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Summary: What if Petunia raised Harry as promised as like a son with unexpected help from someone in the wizarding world? What was inside of the trunk that Lily sent to Petunia before she passed away? Good witch Petunia and wizard Dudley, Godfather Severus, Alive Regulus Black, Good Malfoy's, Free Sirius Black, Cured Remus Lupin, Good but misunderstood Salazar Slytherin and one Horcux in Harry's scar

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-Sept. 1, 1995, Hogwarts-

"Welcome back everyone," greeted Petunia, warmly. She walked over to the podium, wearing her Lady Hufflepuff robes. "I hope that all of you had a wonderful and safe summer."

A few older students were smiling, happily knowing that this year there wouldn't be any favoritism to one particular house. Meanwhile, the first year students were confused. Where was the great famous light wizard, Albus Dumbledore? Wasn't he the Headmaster?

"For the students that attended last year, you remember that Dumbledore has been banished and strip of his title as Headmaster," reminded Petunia.

Most of the younger students gasp in shock.

"The position was given to Professor Severus Snape. Which means he would no longer be your Potion Professor but he still holds the Slytherin Head House title," continued Petunia.

The Slytherins clapped, happily. The Ravenclaws and the Hufflepuffs clapped with respect, seeing that for once they will be recognize for themselves. As for the Gryffindors, they clapped happily since they wouldn't have to deal with the dungeon bat but didn't like the fact that he was their new headmaster.

Severus glared towards the Gryffindor table but silently was glad that he wouldn't have to deal unworthy and ungrateful children in class.

"As of today, your new Potion Professor will be Nicolas Flamel," introduced Petunia. She smiled, "He kindly agreed to teach all years including O.W.L's and N.E.W.T's classes. Though in order for you to attend those classes, you must have an E or higher from your last report card."

The older students started to whisper, excitedly while the younger students were in awe.

"Also there will be two new classes. The first one is 'a must attend class' for the muggleborns and a few halfbloods that lived in the muggle world, Wizarding Studies and it will be taught by Lady Augusta Longbottom," said Petunia.

An elderly woman with light-brownish gray hair, wearing a rather old vulture feathered hat and dark brown robes, stood up and gave a somewhat smile to them.

The older students widen their eyes before turning their heads to the Gryffindor table. They noticed that Neville was trying to hide from the sudden stares.

"The second class will be an elective for Third year and higher, Combat Arts: Magical and Muggle and it will be taught by Lord Regulus Black, the new Gryffindor Head House," said Petunia.

The students were excited about this new elective and can't wait to change their schedules.

"Classes will start in a week, in case that any of you want to change your current electives," started Petunia before getting interrupted from a cough behind her. She sighs in annoyance, "Also…give a warm welcome to Dolores Umbridge, our new High Inquisitor."

Dolores, smiling stood up from the Head table and walked next to Petunia. She looked around the room with a supposed smile upon her face, "Thank you Professor…Black-Hufflepuff. Now, the Ministry wanted to know that you lovely children are given the…proper education. I was giving this position to inspect your current and new classes to make sure that your Professors are properly teaching you lovely dearies."

The students started to whisper.

At the Slytherin table, Harry was glaring over at the toad face witch. He so desperately wanted her out of Hogwarts and away from any innocent children. Even his familiar was hissing out a few words to her direction.

"I think I'm about to go blind," murmured Pansy as if she was in pain. She covered her eyes, "That is a fashion no-no! Even a bloody muggleborn or muggle dress better!"

"For once we agree with you," said Tracey while Millicent nodded.

Draco chuckled before leaning over to Harry, "Looks like Uncle Severus isn't the only one with a deadly glare. Is it just me or does your family have this famous temper or something?"

"You can…say that," replied Harry, sheepishly as he recalls the times when he lost his temper. "It must be a Slytherin trait since Grandfather Salazar and Aunt Rowena was the same."

Harry's Slytherin friends laughed, silently before continuing hearing Petunia's speech.

"Yes, of course Dolores, now – yes, Dolores?" said Petunia before getting interrupted again.

