend.

Yes, Amano-san was his first girlfriend. Well, spending time together and even living together for several years with his former master didn't count.


"Yes, Amano-san?"

"Mou~ how many times I must ask you to call me Yuuma-chan?"

"Forgive me, I was just being polite, and teasing you is always fun," he said with a smile towards the one beside him.


Ise just smiled at her. Sometimes, his girlfriend's antics really amused him.

"What do you want to say, Yuuma-san?"

"It's Yuuma-chan for you, Ise-kun."

"Yes, yes. What do you want to say, Yuuma-chan?"

"Do you have a free time tomorrow?"

"Yes, I believe I do."

"Then, would you like to go on a date with me?" Amano Yuuma asked with a same expression as the one when she asked him out.


It was so easy to say that, like there was no burden.

Issei would realize the weight behind those words later.

The next day, Hyoudou Issei was nervous.

After finishing his preparation, he walked leisurely towards his destination. But even though his body was relaxed, his mind was not.

He couldn't shook the feeling that something bad would happen. Maybe his date would be ruined by something, or maybe this sunny day would turn into a rainy day, Issei didn't know. He just felt something would happen.

When he arrived an hour earlier, he still felt something bad. His instincts had never lied before, that's why when a girl walked up to him and gave him a paper, he just pocketed it unconsciously. Maybe his dream would be granted, just like that girl said.

Issei snorted. As if.

His dream was meeting again with the one who made him like this. After she left him several years ago, his life was never interesting again. He became bored of life. That's why since three years ago, he began searching for her. He wanted to meet her again, and maybe he finally could hear her voice. She had never spoke in front of him.

An hour later, Amano Yuuma arrived.

"Ise-kun, did you wait for me?"

Issei wanted to say yes. But no, he won't said it. The first rule of dating is never say you were waiting for your girlfriend.

"No, I also just arrived here."

"Then, let's go!" Yuuma said with excited voice.

Issei offered his hand, and without hesitation, his girlfriend took it.

They went to different kinds of shops, enjoying their date. For lunch, they decided to go to a family restaurant near them. At the restaurant, Yuuma ate a chocolate parfait. Her happy face would never leave his mind.

Time flies, and without realizing it, it was already sunset.

They were walking at the park. There was no one except them. Yuuma walked towards the fountain, leaving Issei behind. When he arrived, Yuuma was already standing before the fountain.

"Ise-kun, it was really fun today," she said with smile.

"Yeah, it sure was fun."

"Hey, Ise-kun?"

"Yes? Amano-san?" Issei replied with smile.

"There's something I want to do to celebrate our first date."

Issei frowned. Usually, Yuuma was upset whenever he called her Amano-san. But just now, she wasn't. Did she not hear it? Nah, maybe she really did not hear it.

"What is it that you want?"

The girl known as Amano Yuuma just smiled when he asked her. Issei thought his girlfriend would ask him to kiss her, or something like that.

But what she said was really unexpected.

"Would you die for me?"

Huh? "Can you repeat it again, I think there was something in my ears, I can't hear you clearly."

"Would you die for me?"

The girl known as Amano Yuuma said with a laugh. Not a second later, Issei could heard a flapping sound.

Suddenly, from Amano Yuuma's back, appeared a pair of black wings.

Hyoudou Issei was stunned.

"It was fun, the short time I spent with you. It was like playing couple with a little child."

Her tone also changed, Issei observed. From her warm and caring down-to-earth tone, into this cold and uncaring one.

Despite being stunned, Issei could mutter some words. There was many question in his mind, from 'what are you' to 'what in the world had just happened'. But no, what Issei managed to say was not that.

"Playing? I thought it was real!"

The one known as Amano Yuuma just laughed with the same uncaring and cold tone.

"So this week was just fake huh?! It was just a game for you huh?!"

"A mere lowly human like you should just shut up!"

"A lowly bitch who likes to manipulate men like you should just shut up!"

"How dare you insult me?!" She glared at him.

So her warm and down-to-earth personality was also a façade. Issei grimaced.

"When I saw your beautiful smile, all I had in my mind was 'Such a wonderful smile, if by accepting her means that I could be the reason behind that smile, then I won't mind'," Issei's bowed his head so his eyes was covered by his bangs. "Clearly I was wrong."

The one known as Amano Yuuma made a disgusted face. "Did you really think that? So disgusting."

She opened her palm. Suddenly, there was a bright light, and in her hand was a spear-like thing made from light. Without giving Issei a chance to say anything, she threw it towards him.

It hit Issei in his stomach.

"You were a threat to us, so the higher ups decided to get rid of you early. If you want to hold a grudge, then hate the God who put the Sacred Gear inside you."

Issei's sight was getting blurry. He winced when he tried to pull the spear-like thing made from light. It was really hurting.

It was not an unfamiliar sensation to him, as he had felt it several times before.

But still, getting killed really hurt.

Hyoudou Issei didn't realize it, but the paper inside his pocket was shining.

"You are the one who called me right?"

Hyoudou Issei couldn't see, he didn't have the strength to open his eyes. But even with his eyes closed, he could hear the voice that asked him.

"Looks like you are dying. Your wound… oh my, it seems the situation is getting interesting."

Issei could hear her laugh when she said this. He frowned, but kept himself silent. What was so funny about his situation?

"If you are dying, then I'll take care of you. Your life will belong to me, and you will live for me."

Finding his strength, Issei tried to get up and succeeded. Slowly, he began to open his eyes.

Red was the first thing that registered in his mind.

The redness of his bloody hand when he tried to pull the thing. The redness of his bloody body where one spear-like thing made from light was sticking out. And when he turned his head towards the other person, the redness of her hair.

Hyoudou Issei was familiar with the color red, especially the red of blood. But he also knows the red hair.

It belonged to one Rias Gremory, a third year in his school.

So the question was, what was she doing here? And what did she just said?

He finally saw her shocked expression.

Huh? What was so shocking about him?

Sometimes, he would forget that no one other than him and the one who made him like this knew what he was. "How…?" was the only word that she could utter.


"How are you still able to stand up?"

"Oh, this," Issei pointed to himself. "It's nothing really. True, I'm not used to being killed, but I am not unfamiliar with the sensation."

"No normal human would be able to stand up after they were stabbed by a Light Spear. What are you?"

Issei smiled. "You're quite observant."

"You still haven't answered my question."

"I don't need to. More importantly, what was the thing that you said just now? 'You life belongs to me? "

…it's nothing important. I thought you were dying, so I said that. Turns out you were not."

After several tries, Issei had managed to pull the Light Spear from his body.\

Nothing could prepare Rias Gremory from getting a stomach ache when she witnessed something that had never been recorded in history. What she witnessed was a sight of the bloodiest man that ever lived.

No, it was different from bathing in blood, because the source of the blood was the man himself. Blood spurted from his stomach, and it really made her stomach sick.

The man who she thought was a normal human, who was a junior in her school, whose name was Hyoudou Issei, tossed the Light Spear. "Man, people always said that betrayal really hurts, never knew it was this painful."

The way he said it casually made her intrigued. The man himself had confirmed that he was not human. So what was he?

She thought of all the beings that could withstand a Light Spear, and survived with so little blood, and she came out with several beings.

"Once again I ask you. What are you?"

Hyoudou Issei seemed to contemplate it for a minute before he came to decision.

"My name is Hyoudou Issei, and I am a Zombie. At least, I consider myself one."

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