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Summary: What if Petunia raised Harry as promised as like a son with unexpected help from someone in the wizarding world? What was inside of the trunk that Lily sent to Petunia before she passed away? Good witch Petunia and wizard Dudley, Godfather Severus, Alive Regulus Black, Good Malfoy's, Free Sirius Black, Cured Remus Lupin, Good but misunderstood Salazar Slytherin and one Horcux in Harry's scar

Bashing: Dumbledore, Molly Weasley and Ginny Weasley

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-Sept. 9, Monday-

Harry rubbed his eyes before grabbing a piece of toast. He was about to put some butter when Draco sat to his right while Theodore on his left. Blaise sat across from him with Tracey on his left and Millicent on his right. Pansy was sitting next to Astoria.

"Merlin Harry, you look like hell," stated Blaise. He smirked, "Didn't get enough sleep?"

"You can say that," murmured Harry before glaring over to him. "You try to looking over thousands of report cards from Fifth Year to Seventh Year for the past three days. Not only that but showing the First Years around the castle so they wouldn't get lost."

Tracey sighed before hitting Blaise over the head. She closed one of her eyes, "You're such a brat, Blaise. You know that Harry has his duties to perform so he and his cousin will be busy this year. Not to mention they still need to study for their O.W.L's too."

Blaise rubbed his head, "Alright, Alright! I was just only teasing, jeez."

That's when Severus walked over to their table and handed them their schedule though when he went over to Draco and Tracey, he handed them two Prefect badges. "Congrats, keep up the good work."

"Bloody hell," murmured Draco before grinning. "And here I thought that Theo will get the Prefect badge! You picked Tracey and me, Harry?"

"I had some help from Grandfather Salazar but yes, we selected the two of you this year," replied Harry before looking over at Theodore. "Don't get me wrong Theo. You and Draco were tied but sadly Draco scored a few points higher in Potions."

Theodore sighed, "I knew that one step messed me up in that Potion exam…oh well."

"But why didn't I get the badge?!" questioned Pansy, angrily. "Harry, you know that I passed all of my exams!"

"Not all of them. You scored pretty low in Muggle Studies while Tracey scored third in Care of Magical Creatures," reminded Harry.

Pansy blushed from embarrassment, "Damn – it's not my fault that your Aunt's exams was brutal! I barely was able to finish in time."

Tracey giggled, "Maybe next time you should pay attention and hopefully next year, you can get the badge…unless of course, I beat you once again."

Pansy gritted her teeth before turning her head, angrily.

"Hey, did you guys notice that we only have two classes with the Gryffindors?" said Millicent, happily. She giggled, "Of course, unless you have Care of Magical Creatures that will be three."

Draco and the others looked over at their schedules and indeed saw that the only classes they have with the Gryffindors are DADA and Transfiguration. The blond Prefect looked over at his cousin's schedule and noticed it was slightly different then his.

Harry Potter-Snape, 5th Year Slytherin
8:10 am – 9:40am, Potions – w/Ravenclaws
10:10am – 11:40am, History of Magic – w/Ravenclaws
1:50pm – 2:50pm, Ancient Runes – mix houses
3pm – 4pm, Defense – w/Gryffindors

8:10am – 9:40am, Herbology – w/Hufflepuffs
10:10am – 11:40am, Transfiguration – w/Gryffindors
1:50pm – 2:50pm, Care of Magical Creatures – mix houses
3pm – 4pm, Charms – w/Hufflepuffs

8:10am – 9:40am, Arithmancy – mix houses
10:10am – 11:40am, Transfiguration – w/Gryffindors
1:50om – 2:50pm, Charms – w/Hufflepuffs
3pm – 4pm, Care of Magical Creatures – mix houses
10:00pm – 12:00am, Astronomy – w/Fifth Years

8:10am – 9:40am, Potions – w/Ravenclaws
10:10am – 11:40am, History of Magic w/Ravenclaws
1:50pm – 2:50pm, Herbology w/Hufflepuffs
3pm – 4pm, Combat Arts – w/Sixth Years

8:10am – 9:40am, Defense – w/Gryffindors
10:10am – 11:40am, Free Period
1:50pm – 3:20pm, Combat Arts – w/Sixth Years

Saturday: Hogsmeade Visits
9pm – 11pm: Hogwarts duties

"Blood hell," said Draco as he compared Harry's schedule to his. "With the extra elective class you add and your heir's duties, you wouldn't have time for yourself, Harry!"