"Professor, it would be so kindly if you would introduce me to the heirs of the four founders'," said Dolores, sweetly.

Petunia sighed, "Very well. Can Slytherin and Gryffindor heirs come forth…along with your spouse?"

"S-Spouse?" stuttered Dolores before widening her eyes upon seeing one of the heirs. She grits her teeth and pointed towards Harry, angrily, "Lies! He must be lying! He can't be one of the founder's heirs! He must be lying just like the lies about You-Know-Who is back!"

Frowning, Petunia was about to defend her nephew when there was a sudden angry shout coming from behind, top of the Head table.

"HOW DARE YOU SHOUT LIKE THAT TO MY HEIR, YOU UNWORTHY WITCH?!" snapped Salazar. He glared down upon Dolores, "I demand you give a proper apology to my heir – immediately!"

Dolores stood there, speechless. In all her life, she couldn't believe she is actually meeting one of the great founders of Hogwarts.

That's when Helga appears next to Salazar and gives a disappointed look on her face. She frowns, "You are disgracing you family's name, Lady Umbridge. By not giving respect and knowledge our heirs, you are forsaken your family's bloodline."

Dolores paled before quickly turned around and curtsy to Harry and the others. "Please forgive me, my young Lords and Ladies. I wasn't sure that you were truly telling the truth since many witches and wizards claimed to be the heirs of the four founders for many years."

"We will give you a chance, Lady Umbridge," said Dudley as Dolores sighs in relief. He narrowed his eyes, "But if you show that you can't be trusted, you will be banished just like Dumbledore, understood?"

Dolores nodded, "Yes, of course. Um…who is which heir, my I ask?"

"Well you know now that I'm Salazar's heir," replied Harry before placing his hand onto Luna. "I give the title to Lady Ravenclaw to my soul bond, Luna Lovegood."

"And I am Gryffindor's heir," said Dudley while holding onto Susan's hand. "I give the title of Lady Hufflepuff to my soul bond, Susan Bones."

"Pleasure to meet you all," said Dolores with respect.

"If that is all," smirked Severus as he got up from his sit. He addressed to the students, "Before we begin, there will be a few resorting at order. In the summer, your DADA Professor Sirius Black recently blood adopted three children from the Weasley's."

The students gasped in shock.

"With Arthur Weasley permission, Professor Black was able to perform an ancient blood adoption to the three children formally known as the Weasley twins and Ronald Weasley," said Severus before gesturing Filch to open the doors.

The students gasped upon seeing how different the former Weasley twins and their younger brother looked like now. Some of the girls had a dreamy look on their faces.

"If you would Minerva," said Severus.

Minerva nodded and took out a parchment before calling out their names.

"Mizar Black, formally known as Fred Weasley!"

The dark red wavy hair twin smiled before walking over to the stool and took a sit. He felt the sorting hat once more upon his head.

"Well what do we have here, I recall already sorting you six years ago but that was when you were a Weasley."

"That's right! I'm a Black now."

"Yes, yes it's all in here. And I see that you can finally show your true ambition and talent as well. Now shall we sort you to your proper house…but I have a feeling that you and your brothers have not changed at all."

"Oh we have changed but for the better…but I think that Riggy will be in a different house this time."

"Yes, I believe you are right. Now shall we get going – Gryffindor!"

Mizar took off the sorting hat and hand it back to Minerva. He gives a smiled to her before heading to the Gryffindor table and took a sit by Neville.

"Alcor Black, formally known as George Weasley – Gryffindor!"

"Rigel Black, formally known as Ronald Weasley!"

Rigel sighed before quietly walked over to the stool before feeling the hat being placed on his head for the second time.

"Hello, young Mr. Black. Ah yes…I can see why your older brother say you might be going to a different house. My, my Loyalty potions in such a young age…no Mother should have done that to their child but now you can be yourself."

"Y-Yea…I'm sort of nervous to where I truly belong…"

"Don't be child. Your family will be proud of you no matter what house you will be. Now let's see shall we? Mm…yes…oh! Ah yes…a word of a advise young Black."


