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Summary: What if Petunia raised Harry as promised as like a son with unexpected help from someone in the wizarding world? What was inside of the trunk that Lily sent to Petunia before she passed away? Good witch Petunia and wizard Dudley, Godfather Severus, Alive Regulus Black, Good Malfoy's, Free Sirius Black, Cured Remus Lupin, Good but misunderstood Salazar Slytherin and one Horcux in Harry's scar

Bashing: Dumbledore, Molly Weasley and Ginny Weasley

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-The Burrow, July 6, 1995-

Ron was going downstairs, still thinking on what his twin older brothers are planning. He shook his head and was about to enter the kitchen when he heard Dumbledore's voice along with his mother and little sister.

He carefully walked over to the side and lean over to see Dumbledore sitting on the table while his mom was standing over the stove and his sister sitting across from Dumbledore.

"Are you certain this is going to work, Albus?" questioned Molly, angrily.

"I'm quite certain Molly," said Albus before taking a sip of tea. "Even though Potter is the heir of Slytherin and Severus is his adopted Father, I'm still his magical guardian."

"And are you certain the soul bonding wouldn't affect the marriage contract?" asked Molly.

"Positive Molly," replied Albus.

Ginny smiled, "Than I'm not worried anymore. So when are we going to tell Harry about the 'secret' marriage contract that his parents left behind in Mother's vault?"

"I would say on his birthday," said Albus. "And don't worry, in the marriage contract, you and your family can move into Potter Manor. Molly, you would have access to the Potter vaults until Harry turns seventeen."

"Wonderful," said Molly, happily before looking serious. "And Arthur and my older children don't know about this, correct?"

"That's correct," replied Albus, happily. "I believe you and your husband will find the Master bedroom in Potter Manor quite to your liking. There are plenty of rooms for everyone."

"Oh that's wonderful," said Molly. She looked around at the kitchen, "I know that Arthur means well and works hard but I'm quite tired of living like this. I came from the Noble house of Prewett! I should be treated like a queen!"

"I know my dear but not to worry, once you show the marriage contract to Severus, they have no choice to follow it," said Albus.

"Oh I can't wait!" squeaked Ginny, happily. "No more hand-me-downs robes and hello silk fabric robes!"

"Yes dear and you'll be treated like a princess," said Molly, happily. She hugged her daughter, "I know Potter will treat you with wonderful gifts and gowns. Not to mention, what lovely grandchildren I'm going to have!"

Ron backed away before carefully and quickly run up to the twin's room. He banged their door, "Fred! George! Open up will yea! I need to talk to you!"

The door open and Ron was pulled inside.

The young redhead could see at the window there were at least three cauldrons filled with yellowish liquid. Their bunk beds were at the left side of the room but undone, their wardrobe was nearby their bed but the drawers were slightly opened and the place had parchments scattered everywhere.

"You two really need to clean this place up," murmured Ron.

"What's up little brother?" asked Fred as he closed the door.

"Oh right," said Ron before shaking his head. "I was going downstairs to get something to drink when I overheard Mom, Dumbledore and Ginny talking about this marriage contract between Harry and Ginny."

"What?" said the twins before the two of them looked at each other than nodded.

"Alright, this is what we are going to do," started George.

"First, pack what you can in your bag and hide it under your bed," said Fred.

"Second, once Mom and everyone are asleep, grab your bag and meet us downstairs," said George. "While we pack a few foods, Fred will take our pictures from the family clock so Mom wouldn't know about it until the last minute."

"Finally, we will be leaving here – permanently!" said Fred.

Ron widened his eyes in shock and stood there speechless. It took about a minute for Ron to shake off his shock, "A-And where are going to live? We don't have much money."

The twins grinned, "To a friend. He will be able to helps us out."

-Prince Manor, July 8-

Harry and Dudley were looking over at the fifth year students to select the Perfects.

"This is difficult," murmured Dudley before slumping onto the couch. "Too much work. Not only we have summer homework but selecting the Perfects, Head boys and Head girls as well – too much!"

Harry lifts up his eyebrow, "If you think this is too much, imagine the duties of being Lord Gryffindor will be."

