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Summary: What if Petunia raised Harry as promised as like a son with unexpected help from someone in the wizarding world? What was inside of the trunk that Lily sent to Petunia before she passed away? Good witch Petunia and wizard Dudley, Godfather Severus, Alive Regulus Black, Good Malfoy's, Free Sirius Black, Cured Remus Lupin, Good but misunderstood Salazar Slytherin and one Horcux in Harry's scar

Bashing: Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley

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-Break Line-

"Aunt Petunia, I have finished with the garden," said eight year old Harry.

Petunia smiled softly at her nephew, "Thank you dear, I have your supper on the table. Go on and eat before your Uncle comes home."

Harry nodded as he saw two sandwiches and a soda on the table. He was enjoying his food before he heard his cousin coming to the kitchen.

"Mom! Dad is home early! He just parked his car at the driveway!"

Harry ran to his aunt with his plate while Dudley cleaned a bit of what Harry left behind.

Petunia quickly grabbed a dirty oversize shirt from a hidden cabinet and putting onto Harry as if he was cooking.

They heard the door opening and came in was Vernon.

"Pet, I'm home! Has the freak finished supper yet?"

Petunia turned around and gave a fake smile, "Of course dear and finished his chores as well. Why don't you clean up for dinner."

Vernon smiled, "Of course Pet."

Petunia watched her 'normal' husband walk upstairs to their room before sighing in relief. She looked back to see that Harry was finishing setting up the table while Dudley was helping out a bit.

"That's good enough. Dudley, go to the living room and play your game on the couch. Harry, go stand by the stove," instructed Petunia, quietly.

Both boys nodded and did as they were told.

Petunia sighs sadly as she never wanted her dear nephew's life to be like this.

Eight years ago, she found him in a basket in the bitter cold with a note next to him explaining that her dear sister and husband were killed by a dark wizard while their young son, Harry Potter survived.

She grieved of her little sister's death as she was just rebuilding their relationship along with that Snape boy a few years back.

Petunia remembered looking down at her only living family member left as her parents had passed away about a month ago from a car crash by a drunken driver. She vowed that day she would take care of him and guide her nephew to be the best wizard like her little sister was.

Petunia snapped away from her thoughts when Vernon came in and took his seat.

"Freak, give me my food! Don't make me wait all day!" snapped Vernon.

"Y-Yes Uncle Vernon," replied Harry. The young child hurried to fill up their plates and placed them on the table.


"Get some sleep Harry," said Petunia, softly. She leaned over to give him a kiss on the forehead.

Harry smiled, "Night Aunt Petunia."

She closed Harry's room which was the cupboard under the stairs. Petunia knows it was wrong but it was the only way for Harry to run and hide from Vernon when he gets drunk on the weekends.

Petunia cried silently as she climbed upstairs to give a good night sleep to Dudley as well.

She was about to go to her room when she remembered her sister gave her a trunk that should be used for emergencies before going into hiding. She ran up to the attic and looked everywhere for the mysterious trunk until she spots it on the far right corner.

Petunia opened it and looked around that could be useful and after about a few minutes, she found something that looked official with a seal on it.

She broke the seal and noticed it was some sort of Will…from her sister.

She read through it and after she finished, she was beyond shock of what she read. She placed down the Will and look for the book that mention in the Will that would help her communicate the only person that could save her nephew.

'Please…please get here soon,' thought Petunia as she finished writing her message.

She put everything away except for the Will when she heard an all too familiar shouting coming from downstairs.


-Hogwarts, Severus' Quarters-

Severus Snape was relaxing at his living room after an exhausting day from students that don't listen or read instructions when he heard an all too familiar sound.

'What the bloody – it can't be,' thought the potion master. He ran towards the only location to where the sound was coming from, his old trunk from school.

He opened his room and went straight to the closet to find his old trunk. Severus digs deep inside to find a black book with his initials on the front but this was no ordinary book.

During in their fake fall out stunt in their 5th year, Lily, his best friend made two charmed journals to work like a phone. She got the idea when she overheard Potter and Black having a magical two way mirrors.

Before Lily went to hiding with Potter, she told him whenever it would make a sound is when her sister, Petunia was in need of help because of her abusive husband, Vernon Dursley.

He opens the book and search for the entry Petunia wrote:

Sev, if you are still there please help me.

I thought I could protect him from my husband but after eight years has passed, I can't take it anymore…I can't see him getting hurt and beaten. I had to resort to putting him in the cupboard under the stairs to keep him somewhat safe from Vernon.