Harry's lifted up his eyebrow like his adopted father before giving him the look. "You don't think I know that already, Draco. There is a reason why I have a free period after lunch on Fridays and Sundays is my day off. Besides, it's not like how Hermione selected all of the electives in Third Year but luckily, Daphne and I stopped her in time."

"True," said Draco, softly.

"Though I should be questioning your choice of class…even Dad question it," said Harry as he pointed to one of them. "I mean come on, why did you choose Divination? Even Dudley went to that sorry excuse class."

Draco shrugged, "What can I say. We both wanted to find an easy class to relax. I mean all you have to do is 'predict' your own death…Professor Trelawney has a thing of telling students on how they are going to die. It's quite funny."

Harry sighed, "Come on let's get going," before he smirking, "We don't want to miss our first Potion lesson with the famous Nicolas Flamel, do we?"

Draco and the others smiled before quickly eat their breakfast.

-Dungeons, Potions with Ravenclaws-

"Morning everyone," greeted Nicolas, happily. He stood in front of the blackboard, wand at hand, "Come on in, I wouldn't bite."

Harry went over at the front row before taking a seat, next to Terry Boots. The young heir looked over to see in Terry's eyes were in awe before looking around. He could see that almost all of the Slytherins and Ravenclaws had a sparkle in their eyes of excitement.

"Now before we begin, I take it that you want to know a little about me, correct?"

The students nodded.

"Well, I attended at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic where I met my wife, Perenelle. When I graduated, I fund some of my money to the school and grounds where the Headmistress named a fountain after my wife and me. When I was around in my mid-forties, I was able to create the Philosopher's Stone which has incredible powers including immortality," Nicholas sighs, sadly, "We were hoping to adopt a worthy child to follow in my footsteps since my wife couldn't get pregnant. That was the only reason why I created the Elixir of Life but sadly, through time, we were unable to find one…until now that is," said Nicolas.

The students looked over to where Flamel was looking at. He was looking at Harry Potter-Snape.

"Thanks to this young man, not only did I get back my stone but he marvelous improved the Strengthening Solution for the elderly," said Nicolas before winking. "And I must say I feel like a young man once again."

The Slytherins, who were still uncertain to follow the new heir of Slytherin, suddenly saw Harry in a new light while the Ravenclaws were finding new respect to the young Slytherin.

"Now I looked over at your previous scores and I can see that all of you understand the concept of Potions," started Nicolas. "Shall we review a bit before working on the Draught of Peace?"

The Slytherins and Ravenclaws smiled before lifting up their hands.


Harry and his friends were outside, eating their lunch when the young heir spotted the Black twins and Cedric with Cho coming towards them. He noticed they didn't look happy.

"May we talk to you guys?" asked Cedric.

Harry and his friends nodded.

The Black twins sat next to their younger brother who was, surprisingly, reading his Potion book with a sandwich on his hand. Cedric and Cho sat by Harry and Luna.

"So what's up?" wondered Harry.

Cedric had a grim look on his face, "Umbridge…she inspected our class with the Gryffindors in our Charms lesson. She had this look…this disgust look to Professor Flitwick and took out this measuring tape and measured his height – his height!"

Susan frowned, "Umbridge has this hatred thing about half creatures and muggleborns. I wouldn't doubt that she was trying to find something to get Professor Flitwick sack."

Rigel widened his eyes, "But that would mean Hagrid is in danger for getting sacked!"

"But she doesn't have the full authority to remove the professors," said Dudley. He crossed his arms, "The ones who do are the Lords and Ladies of Hogwarts. Dolores can only give a report if the professors are not doing their job."

"Can…Can she give out detentions?" asked Neville.

"No but she can add or remove points from a house," replied Luna.

"Well, be careful if she suddenly comes into your lesson," said Mizar, seriously. "She did it to ours like she owned the place or something."

"Thanks for letting us know," said Dudley.

"Make sure you keep your temper down, Riggy or she will attack yea like she did with our friend Lee," said Alcor.

