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Summary: What if Petunia raised Harry as promised as like a son with unexpected help from someone in the wizarding world? What was inside of the trunk that Lily sent to Petunia before she passed away? Good witch Petunia and wizard Dudley, Godfather Severus, Alive Regulus Black, Good Malfoy's, Free Sirius Black, Cured Remus Lupin, Good but misunderstood Salazar Slytherin and one Horcux in Harry's scar

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-The Burrow-

"Ginny, dear have you seen your brothers?" asked Molly.

"No Mommy, but let me look outside. They could be flying by the stream," said Ginny.

"Thank you dear," said Molly. She walked over the stove and was about to finish dinner when she saw Albus walking into the kitchen. "Good afternoon, what can I do for you, Albus?"

"Nothing at all Molly," replied Albus. "I'm just grateful that you offered your home to me."

"It's the least I can do, Albus," said Molly, happily. She smiled, "I can repay you back once I have access to the Potter's vaults. Will Severus be able to enter into the Potter Manor?"

"I don't think so," replied Albus. He rubbed his hand over his beard, "Unless of course he added his magical core onto the wards around the manor, you wouldn't have nothing to worry about Severus."

Molly nodded but just she was about to face the stove, there standing at the doorway was Arthur who was glaring at them with hatred eyes.

"A-Arthur?!" stuttered Molly, nervously. "Y-You're home early. I…umm…Albus just came by for a visit. I-It was quite unfair on what Petunia and Severus did to poor Albus, don't you agree?"

"Quite," said Arthur. He narrowed his eyes, "Is he really here for a visit or hiding from his illegal crimes to young Harry? About these supposed marriage contract? When were you going to inform me about it Molly?"

Albus widen his eyes while Molly steps back and was holding onto her apron, tightly.

"Mother, I didn't – oh Daddy, you're home!" said Ginny, happily. She ran up to him and gave him a hug, "How was work?"

Arthur sighed, heavily before shoving his daughter aside and walked over to the other side of the kitchen. Ginny got a confuse look on her face before looking over at her mom.

"Mother, what's going on?"

Molly was about to reply when Arthur interrupted them with a shout.

"I can't believe my own wife and daughter would betray me like this! Betraying the Weasley family…needs to be dealt with severe punishment."

Molly widened her eyes before running over to Arthur and grabbed his arm.

"Arthur, please don't say it! Please don't! You have to understand what we did is good for us – for the children and young Harry! Severus needs help to raise the child properly!"

"And by properly in your terms is by forcing him and our daughter into marriage?!" snapped Arthur. "That's not helping him, that's imprisoning him Molly!"

"Come now Arthur, let's take a deep breath and calm down," said Albus. "You must understand why we created the marriage contract; it was for the greater good."

"I highly doubt it," murmured Arthur. "Ginny…I must know, did you do this on your own free will or were you forced?"

"What are you talking about Daddy? I did this so that I can be with the one I love," replied Ginny with a slight blush on her cheeks. "Not only that, we wouldn't have to worry about money anymore and we could move into Potter Manor. Wouldn't that be great?"

Arthur gritted his teeth before frowning, "No, it wouldn't."

Ginny had a confuse look on her face while Molly was still begging.

"Arthur, you'll regret what you are about to do," warned Albus, seriously.

"I will not allow betrayal run through my family – I, Arthur Septimus Weasley, herby disowning Ginevra Molly from the Weasley line!"

Suddenly there was a light around the Burrow and inside the clock where shows the pictures of the children were at; Ginny was magical removed from there.

"No Arthur! Please take it back! Take it back!" begged Molly. "You must understand what we are doing is right, please!"

"No children of mine will be disgracing my family name," said Arthur before narrowing his eyes. "You can keep this place since you love it ever so much. I will be owling Percy and telling him our new home along with Charlie and Bill."

"Y-You're leaving?!" shouted Molly in shock. "What about Ron and the twins? Ron was also involved with this!"

Arthur sighed, "…They are in good hands now. The twins know what has been going on and they had enough and moved out…along with Ron."

