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Summary: What if Petunia raised Harry as promised as like a son with unexpected help from someone in the wizarding world? What was inside of the trunk that Lily sent to Petunia before she passed away? Good witch Petunia and wizard Dudley, Godfather Severus, Alive Regulus Black, Good Malfoy's, Free Sirius Black, Cured Remus Lupin, Good but misunderstood Salazar Slytherin and one Horcux in Harry's scar

Bashing: Dumbledore, Molly Weasley and Ginny Weasley
Me: I don't own the books or movies of Harry. Apologizes to those who are German as once again I tried to find how to type German accent with a website help – not goggle.

P.S. Harry and his friends and the adults are dressed up as characters from the timeline they are in. All of those characters did appear around 1995 or so including the anime characters – look it up! Enjoy! NO FLAMES!

-October Friday, 11 – Great Hall-

"Right, gather around everyone!" shouted Sirius. "Now, this year I'm reforming the Dueling club with my brother. The club will be some sort of review on what you've learned in your Defense and Martial Arts classes."

"We ask you to form a small group of four before we begin," said Regulus. The four founders' heirs quickly grouped together which angered Ginny.

Sirius nodded, "Good. Now we will meet on Friday nights at 8pm to 10pm. You'll be notified by owl where we are going to meet, understand?"

Harry and other members nodded.

"Today, we'll be going over the stunning spell, the shield charm spell and the disarming charm spell from your defense class," said Sirius.

"For Martial Arts…I'm going to show you a spell that was used by Appleby Arrows supporters during the Quidditch World cup, but it was ban when a referee was pierced through the nose with a stray arrow in 1894," said Regulus as some members widen their eyes. He smirked, "It's the arrow-shooting spell that fires arrows from the wand, but first you will need to show me that you can shot an arrow with a bow."

Some members couldn't wait to learn the arrow-shooting spell.

"Right, pick someone from your group that will face each other," instructed Sirius.

After a few minutes, the group selected their picks to go first. It was Draco against Blaise, Hermione against Dean and Luna against Ginny.

"Right, chose any of the two spells to disarm your opponent," instructed Regulus.

First round, Blaise quickly cast the stunning spell towards Draco but he blocked it using the shield charm before quickly casting the disarm charm to Blaise.

The second round, Hermione was able to dodge a few stunning spells from Dean before casting her own towards him before disarming him.

"Final round, Luna Lovegood versus Ginny Prewett – begin!" said Regulus.

'Payback you Blondie slut,' thought Ginny, angrily. Quickly, pointing her wand towards Luna and casted three stunners to her former friend.

Luna stood there for a moment before giving out a smile. She took out her wand and casted a powerful version of the shield charm. A double blue barrier appeared around Luna and the three stunners were deflected right back to Ginny.

Ginny tried to deflect it back, but her shield charm wasn't that powerful and she was stun.

Luna simply skipped over to her before taking her wand away from her. She smiled, "It seems today that you're infested with Wrackspurt, Prewett. You may want to have that looked."

Regulus casted the counter curse for Ginny and handed her wand back.

"Right, not bad you four, but remember, you must keep your eyes and ears open as you don't know where the enemy lies within the shadows – next four!" said Sirius.

After an hour, everyone was able to protect themselves even Alois who faced Regulus since the younger Black knew a few German spells. But just as they were about to start on the bow training, Dolores walked in.

"Good evening gentlemen," greeted Dolores. "I believe it would be time to send these…lovely students off to bed. It's getting close to curfew."

Sirius frowned, "Curfew for first and second years Dolores, but not for the third years to six years. Third to fourth years curfews are at ten while fifth to sixth years curfews are at eleven."

Regulus crossed his arms, "We still have plenty of time before their curfew. Now leave us be."

Dolores stood up with her lips pressed together before leaving the hall.

"Ugly toad ass witch," murmured Sirius.

"Now that is out of the way," said Regulus before conjugating a few bows and arrows. He smirked, "Let's see who has a good arm – Messrs. Potter-Snape and Black-Evans come forth!"

Harry and Dudley walked over to where the bows were at and grabbed one. Regulus conjugated a few targets on the floor and some on the walls.

"Now, watch as these two will show you on how to use a bow. If you want to get a better look, come forward but not too close or you'll get poked," said Regulus. "Begin!"

Quickly, Ginny ran over to Harry but was furious to see Luna standing by his left. The redhead simply ignored her as she watched her crush using the bow with such accuracy.