"Listen to your heart and it will never fail you anymore. Now that your shackles have been removed, show your true self – Ravenclaw!"

The Gryffindor table gasped in shock, thinking that their former housemate will be sorted once again in the house of bravery. Only the Black twins and Neville smiled knowing that Rigel will be sorted into the house of knowledge, seeing as he was a great chess player.

Rigel handed back the sorting hat to Minerva and walked over to the Ravenclaw table. He took a sit by Daphne while Hermione had a shock look on her face.

Minerva gave a final name, Alois Schulz, a German transfer student who was sorted into Slytherin and would be starting in his fifth year. He had black hair with long front bangs that goes to the left, short on the right, and blue eyes. He looked pretty tall for his age and looked like he had an athlete body.

The German student took a sit next to Theodore before Severus address the students again.

"Lastly, not only did Arthur Weasley allowed three of his sons to be adopted, he divorced his wife and disowned Ginevra," started Severus before hearing loud gasp among the students. "Miss Molly is using her maiden name and gives her daughter the surname as well."

The students turned to the Gryffindor table to see the former Weasley, Ginny Prewett glaring at her former brothers with such hate.

"That is all, the four of you may return to your seats," said Severus before snapping his fingers and the food, healthy ones appeared.

Harry and the others nodded before walking back to their table.

Luna took a sit by Rigel who was slightly nervous. The blond Raven gave a warming smile, "Take it easy, Rigel. You can finally show your true self now that you are free."

Rigel simply nodded before flinched a bit to see Hermione slightly glaring at him. He bite his lower lip, "I-I take it that you want to know everything, Mione."

"Oh you know it…but when we go to the common room," said Hermione. She smiled, "Now can you tell me what you did during the summer. I must know! Don't leave any details!"

Rigel smiled before telling his summer to his new housemates.

-Gryffindor Tower, Common Room-

"May I have your attention!" ordered Regulus as Minerva stood beside him. "Right, now listen carefully as I am not going to repeat myself, understood?"

The Gryffindors nodded their heads with dislike.

"None of those looks, all of you!" snapped Minerva. "I am not be your Head house anymore but that doesn't give you permission to act like five year olds! You will listen to your new Head house, Gryffindor or not! Understand?"

The older students murmured a silently replied while the others just glared at Regulus.

"I said – do you understand?!" snapped Minerva.

"Yes Professor!"

"Thank you Minerva," said Regulus before addressing his house. He cleared his throat, "Now here are the new rules – and don't you dare whine! Dumbledore gave you lot free rain, running around the school with no consequences! But that is going to stop, do you hear me?!"

A few students made a few faces.

"Just because you lot were sorted into the house of Gryffindor don't mean you have the right to bully or fight anyone," started Regulus, seriously. "True bravery is not just taking action or saving someone from danger. There are situations like standing up to a bully, voicing your own opinion, standing up for what's right or simply admit that you were wrong."

A few students thought for a moment before slightly realizing their mistakes.

"Now that you know that Salazar and Godric never hate each other and Salazar never hated the muggleborns, give the current Slytherin students a chance," said Regulus, softly.

The students looked at each other before nodding their heads.

Regulus smiled, "Right now, Rule one…"

After an hour giving out their new set of rules, Minerva took names on who would want to change their current elective class to the new one. Surprisingly, all third year students and higher wanted to take the new class.

Dudley was chatting with Neville in the fifth year dormitory when Seamus and Dean walked over to them. He sighs, "What do you two want?"

"Mind explaining to us what happen to Ron? Why was he blood adopted by Professor Black?" asked Seamus, slight curious.

"It's not my story to tell yea, it's my cousins," replied Dudley.

"I guess we can understand that," said Dean. He frowns, "What about Ginny? Can you tell us about that or does it involve with Ron being blood adopted?"

"You should ask the twins, they can tell yea," replied Dudley before getting up. "Well see you guys later, I need to head over to my chambers with Harry and the others."