"But-But they don't have any money! How can they survive with nothing on their backs?" asked Molly, worriedly and slightly furious.

"Let's just say they went to … a family member from my side," replied Arthur before heading upstairs. "If you would excuse me but I need to pack up my things."

"D-Daddy, wait! Don't go, please!" begged Ginny.

"Arthur, be reasonable," said Albus, softly. "Since Voldemort has returned, his Death Eaters will try to convince their children to take advantage upon young Harry. They could lead Harry to his death."

"I don't think that Draco and the others will betray Harry that easily," said Arthur before sighing. "Through owl, the twins told me how much Hogwarts changed. And with the new change, I believe the rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin will finally come to an end."

With that Arthur went upstairs while Albus walked over to a distraught Molly. She was holding onto her daughter who was crying.

"W-What are we going to do Albus?" asked Molly, nervously. She sobbed, "T-The marriage contract will be now useless since Arthur disowned Ginny."

"Let me see what I can do," said Albus.

-Prince Manor, July 14-

"So what's the big surprise Harry?" asked Theodore.

"Did you Father ask the big question to Professor Sinistra?" asked Tracey.

Harry shook his head, "Not yet but I believe it will happen soon."

"Is this about our fifth year?" asked Daphne. "I'm quite curious on how everyone is going to reaction when they found out that Professor Snape is Headmaster now."

"I'm not sure but the surprise has no connection about our fifth year," said Dudley.

"But rather, Uncle Sirius has three sons – three blood adopted sons," said Harry.

"What?!" shouted everyone.

"Blood adopted?" said Draco. "Who were they before? Did we know them? Why did they need to be blood adopted?"

Dudley winked, "Let's see if you can recognize them before we reveal who they were."

Harry walked over to the doors and opened them up. Three teens walked into the room.

Two of them were clearly twins and slightly older minus the hair. On Harry's left, one twin has black wavy hair with dark red highlights. On Harry's right, the other twin has dark red wavy hair. Both have silver-blue eyes. Standing by one of the twins, a boy has dark red wavy hair with black highlights and stormy-gray eyes.

"Introduce yourselves you three," said Harry.

"But of course, I am Mizar Alphard Black," greeted twin with dark red wavy hair.

"And I am Alcor Pollux Black," greeted the twin with black wavy hair.

"We're the Black brothers. Nice to meet you all!" said the twins.

"I'm Rigel Sirius Black," said the boy.

Blaise made a face, "They sort of remind me of the Weasley twins."

"Hey Zabini here got it right! I was formally known as Fred but now I am Mizar."

"And I was formally known as George but now I am Alcor."

The twins went over to Draco and gave him a shoulder hug. "Now that we are blood adopted from Sirius, you are our little cousin dear little ferret," said Mizar.

"Get off of me! And don't call me that!" snapped Draco. He looked over at Rigel, "I take it that you are Ron."

"That's correct," said Rigel. He looked down, "I…really want to apologize to what I said and did for the past four years. I really did want to become Harry's friend but…I'm not sure what happen to tell you the truth."

Everyone looked uncertain.

"Look everyone, when Uncle Sirius, Uncle Remus and my Father did the blood adoption ritual, it revealed that Ron had a few loyalty potions inside his system," explained Harry.

"With the help of Nagnok, Ron was cleaned from them and is finally showing his true personality to us," said Dudley.

"Your own parents gave you loyalty potions," said Pansy in disbelief. She shook her head, "I never would have thought that Mr. Weasley would do such a thing."

"He didn't," said Harry. He narrowed his eyes, "It was Mrs. Weasley and Dumbledore."

"Now it makes senses," said everyone.

"Does your former Father knows about the blood adoption?" asked Susan.

"He does and he loves you ever so much even though you don't hold his surname any longer," replied Luna instead of the twins or Rigel.

"Right on the nose little Raven," said Mizar.

"Hermione is going be rather surprised to find out that you three were blood adopted once school starts," said Daphne.

"You've got to be kidding me – the whole school will be shocked!" said Vincent, dramatically.

"Then we better make a grand entrance, don't you agree dear brother of mine?" said Alcor.

