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-Quidditch Field, night-

"Excellent, well done everyone," praised Regulus.

"Yes, it's quite hard to perform the Patronus charm," said Sirius. He smiled, "Quite a few of you were able to cast the charm pretty good, to the point where the shield forms into your animal guardian."

Some of the members were smiling.

"This will be our last meeting until after your return from Winter break. You'll receive an owl message informing you when will resume in second term," informed Regulus.

"Dismiss and have a wonderful Winter break," said Sirius as the students started to leave. He sighed, "I better start heading out. See you in the morning brother."

Regulus frowned, "Are you sure you don't want me to come along?"

"I'm not going to be there long," assured Sirius. "Rufus is a man that gets to the point."

"Very well, brother. See you in the morning," said Regulus, watching his brother apparated from the school grounds. He sighed before heading back to the school.

In the Heir's quarters, Harry and Dudley were sound asleep when their doors slammed open and came in was a worried Susan and a shaken Luna. Dudley fell off his bed while Harry glared at them for waking up from his sleep.

"Boys, we have a problem!" shouted Susan.

"What is it?" Harry snapped slightly.

"H-Harry…S-Sirius…and Mr. W-Weasley…they – they were attacked!" sobbed Luna. "I saw it! I saw it in my vision! They were attacked by Riddle's snake! They need medical attention immediately!"

Harry and Dudley widen their eyes before grabbing their night robes and dashed out from their room. Harry went over to the large portrait in the living room to see Merlin in the painting.

"Grandfather, inform my father that Sirius and Mr. Weasley were attacked in the ministry!" said Harry.

The elder wizard nodded before disappearing from the portrait.

Luna dashed over to Harry and continued to sob onto his chest. She holds onto his robes, tightly, "It was horrible Harry! I couldn't do anything, but watch them getting hurt from Nagini's bites!"

"But its normal bites, right? Boa Constrictors are non-poisonous," said Dudley while holding on Susan.

Luna shook her head, "Normally yes, but Riddle enhanced Nagini's bites to have venom like a Basilisk! They could die within minutes!"

Dudley and Susan gasped while Harry bit his lip with worry.

"…come on," said Harry, softly. He guided Luna to a light blue couch while Dudley took Susan to the second lavender couch. The four of them waited for any news of their uncle and Mr. Weasley.

-St. Mungo's Hospital, First Floor-

Regulus was pacing back and forth while Petunia was trying to comfort her husband the best she could. Remus was sitting with his hands over his head while Severus and Poppy were helping the healers to stabilize Sirius and Arthur.

While Sirius had minor bites with small amounts of venom, Arthur had severe large bite wounds with large amounts of venom. That's when Petunia saw Percy running towards them.

"How's my father? Is he okay? Please tell me he's alright?" asked Percy.

Petunia sighed, "I'm not going to give you false hopes Percy…your father's condition is critical and the healers…they are concern that...that…he wouldn't…"

Percy face dropped before collapsing onto the chair. He placed his hands onto his head and started to sob, quietly. Petunia sat next to him and started to comfort the young man.

They waited what felt like hours, but soon they saw a tired looking Severus and Poppy coming towards them.

"How are they?" asked Petunia.

Severus sighed, "They are alive, but barely; if Miss Lovegood have not gotten that vision, Arthur would have dead and Black would have been in a coma."

The others sighed in relief.

"So…So my father will be alright?" asked Percy, worriedly.

Poppy smiled, "He'll be just fine, young man. He's going to stay here for a week or two while Sirius will be here for a few days."

Percy sighed in relief, "Thank Merlin."

Petunia giggled, "You should as it was Merlin's portrait that informed Severus about your father being attacked. Well, it was Miss Lovegood that got the vision, but Harry informed Merlin about it."

"Um…I see, well I best send my thanks to them," said Percy with a slight blush. "May…May I visit my father?"

"He's sleeping right now, but you can come later when he is awake," informed Poppy. Percy nodded before giving a hug to Petunia and headed out of the hospital.

"I better head back and informed Harry and the others about their condition," said Severus, getting up. "I have a feeling they are waiting by the fireplace in their quarters still."

Petunia nodded, "We'll be there shortly."

Severus nodded and headed to the main floor to use the fireplace and floo back to Hogwarts. There he saw Aurora pacing back and forth, nervously.

"You're going to create a hole in my carpet Aurora," joked Severus, softly.

Aurora jumped, "Sev! Is Sirius and Arthur alright? Oh Merlin, you look exhausted! Do you need a cup of tea?"

Severus held up his hand, "I'm quite alright and they are fine, stable but fine. And yes, a cup of strong tea is in order."

Aurora called a house elf that brought two cups of hot teas, but before apparating back to the kitchen Severus told the house elf to informed Harry and the others to get to his office. Within minutes, the four teens were in the room with a cup of hot chocolate.