Dudley widened his eyes, "Merlin's bread!"

Harry laughed before getting up and was about to walk out of the library when Dobby appeared in front of him.

"Master Harry, sir, your friend's the Weasley's are here to see you."

"Which ones?" asked Harry.

"That would be Fred Weasley, George Weasley and Ronald Weasley. I told them to wait at the foyer," replied Dobby.

"I understand the twins but Ron," said Dudley before narrowing his eyes. "Why is he here?"

"Not sure, let's find out," said Harry. He looked over at his personal elf, "Mind bringing some snacks to my quarters?"

"Of course Master Harry," said Dobby before disappearing.

The two boys shook their heads before heading over to the entrance to find the twins and Ron with their bags over their shoulders.

"So you guys finally escape," said Dudley. "Surprise you guys were able to find this place without Uncle Severus help though."

"It took time but we were able to find this place because in our Father side, one of our Great-Uncle married a Prince," said George.

"We were able to get the location of this place from the bank," said Fred.

Harry nodded, "And only a Prince can get the location. It's no wonder you guys are quite skilled in potions since the Prince bloodline are skilled Potion Masters."

"Why thank you, dear cousin," said the twins.

"So…why are you here Ron?" asked Harry as he guided them to his room. Dobby appeared and left drinks and some sandwiches on the table before leaving.

"Um…well…I-I…there is something I-I need to tell you," stuttered Ron, nervously.

"Something to tell me?" wondered Harry.

"Go on little brother, don't be nervous," said Fred while George gave a smile.

Ron bit his lip before nodding his head and started telling Harry and Dudley about the marriage contract that his mother and Dumbledore had made secretly.

"Damn it," murmured Harry before summoning Dobby again. "Tell my Dad and my Uncles to come to my room – immediately!"

Dobby nodded his head before disappearing from the room.

It didn't take for Harry's doors to burst open and came in was Severus, Regulus, Sirius and Remus with wands on hand.

"Put your wands away," said Harry before sighing. "Better yet…hand them over as I don't want either of you getting arrested."

"What do you mean Harry?" asked Remus.

"Why are the twins and young Ron here?" asked Sirius.

"Dumbledore and Molly," replied Dudley, angrily. He stood up, "They arranged an illegal marriage contract between Harry and Ginny!"

"What?!" shouted the men.

"Ron overheard his Mother talking to Dumbledore where he learned about the contract," explained Harry. Severus was about to protest when Harry stopped him. "He's not lying Dad."

Severus gave an uncertain look.

"P-Please sir…i-it's the truth! I-If you don't believe me, we can show you the contract!" said Ron. "We asked a copy of it at the bank before coming here for prove!"

Fred digs through his bag and pulled out the contract. He handed over to Regulus, "We were shocked to find out when it was supposedly created."

Regulus frowns a bit before looking down at the parchment. "This contract…it was created on October the fifth in the year of 1981. It has both James and Lily's signatures along with Arthur and Molly's signatures."

"The fifth of October…but that's was a few weeks before Harry's parents were killed," said Sirius. "During that time, Ginny was only two months old I believe."

"Hold on, may I see the signatures," said Severus.

Regulus handed the parchment to the potion master. Severus looked over at Lily's signature before glaring at it. "This…This is not Lily's signature!"

Sirius and Remus leaned over at Severus' shoulder before glaring at the parchment.

"That's not Prongs' signature either! Prongs can never properly sign his name that neatly!" snapped Sirius.

"This can't be right," murmured Remus. "If I recall, James and Lily started to hide before Ginny was even born. They couldn't have created this contract at all or even approved of it."

"So that means Dumbledore and Molly did something illegal!" said Dudley, angrily.

"They could be sent to Azkaban and have their wands snapped," stated Regulus. "Not only that, Albus could lose all of his titles as well."

"Interesting," murmured Severus. "If we do this right, we only have to deal with Riddle and very few who still follows him."

"But how can we prove that Albus forge the Potter's signatures?" wondered Ron.