"I quite agree as well," said Mizar before looking over at Harry. "If you would excuse us dear cousin, but we'll be heading over to the Potion lab to make a special 'welcome gift' to the new school year."

Harry nodded.

The twins let go from Draco and left the room with a grin on their faces.

"You're not going with them?" asked Susan.

Dudley shook his head, "Na. I think this prank is only meant for the two of them."

"So…Quidditch anyone?" wondered Draco.

The boys grinned happily while Pansy and Daphne shook their heads. All of them headed out to the Quidditch pitch where they took out their shrunk brooms.

Harry, Dudley and Rigel walked over the shed to get their own brooms. The three of them owned the Nimbus 2000.

"Let's see if the blood adoption gave you some of Uncle Sirius' skills, dear cousin," sneer Draco, playfully. He mounts on his Nimbus 2001 before throwing a quaffle at Rigel.

Rigel smirked, "Well I guess we have to find out, don't we? If I recall Siri was a brilliant beater during his time in Hogwarts."

"Bring it," said Draco.

The children didn't stop playing until Aurora called them back inside where they helped each other on their summer homework.

-Hogwarts, Headmaster's Office-

Severus and Lucius were looking over at some old documents and banned booklist. They were trying to restore how Hogwarts used to be back when the four founders were alive.

"It's going to take quite some time to restate these electives classes," stated Severus before sighing. He looked over at the massive pile of parchments, "Was this all of them, Lucius?"

"I believe so. Minister Fudge even helped me out onto finding these old parchments," replied Lucius. "They were quite scattered around the ministry."

"Wonderful, just bloody wonderful," murmured Severus before his hand ran through his hair. "To think around the 1000s, they used to teach Occlumency and Legilimency."

"What was Dumbledore thinking about banning these necessary lessons," said Lucius before shaking his head. He took out another parchment, "There was a class for the muggleborns called Wizarding Studies."

"You don't say," murmured Severus before slumping onto his chair. "Was there anything else that I need to know my friend?"

Lucius sighed, "While Fudge believes that the Dark Lord has returned but Dolores, his secretary does not. She is trying to convince the Minister that Harry and the three other teens were lying about his return."

"Blasted that bloody woman," murmured Severus before looking concern. "Has Riddle moved into your home?"

"Yes, the Dark Lord has made my own home as his Headquarters" replied Lucius, softly. "This is why I had Narcissa and Draco move to Prince Manor for the time being. I will pretend that I've disown my son for being a traitor."

"I promise Lucius that you'll be reunited with your family soon," said Severus. "How many Death Eaters have returned to his side?"

"Quite a few," replied Lucius. He tapped his chin, "I know for the fact that he is planning an attack at Azkaban to release the others that are imprisoned."

"That would mean the Lestrange brothers and Bellatrix would be freed," said Severus before shaking his head. "I imagine that he is not happy that most of his other followers didn't show up, correct?"

"You are correct, my friend," said Lucius. The blond wizard recalls the countless crucio's that Riddle cast upon them for about two hours.

"Floo me if you need any potions Lucius," offered Severus. "You better get going before Riddle gets suspicious about your absence."

Lucius nodded, tiredly before getting up and was about to walk out when he remembered something. "Heads up, Dolores will be coming here to apply for the position of the DADA Professor."

Severus nodded, "Thanks for the warning, my friend. I always wondered how that woman can have so much control over the ministry."

"Who knows my friend, I best get going," said Lucius before taking out two letters. "Mind handing this to my wife and son?"

Severus nodded before taking the two letters. He watched his friend leave the office before the potion master floo back to Prince Manor.

-August 10-

Minerva was coming out of her office when she heard an annoying voice calling out to her. She sighs before giving out a fake smile, "Dolores, what a surprise seeing you here."

"Well I did come here to speak with the Headmaster about the position of DADA," said Dolores, sweetly. "I did send out an owl stating that I was coming here – today."

"Of course," said Minerva, remembering Severus' warning a week ago. "Things…have changed Dolores. I'm still the Deputy of Headmistress and the Transfiguration Professor."