I gave him chores to keep him busy but Vernon demands chores that meant for older adults.

I was able to stop my son to become a massive bully but he still needs to act cruel to his cousin when his Father is around. Please Sev you need to get him out of here before Vernon kills him.


P.S – There was something in Lily's trunk that you might want to see for yourself.

Severus widens his eyes before quickly going to his cabinet and grabbing a few potions that he might need to use. Within seconds, he grabbed his traveling cloak and dashed out from his quarters.

-Privet Drive Number 4-

Petunia raced downstairs and saw her son looking down from the stairway.

"Dudley," said Petunia softly.

Dudley looked up and had tears on his eyes, "Dad is hurting Harry again Mommy! Make him stop please! I don't want Harry to die!"

Petunia nodded and went to the kitchen. When she entered, she saw her nephew on the floor curled up while Vernon was holding a worn out and bloody brown belt.

"You blasted freak! How dare you steal water from us after we took you in after our good hearts, you filthy brat!" shouted Vernon.

"I-I'm s-sorry U-Uncle Vernon…p-please s-stop," begged Harry.

"You will not take what is yours, you freak!" said Vernon as he started kicking Harry.

"P-Please Uncle V-Vernon…I-I'll be g-good!" sobbed Harry.

Petunia couldn't take it anymore.


She grabbed hold to a vase and smashed it onto Vernon's head.

As Vernon dropped to the ground, Petunia and Dudley ran towards Harry to help him.

"Mommy Harry is hurt more than last time, is he going to be ok?" wondered Dudley.

"I believe so…go to the cabinet where I keep the towels and the first aid kit for Harry," said Petunia, softly.

Dudley nodded but before grabbing the necessary things, his father was up and had a furious look on his face.

"Why are you helping the freak Petunia?!" snapped Vernon.

Before Petunia could move, Dudley moved in front of his mother and cousin/brother.

"No! Don't hurt Harry anymore and he is not a freak! Y-You are the freak!"

Vernon was shock to hear that his only son was defending someone that was not like them. A freak! A-A monster!

He angrily turned to Petunia who was holding onto the brat. He was shaking from fear and was trying to hide his bruised eye within Petunia's chest.

"You freak! Look what you did to my family! You are going to regret this – AH!"

Petunia widens her eyes as she saw her husband being thrown across the room. She looked down to see that her nephew was shocked as well.

'If Harry didn't do it then…'

Petunia thoughts were stopped as she looked up to see that her son had his hand up and his face had a disbelief look.

"Mommy…I did magic…just like Harry," said Dudley in awe.

Petunia smiled happily as her nephew would not be going alone to Hogwarts but their short happiness was cut short when Vernon returned with his shotgun.

"I have enough of this! The freak is leaving tonight! I'll shot him into pieces for making my son into a freak as well!" shouted Vernon, angrily.

Petunia tightens her hold onto Harry while Dudley was still standing in front of them. Just before Vernon could take another step, the door was blasted opened and came in was Severus Snape.

Vernon grit his teeth, "You! You're one of them! How –"

"Stupefy," said Severus lazily at the whale of a muggle. Vernon fell to the ground while Petunia sighs in relief before getting up with Harry onto her arms.

"Oh thank goodness you are here," said Petunia, happily.

Severus nodded before looking down to see Lily's son. The child must have gone unconscious when he slammed the door open.

"Petunia would you mind taking young Mr. Potter to the living room so I can heal him," said Severus as Petunia nodded. "In the meantime, pack up what you can as you and the children at not staying here any longer."

"Oh Sev, thank you," said Petunia happily with tears. "I wanted to leave Vernon a long time ago but I had nowhere to go. Though Vernon wasn't like this at all…he was sweet and caring. That's way my parents thought he would be the perfect man for me…but we were wrong."

Petunia carefully placed Harry onto the couch as Severus began to work on his serious injuries.

"I see, what was inside of Lily's trunk that you wanted me to see?" wondered Severus as he casted a diagnosis scan to Harry.

Petunia took out the unsealed paper and handed over to Severus.

"I believe this a copy of my sister's Will."

Severus widens his eyes, "The Ministry has been trying to find the Potter's Will for over the past four years! Lily…once again you were one step ahead."

Petunia smiled, softly, "She was quite intelligent which why our parents admired so much. I was proud to have her as my sister. I-I better started packing."

Severus nodded before calling someone.