"Pull back the string so that the index finger of the pulling hand is under the chin and the string touches your nose and lip," demonstrated Harry. "Using your dominant eye, look down the arrow and align it with the target."

"Relax your grip on the string and allow your fingers to slip backwards," finished Dudley. "After shooting, maintain your body position."

"Good work boys," praised Sirius before tossing each member a bow while his brother gave them ten arrows. "Now, if you get ten targets – five on the ground and five on the air, you'll be learning the arrow-shooting spell, but if you fail, you will continue to learn on how to use the bow with Messrs. Potter-Snape and Black-Evans as your instructors, understand?"

"Yes Professor Black!"

"Begin! Two at a time!" instructed Regulus.

A few members didn't have a problem on using a bow which surprised them. It was Daphne, Hermione, Neville, Alois, Rigel, Tracey, Blaise, Vincent, Seamus, the Black twins and Cedric.

The others were not so much minus Ginny who was pretending to fail on using the bow in order to have Harry by her side again. Sadly, her plan failed as Astoria was having a lot more trouble on holding the bow properly. It was Luna who came over to help her which pissed Ginny even more.

When it was time to learn the arrow-shooting spell, once again Regulus used Harry and Dudley to help out the ones that need the most help. Sirius had the Black twins to help out as well since he taught his new sons the spell over the summer along with some advance spells.

A few members were able to cast the spell by the end of the meeting.

"Hey Alois, wait up!" shouted Draco.

Alois turned around, "Ja?"

"Do you want to hang out with me and my friends?" asked Draco as Harry and the others were behind him. "I'm quite interested about German spells."

"I don't zee vy not, if you guys teach me on how to sbeak Englisch petder, deal?" said Alois.

"Deal…but the teaching part," said Draco, pushing Harry in front of him, "Will be his job."

"Hey, I didn't agree to this," Harry trying to argue before sighing, "Though I am curious about German spells and other languages."

Alois nodded and followed his new friends back to the Slytherin common room.

-Oct. 31, Halloween-

"So, all our classes have been cancelled," said Harry, eating his breakfast with Luna.

Susan nodded, "I heard that we are going to get a history lesson about the beginning of Halloween after breakfast."

"And after the Halloween feast, there will be this wicked haunted house," said Dudley, excitedly. He smiled, "Remember when we were nine, Harry?"

Harry laughed, "Oh man, do I ever! But I don't think the adults and the other kids liked seeing the fake skeletons and bats come to life though…"

Hermione gasped, "You two did what?!"

Alois chuckled, "In Germany, ve celeprate Halloveen put alzo celeprate zee day after Halloveen, Noffemper zee first vich is called Allerheiligen. I zink in Englisch, it's called All Zaints Day."

"I wonder if we get to learn different types of Halloween from different countries," said Daphne.

"Well, we'll find out soon enough," said Harry, spotting the professors entering the hall.

"Good morning students," greeted Petunia. "This year, we are going to do something…differently for Halloween. We are going to combine the traditions of Halloween from the wizarding world and the muggle world."

The students started to whisper, excitedly.

"Lessons will be cancelled today," said Severus as the students cheered. "Instead, you'll learn how Halloween started before you know as of today."

The Ravenclaws eyes' brighten.

"Afterwards, you get to dress up like how muggles do during Halloween while having our traditional Halloween feast," continued Regulus. "After dinner, you'll experience your first muggle/magical haunted house. It will be located at the Quidditch stadium."

The students started to chat and whisper in excitement.

"Oh, I can't wait to dress up," said Hermione, happily. "The last time I did that is when I was ten years old. I would normally dress up a character from my favorite book, but this year, I'm dressing up someone different."

"And who's that?" asked Dean.

"Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast," replied Hermione.

"Who's that?" asked Astoria.

"A Disney movie character," replied Harry. "She loves books, quite intelligent for her time era, and has a pure heart. Perfect choice Mione."

"I have a few good choices from these muggle comics I got from visiting Japan, last summer," said Draco. He looked over at his friends, "If you guys want to look over at them, you can and find who you are going to dress up."

Alois smiled, "Glad to know zat I'm not koing to miss drezing up. I'm blanning to dress up as zee CHoker from Patman, put I can't vait is zee haunted houze."

"Me either," said Rigel. "I wonder how the professors are going to combine both muggle and magical into the haunted house."