Rigel nodded, "I'll just try those exercises before going to class. Would like to do some as well, Luna? I heard that these exercises can help improve Seer abilities."

Luna smiled, "I would love to."

-Divination with mix houses-

Dudley and Draco were listening to what Professor Trelawney was saying when suddenly the door banged open and came in was Dolores. She had a clipboard and wearing another pink dress and robe.

"Y-Yes, w-what can I do for you, D-Dolores?" asked Sybill, nervously.

"Oh nothing…I just came here to inspect your lesson that's all. Please do continue," replied Dolores, softly with a smile.

"Oh…um alright um d-dream," started Sybill before getting interrupted.

"One question dear, you've been in this post how long exactly?" asked Dolores, sweetly.

Sybill thought for a moment, "Um…about sixteen years."

"Oh, quite a period," said Dolores as she wrote something on her clipboard. She began walking over to the door, "And it was…Dumbledore who appointed you?"

Sybill nodded, "He…He did."

Dolores smiled before writing something on her clipboard. She looked over at Sybill, gesturing her to continue her lesson.

"The…The interpretation or…"

"One more thing, if it's not too much to ask, would you please predict something for me?" asked Dolores, kindly.

"I'm…sorry?" said Sybill.

"Predict something," repeated Dolores. "Surely you're not surprised I asked. You would have foreseen it, correct?"

Sybill looked around before placing her book upon her small table where her glass ball was at. She nervously played around her hands, "I-It doesn't work that…um way. The inner eye does not see upon c-command."

"Oh come on now, one teensy little prophecy," begged Dolores like a child.

Dudley watched as his divination professor was having trouble to explain to the toad witch that she can't force her vision to appear. He grits his teeth before getting up, "Lady Umbridge, don't force her to make a pity prediction. You should know that Seers don't have the ability to control their visions if they are under stress. I demand you apologize this instant!"

"Oh young Lord – of course," stuttered Dolores before looking over at Sybill. "It – It wouldn't be necessary. Please do carry on."

The students watched as the toad witch left the room and waited for a couple of moments. After about five minutes, everyone started to laugh including Sybill.

"Thank for the save, Mr. Black-Evans," said Sybill before picking up her book. She took off her round glasses and smiled, "Shall we truly begin our lesson? Thank you for the heads up Lady Rowena."

"No problem, please do continue," said Rowena, happily.

-DADA, Slytherins and Gryffindors-

Harry took a sit by his cousin while Draco sat next to Neville. His other friends paired up to each other before the class was filled up and Sirius walked in with wand at hand.

"Evening everyone," greeted Sirius, happily. He pace around the front, "Now what can I say about your O.W.L's examinations…it's going to be difficult and stressful but I know that all of you can pass it with flying colors. We'll be reviewing every defense, counter curses since year one and we are going to practice it until you can do it in your sleep, understand?"

The students nodded.

"Upon reviewing the old materials, there will be new ones as well," said Sirius. "For the next two to three months we will be reviewing and mostly doing practical spells. I will demonstrate how to cast the spell and how to 'correctly' pronounce the incantation. Trust me you don't want to mess up during your exams in front of the examiners."

The students made a fear look on their faces minus Harry and Dudley.

"Now where…yes, Mr. Alois Schulz? Ah, you're the transfer student, correct? I believe I have met your Father at the Ministry during the summer," said Sirius. "He was Head Auror from Germany, correct?"

"Zat's right, Brofezor Plack," replied Alois in a rough German accent. "Mein Father vas transferred here ven Minister Fudge zought it vould pe pest to haffe zome allies if You-Know-Vo is really pack."

Sirius nodded, "Yes, I heard about that in the office. So what's your question?"

"Vell, does mein accent affect me of imbroperly zay zee incantazion of zee Englisch sbell?" wondered Alois.

Sirius thought for a moment, "I will talk to the Ministry and see if I can get a German examiner for your O.W.L.'s exam. Talk to me after class to discuss this much further."

Alois nodded before staying silent once again.

"Now then," said Sirius before taking out a pile of parchments. He smiled, "This is a small quiz from Years one to two. You have thirty minutes."

The students made a whining sound as Sirius passed the quiz out.