"How Mr. Weasley and Uncle Sirius are, father?" asked Harry.

"Stable, but alive," repeated Severus. "Miss Lovegood, you were able to save two lives tonight with your ability. They owe you a life debt now."

Luna shook her head, "There is no need sir. I was happy to save them, willingly."

"But what strikes me weird is why Riddle's snake was at the Ministry," wondered Dudley.

"Well, where was Mr. Weasley and Sirius found?" asked Susan.

"In the Halls of Prophecies," replied Severus before widening his eyes. He cursed, "He's trying to get the prophecy connecting himself and Harry!"

"P-Prophecy?" said Harry. "What prophecy?"

Severus sighed, "I only know a bit of it, but it states: 'Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…' That's all I know, but there's more that only Dumbledore knows about."

"Who was the Seer that foretold this predication?" asked Susan.

"Sybill Trelawney," replied Aurora.

Harry and Luna made an annoyed face while Dudley laughed a bit.

"That fake Seer," said Susan. "What if that predication was wrong?"

"Actually, she revealed that she was hiding her true power from Dumbledore and the ministry," said Dudley. "In the beginning of this year, she told us that she hide her true ability so she wouldn't draw attention."

Severus and the others widen their eyes.

"So then…the prophecy is fulfilled?" asked Susan.

"Well, the part I know, yes," said Severus.

"But what about the rest of the prophecy?" asked Luna.

"Well, we could ask Sybill herself," suggested Dudley.

Severus nodded, but as he was about to floo call her, the door open and came in was Sybill herself but without her large glasses. She smiled, "I sensed that you need me."

"Yes," said Aurora, looking over at a smug Dudley. She shook her head, "We would like to know the last part of the prophecy between Riddle and Harry."

"Oh, but of course," said Sybill, closing her eyes. "Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…"

Severus and Aurora looked worried, but Sybill simply laughed.

"You don't have to worry any longer," assured Sybill, looking over at Harry's faint scar, "The reason that Riddle couldn't die was because he made two horcuxes. One in his old diary which Lucius destroyed a long time ago and the other in Harry's lightning scar which I can sense that it's no longer there. Did you have a goblin healer to do a healing ritual?"

Severus nodded, "When Harry was eight years old. After the healing, a black mist came out of his scar before vanishing."

"That Headmaster was the Riddle's last immortality," informed Sybill. "Any wizard or witch can finish off Riddle as he's magical core is average level now."

Severus sighed in relief, knowing that his son wouldn't have to deal with that mad man.

"Well, that's good news to hear," murmured Harry before getting up, "Let's head off to bed guys. I want to visit Sirius in the morning."

The others nodded and said their good nights to the adults before heading off to bed. Sybill also left the office while Severus and Aurora headed to their quarters as well.

When morning came, Harry and Luna were the first ones out from their rooms and floo to the hospital. Dudley and Susan floo with Petunia and Remus while Severus and Aurora stayed at Hogwarts. Regulus stayed overnight as he didn't want to leave his brother's side.

"Sirius!" shouted Harry, dashing over to his uncle.

"Ah, easy there kiddo," chuckled Sirius, hugging his nephew, "My wounds are still quite sensitive…well, not that much, but still hurts."

"I'm just glad you're alright," murmured Harry.

"Any news about Mr. Weasley?" asked Luna.

"The Healers say that he was quite lucky as the venom didn't damage any of his organs and no brain damage," replied Regulus after asking a nurse about Arthur's condition last night. "But his body movements are limited since the venom did cause a bit of nerve damage. A Healer suggested physical therapy that could help Arthur regain his strength back."

"Have you told the Black twins and Rigel about the attack?" asked Remus.

Dudley shook his head, "Not yet. The moment it hit dawn, Harry practically dashed out to the floo. Luna had to stop him from coming here with his pajamas."

Sirius laughed, "And here I thought my little brother was the over-worried one."

Harry and Regulus blushed.

"Well, I'm just glad that you and Mr. Weasley are alright," said Luna, happily before frowning, "It's too bad that it had to happen a few days before Professor Snape and Professor Sinistra's wedding."

"That's right!" said Sirius before pouting, "And I was planning on a perfect honeymoon gift for them too."

Harry raised his eyebrow, "Gift or prank?"

Sirius simply whistled and looked the other way around.

Petunia glared at him before smacking the back of the head. "You're lucky that your ass is protected Sirius cause if you ruin their wedding, Cissa and I will hex you into pieces, do you hear me?" she hissed.

Sirius paled, before nodding his head.

"We better go," said Susan, frowning. "We need to notify the twins and Rigel about Mr. Weasley…I have a feeling they are not going to take it very well."