"The only thing we can do is cancel out the supposed marriage contract," said Severus. "Since Albus was never Harry's magical guardian in the first place. Guardianship went all to Petunia while the magical part was supposed to be his Godparent."

"Which would mean Sirius, Narcissa or yourself were my magical guardian," said Harry before frowning. "How was he able to fool the goblins about that?"

"During the time, no one never question Dumbledore since he defeated the previous Dark Lord and was quite a powerful wizard before Riddle came to the Wizarding world," explained Severus.

"Bunch of idiots," murmured Dudley.

"Harry, we will be going to the bank next week and speak to Nagnok about this matter, understood?" said Severus.

Harry nodded before looking over at Ron, "Now that's out of the way, why did you run away from your home, you guys?"

"Fred and I were planning to leave that place after graduation," started George.

"But when we noticed that little Ronnie here was getting second thoughts about our Mother," said Fred.

"We couldn't let him continue to stay at a place with bunch of nonsense," said George.

"So we all packed our things and hoped we can stay here for the time being until George and I find a place of our own," finished Fred.

Severus was about to say something when Sirius stopped him. "What is it Black?"

"What would you say about being blood adopted by me, boys?" asked Sirius, seriously.

The twins and Ron widen their eyes.

"I mean you three are related to me since your Grandmother from your Mother side was a Black and if I recall somewhere down the Weasley line, a Weasley and a Black married," said Sirius before smirking. "There wouldn't be much of a change once you accept the Blood adoption potion."

The twins grinned, "That would be great sir!"

Ron thought for a moment before forming a smile and nodded his head.

"Wonderful!" said Sirius. "Give me about a week to get things ready. Snape, if you don't mind preparing the potion for me. Remus can start collecting the necessary ritual items."

"Since you ask me in a civil manner, very well," said Severus while Remus nodded.

"In the meantime, you three better find a new name for the adoption," said Sirius before winking at them. "I must warn you that all of the Black family has been named after a constellation."

The twins and Ron looked at each other before nodding their heads.

"Well that's said and done, Harry would you mind showing the Weasley or soon to be Black twins and Ronald to their rooms?" said Severus.

"Sure Dad," said Harry.

"And boys starting tomorrow, you will be learning about combat and other things," said Sirius before leaving the room.

"Learning…what?" wondered Ron.

"Oh the usual," started Harry. "Hand-to-Hand muggle combat training, morning and night runs, fitness training, weapon training – magic and muggle and etc."

"We start our day around five in the morning with a run before taking a shower, eating breakfast, Potions lessons, Defense and Combat lessons, lunch, an hour of free time or doing summer homework, weapon training, wandless magic, Occlumency and Legilimency lessons," said Dudley.

"Don't worry, you'll get your schedule in the morning," said Harry before seeing the twins and Ron's face. He started to laugh while Dudley was on the floor, laughing crazy while holding onto his stomach.

"Merlin's bread Harry!" shouted Ron. "No wonder you are good! How did you survive your summers with your Dad and Uncles?"

"It's not like they started like that," said Harry. "At first, we started with the basics like waking up early for the run and teaching us the basic Karate training."

"Kar-atie?" wondered Ron.

"It's a muggle hand-to-hand combat fighting," replied Dudley.

"Does muggles really know how to fight?" asked George.

"They do but they have different ways on how to fight," replied Harry before opening a door. "This will be the twin's room while the door next door is Ron's."

The twins took a peak of their new room and they were stunned.

The room was light peach, two beds that had red silk bed sheets, two long Victorian couches, and two double door wardrobes. There was a staircase leading to the top of the room with a desk and a window and by the beds there was a double doors window that leads to a balcony.

"Wicked," said the twins before exploring the room.

Harry shook his head before going over to Ron's room to see the young redhead standing in the middle of the room with a disbelief look on his face.

The room was slightly the same as the twins minus the staircase and the color of the room.

There was one king size bed on the right side by a window, a dark double door wardrobe on the other side of the room, a red large rug, the room was light red with a slight gold on the end of the walls, double door window leading to a balcony, three armchairs and one long Victorian couch.

"Never…in my life I would be living…like this," murmured Ron.