"Oh, you'll be surprise, brother dear," said Mizar.

"But, we can't tell yea, you just have to wait and find out yourselves," said Alcor. Draco and the others had a confuse look.

Harry sighed, "The Black twins helped the professors to decorate the haunted house so suspect some nasty pranks as well."

His friends had an uncertain look on their faces.

"Alright everyone, gather around," said Minerva. "The beginnings of Halloween will be told by none other than the four founders themselves. Please pay close attention."

Petunia and Severus turned the tables into multiples large pillows all over the hall. The students gathered around with their friends before finding a good spot.

Harry and his friends went close to the head table. Sadly, Ginny went with them and tries to sit next to Harry, but Dudley and Draco stopped her. The redhead was forced to sit next to Alois.

"Is everyone comfortable?" asked Helga. She smiled, "Right, shall we start?"

"Now, Halloween roots started from the ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated on the night of October 31. The Celts, who lived about 2,000 years ago, believed that the dead returned to earth on Samhain. People would gather to light bonfires, offer sacrifices and pay homage to the deceased," started Rowena.

"It's the same for the wizarding world," said Godric. "We celebrate Samhain on the night of October 31 to honor to those who passed on to the Summerlands aka the afterlife. Back then, there were Pagans and Wiccans who joined in the celebration where we held a feast with an extra food for the ones who passed on before us, so that they can join in the celebration."

"In the muggle world, during Samhain, villagers disguised themselves in costumes made of animal skins to drive away phantom visitors, banquet tables were prepared and edible offerings were left out to placate unwelcome spirits," said Rowena. "Almost closely like the wizards, but they were cautions about the spirits though."

"But for us magical folks, we didn't encourage our children or anyone to dress up, but rather we cast a special ritual to speak with the dead," said Salazar. "It involves a bit of blood magic, but through time, 'light' wizarding families ban the ritual since it was labeled as dark magic."

"Through centuries, the muggles began dressing up as ghosts, demons and other malevolent creatures, performing antics in exchange for food and drink. This custom was known as mumming that dates back in the Middle Ages," said Rowena. "This thought to be an antecedent of trick-or-treating."

"By the ninth century, Christianity had spread into Celtic lands. In 1000 A.D. the church designated November 2 as All Souls' Day, a time for honoring the dead, just like how the wizarding world does," said Godric. "Celebrations in England resembled Celtic commemorations of Samhain, complete with bonfires and masquerades."

"The poor people would visit the houses of wealthier families and receive pastries called soul cakes in exchange for a promise to pray for the souls of the homeowners' dead relatives," said Helga. "It's known as souling, the practice was later taken up by children, who would go from door to door asking for gifts such as food, money and ale."

"In Scotland and Ireland, young muggles took part in tradition called guising, dressing up in costume and accepting offerings from various households," said Salazar. He snorted, "Rather than pledging to pray for the dead, they would sing a song, recite a poem, tell a joke or perform another sort of 'trick' before collecting their treats, which typically consisted of fruit, nuts or coins."

"There is another potential trick-or-treating predecessor which is a British custom for children to wear masks and carry effigies while begging for pennies on Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night which commemorates the foiling of the so-called Gunpowder Plot. Fawkes was executed for his role in the Catholic-led conspiracy to blow up England's parliament building and remove King James I, a Protestant, from power," said Helga.

"On the original Guy Fawkes Day, celebrated immediately after the famous plotter's execution, communal bonfires, or 'bone fires,' were lit to burn effigies and the symbolic 'bones' of the Catholic pope," said Rowena. "By the early 19th century, children bearing effigies of Fawkes were roaming the streets on the evening of November 5, asking for 'a penny for the Guy."

After the history lesson, the muggleborns and some halfbloods helped the purebloods what to dress up for Halloween. A few were pretty standard like princesses from muggle movies, TV shows or a superhero. Even the professors are taken part of dressing up.

Dudley dared Harry to dress up as Loki, a Norse god and cunning trickster, also a Marvel comic character. Not only that, but both have black hair and green eyes even though Harry had slight red highlights and a tint of hazel in his eyes while Harry dared Dudley to dress up as Pugsley Addams from the Addams family movie.

Both boys accepted.

It was no strange when Luna said she was going to dress up as a female version of Newt Scamander since she loves magical creatures like him.

After looking over some comics that Dudley have, Susan decided to dress up as Betty Cooper from the Archie comics.