"You mean you not staying here at the dorms," said Seamus before noticing his truck was not there. "Where are you staying then?"

"Harry and the others are staying the heir room which originally was Merlin's old private room," replied Dudley before taking his leave.

Seamus and Dean had a shock look on their faces.

-Ravenclaw Tower, Common Room-

After Aurora Sinistra gave out the new rules to her house, Hermione grabbed hold onto Rigel's hand and dragged him to the couch. "Alright, now spill."

Rigel sighed, "It's…It's not that easy, Mione. I'm still trying to…overcome what has happened over the summer."

"Just take a deep breath and in your own pace, start explaining," suggested Daphne.

"I say start in the beginning, that's usually the best on explaining things that is complicated," said Terry Boot.

"Right," murmured Rigel. He took a deep breathe, "It all started after a month in the summer when I heard that Dumbledore and my Mother had planned a legal marriage contract with Harry to my former sister."

Hermione and Terry widen their eyes while Daphne knows the story so she stayed silent.

"I ran to my brothers and they told me to pack up my things before all three of us would head out to the Gringotts. They thought it would be best to see if we had any other relative so we can stay over the summer. We were shocked to find out that our family was related to the Prince bloodline aka…Professor Snape's…."

It took about an hour for Rigel to explain everything to Hermione and Terry including the blood adoption. The ancient ritual cleansed his blood and magic from any dark curses and potions. It gave a rather shock to Sirius and Severus to find large amount of Loyalty potions in his blood.

"My-My own Mother…my own Mother was the one that," sobbed Rigel.

Daphne softened her face before rubbing Rigel's back and allowed him to sob onto her shoulder. She looked over to see Hermione in tears while Terry was furious.

"I can't believe it! It almost like she didn't trust her own son! And was she upset knowing that Rigel would be sorted into Ravenclaw or something!" ranted Terry.

"She is going to be punished, right?" asked Hermione, softly. She sat next to Rigel and rubbed his back as well. "And what of…um Prewett?"

"I think Molly got enough disgrace when Arthur Weasley divorced her and disowned Prewett," replied Daphne. She smirked, "I don't think she will be getting married anytime soon. The same goes with her daughter…since this will be on the Daily Prophet tomorrow morning."

"Why wasn't it in the Daily Prophet during the summer?" asked Hermione.

Rigel, who was calm, replied, "F-Father wanted to make sure he had everything to give to Rita since he knows that she will tell the story with a dramatic effect. That woman can make someone look like a criminal or a victim very well."

"No argue with that," murmured Terry.

"Alright, let's kick this negative aura and talk something else," said Hermione, quickly. That's when she noticed someone was missing. "Where is Luna?"

"Oh she and the others are staying at the heir chamber room," replied Daphne.

Hermione nodded before the four of them started to discuss about their future classes.

-Heir Room-

"That went…pretty good, what you think guys?" asked Harry.

"I say it went well as I always dreamed to see Dolores in such a situation," replied Susan before crossing her arms. "She acts like she is queen or something just cause she is the Minister's secretary."

"Well she is not going to get her usually, special treatment here," stated Dudley. "Since my parents and Uncle Sev and Aunt Aurora are the current Lords and Ladies of the four founders, the Ministry can't do anything to the school. They can only give suggestions of removing a professor or adding new classes."

"Aunt…Aurora?" asked Susan. She smiles and leans closed to Harry, "Your Dad finally asked the big question to her?"

Harry rubbed his head, sheepishly, "He did but they wouldn't be getting married until December. Though she allowed me to call her Mom when is just us but in classes, I have to call her Professor."

Susan squealed happily before hugging her future cousin-in-law. "I'm so happy for you! You finally have a full family to call your own Harry! And soon maybe be a big brother!"

Harry widened his eyes. He had not thought of being a big sibling to anyone.

"I think you'll make an excellent older brother Harry," assured Luna, happily. She looked over towards Dudley, "How about your parents? Are you going to be a big brother as well?"

"Not yet," replied Dudley. He gave out a small smile, "But it would be nice to have a little sibling. Even though I see you as a younger brother Harry but you and the Black siblings are just my cousins."