"Just don't become like a spoiled brat," said Harry with a smile. "You have been giving a second chance Ron so don't mess it up, got it?"

Ron simply nodded before placing his bag onto the bed. He looked over at his hand-me-down clothes, "What…should I do with these?"

"I guess you can use them during your training," suggested Harry. "Once the adoption ritual is done, Uncle Sirius will take you to the bank to set up vaults for you and your brothers. Then buy you the necessary clothes, robes and new school robes."

"N-New," said Ron before smiling. "I…I finally getting something that will be mine. I…I sort of got jealous that my sister would get new clothes since she is the only girl in our family while I would get old clothes from my older brothers."

"Well enjoy it Ron and welcome to the family," said Harry. "Let's go see if the twins are done and we can help you guys find a good name for the three of you."

Ron smiled before nodding his head and followed Harry to the twin's room. They saw that the twins were already setting the second floor as a potion lab.

Once they were done, the five of them headed over to the library and looked over books about constellations.

-The Ministry, Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office-

"Ah Sirius, pleasure seeing you once again," greeted Arthur, happily. "Come pull up a seat, anything to drink?"

"No, I'm alright," replied Sirius before sighing. "I wish I could say the same thing but this visit…it's not a good one."

Arthur frowned, "What do you mean? W-Wait does this has to do with the twins and Ron being missing? Did you find them? Are they alright?"

Sirius thought for a moment. Thinking he could get some clues, he played along. "Missing? The twins and Ronald are missing? Are you sure about this Arthur?"

"Positive Sirius," said Arthur, worriedly. "I would normally have to wake Ron up for breakfast but he wasn't in his bed. I went to check on the twin's room and they were missing as well!"

"What about Ginny and Percy?" asked Sirius.

"They were in their rooms," replied Arthur before shaking his head. "When I told this to Molly, she told me to check the family clock but when I did – their pictures were not there either! I don't know where they could be Sirius!"

Sirius sighed, "Did…you ever think that the twins and Ronald might have ran away?"

"R-Run away?" said Arthur in disbelief. "Why would they do that? They know that Molly and I love them more than anything in the world!"

"What if…What if it was something that they didn't want to get involved into?" asked Sirius.

"Sirius…what are you trying to say to me?" asked Arthur, nervously.

"First, let me show you something that your wife is doing behind your back," said Sirius. He took out the marriage contract and handed over to Arthur.

The older Weasley looked over at the secret contract before slamming his hands onto his desk. "I – I DIDN'T APPROVE OF THIS!" shouted Arthur. "And I certainly didn't meet with James and Lily on October the fifth. The last time I saw them was before they went into hiding!"

Sirius nodded and started telling him what the twins told them about Molly and his youngest children actions for the past four years. It took about an hour to explain to Arthur.

"The twins had enough and told Ron to pack his things and all three of them left," finished Sirius. "We know about this cause they showed up in Prince Manor after learning from your side of the family, a Weasley married a Prince."

"So they are alright," murmured Arthur in relief. He then shook his head, "I thought…I work so hard for my family but I'm just not earning enough. I feel horrible that I couldn't get want my children ask for or getting them new clothes."

Sirius sighed, "Then let me help you Arthur. Give me permission to blood adopt the twins and Ron while you deal with Molly and Ginny."

Arthur widens his eyes before sighing, sadly. "…you have my blessing."

Sirius nodded, "I thank you cousin. If you like you can move in Black Manor with Percy and whenever Charlie and Bill visit. I'm practically living in Prince Manor and Grimmauld Place is where my brother and sister-in-law live at."

"Thank you Sirius, you're too kind," said Arthur, softly. He had serious look on his face, "I never thought I was going to resort to using the laws of the purebloods."

"In some way, everyone has to use both muggle and magical laws even if it's the old ways," said Sirius, seriously before getting up. "I best be off. Please notify us if you see Dumbledore in your home or hiding somewhere around there."

Arthur nodded, "I will and…please tell the boys that I love them and make sure you take great care of them as well."

Sirius nodded before heading out of the office and floo back to Grimmauld Place.

-Break Line-

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