A small creature popped out of nowhere with a black clothes that had the Prince crest on it.

"Did Master Severus called Lippy?"

"Yes, I need you to help his young woman to pack her belongings along with her son's and nephew."

Lippy nodded, happily, "Of course Master Severus, which way Madam?"

Petunia stared at the strange creature before shaking off her curiosity.

"Upstairs, both my son's and nephew's clothes are there."

The house elf nodded while Severus gave her a strange look.

"I…will explain everything once we are out of here," said Petunia before looking down. "If Harry wakes up, be warn that that he doesn't know anything about his true heritage."

Severus sighs, "Very well, go before the wards starts notifying the Headmaster."

Petunia nodded before going upstairs with her son and the small house elf following her.

Severus sighs heavily and started giving the necessary potions to Lily's son. When he was finished, all of the bruises, cuts, welts and broken bones were healing nicely.

While he waited for Petunia to finished, it gave him time to read the missing Will of his best friend and crush:

The last Statement and Will of one Lily Rose Potter nee Evans

If you are reading this then that means James and I are dead and that traitor Rat, Peter betrayed us to Lord Voldemort. I warn James not to switch secret keepers but he said that Peter will never hurt us and would keep us save from harm while everyone will believe that Sirius would be the secret keeper.

Only Albus Dumbledore, James, Peter, Sirius and I know of this.

Please whoever is reading this you must know that Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper not Sirius Black! If Sirius is locked up than release him as he never betrayed us!

To Remus Lupin, my collection of books from my vault and 100,000 gallons for you to pay something nice and make sure Black is careful with my little Harry.

To Sirius Black – you better have matured if not I will haunt you for the rest of your life if you dare to only teach my son just pranks and being anti-Slytherin!

To Petunia Dursley nee Evans. I sent you a trunk with my things, treasures we cherished when we were younger and potions for you if you need it and in case your son gets ill. I hope in time you dump that whale of a husband of yours when our parents die and find someone else that will love you no matter what.

Lastly Severus Snape, I want you to be there in my son's life my dear friend and help him to be the best…not like how Black will guide him properly – sorry Sirius but you are more of a fun Uncle rather than a Father figure so…

We, Lily Rose Potter nee Evans and James Charles Potter give the name of Godfather to Severus Tobias Snape to your son Harry James Potter.

If for some reason he can't than please place Harry to Narcissa Malfoy nee Black, his Godmother who is cousin to my husband side of the family.

Do not place my son with my sister if she is still married to Vernon Jonathan Dursley who is the most uncaring person I have every meet in my life and sadden that my sister was forced to marry him from our parents.

My final request, please do a Heritance Test Potion to my son, Harry as I have a feeling that my family was never a muggle to begin with.

Severus stood there in shock…him…the Godfather to the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter not Black. Speaking about the mutt, he was never the secret keeper to begin with but that cowardly Peter Pettigrew.

Suddenly he heard Harry waking up.

"Aunt Petunia?" said Harry, softly as he was getting up. He looked around to see that he was sitting on the couch before noticing a man with dark clothes.

Severus walked over to the small child before placing his hand over to his shoulder.

"Easy child, don't move as you are still recovering from your injuries."

Harry widens his eyes with a slight flinch, "W-Who are you? A-And where are my Aunt and cousin?"

"Your Aunt and cousin are fine. They're packing their belongings along with yours as you three will not be staying here anymore. My name is Severus Snape. I was good friends with your Mother and little bit to your Aunt when we were younger."

"Y-You know my Mommy? A-And do you really mean that we are not coming back?" asked Harry with hope before looking down. "I hate seeing my Aunt sad sir."

"I never lie and yes, I did know your Mother," replied Severus before looking down at the parchment. "Harry it would seems that your Mother named me your Godfather before she passed away…if I have known about his then I would have tried everything to see that you would have lived with me from the beginning."

Harry had tears fallen from his green eyes as he found out that there is someone rather than his Aunt and cousin that loves him. Without thought, the small child hugged his Godfather and buried his head onto his chest.

Severus awkwardly patted Harry's head, "Um there now little one…better now?"

Harry nodded, "Yes Papa."

Severus gave him a look, "Papa? I would imagine you would be calling me Uncle – don't get me wrong I dreamed of being called something like that."

"Because my Daddy was Daddy and Uncle will remind me of Uncle Vernon so I thought that maybe Papa will be ok because a Godfather is like another Daddy…I think," explain Harry, softly.

Severus had a faint smile, "For an 8 year old, you sure have some mind there Harry."