"You may be right, dear. Percy came bursting here and asked if his father was alright," Petunia recalled. "It's a good thing winter break will start tomorrow or they wouldn't be able to concentrate in their classes."

Harry and the others nodded. The heirs said farewell to Sirius before heading back to Hogwarts where they sat with their friends. That's when Dudley spotted Rigel coming towards them.

"Morning guys," greeted Rigel, sitting next to Pansy. He grinned, "I can't wait for winter break. This is going to be the first that I'm going to really enjoy it. My older brothers and dad who is sort of my uncle now, will be coming over in Christmas at Prince Manor."

Harry and Dudley looked at each other with a grim look on their faces.

Rigel frowned, feeling something is wrong. "What…What's wrong cousin?"

Harry sighed, "Last night, Luna got a vision about…an attack in the Ministry…it was my uncle Sirius and your…your uncle. They were attacked by Riddle's snake…her bites were enhanced with Basilisk's venom."

Rigel widened his eyes, "Is he alright?! Please tell me he's alright! He's still my dad!"

"He's fine, Rigel," assured Susan. "We went early in the morning to visit Sirius and found out that Mr. Weasley is fine. They were able to make it in time so the venom wouldn't damage any of his organs or got brain damage."

"Though, there is some nerve damage, but he will be able to regain his strength by doing some physical therapy," said Luna.

Rigel sighed in relief, "That's good to hear. Do Mizar and Alcor know about this?"

"Know about what dear little brother?" asked the twins who appeared behind Rigel.

"Sit down and we'll tell you," replied Luna. The twins looked confused but took a seat by their brother before hearing the attack on Sirius and their former father last night.

In the late hours in St. Mungo's, Arthur was reading when his doors slammed open and came rushing in was his three young sons that he missed dearly. They gave him a huge hug, carefully cause of his injuries. The Black siblings got permission from Severus to leave the school early to visit their former father before they headed back to Prince Manor for winter break.

Arthur and his sons/nephews stayed up until midnight when a nurse came over and ordered them to head to bed since Arthur still needed to recover. She then transformed the seats to comfortable armchairs where the boys used as beds.

-Malfoy Manor, night-

"Report!" snapped Voldemort. Ever since receiving the news about Snape became Headmaster of Hogwarts and getting the Lordship of his ancestor, the dark lord was beyond furious.

"N-Nothing new has come up, my lord," replied a nervous death eater. "Not since that-that traitorous Snape becoming Headmaster and L-Lord…"

"Crucio!" hissed Voldemort, angrily. "That filthy halfblood is not worthy having the title of Lord Slytherin! How dare that traitor steal something that is rightfully belongs to me!"

The death eaters nodded their heads.

Bellatrix bowed her head, "Please allow me to have the honors on torturing that traitor, my lord."

"And you will, my faithful servant – Lucius!" said Voldemort.

"My lord?" bowed Lucius.

"You've been quite loyal to me even after the lies that Potter and his family told about being the true heir of Slytherin, but your son…he's unfaithful and a traitor," started Voldemort.

Lucius hold onto his breath, "Yes, he has my lord. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to punish him. My…former wife packed her things along with my son's before leaving the manor completely. She and my traitor son must be staying with Lord Black for protection."

"Yes, how unfortunate," murmured Voldemort. "Tell me Lucius; is it true that the Potter boy is a descendant to the four founders?"

"From what I've learned, yes," replied Lucius. "It seems that the Potter boy became the heir of Slytherin by transferring his title of heir of Gryffindor to his…mudblood cousin."

Voldemort nodded, "Yes…Lucius, Bellatrix…we have some extra planning to do. Everyone else leave us be!"

The remaining death eaters left the room while Lucius and Bellatrix stayed.

"Now I know why Potter is so powerful," murmured Voldemort. "Lucius, I want you to get your hands on some powerful loyalty potions!"

Lucius nodded, "I know a brilliant Potion Master in Russia that makes powerful potions. I'll contract him this week and see if he has any strong loyalty potions in hand."

"I expect them within a month, Lucius," said Voldemort. "Bellatrix, I want you to find a date where you can 'invite' your unfaithful nephew and bring him to me."

Lucius widened his eyes, but inside he was screaming and cursing.

Bellatrix bowed, "I shall bring him…unharmed my lord. Do you want me to bring the Potter boy as well or just my traitorous nephew?"

"…both if you can my dear," replied Voldemort before dismissing them.

Lucius left the room and quickly headed to his office. He made sure that he wasn't walking too fast or Bellatrix would get suspicious. He walked down a few hallways before walking into his study and locking the door. Lucius then walked over to his desk and begin writing a letter to Severus and telling him what has happened.

'I pray they will be safe,' thought Lucius as he was missing his son and wife, dearly. He hides the message so he can owl it to Severus in the early morning before heading off to bed.

-Break Line-

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