The Black twins loved the Cheshire cat from the Disney movie they watched in the summer that both decided to dress up like him. One would dress up in purple fur with pink stripes while the other would dress up in grey fur with blue stripes.

Blaise comments that Pansy acts a bit like Wednesday Addams and says she should dress up as her, which she agreed unless if he dresses up as the funny muggle character Bugs Bunny; he accepts.

Rigel decided to dress up as Peter Pan. He wanted to see if he could charm himself to fly just like the muggle character.

Draco and Astoria chose to dress up as Link and Princess Zelda. Draco liked the idea holding a sword since his training with his uncles while Astoria like the dress Zelda was wearing.

Daphne decided to dress up as Harley Quinn, Joker's partner in crime while Theodore dressed up as Jimmy Kudo from the manga series Case Closed, his teenage form of course.

Ginny who was still with them, strangely decided to dress up as Daphne from the muggle show Scooby Doo. Harry and Dudley rolled their eyes, knowing why she picked that character.

After looking over the comics and mangas, Rigel went to the library to see if he can find a spell to make him glide like Peter Pan. He ran into Dean who was doing some last minute homework.

"Hermione and Luna were arguing about how to protect yourself from bothersome fairies that might be in the haunted house," stated Rigel, looking over at a charm book.

"Oh? I didn't know that fairies do that," said Dean.

"Well, they can be rather…mischievous. I mean look at the fairy from Peter Pan," said Rigel. Ginny, who was on the other side of the shelf stopped and listen to what her former brother was saying.

Dean laughed, "Yea, that's true. So how do you protect yourself from them?"

"Um…I can't really recall, but I think you throw dust at that the fairy," replied Rigel. Ginny grinned before leaving the library, quickly and didn't hear the rest. "No wait! Luna said throwing dust will make them chase or attack you. Making a potion during harvest moon can quell a fairies mischief or a color light charm spell that redirect the fairies attention."

"Bet that Mione wasn't happy being wrong," said Dean.

Rigel simply laughed before the two departed to their common rooms to change into their costumes.

-Quidditch Haunted Stadium, night-

"Nice sign, guys," said Harry. "Who thought of it?"

"Well, we didn't know what at first," started Mizar.

"But then hearing all the other 'common' names for haunted houses," said Alcor.

"So we just combine it!" finished the twins, happily.

"Did anyone see what Professor McGonagall dress-up as?" said Blaise in his grey rabbit suit.

The girls giggled while the boys smirked. They turned to see their Transfiguration professor is dressed up as Granny from the muggle show Looney toons (old version).

Surprisingly, Severus and Aurora dressed up as Gomez and Morticia Addams. Funny enough, their Charms professor dressed up as Cousin It while Hagrid dressed up as Fester Addams.

"I must say Harry that Snape looks awfully good in a tuxedo and with a fake mustache," stated Daphne, slightly blushing. Most of the older girls had a blush on their faces of seeing Severus.

Regulus dressed up as Superman while Petunia dressed up as Superman's love interest, Lois Lane. Sirius with a grin on his face is dressed up as Batman while Remus dressed up as his sidekick, Robin.

Their Herbology professor surprisingly dressed up as Ursula from Little Mermaid while Poppy dressed up as Princess Daisy.

"Hey Draco, I thought your parents was going to be here," said Dudley.

Draco was about to reply when he spotted his parents with Severus and Aurora. His father grumpily agreed to dress up as Kakashi from the manga character of Naruto while his mother dressed up as Cruella, but in her style. (Once Upon a time look)

Many of the older students were eyeing on Narcissa, but stopped once they saw Draco giving them a death glare aka a Snape glare.

"Well, shall we get going then?" asked Harry, adjusting his black robes or rather borrowed robes from his father who shrink them to his size.

"Let's go!" said Rigel, surprisingly grabs Pansy's hand and dragged her to the entrance of the haunted stadium. They entered the stadium and immediately spotted a few pixies and colored fairies flying around, but written on the wall says, 'No turning back, you have been warned.'

Suddenly, all of them jumped when they heard Ginny screaming out of her lungs. Harry turned around to see the redhead being attacked by a couple of fairies and pixies.

Luna looked down to see some dust on the floor. She giggled, "Looks like someone heard wrong information about fairies. Rigel?"

Rigel rubbed his head, sheepishly as the others laughed before continuing the haunted tour.

-Break Line-

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