Harry smiled a bit before seeing her aunt, cousin and a strange creature coming down with three suitcases and a worn out trunk that were floating behind them.

Harry widen his eyes, "H-How are those suitcases floating like that?!"

Petunia walked over to her nephew, "Don't worry dear, I will explain everything but first we need to leave from this place."

Harry nodded while Severus pointed his wand to shrink the suitcases and trunk into his robes.

"Let's head to the Leaky Cauldron. I can get a room where I can start explaining to Harry about the Wizarding world and magic," said Severus. He got up while Harry was holding on to him.

"I believe you need to explain it to my son as well…he did accidental magic by throwing Vernon away from us not too ago," said Petunia, softly.

"Your son…Your son is a wizard!?" said Severus in shock. He smirked a bit, "Now that is something...best be off before Dumbledore finds out."

Harry looked down to his cousin, "Dudley, what are they talking about? I-Is magic r-really real?"

Dudley nodded, "Sure is Harry! Is that wicked or what! Magic is amazing! Forget what my Dad said about magic as it is so real and awesome!"

"Really? Ok," said Harry before placing his head onto Severus' shoulder.

-Diagon Alley, Gringotts Wizarding Bank-

"Welcome to Diagon Alley," said Severus as he opened the entrance.

"Wicked!" said Dudley while Harry stared in awe.

"Now I see why Lily would always tell me to come over and shop here but I felt…out of place if I did," stated Petunia as she followed Severus to a white building.

"I can see why," said Severus before addressing to the children. "Now when we go inside, you have to be silent unless you are spoken to and stay close to us. Don't wander off, understood?"

Harry nodded not wanting to disappoint his Godfather while Dudley as first didn't want to agree until he saw his mother give him one of her rare looks.

"Good, let's go."

Once inside, Dudley and Harry were dumbfounded of what they saw.

Dudley pointed to the weird creature, "Mommy, what are those things?"

"That is a goblin sweetie now please it's rude to point and remember what Uncle Sev said," stated Petunia.

"Oh right, sorry Mommy," said Dudley.

They reached to the front where the goblin was working before taking notice of their presence. Which frighten Harry and hid behind Severus' cloak.

"May I help you?" sneer the goblin.

"Yes, we came to resolve the missing Will from the late Lady Lily Rose Potter nee Evans," explain Severus with his own sneer.

The goblin took the Will before widening his eyes, "Y-Yes but of course, we will get right on that sir – GRIPHOOK!"


"Take them to room 5 and informed Nagnok!"

"Of course, follow me please."

Severus and Petunia followed the small goblin to the room and waited until another came inside.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Professor Snape and Mrs. Dursley nee Evans. My name is Nagnok. I have been taking care of the Potter Vaults for more than a few centuries. I'm quite disappointed that the Will has not been sorted out like Lord Potter's."

Severus shook his head, "Don't blame yourself. The Lady Potter's Will was never found in the family vault alongside with Lord Potter's Will."

Nagnok nodded, "Very well, we will deal with Mr. Remus Lupin in at another time but for now let's carry out what we can do for now."

"Yes my sister wants Harry to take this Heritance Test Potion," stated Petunia.

"It shall be done," said Nagnok before taking out a small vial. "Mr. Potter if you would mind letting us pick your finger for a little blood so we can activate the potion?"

Harry bites his lip before looking over at his Aunt and Godfather who gave him a small nod.

"O-Oh ok."

Nagnok magically summoned a small knife and cut young Harry's finger. He let three drops of blood into the vial and started to change color.

"While we wait, Mr. Snape, in the Will of Lady Potter, she stated that Lord Sirius Black was not the secret keeper but if memory serves me, Lord Black was sentence to Azkaban for his betrayal of the Potter's and killing 13 muggles."

"Yes, but it would seems the Minister send an innocent man to prison," said Severus. "Please do notify Madam Bones so we can discuss with her in another time."

"Very well Mr. Snape, I will have Griphook sent a message to Lady Bones," said Nagnok. "Now I believe the potion is ready, Griphook get the golden parchment!"

Within a few minutes, the gold parchment was starting to fill young Harry's family tree.

