"So strange," Bo walked to the Boarding House, "Rosco calling us for help."

"It isn't so strange," Luke glanced at Bo, "if Enos isn't at the Police Department and if he doesn't answer the phone at the Boarding House, I'm not surprised Rosco called us thinking Enos was at the farm."

"Ok, but... WHERE is Enos?" Daisy openly stated the question floating in their minds.

"We're trying to find it out, Daisy, don't worry," Bo turned to her and smiled.

"I'm worrying, instead," Daisy folded her arms around her chest, "'cause it's pretty strange Enos didn't go to the Police Department this morning. His job is everything for him, and he's never late at work."

Bo and Luke glanced at each other, sharing the same worrisome.

"Maybe he got the flu, he's burning with fever and he's unable to answer the phone," Luke tried to calm Daisy down, "anyway, we're goin' to know it pretty soon."

Finally in front of the door of Enos' apartment, the Dukes looked at each other with trepidation and axiety.

"Enos?" Bo gently knocked at the door. "Enos? Are you here, buddy?"

No answer.

"No answer," Bo turned to Luke.

Luke grabbed the doorknob, "The door is open."

From the small opening, the sunlight entered the dark corridor; the Dukes looked at each other, again.

"Come in," Daisy opened the door wide, unable to stand that waiting.

The little room was lightened by the sunlight entering the window.

Bo walked to the bathroom, opening the door, "He isn't here. And it's why he didn't answer the phone. The apartment is empty."

Unmade bed, Enos' uniform on a chair, the gun-belt on the table: Luke's blue eyes stared at every detail in the room.

"Wherever Enos is, he isn't wearing his uniform," Luke pointed at Enos' uniform and gun-belt, then he pointed at the bed, "and he left the apartment in a hurry. He left his apartment in civil clothes, I suppose," he walked to the window and looked down in the street, "and with his personal car. His ol' station wagon isn't parked in front of the Boarding House as usual."

Daisy glanced at Enos' white t-shirt and black trousers (his usual outfit for the night), "but... WHY? Whatever happened, why didn't he warn Rosco 'bout his bein' late at work?" Her heart beat faster and faster in her chest, "Something bad is happened to him, otherwise..." she started to panic.

"Daisy... Daisy... please," Bo came closer her and gently rested his hands on her shoulders, looking into her eyes, "look at me and keep calm. Stop thinking strange things. Maybe we're worrying too much, and this evening we'll probably be at the Boar's Nest with Enos, laughing of this day. OK?" He tried to smile, but he couldn't hide his worrisome.

"It's pointless to stay here," Luke walked around the little room, observing everything, "Enos isn't here, and there's nothing that could help us to know where he is. Come on, have a check outside the town and warn Rosco."

They came out the Boarding House and they walked to the General Lee; Luke grabbed the C.B. and called Rosco: strange thing, Rosco calling the Dukes for help and the Dukes calling Rosco for help.

"His car is in Yellow Creek," Rosco's voice came out the C.B. receiver, a strange tension in his tone, "Silas just called me 'cause he noticed and recognized Enos' car."

"Is Enos OK?" Daisy grabbed the C.B. receiver from Luke's hand, "How's Enos?"

A silence full of tension, seconds seeming hours, prefaced Rosco's final words, "Enos isn't there, but Silas told me there is blood on the car's door. Now, HURRY UP, we have to find that dipstick!"

Daisy looked in shock at her cousins, "Blood? Enos' blood?" her voice a whisper as Bo and Luke glanced at each other with fear in their eyes.

"Come on, Rosco is waiting for us. We have to find out what's happening!" Luke woke up from his shocked state and came in The General Lee, followed by his cousins: the image of them laughing with Enos at the Boar's Nest in the evening faded.