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Summary: What if Petunia raised Harry as promised as like a son with unexpected help from someone in the wizarding world? What was inside of the trunk that Lily sent to Petunia before she passed away? Good witch Petunia and wizard Dudley, Godfather Severus, Alive Regulus Black, Good Malfoy's, Free Sirius Black, Cured Remus Lupin, Good but misunderstood Salazar Slytherin and one Horcux in Harry's scar

Bashing: Dumbledore, Molly Weasley and Ginny Weasley

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Throughout the week, Dolores has been inspecting the other classes.

On Tuesday, she went to Minerva's class but the furious lion simply ignored the toad face witch as she continued to teach her students. As for Care of Magical Creatures, Rigel warned Hagrid about Dolores' hatred of half creatures and make sure he stays calm when she is there, inspecting his class.

On Wednesday, for Arithmancy, there was nothing wrong for Dolores to report as the same for Herbology.

On Thursday, for History of Magic, Dolores went to Remus' class with a fake, warm smile. With clipboard on hand, she smiles, "Good morning, Professor…Lupin."

"Morning, Inspector Umbridge," greeted Remus before going back to his lesson. "No what…"

"Pardon me, but is it true that you were previously a…werewolf since age three?" asked Dolores.

Remus frowned but nods, "Yes, but I was cured a few years back."

"And…who cured you?" asked Dolores, softly and tapping her pen on her clipboard. "The Ministry has to give…credit to the person who successfully found a cure for Lycanthropy. Many those who are infected will buy this unknown cure for themselves."

Remus sighed, "Like I told the office, I made a magical oath to keep quiet about that person until they are ready. Now if you don't mind, I have a lesson to continue."

Dolores pressed her lips before smiling, "Of course…do continue, Professor."

For Potions, Nicholas was having his students to review another first year potion when Dolores came in with a smile on her face. Though she couldn't find anything wrong what the famous Alchemist was teaching the students. She left with a frown on her face.

Today though, Friday, she would be inspecting Defense and Combat Arts. But that didn't brother the Black brothers.

In DADA, Sirius was standing in front of his class and behind him was the dueling platform once again. He grins, "Right, let's continue off reviewing other counter spells. Find yourself a partner and discuss with each other what type of counter cures the two of you will be preforming!"

Harry went over and paired up with Daphne while Dudley paired up with Neville to continue off improving his nervousness. Draco went with Pansy, Tracey paired up with Millicent and Theodore went to Blaise.

As Sirius was about to call out a pair of students, Dolores came in. She smiles, "Morning Professor Black."

"Yes, hello to you as well Umbridge," said Sirius, waving his hand around. "Go find a place where you wouldn't get hit by a stray curse. Now…"

"Stray curse?" said Dolores, giggling. "Why are you allowing your students to use magic which all they need to do is to learn the theory of the spell?"

Sirius glared at her, "There is more than just theory to fully master a spell Dolores. In their O.W.L's practical, the students are required to cast the spell and pronounce it – correctly! If they don't, they could easy fail!"

Dolores frowned, "Must I remind you…Professor that this school is where students are taught in a risk free area."

"Merlin's bread," cursed Sirius, silently though some students in front heard him and laughed. He crosses his arms, "These students need to learn how to fight properly in case they are attacked!"

"Who in the world would attack young children out of nowhere?" question Dolores, innocently.

"Madam Umbridge, have you forgotten that Riddle has returned?!" snapped Dudley.

Harry sighed before looking around to see that everyone started to whisper among themselves. That's when he noticed how tensed Dolores got before she calm down.

"Let me say this quite plain and simple," started Dolores, softly. She smiles, "You have been told a certain Dark Lord has returned…well, that is a lie,"

"That was no lie!" snapped Harry. "The other champions saw him – heck, we fought with him and his remaining 'loyal' Death Eaters in that graveyard!"

Dolores was about to snap towards Harry when there was loud shout coming above them. The students looked up to see Godric Gryffindor glaring down towards them, mostly at Dolores.

Godric gritted his teeth, "You better hold your tongue, Madam Umbridge. What they say is true! Even Salazar knowledge his former heir is alive!"

"O-Of course, L-Lord Gryffindor," stuttered Dolores. She clears her throat, "You…You may continue Professor Black. Forgive me for questioning your…teaching."