Harry James Potter
Born: July 31, 1980
Father: Lord James Charles Gryffindor-Potter
Mother: Lady Lily Rose Potter nee Slytherin-Evans

Charles William Gryffindor-Potter and Lady Dorea Cassie Potter nee Black
Harold Salvador Slytherin-Evans and Rose Marie Slytherin-Evans nee Patel

Lord Salazar Harold Slytherin and Lady Helga Rosie Slytherin nee Hufflepuff
Lord Godric William Gryffindor and Lady Rowena Marie Gryffindor nee Ravenclaw
Lord Merlin

Lady Petunia Marie Dursley nee Slytherin-Evans and Vernon Jonathan Dursley
Dudley Vernon Dursley
Lady Narcissa Dorea Malfoy nee Black and Lord Lucius Abraxas Malfoy
Draco Lucius Malfoy
Lady Bellatrix Cassiopeia Lestrange nee Black and Lord Rodolphus Samuel Lestrange
Sirius Orion Black
Regulus Arcturus Black
Andromeda Eli Tonks nee Black and Ted Johnson Tonks
Nymphadora Andy Tonks

Heir to the Noble and Ancient house:

Everyone in the room was speechless.

Nagnok looked up with an awe expression to the small family while the other goblins were giving a small bow to them.

"Forgive me for not recognizing your magic, my Lady and young Lords. It is an honor to be under your presences."

Petunia had a shock look on her face before looking over to Severus.

"W-What's going on? Why are they bowing to me – to us?!"

"They are bowing to you and to the children because you are descendants of the four founders of Hogwarts," replied Severus. "You have the power to kick Dumbledore out of the castle but it's too bad that you were born as a squib."

Petunia looked down sadly as what Severus said was true. Lily told her what a squib was which was a wizard born with no magic and is treated like a muggle.

"What do you mean Mr. Snape? Lady Dursley has her magical abilities, sealed but I can sense her magic core," said Nagnok.

Petunia widens her eyes, "I-I have m-magic?"

"You didn't know?" said the goblin in shock.

Petunia shook her head.

"Well it looks like we must see who blocked your magic," said Nagnok before narrowing his eyes. "Also it would seem that no one has healed young Lord Potter's scar properly yet."

"No, Dumbledore said it couldn't be removed as it was a curse scar," said Severus before smirking, slightly. "I have a feeling that you have something to heal the scar."

Nagnok chuckled, "Mr. Snape, we have magic far beyond than any other wizards, which is why the four founders gave us the respect we deserve. They saw what we can do in a blink of an eye."

Severus nodded, "Very well, when can you heal Harry's scar and unseal Petunia's magic?"

Nagnok smirked, "If you like…we can do it now."

-Prince Manor, 11:00 pm-

Severus collapse in to his armchair at his study room. He asked his house elf Lippy to show Petunia where she and her son were going to sleep for the time being while he showed Harry to his new room which was next to his.

He just finished putting the young child to sleep after giving him a bit of a dreamless sleeping potion before heading over to his study room.

The young potion master was in complete shock and stunned.

He just found out that his dear beloved Lily, her sister and along with their children were descendants to Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Merlin.

After reading the Will, Petunia seal was removed and released a powerful magic to the walls of the room. She had to be given a few calming draughts and a small block to her magic so it can slowly be release like an eleven year old child would.

They checked on Dudley and found out that he had a block but was able to break it by saving his cousin and mother from Vernon.

Afterwards it was Harry's turn to heal his curse scar. It was a small ritual where Harry had to stand in the middle with some ancient goblin runes while Nagnok and another goblin chanted the spell in their language.

The ritual was a simple but powerful cleansing magic to remove unwanted light magic or dark. The runes will help the wizard by giving them strengthening magic if the unwanted magic would cause the person in pain.

When it was finished, a black mist came out of Harry's scar and gave a nasty screech before it fades away. Whatever it was causes the lightning scar to fade away but was slightly noticeable.

Severus and Petunia thank the goblins for their services but when they were about to leave young Harry asked the goblin something.

"…C-Can you make my last name like my Papa?"

After a few minutes later, Severus was holding his adoptive son, Harry James Potter-Snape.

Petunia went back to her maiden name Evans as to Dudley after learning in the Wizarding world, she could immediately divorce her no good husband if he was he was not suited to be a parent or guardian.

Though Petunia worries if Dumbledore ever finds out it but Nagnok just smirked and told her not to worry.

Not soon after, a letter with a copy of the Will of Lily Potter nee Evans was send to Madam Bones. Severus would have to wait for a replay in the morning.

Severus looked out of the window and smiled a bit.

"Just as always you surprise me Lily…even after death. I just hope that young Harry does not do the same to me…even though learning who he is related to."

-Break Line-

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