"I understand but mind give out some advice if I become an older sibling," said Harry.

Dudley smirked, "No problem. Now come on, let's hit the hay. We have a busy week before class really start and we have to sort out the new Prefects and Head Boys/Girls."

Harry and the two girls nodded.

Since they are not of age, the girls are sharing a room while the boys are in the other.

-Sept. 6, Snape's Office-

"Bloody hell," murmured Regulus. He ran his hand over his hair, "I would never imagine almost all of the students were going to sign up for my class."

"Reminds me of my Dueling Club on my first year of teaching," said Sirius. He grins and slaps his hand on his younger brother's back, "Best of luck little brother."

Remus and Sirius laughed while Regulus glared towards them.

"Oh come now, both of you," scolded Petunia. She looked over at her husband's list, "How are we going to add this class to all of the Third Years through Seventh Years? And is there going to be an O.W.L's and N.E.W.T's exam for them?"

The staff thought for a moment.

"How about the Third Years and Fourth Years start on Monday, Fifth Years and Sixth Years on Wednesday and lastly, Seventh Years on Friday," suggested Aurora.

"And what of the exams?" asked Filius.

"For now, there's not going to be none," replied Severus. "I will discuss this with the four founders and they will create one for next year. But there will be a temporary exam at the end of the year to see if the students are able to perform or recognize the arts."

The professors nodded.

"I take that the same will go to Wizarding Studies for the muggleborns and a few halfbloods, correct?" said Augusta. "What day will the students start the lesson?"

"Friday, after lunch and its double," replied Severus.

Augusta nodded, "Gives me plenty of time to make out a layout for their lessons."

"I hear that the Prefects and Head Boys/Girls were resorted," said Pomona.

"That's right," assured Minerva. She took out another parchment and handed over to Severus, "Dudley handed me the new list of the Prefects and Head Boys/Girls."

Severus looked over and nodded. He smirked, "Not surprised to see Mr. Malfoy and Miss Granger being Prefects though…I'm slightly surprise to see Mr. Longbottom becoming a Prefect. You must be proud, Augusta?"

Augusta sat up, proudly, "But of course. I would have never thought my grandson will be a Prefect but then again, my Frank was Prefect before James Potter took it while Frank became Head Boy."

"What of the others?" asked Nicolas.

"Gryffindor Prefects is Neville Longbottom and Parvati Patil. Slytherin Prefects is Draco Malfoy and Tracey Davis. Ravenclaw Prefects is Terry Boots and Hermione Granger. Lastly, Hufflepuff Prefects is Vincent Crabbe and Hannah Abbot," replied Severus.

"Are…Are you going to change the other lessons, sir?" asked Hagrid, slightly unsure. Even through the half giant was told of Albus' dark secret, he was still uncertain that Albus could do no wrong since the elder wizard was the one that gave him a job after he was expelled from Hogwarts.

"The only thing that was changed is the students," replied Severus before noticing the confuse look on Hagrid's face. "The Slytherins and the Gryffindors will not be attending the same classes anymore. Those two houses will only have DADA and Transfiguration together."

"About time," said Poppy Pomfrey. She crossed her arms, "I was getting fed up of the constant hexing and jinxing from those two houses from their joined classes."

"I don't think there will be any more of that," stated Regulus. He smirked, "The other Head houses and I created a few new rules for the students. I told them to give them the Slytherins a chance since Godric and Salazar were never enemies."

"And they listened?" questioned Pomona.

"I believe the First Years did," said Irma Pince. She smiled a bit, "I spotted a few in the library."

"Merlin hope this year will be end of that ridiculous rivalry," prayed Minerva.

The others nodded.

"Let's us work on the new schedules before heading off to bed," said Severus. Then narrowing his eyes, "Beware when Dolores starts inspecting your lessons." Before looking over to Regulus, Sirius and Hagrid, "Most likely she will go after yours first."

The Black brothers and Hagrid nodded before all the professors worked on the new schedules.

-Break Line-

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