Sirius gave her an uncertain look before continuing his lesson.

Later, the students were standing inside the Quidditch field. Harry and Dudley were standing next to Regulus while Draco and the others were facing them.

"Evening everyone," greeted Regulus.

"Good evening General Black!" shouted the students.

"Right, let's start our run around the stadium – three times!" instructed Regulus. Most students whined but followed the youngest Black's instructions.

"I wonder how Rigel is dealing with his new housemates," said Harry to his cousin. He was running beside him, "It must be a real change for him to be with actually people like himself."

"I bet his doing fine," assured Dudley, smiling, "Susan said that he earned quite a few house points this first week. Most of the professors were stunned but impressed."

Harry smiled as to know that the former Weasley was finally getting the respect he deserves. He and his cousin finished their run a bit early and were waiting for their friends. It took about another half an hour for the rest of the class to finish their run.

Regulus nodded, "Now let's continue off by working on your fighting stance and basic footwork. Find yourself a partner!"

As the students were teaming up, Dolores came in to the stadium with an angry look on her face. "Professor, I have been looking everywhere for your classroom for the past hour! Why are you not using a classroom?"

Regulus snorted, "You really think you can teach Martial Arts in a small classroom, you old toad. Now why don't you just shut you damn bloody mouth and let me teach!"

"Why I never – Professor…"

"It's General Black since Professor Black is my older brother," stated Regulus.

"Pro – General Black, what on Merlin's name are the students doing?" asked Dolores.

"Can't have these children forget about their muggle origins," answered Regulus.

"Muggle origins," murmured Dolores, darkly. "I take it…that they are learning how to…fight as a filthy mud – I mean a muggle."

"You would know about it if you showed up yesterday, Madam Umbridge."

Dolores turned around before her face turns pale. Standing in front of her was the Head Auror Rufus Scrimgeour and one of his best Aurors, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

"We were quite intrigued of General Black's opening speech yesterday," said Rufus. He slightly glares at her, "To think that many trainee Aurors knows how to cast quite useful spells or curses but never have I thought about using…muggle combat."

"Did you know that muggles have quite a few different ways to defend themselves?" questioned Kingsley. "I never thought that Snape – I mean Headmaster Snape would think of this. I would have thought Dumbledore would but…I guess not."

"You…You don't say," murmured Dolores.

"Why were you not here yesterday, Dolores?" questioned Rufus.

"I – um…well – you see, I was inspecting other classes," answered Dolores, quickly. "Today I scheduled to oversee Defense and Combat Arts."

Rufus and Kingsley looked at each other.

"So you say," said Rufus before spotting three students. He crosses his arms, "You came to inspect the class when three of the four founder's heirs are present. Why is that, Dolores?"

"Just…Just…well," Dolores coughs, "I just…want to make sure they get the proper education gentlemen."

"Indeed…leave," ordered Rufus, taking her clipboard.

"I beg your pardon," said Dolores. She places her hand on her chest, "Did…Did you ask me to leave? Mr. Scrimgeour, I was given this position from the Minster, himself!"

"Yes, I am aware of that but sadly, you don't have the qualifications of overseeing this particular class," stated Rufus as he took out a parchment. "In fact, the classes you can inspect are the standards while the electives will be given to specialist from the Ministry."

Regulus watched as Dolores took the parchment from Rufus' hand and began reading it. He could tell by the grip she was holding onto the parchment, Dolores was not happy.

"I see…then if you would excuse me," said Dolores before leaving the field. As she was leaving, she turns around and glares over at Harry, '…enjoy it will you can Potter but I will find a way to proof what you really are and expose to the Minister the truth about you. Mark my words.'

-Headmaster's Office, October 7-

"Evening everyone, let's get this meeting over with," stated Severus. "How are the student's fairing with the new classes?"

"The muggleborns are quite surprised to learn what standard wizarding families do for a living," replied Augusta, smoothly. "So far they understand why some purebloods grew to hate the muggles and muggleborns. Soon we will cover about why the Ministry must keep the magical world a secret to the muggle world."

"About bloody time," murmured Dolores, tapping onto her clipboard.

Severus frowned a bit but ignores her statement. He turns his attention to Regulus, "What of your class, Reg?"