After taking the quiz, Sirius banished the tables and chairs before conjuring a platform in the middle of the classroom. Sirius smirked and crossed his arms, "Now, who shall start? Let's see…how about Mr. Longbottom and Mr. Malfoy?"

Neville and Draco looked at each other before walking over to the center of the platform. Sirius walked between the two of them and gestured them to face each other like a Wizarding Duel.

"Now, which spells should we practice? Mr. Malfoy," said Sirius.

"Mm how about the Disarming Charm and Shield Charm," suggested Draco.

Sirius nodded, "Not bad start. Alright, Mr. Longbottom you will cast the Shield Charm," while demonstrating the wand movement, "and the incantation is Protego, got it?"

Neville nodded, slowly.

"Right, Mr. Malfoy you will try to cast the Disarming Charm and disarm Mr. Longbottom," while demonstrating the wand movement, "and the incantation is Expelliarmus, got it?" explained Sirius.

Draco nodded with a playful smirk.

"Right, to your stands and – begin! Remember disarm and protect!" warned Sirius.

"Go Nev!" encouraged Dudley while the other Gryffindors started encouraging their nervous housemate.

"You can do it, Neville," murmured Harry while the other Slytherins were chatting Draco's name and telling him to knock him out.

"Get ready, Longbottom – Expelliarmus!" said Draco as he casted the disarming charm towards Neville.

Harry watched as the spell headed towards Neville but in the last second, the nervous Gryffindor moved his wand, "Protego!"

Draco widened his eyes as he watched his spell hit Neville's shield and headed towards him, quickly. The spell hit him which knocked him while his wand went over to Neville.

The Slytherins and Gryffindors were in disbelief. Neville Longbottom was able to disarm Draco Malfoy?

"Alright!" shouted Harry and Dudley. The others started clapping and congratulated Neville.

"Well done, Mr. Longbottom," said Sirius as he took back Draco's wand. He walked over to the blond Slytherin and helped him up, "Mr. Malfoy, that was a pretty good disarming charm but future advice, cast the shielding charm before any curse or hex hits you even if you are…surprised, got it?"

Draco nodded, slowly, "Y-Yea…thanks Professor."

"Right, everyone find a partner – not from your house – and work on the Disarming Charm and Shield Charm! You will be graded upon the end of the period!" instructed Sirius. "Mr. Potter-Snape and Mr. Black-Evans help out the ones that are having trouble with the charms!"

Harry and Dudley nodded.

The lesson ended with quarter of a half of the Slytherins and Gryffindors mastering the two charms. The others will work on it until Friday.

-Heir's Chambers-

"Never thought I'll be this tired," murmured Harry.

"And it's only the first day too," murmured Dudley.

"Come on, you two," said Susan. She got up and grabbed her yellow robe, "It's time to do our rounds with the Prefects and the Head Boys/Girls. Dudley, you and Harry need to make sure that the wards around Hogwarts are updated while Luna and I make sure there are no wondering students…aka the Black brothers."

Harry and Dudley sighed in defeat before grabbing their robes and headed out from their chambers. The girls headed towards where the Prefects would meet up before patrolling while the boys headed over to the entrance of the school.

Harry carried a small portrait that had Salazar and Godric in it while the girls carried another small portrait with Rowena and Helga.

The boys made it to the entrance within twenty minutes where Godric and Salazar instructed on how to check the wards around Hogwarts. Harry noticed that the wards were slightly weakened and had to strength it up a bit with Godric's instructions.

"Well, everything looks up to date now," said Dudley before yawning. He checked his muggle watch, "It's getting close to eleven. Let's patrol for a few minutes before heading back to the chambers."

Harry agreed before the two walked a bit around the hallways of Hogwarts. They even ran into Filch with his cat, Mrs. Norris who reported to them that so far he had encountered no students out of bed.

The two walked pass the DADA classroom and were about to turn the corner when they heard their names being called from Dolores.

"Young Lords, what pray tell are you two doing out of bed? It is a school night."

"We're just helping the Prefects with patrol duty since we just finished updating the wards of Hogwarts not too long ago," replied Harry.

Dolores pressed her lips together, "I see…very well, good night."

Harry and Dudley nodded before heading back to their chambers. It took about another half an hour for the girls to return and the four of them headed to bed.

-Break Line-

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