"What – only the Minister and the School board have the authority to change positions," said Dolores before narrowing her eyes. "I demand to speak with the Headmaster – immediately!"

"Of course, I will escort you," said Minerva, calmly. She turned around and had a small smirk on her face while guiding the toad like witch to the Headmaster's office.

They reached to the gargoyle and Minerva said the password.

"Unity and Loyalty."

The gargoyle accepted the password and gave access to the stairway to the two witches.

"I thought the Headmaster uses wizarding and muggle sweets names as a password," said Dolores.

"Like I said, things have changed. Now if you would excuse me," said Minerva as she turned around. She stopped and slightly turned her head, "I advise you not to make the Headmaster…furious."

Dolores had a confuse look on her face before shaking it off and marched up to the Headmaster's office. She reached the door and opened without giving permission.

"Albus Dumbledore! You have some nerve to change the positions to the Hogwarts staff without the approval of the School board! And…And – Snape?! W-What are you doing here? Where is Dumbledore?!"

Severus smirked before placing his hands under his chin. "Would you like to know but I don't know the whereabouts of the previous Headmaster."

"I-I demand to know why you are the current Headmaster! Who gave you that position without the authority of the Minister and the School board?" asked Dolores, angrily.

"Dumbledore was banned by the heirs of the four founders," replied Severus. "He was not doing his duties as the Headmaster…properly."

"T-The…T-The heirs of the f-four founder? That's – That's impossible!" shouted Dolores. "Who are they? I demand to speak with them – at once!"

"Currently that's impossible," said Severus, calmly. "Now may I ask why you are here or did you just come here to waste my time?"

Dolores glared at Severus before taking out some parchments and handed over to him.

"I have been grant permission by the Ministry to apply for the position of DADA Professor. I personally want to make sure that the students receive the proper education."

"I see but unfortunately that position will be going back to Sirius Black," said Severus. He smirked, "After all, he was the original DADA Professor."

Dolores stood firm, "If I recall, Mr. Black was giving an assistant last year but it turns out to be an impostor."

"That's correct but that was Dumbledore's doing," said Severus. "He thought that Black needed some help and asked Alastor Moody to help him out. We found out Barty Jr. was impersonating as Alastor Moody when he ran out of Polyjuice potion to use. The real Alastor was found later in a magical truck."

"I see," murmured Dolores. "This is not over…Headmaster. I'll see to that the students will have the proper education and not tell lies! You-Know-Who is dead! Gone! Do you hear me, Headmaster Snape?"

"Very," said Severus.

Dolores smiled softly before leaving the office and slammed the door, hard.

"What a hag!"

Severus turned to see a portrait that had the four founders. The potion master smirked, "Indeed but I believe she is more described as an ugly toad."

Godric snorted, "I say that pink dressing toad should leave the country. What do you think, Sal?"

"Most agreeable," replied Salazar before narrowing his eyes. "Severus, if that witch does somehow come to Hogwarts, than watch her closely."

"I second that as well," said Rowena, seriously.

"So do I," said Helga. She frowns a bit, "I sense a negative aura around that woman. Make sure no students are left alone with that witch."

"I wouldn't, you have my word," said Severus before getting up. "Now if you would excuse me, it's been a long day and I would like to retire for tonight. Aurora and Harry are waiting for me."

"But of course Severus," said Helga, softly.

Godric grinned, "So when shall we suspect the wedding?"

Severus almost tripped while Salazar shook his head and the female founders giggled.

"Godric," warned Salazar.

"What?" asked Godric, innocently. "It's just an innocent question. I would like to know if young Harry will be getting a Mother figure."

"Of course," murmured Severus while blushing a bit. He coughed, "And to answer your question, I believe around December of this year or the next. We have not decided just yet but we want to give plenty of time for Narcissa and Petunia to plan it out."

"Ah a winter theme, I hope," said Rowena, happily. She smiled, "Do say our greetings to everyone including Sirius' new sons."

"I hear their first training session was…quite entertaining," said Salazar, amusement shine in his eyes and a playful smirk on his face.

"You…can say it was," murmured Severus. "See you all tomorrow."

-Break Line-

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