"It's turning out pretty good, actually," said Regulus. He smiles, "Rufus and Kingsley were quite impressed about muggle combat. Rufus is thinking to have his Aurors be train to learn how to fight as a muggle in case they can't use magic."

While most of the professors agreed, Dolores had a disgust face but stayed silent.

Severus nodded, "And they should. We rely magic far too much and forgotten our origins. What of your lessons, Nicholas?"

The Alchemist smiled, "It's simply wonderful! Right now my fifth year students are reviewing old potions and see what they did wrong. Then we work on a new potion."

As each of the professors discuss what's been going on in their class before ending, Regulus had a suggesting for the students. "My older brother formed a Dueling Club about two years back, is it possible to start it once again?"

"I was…thinking about it as well," said Sirius before rubbing the back of his head. "Or rather some of my students were. Some of them have been asking me when I'll be restarting it and I told them that I'll discuss it with you Snape."

Severus nodded but just before he can say anything, Dolores butt in once again.

"Do you want to send those 'lovely' children to their death, General Black and Professor Black? These children are here to learn, not to fight like a bunch of…mindless muggles!"

"These children, as you say, need to learn on how to defend themselves madam," said Severus.

"Defend of what? There is nothing out there!" argued Dolores. She narrows her eyes, "I've had enough of these lies that You-Know-Who has return. Face the facts Headmaster – the Dark Lord is gone! There is no need to defend but rather to help this generation to grow properly."

"Only you would think that Dolores," said Minerva. "The Minister even knowledge that Riddle has returned. Why you can't?"

"Because it's all lies from a spoiled brat!" snapped Dolores.

"Spoiled?! I didn't spoil him, you toad!" snapped Petunia, angrily. "In fact it was the opposite! When I was married with my first husband, my nephew was abused by him and his sister! He even tried to make my son bully his own cousin but I wouldn't allow it!"

"Petunia," said Regulus, walking over to his wife. He embraces her, "You don't have to explain to that toad anything."

"I'm not going to sit around and hear her say horrible things about my nephew! She doesn't know him like I do!" argued Petunia. She starts to sob, "Even everything that he endure…he still has a caring and loving heart…like…like my little sister…"

"Umbridge, if you want to still continue staying here, you're going to respect every one of the students – including the four heir's," said Severus, seriously. He glares at her, "Remember, one wrong step and you're ban from stepping into these place."

"I…understand Headmaster, please continue," said Dolores.

"Right now let's discuss what we are going to do this Halloween," said Severus.

"Well, I was sort of thought that we should start using some of the muggle traditions," stated Augusta, getting everyone's attention. "Think about it, if we celebrate both traditions than muggleborns and purebloods can understand each other."

Filius jumped up and down, "I hear that the muggles dress themselves and go out to get some candy at night. Not only that but I hear a few of my muggleborn ravens that some muggles decorate their house as a 'Haunted house' for the young children. Is that correct, Petunia?"

"That's right. If I remember correctly, I took my son and nephew to their muggle school as they were hosting a haunted house when they were about nine," said Petunia, smiling upon the memory. She giggles, "The two of them got some what frighten and caused…a bit of accidental magic. It was a good thing that Regulus and Severus were with us or it would cause some confusion."

Pomona smiled, "We…could change the Quidditch stadium as this haunted house. Petunia and Regulus can tell us what we must do and have."

"And maybe give a history lesson to the students about the truth of Halloween in both muggle and magical," said Aurora. "We can cancel classes on Halloween. Give the history lesson, have the traditional Halloween feast before sending them to the haunted house."

"That could work," said Severus before nodding. "Alright, let's combine both Halloween traditions. Petunia, do you think you can have Narcissa to help you?"

"I believe she could," said Petunia, happily.

"Hagrid we will need some magical and non-magical creatures in the haunted house – make sure they are not dangerous for the children," instructed Severus.

"I'll get right on that Headmaster," said Hagrid.

"Filius and Minerva, we will need a few charms and transform a few things in order to hide some objects to pop out of nowhere," said Severus. He thought for a moment, "You may need to ask for the Black twins for help."

Filius and Minerva nodded their heads.

"Pomona, you will help decorate with some plants here and there," said Severus as Pomona agreed. "Right, everyone knows their jobs. Is there anything else we need to discuss?"

Everyone looked at each other before shaking their heads.

"Well, good night to you all," said Severus, dismissing everyone.

-Break Line-

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